Full Name:Honoka Kawamoto
Aliases:The Scarlet Dahlia,
The Empress,
Miko Kobayashi
Faction:Gedo High,
Height:165cm (5'5")
Weight:50kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type:AB
Hometown:Eastern Hokkaido, Japan
Eye Color:Amber
Hair Color:Black w/pink highlights [As Dahlia: No highlights]
Date of Birth:Dec 21
Hobbies:Cosplay, history
Favorite Food:Hucho perryi / salmon, seafood, omelettes
Likes:EDM, the number six, American westerns
Dislikes:Complacency, robots, canines
Best Sport:Ice Hockey
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Yuu Asakawa
Theme Song:"Dahlia" - X Japan


"The show must go on!"

Fighting off martial artists while walking a tightrope and juggling diabolos would probably qualify as a high-stress job, but to one of the star performers for the Twilight Star Circus, it's a nightly occupational hazard. First as a dancer, then a trapeze artist, Honoka soon find her true passion in juggling. But when the Twilight Star began inviting martial artists into the center ring, Honoka stepped up to that challenge as well. Her opponents are more than welcome to fight upon level ground, of course, but to break Honoka's hold on the audience they'll have to find a way to defeat the juggler's charming smile, her nigh-unshakable concentration, and of course, the diabolos she keeps whipping around as fast as the eye can see.

Style:Juggling Weapons and Acrobatics
Signature Move:Niwen Horobi -- THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD


"Honoka Kawamoto" is a pathological liar who adopts multiple personas to forward her personal agenda.

- As "Honoka Kawamoto" she is the star juggler of the Twilight Star Circus. She gives "suggestions" to the circus manager on how to run business. The Twilight Star legal team is also legendary at getting the circus what they need.
- As "Scarlet Dahlia" she is the trusted advisor to the Akatsuki-gumi clan of yakuza. "Tora" Takanawa heads the ruling council, overseeing clans operated by Kyong Su, Daisuke Oda (deceased), and Jin "Jaws" Fujiwara. Scarlet Dahlia came to power as the second-in-command of the Maebara clan.
- As "Miko Kobayashi" she is a lieutenant to Daigo Kazama, guiding students of Gedo High on gang expeditions.

- Zach Glenn (Boyfriend)
- Elise Isabela Harkness (Ringmaster/Negotiator, Twilight Star Circus)
- Jun-Hwe "Oboro" Nakashita (Performer/Assassin, Twilight Star Circus)

- Skilled at tracking multiple moving objects simultaneously, Honoka can juggle almost anything. She specializes in the diabolo and yo-yo tricks.
- Honoka's combat abilities are inspired by a number of divergent techniques. Her diabolo wands are often used as striking weapons in the style of Escrima (the Filipino stick-wielding art) and the sansetsukon (Chinese three-sectioned staff). Her acrobatic style is inspired by taikyokuken and judo.
- Onstage, Honoka has been known to create intricate, life-like illusions with her psychic abilities.
- In stage performances, her psychic attacks often take on pink/purple hues, and are styled to resemble chi attacks. When not onstage, though, her attacks are often manifested as invisible waves of force.
- Honoka can also control minds to some degree, through psychic suggestions. These "jedi mind tricks" work best on subjects already agreeable to Honoka, so she usually tries to win people over with words first. Honoka's powers of mind control are especially strong on sleeping subjects.

