Where Monsters Roam - Lt. Katarina Shimotsuki of the Novus Orbis Librarium arrives on the scene to help put down a violent humanoid gear. The strange man with a monstrous arm and the curious lack of any sense of pain. The brave soldier takes the beast on in single combat and although there is a degree of damage to Chinatown, they day might yet be saved. However, lurking in the shadows are agents of a higher order. Ones for whom this whole conflict between Library and Gear is little more than an intelligence operation. Could the current chaos be playing into the hands of darker forces? - created on 12:05:09 01/13/2018 by Marz and last modified on 19:07:04 01/13/2018. Cast: Marz and Katarina.

Connection of 1000 Miles - Across the world from one another, Rashid and Marz are unlikely internet contacts. And for Rashid, being in contact with a Shadaloo information expert means getting a skewed image of the world happening an ocean away. - created on 13:26:26 01/20/2018 by Marz and last modified on 15:48:05 01/20/2018. Cast: Marz and Rashid.

Port City Confidential - In Yokohama, rumblings of Shadaloo activity has drawn the attention of The Scarlet Dahlia. Under cover of darkness, at a quiet dockyard, Honoka Kawamoto confirms the still lingering presence of Shadaloo by way of Marz. Not the planet, but the Shadaoll Doll, active and operating and moving materiel. Honoka makes the first in roads to investigating just what is happening with these Shadaloo remnants and just what possible relationships will they have with the Akatsuki-gumi going forward. - created on 13:29:03 05/19/2018 by Marz and last modified on 00:36:18 05/20/2018. Cast: Honoka and Marz.

Clandestine Consultations - Within the depths of a Shadaloo base, the Scarlet Dahlia has a second run in with the Doll known as Marz. Marz, herself running data on the losses and gains of Shadaloo's actions within Mexico, decides to test out the combat parameters of the Scarlet Dahlia. With the aid of a trust future coffee maker, Marz takes on Honoka in a two on one training session where each seeks to learn from the other. - created on 12:34:38 12/17/2018 by Marz and last modified on 10:51:01 12/21/2018. Cast: Honoka and Marz.

Minutes Til Midnight - In the aftermath of the Vega's returns, assets are won and lost. Mistakes were made and someone has to clean up after the failures had in a messy rebirth. The task falls to Marz, but first she has to hear the orders herself and that means a direct confrontation with Lord Vega himself. - created on 00:01:51 03/10/2019 by Marz and last modified on 03:37:46 03/10/2019. Cast: Vega and Marz.

A Savior on Stage - At Pacific High, there's a hero in town, The Mega Dragon Fighter J-Dragon! While he has been making waves in the Neo-League, SNFs and saving people on the streets, he has attracted the attention of some people interested in his potential power. In particular, Marz, Shadaloo Doll, has devised a devious test and smokescreen in order to see just what this so-called hero has. In doing so, she begins to weave a web to entrap a hero. - created on 10:38:24 04/17/2019 by Marz and last modified on 20:54:34 04/20/2019. Cast: Marz and Koto.

Building Connections - Under the guise of Yayoi, Shadaloo Doll Marz continues her insidious plot to worm her way into the good graces of Southtown's young superhero, Koto Mukai. The hero finds himself with a great new friend that promises to unlock and learn about the wonderous power he is capable of. Marz is looking to add to the litany of Shadaloo minions. - created on 13:04:36 05/27/2019 by Marz and last modified on 18:06:29 05/27/2019. Cast: Marz and Koto.

Much Ado About Clones - With the clone body of "Lightning Spangles" in her custody, The Black Dahlia consults Shadaloo's best available IT specialist on matters concerning possibilities and problems. Marz is there. - created on 11:39:45 07/15/2019 by Marz and last modified on 00:31:05 07/18/2019. Cast: Honoka and Marz.

Testing Grounds - Secrets are revealed as Marz springs upon Koto the greater reality of his situation and the of the presence of Psycho Power in the world. But with each truth comes deeper obfuscation as the machinations of the Shadaloo Doll continue to play at creating a new series of sleepers for the power of Lord Vega. - created on 12:02:09 10/17/2019 by Marz and last modified on 12:00:46 11/09/2019. Cast: Marz and Koto.

Secret Societies - Troubled with changes to his powers, the masked hero Mega Dragon Fighter J-Dragon seeks out a clandestine society of psychics that may be able to find answers. The Black Dahlia, and Shadaloo Doll Marz, are on hand to pose as the shady organization of the psychically inclined in order to glean information of this new threat and to continue to wrap Koto up in their dark machinations. - created on 11:05:09 06/16/2020 by Marz and last modified on 11:24:09 06/27/2020. Cast: Honoka, Marz, and Koto.

Like and Subscribe - Deep within Shadaloo headquarters, The Black Dahlia and the Doll Marz continue their devious scheming to secure the future for the Great Lord Vega. Take out food and V-Tubers are involved also. - created on 19:50:45 12/22/2020 by Marz and last modified on 20:10:21 12/28/2020. Cast: Honoka and Marz.

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