Riki in the City - Q-Bee attempts to gather some souls, but could it be that there is a protector in Southtowns that will save them all!? The answer is yes, and it turns out that Q-Bee doesn't have the buffet she wanted! Riki brings plenty of bugspray with her as well! - created on 16:51:10 06/04/2016 by Q-Bee and last modified on 10:14:05 06/05/2016. Cast: Q-Bee and Riki.

Buzz off, Momoko! - Momoko the ADVENTURER goes forth to see all the good things in life! Of course, all the good things in life may be a bit hidden behind a bee or two. Who likes bees, anyways? Not Momoko! Q-Bee however likes Momoko, and things get a little complicated... fight, Momoko! Fight for your dreams! - created on 14:21:38 06/26/2016 by Q-Bee and last modified on 21:50:55 06/26/2016. Cast: Momoko and Q-Bee.

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