Ghosts in the Night - Two spirits who walk in the night talk and spar. And form a bond! - created on 01:47:38 01/08/2015 by Testament and last modified on 13:00:58 01/09/2015. Cast: Testament and Miki.

Blood For Blood - From seemingly nowhere, an insane, raving lunatic with a scythe and strange powers attacks the UN. Four brave heroes keep the man from killing everyone inside. However, after he escapes, there are more questions to answer... - created on 18:59:18 01/10/2015 by Testament and last modified on 03:12:12 01/11/2015. Cast: Charlie, Daniel, Nightwolf, Chisaki, and Testament.

So Begins the Hunt - Realizing that the champions of humanity are going to cause him no end of trouble in his revenge, Testament seeks to take them out one at a time. First up-- Charlie Nash, that 'All-American Hero'. Losing such a shining symbol of courage should break morale. However, Charlie survives, and gives Testament a beating he won't soon forget. And also gets some clues. - created on 18:21:06 01/25/2015 by Testament and last modified on 02:25:19 01/26/2015. Cast: Charlie and Testament.

Run From the Light - Testament has strayed a little too close to the Sacred Order of Holy Knights' base. But instead of the whole Order mobilizing to destroy him, one man handles it. Their formerly retired leader, Kliff Undersn. - created on 18:29:36 03/24/2015 by Testament and last modified on 06:17:55 04/11/2015. Cast: Testament and Kliff.

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