Alma - The World's Sexiest Fight

Description: Following the announcement of Rainbow Mika's open-challenge world tour and prior to her Metro City Benefit match, a beachside exhibition match is arranged against Alma Towazu, who is in town for an gallery opening. A miscommunication results in a choice of swimsuits that is ... unexpected, but the two spirited fighters allow nothing to get in the way of their earnest contest. What follows is a spectacular and tittilating performance that sees the birth of the pro-wrestler Alma Adonis and an unforgettable finish from Mika -- whether anyone involved wants to forget it or not.

Following the recent announcement of Rainbow Mika's world tour, willing to take on any challenge, as well as the announcement that the wrestler would be taking part in a big match at the CWA Arena in Metro City, one of the smaller local promoters determined that there was an easy way to throw together a quick match and make some money off the publicity that the curvy wrestler has slowly been building. Everyone knows that sex sells, and a lazy promoter would find some other attractive woman for Mika to throw down with.

This particular promoter wasn't overly lazy, and also had the benefit of being creative. Put two attractive women in the ring and you've got maybe half your audience on a lock. Put a beautiful woman in the ring with a gorgeous hunk and you've got what it takes to pull in all the markets of pervy fight fans!

And so word goes out across the Internet, spreading far and wide: the bodacious babe, Rainbow Mika, will take on the handsome hunk Alma Towazu in the sexiest match in history: A Metro Beach Swimsuit Brawl! The hastily put together promotional images for the fight showing the two competitors certainly drew in a lot of interest.

And so it is that a traditional fighting ring has been set up on the Metro City beach, with stadium seats surrounding it on all sides. The stands have been filled with fight fans and perverts alike! The number of personal video cameras is obscene. Of course, the number of professional cameras is also staggering for all but a tournament finale. Rest assured, this fight will be available for purchase on BluRay with multiple viewing angles.

And so it is, that the announcer makes his way into the ring, holding a wireless microphone in his hands. "Ladies and gentlemen... I am proud to present to you a true battles of the sexes. A man so well-sculpted that even Michaelangelo himself would weep. A woman of such curves that her ass is a registered weapon. I bring to you... the World's Sexiest Fight!"

The crowd cheers wildly. Beer has already found its way into the audience from the conveniently located stand and both male and female servers moving up and down the aisle (it is, of course, obscenely priced).

Once the crowd manages to calm down, he points over to one of the small tents sitting at the end a small runway down to the ring. "In this corner... the Peach of the wrestling world. A woman who has exploded onto the fighting scene like no other... RAINBOOOOOOOW MIIIIIIKAAAAAAAA!"

As the name is called, the wrestler's theme begins to plan, and Rainbow Mika herself bursts out of the tent, dressed in a blue bikini that must have been designed by of the many super science corporations if anyone expects it to stay on. Most of the stands probably can't even see the straps holding the (still sizable) triangles of blue fabric with white hearts at their center on her chest. Her bottoms are of the sort of high waist that seemed to vanish in the 90's, her backside all but bare.

As she makes her way down to the ring, she waves enthusiasticly, making contact with as much of the crowd as she can manage. When one newly established Mika fan shouts out her love for her, she throws a quick wink and a blown kiss in his direction before finishing her walk to the ring, climbing up and making a long pass around the circumference, climbing up onto one turnbuckle and flexing her arms in a traditional pose, and on the opposite one she steps one foot up onto the highest rope, and gives a quick slap to her own ass before winking to the crowd.

Needless to say, it takes awhile for things to calm down enough for the other challenger to be announced...

Walking along Metro Beach is a great way to unwind and think about things. Sure there are a lot of unwashed around, but they usually leave the fully clothed alone because there are a lot of other options . . in the warmer months. Regardless of the weather right now there is at least two people in swim suits; Gabriel is not one of them.

Strolling along with a parasol that seems to be purely for show and full pants and long sleeved blouse (black pants, white blouse) with a vest (black) and a long jacket going to her knees (dark red), Gabriel is sporting a very old school fully properly attired look. So it might come as some surprise that when she sees the area setup for the exhibition with the stands and the scantly clad, she actually changes course and crosses toward the stands.

Ugh. This will so not do. The stands of course are filthy. Not in the sense of being covered in dirt, but rather so very common. Gabriel cannot abide by filthy commoner seating arrangements and it's really very fortunate she happens to have a doily in her pocket that she can spread out on the bleacher before settling down.

The person behind her is annoyed. She's aware but she can't figure out why. She really doesn't think too hard on it just shifts her parasol to one side and tries to block out the complaining from behind her while pulling out a pair of tiny opera binoculars in order to get a better look. An eyeful of RAINBOW MIKA later and the binoculars are lowered and Gabriel's face turns beet red.

