Making Friends at Gedo High - After picking a fight with a nameless bully, Ryuko ends up taking shelter at a tree occupied by one of Gedo High's more prominent cliques. Intrigued by her unusual appearance, Miko suggests a contest of skill between one of her friends and the newcomer. The prize? A... bunch of energy bars? - created on 21:47:30 08/12/2016 by Ryuko and last modified on 13:25:18 08/15/2016. Cast: Honoka and Ryuko.

Cloudy Skies - Gedo High is well known for being a hot-bed of miscreants and thugs. That's why Ryuko likes it so much! It's the perfect place to smack some losers around and not feel bad about it. But is that always the case? Everyone has a story and no one grows up with the express purpose of becoming a low-life... right? - created on 21:26:08 09/05/2016 by Ryuko and last modified on 04:58:55 09/06/2016. Cast: Henchman and Ryuko.

Samurai vs Ninja - A new face arrives at Gedo High and Ryuko, self-appointed big sister of the unwashed masses, welcomes her in the traditional fashion. - created on 21:20:00 12/09/2016 by Ryuko and last modified on 01:35:16 12/14/2016. Cast: Ryuko and Seori.

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