Age:Late 20s
Blood Type:
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Electric Blue
Date of Birth:Unknown
Favorite Food:Fish & Chips
Likes:Acting in broadway, working out, spending time with friends.
Dislikes:Vacuum cleaners, people that don't appreciate music, processed food.
OOC Data
Status:Currently Played
Theme Song:


"Even cats need to know a little martial arts these days."

A woman who has born with the chi of cats, Felicia's form as a partially furry catwoman left her branded as a monster, and ostracized by the town she grew up in. But she taken in at an early age by an understanding nun, which left her grateful for her life, and devoted to the concepts of karma and God. Of course, she's a little more clever than you'd expect for a country girl; aside from being able to temporarily transform into a full cat, she spends a lot of time studying martial arts to defend herself, and is pretty fast with her claws. Describing herself as "quite a looker," she has all of the grace and sensitivity of a cat, but just wants to make everyone happy. She has a lot of hope and faith that people like her might one day be accepted, and wants to make enough money that she can become a famous musical star and bridge the gap between human and monster. And, of course, no matter where she goes, she doesn't seem to have any trouble finding at least a few peculiar friends.

Style:Feline-style Martial Arts
Signature Move:Scratch Attack -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

Recent Logs

Go Home Cat You Are Drunk - Felicia heads down to Las Vegas Nevada to scout out the casino biz down south and runs into a drunk punch boxer. - Log created on 17:16:42 01/06/2021 by Felicia, and last modified on 21:37:36 01/06/2021. Cast: Felicia and Vin.

SNF: The Cat's In The Bag - Lyraelle says: "Did you know that catgirls trend, like, waaay higher on Google than demon girls? I don't get it! And then there are schoolgirls, which are trendier than cat girls and demon girls combined! Not that I'd let jealousy get the better of me by, say, making a catgirl and a schoolgirl fight on gondolas in the dark out of spite or something~ Don't worry, kiddies and kitties, our minions will be on hand to fish you out before you drown if somebody takes a tumble into the canal... probably~" - Log created on 17:53:16 08/22/2020 by Honoka Inoue, and last modified on 10:06:37 08/23/2020. Cast: Felicia and Honoka Inoue.

Werecat On A Hot Tin Roof - Felicia runs into Tairyu in the red light sector of Southtown, shenanigans ensue. - Log created on 23:36:10 06/08/2020 by Felicia, and last modified on 03:28:01 06/09/2020. Cast: Felicia and Tairyu.

Black Dragon R3 - The Show Must Go On - After her show of the musical "Cats" by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Felicia is approached by the Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad, who plumbs her for information about the mysterious Shadow Council... and who was on it. - Log created on 15:34:25 05/04/2020 by Daniel, and last modified on 16:21:24 05/05/2020. Cast: Felicia and Bela.

SLAMFEST 2020 Round 2 - Julia vs Felicia - Felicia and Julia square off in the ring for the second round of SLAMFEST! Who will prevail..? - Log created on 19:19:29 02/06/2020 by Felicia, and last modified on 23:05:15 02/06/2020. Cast: Julia and Felicia.

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