Coils of the Wyrm - In the dark of the night, sinister forces conspire a nation's downfall. Political conspirators within Zepp turn to Kano and the Black Dragon for support. Their price, in roads into Zepp's industrial capabilities and access to their chi-tek. The Defender of Zepp's Freedom, the might Potemkin, arrives on the scene to put a stop to all those that threaten Zepp's security. But will he succeed? Or with the claws of the Black Dragon threaten to pull Zepp itself into it's hoard. - created on 23:51:08 06/01/2019 by Kano and last modified on 10:17:09 06/05/2019. Cast: Kano and Potemkin.

Business or Pleasure? - In Sunshine City, criminal minds meet for a conversation regarding a shared enemy. What sort of terror can come from the Akatsuki cutting a deal with the Black Dragon? - created on 11:41:38 06/08/2019 by Kano and last modified on 01:38:57 06/09/2019. Cast: Honoka and Kano.

Mouse in the Dragon's Den - Moondyne's work in Sunshine City has finally attracted the attention of the Black Dragon's criminal head, Kano. A mousetrap has been set in the form of a potential big weapon's deal. One that springs in an explosive fight between Mouse and Dragon at an underground fight club. - created on 22:53:04 08/09/2019 by Kano and last modified on 21:36:50 08/17/2019. Cast: Kano and Moondyne.

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