Full Name:Seori Kouhara
Faction:Gedo High
Blood Type:A
Hometown:'Small Rural Town'
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:October 18th
Hobbies:Bird Mimicry, Japanese Folklore, Cooking
Favorite Food:Oyaki
Likes:Family, rural life, trying new recipes, traveling
Dislikes:City noise, overly sweetened food, grumpy landlords
Best Sport:Birdwatching
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:"Tsukiakari no Michishirube" by Stereopony


"I guess it's now or never."

A recent transfer to Gedo High 'from the country', the mellow Seori has a reputation for, well, bird calls, among other minor feats of vocal imitation. Only recently seen in minor tournaments under the reasoning of 'earning money for her family' or 'building experience', Seori is never caught without her scarf, a unique garment that allows her to form her weapon of choice at will. Beyond this, she seems to incorporate elements of ninjutsu, along with a strange technique called the 'Horou'. To those who see past her casual facade or face her as an opponent, it's clear her reasons for fighting are merely excuses. Disconnected from her clan's bloody past and cautious of the future, Seori attempts to continue her father's search for any remaining members of the Ryouhara clan. If she has to come out of hiding to do so, even if it puts her own life at risk, maybe that'll flush out some leads...

Style:Hirano-type Ninjutsu
Signature Move:Horou -- PHYSICAL ENERGY


- Seori Kouhara's just a girl from 'the country' with a grumpy dad who was injured in 'a car accident'- one that took his right arm, his right eye, and a messed up right leg. She may or may not be a 'ninja', a profession that makes her dad's 'accident' look 'suspect'.

- She can imitate a growing number of birds, and is constantly challenged by fellow Gedo students to do more and more obscure species, like 'crow', 'pigeon', 'sparrow', 'duck', 'weird messed up vulture, here's a picture of it I found on the net', and 'kakapo'. During one of these sessions, one adolescent crow decided her head was a nest. It plots for the day where it will finally steal those shiny, shiny beads in her hair.

- Seori's secret identity is rumored to be 'a mellow cinnamon roll that is too good for this world, too pure'. Others disagree on this rumor, saying she seems a bit 'too quick to try to maim people when she is startled' to be truly 'mellow' or 'pure'. Being from Gedo High, this quirk may still count as 'mellow' or 'pure', but more studies are needed to come to a conclusion on this matter.

- Seriously, please don't sneak up on her when she's in a paranoid mood. You may, however, sneak up on her when she is in a good mood.

- Seori may be 'from the Ryouhara clan', but no one truly believes that rumor. After all, didn't they all pretty much get killed off a few years ago? Anyone left over from that must be keeping a very low profile. She may have something she's once publicly admitted was a 'ninkou' and used a technique known to be used by certain members of the Ryouhara. But, really, she's Kouhara, not Ryouhara. Mention the name around her. You'll get absolutely no reaction.

- You may in fact get a reaction if you say the name Ryouhara around Seori. Don't listen to the previous fact. It is a lie.

Recent Logs

A Shinobi's Tale: Revelations - As promised, Noboru Miyama pays a visit to young Seori. Masks are lowered and information is given. But is the elder ninja telling everything he knows? - Log created on 23:38:54 01/20/2017 by Noboru, and last modified on 20:38:50 03/15/2017. Cast: Noboru and Seori.

[SNF 2017.01] SNF: Bright Lights, Big City - Ah. The sounds of the cities. The sights. The verbal, physical, and other kinds of assault on the senses. Country girls need not apply for big city living. A far cry from a more serene life, two ladies will be breaking it down. Both Seori and Radha will duke it out in Downtown Southtown, right in the heart of a traffic jam. That's Alan's job, as the chaos agent of this match. Alan will be entrusted in making a nice, high-quality traffic jam right here in the heart of the city. It's up to you Alan. Make a nice, loud accident right out in the open for Seori's and Radh's sake, and I'll make sure you'll have a nice bottle of sake. Oh, and also punch them and make chaos. Punching and causing traffic accidents. You got a heck of a weekend Alan. - Log created on 19:35:00 01/16/2017 by Seori, and last modified on 11:52:06 01/24/2017. Cast: Alan, Radha, and Seori.

[SNF 2016.12] SNF: A Very Maid RPG Christmas! - Come sit on Santa P-Body's lap, and let him tell you a christmas story. Well, now that you are here, I can tell you that I was lying. What I'm actually going to tell you is something called Maidification. You can't escape now, my grip's too tight. That's right. Maidification on Christmas. Seori and Felicia are both going to be maids in a cage. Headdresses, dresses, frilles, everything. Ninja Maid vs Catgirl Maid. What does this have to do with santa, or Christmas, or anything? Look, I don't know how to break it to you girls, but P-Body needs -his- present this Christmas. Ho ho ho! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Keep it clean girls! HO HO HO! - Log created on 20:15:02 01/05/2017 by Felicia, and last modified on 22:11:03 01/12/2017. Cast: Felicia and Seori.

Revenge as Sweet as Justice - After the farm girl ninja Seori managed to save the life of a police informant from Rochelle, Southtown Syndicate has sent Rochelle to test Seori's strength and see her intentions, having spotting a Gedo High transfer with unusual abilities. Their battle is close, but Seori heals more wounds than she has opened. - Log created on 20:48:54 12/30/2016 by Rochelle, and last modified on 21:42:09 01/01/2017. Cast: Rochelle and Seori.

A Shinobi's Tale: The Lost Crow - "The young crow fled home. Lost to time she has survived. A Mountain brings hope." Will the young crow survive her encounter with the mountain, or will fate finally claim her? - Log created on 22:15:02 12/23/2016 by Noboru, and last modified on 14:33:05 12/26/2016. Cast: Noboru and Seori.

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