- http://youtu.be/piJj_wnF0aA - Demonstration of an Excalibur Genocide
- http://youtu.be/CFzmD5gR_iU - Ryo Yabe, street performance
- http://youtu.be/ZTiY4kqX4Vk - AllStar Show performance by William Wei Liang Lin
- http://youtu.be/l_0bDofrzTY - Rosetta Passel (Kaleido Star) demonstrating 2x diabolo technique

- http://youtu.be/QAD0BtEv6-Q - Lindsey Stirling, "Take Flight"
- http://youtu.be/hWoHVYD-O44 - Lindsey Stirling, "Heist"

- http://youtu.be/UjkKkrbp4Z8?list=PL7E26FBB91A58A915 - S4 League Original Soundtrack
- https://youtu.be/UdDsw9olXmA?t=36m24s - m.o.v.e., Ride On The Wave

- http://youtu.be/5E5Lea8vT_k - X JAPAN, "Bass Solo, Tokyo Dome 1993-1996"
- http://youtu.be/luqGqrnobeU - X JAPAN, "Dahlia"

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The Long Trip Home - Scarlet Dahlia and Marz are an odd fit together. And while Marz would much rather be safe and secure in the Shadaloo stronghold, Dahlia had dragged her and on a mission which gave every sign of being for Dahlia's exclusive benefit. Add to that the fact that the Doll feels like she survived the crushing pressure of a black hole, while the Ainu still wears that incorrigibly smug smile. Will the two ever see eye to eye? - Log created on 22:08:56 04/13/2020 by Honoka, and last modified on 19:52:47 05/05/2020. Cast: Honoka and Marz.

Just My Twilight Life - Internet At Home! - With her new Laptop, Honoka goes to build a website for her Twilight Star Circus friends. When Honoka finds herself a victim of cyberbullying on the internet, she calls her friend Marz to help teach her some valuable netiquette when exploring the world of cyberspace. Join Honoka, Marz, and Sudo in learning how to seperate the zeros from the heroes in the World Wide Web! (The cover shows Honoka dressed in a schoolgirl uniform. Next to her is a smiling, warm Sudo dressed as a chef. Both are hovered over a smiling Marz in sunglasses, a baggy hoodie, and jorts. Her skateboard is right at her feet. All are looking at a big CRT computer, as it shows an instant messaging program through AOL. 'SpangleBratJerk' is sending a message to them saying 'You are bad and you should feel bad'. On the far corner of the screen, a leering mustached Zero and grinning Yoshiaki are on another computer, looking like they are in delight at their internet messages) (50 Yen) - Log created on 15:58:47 03/09/2020 by Zero, and last modified on 15:10:36 04/07/2020. Cast: Honoka, Zero, and Marz.

Just My Twilight Life: The Circus Is Missing! - Honoka Kawamoto has gone out into the wild west of the United States, in the prefecture of Texas with her circus. But when she has arrived, all her Twilight Star Circus friends disappeared in a sand storm! But before she has a chance to cry over them disappearing, Lightning Spangles and her Animal Friends have come in to find some cattle rustlers, and offer to help Honoka find her friends in this incredible crossover! (The cover shows a very calming and gentle Honoka Kawamoto riding a horse. Next to her is a clear trace job of Lightning Spangles, riding a horse as well. Next to -them- is the Hoedown Dillo and Fishy Friend NaeNae walking along. Both have photorealistic heads, contrasting heavily with their humanoid bodies. All are looking at Injun Joe, which would be best described as being borderline offensive by Japanese standards, who is crossing his hands and nodding in front of his teepee.) (50 yen) - Log created on 14:55:01 01/29/2020 by Jezebel, and last modified on 10:37:20 02/03/2020. Cast: Honoka and Jezebel.

Good For What Eels You - Soon after their elimination from KOF 2019, the two headliners of the "Twilight Stars" team meet again. This time, at a seafood restaurant on the Southtown boardwalk. - Log created on 17:32:58 10/02/2019 by Honoka, and last modified on 18:53:20 10/08/2019. Cast: Honoka and Koto.

Quarterfinal 2 - Twilight vs Heavy Metal Burnin' - Brazil's famous Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace racetrack serves as host for the second semifinal match of King of Fighters 2019! Twilight Stars face off against Heavy Metal Burnin' -- hopefully the track will survive for the next F1 race! - Log created on 21:04:36 07/26/2019 by Honoka, and last modified on 17:04:15 08/25/2019. Cast: Honoka, K', Abigail, and Koto.

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