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Description: Raiden finds himself in Las Vegas, Nevada--right near the site of Felicia's new casino project. He gets a traditional Las Vegas welcome.

People say a lot of things about Vegas, for one thing--it had a pretty bad reputation. Which well, it did--gambling addiction was a serious problem, and it wasn't one that Felicia liked to help facilitate--that's why her new project was serious about making pamphlets on such available--to a reasonable degree, anyway. It had a reputation for being a place where dreams could be had, but it also had a way of chomping people up and spitting them out. While Felicia wasn't going for something very bright and themepark themed with her place, it did have a bit of a different decor than some of the others.

That is, her new casino project, 'Paradise', which some would call 'Cat's Paradise', maybe, with some of the little touches to the business placards, decorations and the signage. It was a project she had not only invested in and started up with some agents and co-investors, but had also signed licensing contracts for--which would hopefully come into play later.

If one were to step into the city right now, it'd likely be very brightly lit up as evening dawned, perhaps a mecca of electricity, though maybe not in the way that some would find especially flattering. Felicia was currently moving about on a street nearby, wearing a thin quarter-length jacket and sports sandals, the former partly for modesty, this wasn't even that part of town, especially--that was down the other way. The place was hard to believe was real, sometimes. But she had been born here--just not visited the city very much.

Raiden never understood humans truly. He would appear to them, guide them, protect them from threats they were not able to defend themselves against. The Thunderer could act as if he were one of them, but human emotions were not something he was often privy too. It is likely he had long-since forgotten how. But he is still a source of wisdom for humanity. A warning for them.

A protector.

But there are times When the so-called defender must experience those he is striving to protect. It wasn't supposed to rain in Las Vegas. It wasn't supposed to be black skies...but for that moment, for those brief moments, the skies are exactly that....then clear after a lightning strike. It was the strangest thing.

Yet walking towards the casino was a man who looked as if he didn't belong. Casual clothing, a simple hat on the head. White hair coming down from his head and a clean shaven face, even as sunglasses cover his eyes.

He looked confused almost, his attention firmly on his surroundings. "They make all of this for entertainment..?"

"Well... that doesn't happen every day," Felicia walks out from under an awning where she tried to avoid the rain, though it looked like her tail was sticking up, and so was part of her very 80s mane of blue hair, which was now slightly frizzed, due to the electricity released in the general environment. Might have also been from the surprise of it, to be fair.

"Some people got a strange idea of entertainment, mister--you new here?" Felicia unabashedly strolled up alongside Raiden with her arms behind her head for a moment, before letting them drop to her eyes, lackadaiscally, then realized what had happened to her hair and tried to fuss it back into place. She didn't look normal, course, with the cat ears, fur, and looking like she was wearing some kinda costume beneath the lightly synched jacket. But that was the idea--it was a lot easier to just walk around like you were wearing a costume, especially when it looked like you were just a paid stooge for a nearby casino. It was like being Mickey Mouse or Big Bird when hanging out near a park devoated to said character. Not that she had a problem hanging out in plain view in most places, course.

"It can get a little rough around here--I'm Felicia, by the way," she waved a little to him, stopping a short distance away, not expecting him to want to shake, perhaps, though she might if he did.

Raiden turned his attention to Felicia, the cat-woman who approaches him. "Yes, I am unfamiliar with this area. I guess I'm a...tourist?" He looks around at the bright lights of the city. "My view of entertainment will likely - hopefully - not be one of disgust to you. Nothing out of the ordinary, anyway. It does appear a rough environment. Do you repeatedly find troublemakers around?" Raiden questions Felicia with no small expression of curiosity on his face.

"I oft wonder what the future holds. Perhaps there will be trouble...or no trouble at all. Who can say?" He questions. "My name is-" in the span of a nanosecond he questions a human name. "Raymond."

"Oh, I didn't mean you--say..." Felicia can likely feel her fur, and perhaps part of her hair, stand on end when she gets near enough to Raiden, due to the electricity he might passively exude--sort of like static, which she blinks at and tries to smooth down with an equally furry hand, not making much progress.