"I appreciate you taking the time for this, Mr. Towazu," says the smiling woman, middle-aged and professionally dressed, "I understand how hectic your schedule for the gallery opening must be. That you'd donate the proceeds to our local charities on top of that--"

"I'm glad for the opportunity," Alma replies in a gentle voice, gait steady but slowed to match the pace of the organizer. The two of them approach a temporary structure set up for the festivities to take place this weekend, defying the grime and misery that afflicts so much of this metropolis. "Spiritual matters have of late preoccupied me. A simple performance that offers joy and the thrill of battle is a balm to my soul, particularly with such a lively opponent. I had in any case packed my swimsuit."

"That won't be necessary," she replies, adjusting the clipboard in her arm before they enter the structure together. "Our team has prepared a swimsuit for this purpose. Maurice?"

A harried-looking man with a thin mustache looks up, dripping sweat. "Ms. Easton! Where is she?" He practically shakes with anxiety. "Where's the competitor?"

Ms. Easton looks embarrassed. "Maurice, he's a man! I'm sorry, Mr. Towazu," she continues, glancing toward Alma, who merely shakes his head with a smile.

"No," he replies quietly, "I'm used to it."

But Maurice appears baffled. "I know who /Alma/ is! I want to know where Mika's opponent is!" Silence and blank slares. "The beautiful woman Mika is scheduled to fight!"

The silence lingers.

"I... must apologize again, Mr. Towazu," the woman says slowly, now in a voice that is very strained indeed. "It appears the change in plans was not... properly communicated."

"That is fine," Alma says, unflappable. "Let us continue nonetheless."

"Well, that's--"

* * *

There is no doubt that Mika's attire will catch eyes. Surely alone she has catapulted this fight far toward its lofty goal of being the sexiest fight to ever occur. But what follows is a sight that may prove-- divisive on the subject.

For as Alma is flatteringly announced and Mika prances about the ring, the psychic emerges to shock and awe, clad in what is clearly a red bikini designed to match Mika's own, cut in precisely the same way, though the top is tied much tighter in the back in order to cling to his chest. Somehow the bottoms are managing to take on a Speedo effect. His expression is utterly serene, his smile calm and self-possessed as he raises a hand in greeting to the crowd.

"The sea breeze," he remarks, "is indeed refreshing."

"Hey! Come on already!"

The annoyed spectator behind Gabriel's umbrella is none other than Rina 'Rocket' O'Reilly, who's been busying herself with spraying sunscreen onto her arms and legs while waiting for the match to begin. She's dressed in short shorts, a tank top, and sandals, her usual rollerblades stuffed inside her blue jean satchel.


The cyan-haired girl finally pushes herself to her feet on the bleachers in frustration, trying to get a better look at the fighters as they're introduced. And then she spots Alma... and sits back down. Her face is a bit red, her green eyes blank with shock.

"N-never mind..."

She finishes spraying her legs, then opens up the denim bag to stuff the sunscreen away. As she rifles through it, she comes across an aerosol can of fluorescent green spraypaint. She pulls it out, her eyes shifting between the can and the umbrella blocking her view with a thoughtful glint in them.

A few seconds later, the sound of more spraying can be heard from the seat behind Gabriel...

This is, in a way, the exact sort of thing Rainbow Mika had been training for over the last seven years. Knowing how to fight is one thing, but knowing how to keep a crowd excited and leave them with a match that they will talk about years down the line... that's where the absolute greatest fighters shine. You may destroy an opponent in a mere few seconds... and the crowd will be shocked, but not truly thrilled.

Even before she'd finalized her decision to follow the path of her favorite fighters, her idols, Rainbow Mika had been to be hit by puberty like it was a freight train. She'd always stood out among other children in Japan with her blonde hair and blue eyes, but when she began to truly develop she was left, in some ways, on the outside looking in. This is when Mika began to truly find comfort in the fights she saw on TV. Powerful figures, both beautiful and handsome, stood confident in front of millions. They used their charm, strength, and technique to make the most of standing out.

Chief among these powerful, confident individuals was Zangief. He was built in such a way that many might consider the man a freak: people mocked the man like he was a fool. They joked that he was an idiot... they mocked the slow way he moved... they mocked the way his body hair seemed to become fur in really weird places while being bare everywhere else. But Zangief was no fool, he was a wrestling genius. He used his looks to stand out, and his strength to become the very best!

And so it is that now Rainbow Mika uses her curves to draw attention. They are the first thing that many will see. People will make judgements about her based on how she looks... but they will start looking. Rude fools will learn their place when they see that she, too, is armed with strength and technique. Whether she wins or loses, she will make them realize she is more than just her figure, more than her hair: she will be the greatest female wrestler in the world.

