The World's Sexiest Fight - Following the announcement of Rainbow Mika's open-challenge world tour and prior to her Metro City Benefit match, a beachside exhibition match is arranged against Alma Towazu, who is in town for an gallery opening. A miscommunication results in a choice of swimsuits that is ... unexpected, but the two spirited fighters allow nothing to get in the way of their earnest contest. What follows is a spectacular and tittilating performance that sees the birth of the pro-wrestler Alma Adonis and an unforgettable finish from Mika -- whether anyone involved wants to forget it or not. - created on 18:45:55 11/07/2014 by Alma and last modified on 03:57:29 11/08/2014. Cast: Alma, Gabriel, Rocket, and Rainbow Mika.

Of Subletting and the Subliminal - Alma seeks a roommate for his upscale Southtown apartment and unthinkingly posts a suspiciously low rent request. Mimiru seeks a room for her frequent globetrotting visits and is the only one with enough guts to pursue an offer too good to be true. But when the young woman triggers a startling fragment of memory for the psychic, cohabitation may become a means not only to friendship but to self-realization. - created on 17:17:22 11/13/2014 by Alma and last modified on 18:21:35 11/14/2014. Cast: Alma and Mimiru.

Ignorance is Bliss - Alma invites Mika to his favorite cafe for proper introductions after their scandalous battle and before her CWA match against Zangief. A series of glorious misunderstandings follow, with the promise of many more to come. - created on 19:36:50 11/14/2014 by Alma and last modified on 22:59:18 11/14/2014. Cast: Alma and Rainbow Mika.

Psycho Soldiers, Assemble! - They have gathered here being of like mind and like ability to lend their aid to one another. There are threats in this world that those such as them are the best suited to deal with, and there lurk shadows within themselves that only their peers can protect them from. Thus have their respective teachers resolved to join forces and train in earnest, preparing to face whatever may loom on the horizon. With their hearts unified, their strength shall be redoubled, and with it their capacity to protect that which they hold dear. They are the Meat Bun Appreciation-- no. They are the Eyebrow Sign Language-- no. They are the Psycho Soldiers Dating-- - created on 21:34:17 01/23/2015 by Alma and last modified on 04:23:33 01/24/2015. Cast: Alma, Honoka, Athena, Rose, Haru, and Kensou.

Snowflakes - More than a world separates these two. Under a blanket of snow, they are drawn together. Something has been lost that was never possessed. But she and he are young, and their time has only just begun. As the future is written, the past may emerge. At last, winter is thawing. - created on 21:13:19 01/30/2015 by Alma and last modified on 04:44:33 01/31/2015. Cast: Alma and Aya.

Doctor Who? - At the bar in Zack Island's glitzy casino, Dr. Tran, /Real/ Real American Hero, drinks away his victory, an act more or less indistinguishable from drinking away his sorrows. He is pursued by one who knows of his defection from the Illuminati and is determined to recruit him to be used against them. Unfortunately, this one is Amy, who has learned a little too much and had a little too much fun today. There to restrain her is recent quasi-official inductee, Alma, who does his best. For various reasons, it is not enough. Ladies and gentlemen: the Order of Sacred Knights. - created on 18:46:52 02/05/2015 by Alma and last modified on 02:13:05 02/06/2015. Cast: Alma, Tran, and Amy.

Chivalry, Tea, and Cake - Knights and hunters of the Sacred Order gather in Vatican City for serious discussions to come on the future of the faction. For now, though, old friends and new acquaintances enjoy the tranquility of a secret garden. Chivalry, tea, and cake: three great tastes that taste great together. - created on 18:26:09 01/20/2018 by Alma and last modified on 12:55:52 01/21/2018. Cast: Alma, Big Blue, Amy, Ky Kiske, Pukai, Biyu, and Haruna.

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