"Huh, weird--what's your idea of entertainment then, grandpa?" she thought about his question for a moment, "Well, yeah--this is Vegas, if you go off the beaten path, you might run into... err, how we say, special friends," she sidled closer, despite the energy she might be able to feel.

"Everyone loves ya, huh? I'm Felicia," she offers a white furred, red-nailed hand, to shake--also probably not realizing what the energy from him might do to her fur.

Raiden pondered the companionship. It could be nice to experience what humans may experience here. Do Gods party? Who knows. He occasionally undergoes the human experiment by experiencing what people do on a regular basis. Frustrations, jobs, the like. Raiden contains his power enough that he reachces for her hand to give it a firm shake, enough that she might feel a little fuzzy, but it wouldn't fry her to a crisp.

"Depends on what individuals do for fun around here. Though special friends? I would ask your meaning." 'Raymond' looks at Felicia then. Despite his white hair however, he appeared perhaps in his late thirties early forties. His guise was well-constructed.

The feeling was a little... interesting, it's not quite like getting zapped by the exposed wires on an electrical cord, or completing the circuit of a light fixture switch that's been damaged, but her eyelids do reaise a little bit when she clasps the man's hand.

"Phew, just met and already my hair is on end," she grins, tilting her head.

"Oh, you know--bad guys, people that wanna steal your money or do bad things to you," her tail flits about behind her, still pretty calm seeming.

"Lots of fun around here--casinos, restaurants, bars, strip clubs--probably not interested in that, or going dancing, I figure--" she could tell he seemed rather spry, even if his hair was snow white. "I know a few places that do Japanese food, sushi--I can't eat a lot of processed food, so I sometimes go there," she coughs a little, "My uh, fine feline features don't agree with junkfood," she smiled a bit and gestured to herself. Indeed, she did seem part cat, part human, from what he could see through her open coat.

"I have that effect on people. Is it one of ill-feeling?" Raiden questions her with no small amount of amusement in his eyes, which seem so blue as to be electric. "I wouldn't worry about it too much at the very least." Raiden hums softly. "Sounds like plenty fun. Though I am spryer than you think. What is the most popular thing to do here?"

He looks at her as she had her open coat. Her outfit was rather interesting, and Raiden found himself staring. He looks back to Felicia's eyes.

"I can handle myself by way of defense. But dancing sounds like fun."

"It's not bad, just kinda feels like I rubbed my feet against a carpet for a while," Felicia grins, before she's a bit surprised at his response. To be fair, she wore the coat mainly so people wouldn't give her too much unwanted attention, less for modesty reasons--there was a time and a place to get attention, after all.

"Dance club? ah, that's easier for me to go to--people just assume this is body paint, like a costume," this is the first time Felicia has been explicit about her not being strictly human, though by peering into the man's eyes, it was not difficult for her to get the idea that he wasn't strictly, either. Either that or the man had really gnarly cataracts.

"Sure, we going dressed like this? I don't mind, course--I have a bad habit of wearing clothes too, some might say," she grinned. She /was/ just wearing a loose trenchcoat and a pair of sandals, after all. "Can stop by my work, if you want, and I can slip into something fancier," she asked, stepping alongside Raiden and slipping an arm around his, as if to walk with him.

Raiden looks at Felicia then. "That is a quick way to gain static electricity. Though your body has fur in places, it serves as an additional conduit." Of course Raiden would be the man to talk to about the science of electricity. He's the God of it. All the same, Raiden watches Felicia for a long moment, especially as she gestures to her spots of coveirng to keep her...modest in the most minimum way possible.

"I wouldn't mind a change of clothes. Do you have any recommendations?" He sees a moment to do a human thing...flirt. "Clothes are the worst." and joke! "Restricting." He teases her. "But sure, if you like. I wonder what you do for work?"