And so, it is with this in mind, that when Rainbow Mika sees her opponent, she does not laugh as some of the drunken figures in the audience do. She sees strength and character, an opponent who is completely unafraid of what those who see him will say. She sees a man who knows that can be placed in a women's swimsuit and rise above it to another level.

...Also a really hot guy. Oh wow, the announcer wasn't kidding. Do you see his cheek bones? His hair? His abs? It's a good thing her mask is hiding some of the red on her cheeks as she walks up to Alma and extends a friendly hand.

"I look forward to fighting you, Towazu-san. Let's put on a good show for the crowd."

Deep breath. Smooth hands out over her knees, look at her shoes. Lovely shoes. They're shiny, they're black, they are real leather polished to a near reflective surface and matched perfectly with her lacy socks, which her pants cover completely. The laces are perfectly tied with brass ends to the strings. What's that spraying sound?

"Mister Powell, I need you to take an order for me. . " She's taken out her cell and apparently is making a call, chattering away now, "I shall need champagne, the Beluga caviar and of course creme fraiche."
"Miss Kai, this is highly inappropriate, I'm your lawyer, not your bu-" Despite being her cell, the voice at the other end is pretty clear to those nearby.

Lifting her binoculars, Gabriel gets a full view of Alma and...
"Anyway, I'm at metro beach at this pedestrian arena, do hurry." She's quick to hang up and snap opened a fan, that she waves in front of her face with eager waving. What is that spraying sound? She decides hiding behind her fan isn't quite doing it so instead she moves her parasol to peek around the edge surreptitiously. It is in this creepy stalkish way that Gabriel tries to watch the match up between two barely clothed individuals. Also maybe the first time she notices what that damned spraying sound is.

Alma never doubted this decision.

"Likewise, Ms. Nanakawa."

But had he, he would now know for certain he had made the right choice.

"I expect we already have."

This woman's mask cannot hide her will, a spirit which shines with a purity and resilience that transcends utterly the, let's call it, impurity that defines the surrounding crowd. The empath is no true mind-reader, but he can tell immediately that this woman shares his view on the purpose of beauty. Alma does not quite enjoy such sights in the way the crowd does, but it is clear that sensuality heightens the energy of a place, and from such passion great moments emerge.

Surely some great moments will emerge today.

He takes her hand and, hardly meaning to, smiles dazzlingly. This is exactly what he had hoped and anticipated: a clash in the spirit of collaberation against a person with whom he resonates instinctively.

"I hope this encounter is of some assistance to your debut."

With that, he steps away, his mostly exposed body swaying to an unheard rhythm, his hands lifting in an unrecognizable yet clearly poised fighting stance. Having trained with Rose for long now, his style is one build entirely around psychic prediction and intuitive movements, a unity of mind and body that produces actions with seeming spontaneity. But such power can be internalized. Some spectacular displays of light will surely provoke the crowd, but Alma shows none now. He waits, smiling still, eyes on Mika.

She is the star of this show.

COMBATSYS: Alma has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Alma             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Alma             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

After a friendly meeting like this, Mika Nanakawa would have very politely bowed to Alma in a show of respect. Respect was one of the most important values in Mika's opinion. It showed that you valued others for their contributions, and even the most perennial loser had earned their place by virtue of showing up and trying.

However, the ring was not the place for that sort of behavior. Rainbow Mika showed her respect with polite greetings. With helping her opponent up if she won. She showed respect by refusing to ever look down at any opponent, and always giving her absolute all. She showed respect for the crowds, because without the crowd, the match would mean so much less. She showed the crowd respect by making certain that the fight was worth watching. She refused to ignore the crowd.

While ignoring them was out of the question, something far more important had to occur within the ring. As the two fighters faced each other, smiling brilliant smiles and passed their words, there was something about the energy between them that began to grow in sync. When her opponent was at their peak, it inspired Mika to her own. It pushed her further... and for once she felt as though that connection was flowing both ways.

This was getting interesting.

She settled into his posture, wide legs, arms out to her sides, lightly rocking on her feet in case she needed to move. Just waiting until...


The match begins and without a moment's hesitation, Rainbow Mika lunges forward, pushing every ounce of energy she can into reaching her opponent. She attempts to throw her arm over the back of his neck, twisting him down at the waist as her hand settles on his... extremely well formed abs... to help push him up, hold him vertical on her shoulder... then simply drop back while holding him in that posture, attempting to plant his head into the mat.

Okay, maybe that isn't her sexiest move.

COMBATSYS: Alma interrupts Brain Buster from Rainbow Mika with Medium Throw.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Alma             0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

The aerosol can is quick to disappear back into the denim satchel as Gabriel turns around, and Rocket immediately starts rubbing at her arms as if to apply sunscreen that's just been sprayed on, doing her best to look casual. She flashes a brief, close-lipped smile, reaching up to adjust her ballcap. Hopefully Gabriel hasn't figured out what she was up to, although she's certain to notice the neon green smiley face on the top of her parasol at some point.

