Black Knight Blues - In the wake of his rooftop duel against Valkenhayn, Kagura has had the luxury of avoiding busywork. But the arrival of a certain stern and faithful shadow puts an end to this. Hibiki brings Clio to the Black Knight as ordered -- albeit more promptly than hoped -- so that she is reassigned to the NOL's Southtown division, and Kagura's strategy is discussed, fueled by some very fine coffee. - created on 20:35:05 12/02/2017 by Hibiki and last modified on 01:17:50 12/03/2017. Cast: Kagura, Hibiki, and Clio.

A Grim Interrogation - Faithfully following the orders of the Black Knight, Hibiki confronts Ragna and seeks answers regarding the Bloodedge's previous battle with Hazama. The NOL agent learns what he seeks and more besides, for it seems that Tsubaki has been conducting her own investigation. But Hibiki cannot simply allow the NOL's highest bounty to leave intact. Can the loyal servant capture the Grim Reaper, or will the shadow be consumed by a greater darkness? - created on 18:36:30 12/16/2017 by Hibiki and last modified on 00:33:42 12/17/2017. Cast: Hibiki and Ragna.

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