The werecat doesn't seem to have any problem with this, walking with her arm around the demigod's. "Uhh I can see if I can get you a spare suit from one of my assistants--I used to be a dancer, if you're curious," she nodded. "I did clubs, dive bars, all sorts of places--before I had my documentation that was about the best I could get--not too bad of a living, but I'm in way better shape now," she'd steer him toward the side entrance to the employees area of her casino--parts of which was still under construction, of course, but it might just look like the employees only exit at a restaurant. Opening the door would reveal something that looked more like a penthouse, with a few peculiar elements, owing to it's owner.

Light fuzzy blue office style carpeting would greet Raiden at the entrance of a very long and wide chamber, one that looked like it was setup to be part apartment, part gym--part lounge, the latter equipped with a long red loveseat and coffee table around it. It did seem like it was repurposed from an older part of the casino, the supports on either side of the balcony above of padded. There was what looked like a few pieces of workout equipment to the far end, along with a changing screen nearer to the sofa.

Raiden walks arm in arm with Felicia. "A dancer? Interesting. Dancers have long been prized greedily throughout history. I imagine you were quite a talent." Though Raiden is probably thinking dancer in the traditional sense rather than a dancer in the more erotic sense like Felicia may have been implying.

Yet they move to the side entrance and walk towards an open door which leads to a penthouse. Raiden looks around the place and seems to smile. "Not bad." Of course he's seen far nicer. Though he looks at her. "If you have a suit, that would be nice. I have not worn a suit in a long time. I might need help choosing a good one."

"For more reasons than one, I'm sure," Felicia is apparently seemingly ok with letting this otherwise complete stranger into her new little casino funhouse here, looking over at him. "It's got a ways to go, they were going to get rid of the poles at first, but nahhh--excellent for exercises," Felicia slipped the sandals off at the door, as well as the coat, leaving her well, in her default look. Now he perhaps can understand why she wears the coat in public--she'd attract a bit too much attention normally.

"Now, lets see... black doesn't seem to be your color, noo--and not gray, hmm..." she looks over at 'Raymand', nodding. White. It needed to be white. She turned and padded over to a closet, tail and hips swaying a little as she walked, throwing the sliding door of the closet on the far side of the room near the changing screen. Inside was a mishmash of some of her own workout gear, clothes, outfits--and some of the evening wear worn by staff. Good thing she had something left over from a previous wedding...

Felicia drops her coat and reveals...well, her. No wonder she wore the coat, she'd practically make anyone take a second look at her and think some rather inappropriate thoughts. 'Raymond's attraction, staged or no, was fairly noticeable considering how he looks at her. "I understand now why you wear concealing clothing. Makes me wonder if you wish to leave at all." An invitation no doubt.

Yet, she sways on over to a closet and begins looking through it, though 'Raymond's eyes don't examine her while she's hard at work, instead he's looking around at what might be left in the room. Examining small details. She said she was a dancer. Does she often have visitors or is he more of a special case?

"Some folks like the social interaction part of it, or being around people," Felicia pauses from flipping through various suit jackets on hanger sets, turning her head around to look back at him, with her tail lilting about curiously.

"It IS kind of distracting, I realize," Felicia turns back around from the closet, hand on her hip with a smirk. "This whole place, plus I bet you've never met a werecat before," she's leaving out th efact she can likely feel the chi levels radiating off Raiden like no tomorrow, to boot--he's not a normal person, either. Main part of why he was even here, to be fair--the cat didn't just drag home any old person, after all.

This is a point she could pounce with all sorts of questions, like--tell me more about yourself, Raymond--or where are you from, etc--but why spoil the moment?

"I'm fine with just hanging out if you are, but you should know I'm not a normal lady." That was a bit of an understatement, to be sure...

"Kind of?" Raiden comments with a little bit of a smile. She could feel his energy, and would know that it would be...a new experience, or perhaps an enhanced one than normal. Though he tilts his head at her curiously as she questions him about hanging out. "If you were a normal lady, I am uncertain I would have come to this place with you." Raiden suggests with no small amount of a tease hanging on his lips.

