Marz - Minutes Til Midnight

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Description: In the aftermath of the Vega's returns, assets are won and lost. Mistakes were made and someone has to clean up after the failures had in a messy rebirth. The task falls to Marz, but first she has to hear the orders herself and that means a direct confrontation with Lord Vega himself.

Boots on the floor. Fingers at the keys. Marz walks and types at the same time. Keep moving to keep thinking and plotting and planning for the future. Pieces need to be moved, positioned checked and rechecked against the opponent. Not just in the immediate, but what potentials they have as well. Leave Sunshine for this Black Dragon? They can establish a base, but Shadaloo may yet retain resources spent on a losing endeavor. Move on the Southtown Syndicate? Useless, Shadaloo has already reaped the asset that is the Black Dahlia. Her connections, monetary and emotional, have been severed and therefore she has little but serve Lord Vega.

But the continued presence of the NOL, the loss of assets such as V1. Lost opportunities with Chun-Li. These are things to consider. Not to mention the wildcards such as the Darkstalker spire in Southtown.

While these problems are certainly nothing in the face of the sheer force of Lord Vega, even he cannot be there in person for all things. After all, that is the point of the Dolls, the Kings, and others in the organization. It's a service she does well, and does with honor. And she has succeeded greatly in her opinion.

But success does a lot for complacency, and Marz is not one to let her game slip because she thinks she's on a hot streak. For this talk with Lord Vega, she comes prepared with intelligence she hopes will usher in a new age for more than just Central America.

The World Awaits Lord Vega!

All of these failures in rapid succession are but tiny blips in the grand scheme of things. The larger picture is still there, and Shadaloo as a whole prides itself on focusing on the bigger picture. There will always be losses.

This is a given with anything, and Lord Vega is wise enough to know that there will be failure.

Of course...

Failure does come with a price.

While Marz has had numerous successes with their recent campaign, the failures are ones that could infact prove to be more costly down the line. The loss of V1. Chun-Li. The loss of the military assets. Word has come to Vega that there has been numerous investigations in a short amount of time since the return of one Corporal Panesh.

These investigations have proved to be more damaging as other Shadaloo operatives have been discovered, yet there are more lying in wait.

Thus, it falls to Lord Vega to provide Marz with the consequences of the failures of Sunshine City...

~Marz. Attend me...~

Marz had little to do with Sunshine City, merely sent there after securing Mexico from Kotal Kahn and securing Sergei Dragunov as an asset. Minal Panesh was a fluke of timing in the securing of the destroyed underground laboratory.

She is there, she was heading there in the first place. "Yes, Lord Vega, I have been compiling the details of further operations as it pertains to a phase two. I think that we have managed to divest ourselves of potential wasted resources and as such can focus to greater things in the future. . .

She's rambling, speaking quickly, trying to get the planning part out there as it's the only part she has any particular interest in and as such is one of the ways to break her out a shell of general silence otherwise. But something is wrong in the air of the room. Marz doesn't like social reading, it isn't that she's bad at it. And what she is reading in the room around her is something that deeply unsettles her.

"Lord Vega?"

~That can wait, Marz.~

Standing at the far end of the room, the mighty Lord of Shadaloo is present. Waves of psycho energy flow from his body, creating waves that cause his cape to billow like he was atop a mountain. Yet, all of the other soldiers in the room remain quiet. They each know there is something wrong, and as a whole?

Shadaloo has failed Lord Vega.

~Failure, Marz, is something I do not tolerate. Yet, there are times when I must be merciful. There were too many variables outside of our control.~

The words echo across the psyches of each person within the room, causing those who are unadjusted to it to shiver nervously, fearing that their mighty lord may just choose to pop their brains and be done with it.

Yet, as Vega said, he must show mercy at times.

~Explain to me why our assests in Interpol, the United States Military, and even the British Military are now being discovered like a mongrel covered with fleas and ticks...~

Marz corrects her glasses. She doesn't have to, but it's a nervous gesture that's easily concealable as she pushes the frames back up the bridge of her nose. She walks toward the Lord of Shadaloo at his bidding. Listening, as it were, with her mind.

She looks back at Lord Vega, and nods. She is adjusted to the pulses in her brain. After all, the Psycho Power reshaped her own mind, not that she knows that.

But still her head lowers. She types, pulling up information as she understands things. "From what I can tell, the primary factor in all of this is a failure in two particular facilities. The first being a failure of the sleeper agents to adequately hamper Charlie Nash, a second being an escape that happened after one Juri Han captured a woman known as," she type type at her computer, "Rose, I believe?"

The air in the room suddenly grows very still as Marz utters a single name. One that causes Vega to suddenly reconsider his decleration of mercy. Yet, the mighty dictator manages to keep it under control.


Turning now, the Lord of Shadaloo faces Marz, only to start walking towards her. The very earth trembles slightly with each step until the dictator stands before the young Doll. His right hand reaches forward, gently grasping ahold of the Doll's chin, forcing her to raise her gaze from the silly electronics and look him dead in the eyes.

"I have new orders for you Marz..."

His very presence echoes out in his voice, as he finally decides to speak to the woman. "You're to issue the orders and oversee the disposal of all sleeper agents in the military. I don't want a single one to remain. Those lose ends are now serious impairments..."

The earth shakes. The soul shakes. Marz's attention is pulled up from her laptop to look to the cold white eyes of Vega. He speaks, she listens. There is no struggle from her in the face of her lord. She has doubts of her being the best tool for this job. The other Dolls would be far more suited for the tasks of assassination and removal. But she is given her orders.

"Lord Vega," she says with some difficulty, "Shall I use what tools I deem necessary to succeed at this order?" It's an important question, it changes a great deal the variability of her chance to overcome the weighty obligation she is given.

"Should it also be considered to tag for acquisition?"

"You may use what tools you deem. Spread the order to the other dolls as well. I want this done as swiftly as possible."

Vega releases the doll's face, only to turn away from her once more. Two full steps are taken away from the Doll, as the lord of Shadaloo attempts to keep his fury at the discovery of this knowledge under check. It does not do well for a man such as he to give into fits of rage and temper tantrums.

Appearances must be maintained.

~Tag, but do not acquire. I want the investigations to end before we re-insert ourselves.~

Marz steps back away from her Lord. She closes her reinforced case and lets it hang slinging along her side. She watches the Lord step away. As he does, he gives Marz a great lead into just how capable she can be in removing these threats from Interpol and other potential threats and challenges.

"I will do so swiftly, Lord Vega," she promises with a slight bow. "Once I review the roll of current sleeper agents, the removal will be swift." It's a quick promise, yet one not given lightly. She is quick on heel and walking out of the chambers. She has a task ahead of her, she will see it through. The pieces are on the board, it is just her position to move them.

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