Though he could sense it from her. She was different. She had strength. She had seduction. She had talent for so much more. Raiden takes a seat down on the couch, though he shakes his head. "I'ven ever had the pleasure, no. Werecats were often outside of my thoughts." Until now, anyway.

"Hmm, you have a point," Felicia continued across the room, to where admist the punching bag and some of the other targets for kicks was a small raised stage, there one had to step up onto it. The place might have been a disco, way back in the day, but judging by the brass pole now set in the circular platform, it wasn't quite used for that kind of dancing anymore.

"Doing a little surveying of the area? a little national geographics?" she teased, making it the distance in only a few short seconds and climbing one foot after the other onto the stage. Her claw-like nails clicked against the pole as she took hold of it, second nature to her--she wasn't joking when she said she had not been in such a fortunate position before in life. At one point 'stripper freakshow' was kind of the only act she could make any cash on. And she wasn't no thief.

"We're not from here, Earth, I mean--we're from Makai, originally--but a lot of us wound up here, at least compared to other creatures," knees started to bend and she grasped the pole with both hands behind her.

It seems Raiden is going to get a show.

As he sits there, he watches the kind of small stage that Felicia steps onto, the pole that finds itself in Felicia's hands as her nails start to 'clack' against the pole. Where one saw a stripper freakshow, Raiden saw a beautiful woman who didn't deserve such harsh treatment. Raiden watches, even as her knees bend and she grasps the pole behind her.

Was she trying to excite him? Perhaps this guise certainly thought so. Biology was biology, and humans happened to be such visual creatures that even in his human form, he began to feel...desire? Arousal? What a strange feeling. Not one he's used to feeling, likely because his Godhood had dulled his desire for such things.

"Other worlds. How interesting. How did you manage to come to earth? Did your species develop interdimensional travel?" He questions her even as she starts to work that pole.

If this is what Raiden had come down to Vegas for, well, he was definitely getting the full experience, so far--and he hadn't even stepped into the main part of the casino. "My mom came here, had me, likely since it was a lot safer here--I never knew her, nuns in a convent outside Nevada raised me," she explained, pushing herself back up from the squat and traipsed around the pole and stage, her tail lashing along with her, and that more or less bare ass.

"Hah, hon I wish--nah, there's portals, in some places--some are unstable, some are locked, I figure--maybe only important people got access to them, y'know, like that Hellmouth thing in Buffy," she grins, reaching up to brush her long blue mane of hair back.

Maybe not the specific reason, but perhaps it was a side effect. Raiden stayed where he was on the couch, given a front row seat for her performance for him. She pulls her hair back as she rises from her squat. Her bare ass emphasized by her swaying tail. He felt...desire. He wanted to touch her. Feel her. Taste her. He wasn't sure how these feelings originated. Though he nods. "I see. I am sorry for the fate of your mother, whatever it may have been."

Though she informs him that portals exist that lead to other places. "Yes...portals, making the process easier. Unstable. Many are unreliable." He states as if fact. "I am unfamiliar with this 'buffy'. Are they a friend of yours?" If she had intended to steal his eyes, she claimed them. He was drinking her form like a fine wine.

"It's okay, I've dealt with it, nobody said being a catwoman would be easy," she grunted a little as she took the pole with both hands and leaned over at nearly a right angle, hair hanging down as her feet spread out behind her, feeling the tips of her nails lightly dig into the surface of the stage. Shit. She winced a little but it was fine--it wasn't like that's what Minwax was invented for, after all. She'd been used to platforms with more of a laminate over the surface, that was harder to scratch. Brushing off the small gaff and continuing on, assuming he hadn't noticed, Felicia whipped her hair back and forth before pulling herself up.

Stepping around the stage to the front she clapped her hands. "Alexa, play Dancing Flash mix #2, if you please," and the speakers mounted behind the stage to either side came alive. 'Raymond' was in for quite a show, indeed.

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