"Man, why don't people even think about other people?" she mutters with a sigh. Then, as the match bell rings, she shoots up to her feet to get a better view, throwing her fists in the air when she sees Mika on the offensive. Promptly blocking the view from the spectator behind her with her butt.


"Hey, sit down! Some of us are trying to watch!"

"Shut it!"

The crowd would probably not complain if Mika bowed.

Alma pauses for a moment mid-sway, purses his lips ever so slightly, and reaches up to adjust the bikini strap on his left shoulder before tugging the front down modestly. This gesture earns some shrieks of approval, which is a little difficult to understand, but happens away.

The human mind is deep and complex.

And it is capable of great things, as Alma soon demonstrates. The bell rings as his hands seem preoccupied and Mika leaps upon him, her arm wrapping about the back of his neck as her other hand reaches for the goods. Attuned to her movements, Alma responds with a swift sort of mimicry. He broadens his stance even as he twists his torso elusively, tantalizingly out of reach of her fingers, and as he is pushed down embraces her from below.

The fighting style is not his own, but their spirits being at one puts him at an advantage. The touch of her skin against his is enough to inform his intuition of the detection her body is moving: backwards. Rather than resist, he assists, earlier than she intended to move. Managing to lift her feet off the ground from below, he falls but not before slamming her down first. Of course, with both arms occupied, he has no means to break his fall.

Fortunately, there's a cushion right in front of his face.

A moment later, Alma disentangles his head from Mika's bikini top and regards her with a perfectly calm expression.

"Was that about right?"

He's fairly new to this wrestling thing.

Suspicious! Rocket is suspicious. Gabriel takes a long moment to stare at her and she's just about to look at her parasol to see if perhaps the commoner sitting behind her sneezed on it or something, as though she could see the common germs. HERS were designer germs of course and nothing else would do. Then the bell rings and Gabriel forgets momentarily about the person behind her and instead focuses her attention again in front of her. She swings the parasol back around and leans forward, but it's hard to see without a pair of binoculars (actually she's not seated so far away, there probably isn't a so far away option and it isn't like this is fine acting.)

When she notices though the improper way in which Alma's face goes into places it shouldn't be invited, nor should they be on such display, well.
"I never, what kind of event is this supposed to be anyway?" She glares around as if someone was going to answer, but then steals another peak back. Meanwhile her reddend face is also a little clammy. Is it getting hot out here or is it just Gabriel?

One important thing to remember about professional wrestling is that turnabouts are to be expected. There are few more dramatic moments than when an opponent suddenly turns their opponent about in a maneuver and makes them hit the mat with all the combined force available.

Another important thing to remember about wrestling is, when you're in the ring you have to keep your persona going no matter what... so as much as suddenly finding herself flat on her back on the mat with Alma's head sticking inside her bikini top might make Mika somewhat uncomfortable, Rainbow Mika can't allow herself to lose her cool. In this fight, both Rainbow Mika and Alma are quite clearly playing the face role.

It helps that she's able to take some pride in how effectively her opponent seems to be embracing the style. And that he's not being creepy about it.

She rolls off her back, landing on her knees and her right hand, extending her left hand to help take control of the maneuver as she pops herself back up to her feet with a grin on her face. "Not bad for an amateur. Of course, if you want to get big in the wrestling business, we'd need to get you a proper name."

She makes a show of thoughtfully rubbing her chin for a bit, swaying her hips as she paces in a slow circle around toward the side of her opponent. Raising her hand dramaticly as she plays to the nosebleed section. "I've got it. We'd call you Alma Adonis. You'd look pretty good in red spandex, too."

There's just enough of a pause to allow the crowd to take in the brief exchange (that is why this whole event has been set up after all) before she charges in again. All this running is really testing the limits of her bikini top with all that they have to contain. Her efforts attempt to put her in behind her opponent as her right hand goes to grab him by the wrist, her left going for the back of her neck. If all goes according to plan, she wrenches her left hand forward and her right hand back, bending him at the waist into a position the red spandex of Alma's bottoms meets the blue of Mika's.

It's held for just long enough to get the crowd excited, before she sweeps her leg in between his own in and effort to pull them out from underneath him, the whole rotation works in an effort to slam his shoulder into the mat before his face, in an effort to avoid early bruises that might disappoint the fans.

COMBATSYS: Alma endures Rainbow Mika's Medium Throw.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Alma             0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Alma Towazu could never be creepy. Alma Towazu comes with a label like that which appears in the credits of movies informing the viewers that no animals were harmed in the making of the film.

'All embarrassing situations were purely unintentional.'

It's very convenient.

The alleged Adonis looks up with delight at his adversary's words, pleased to be inducted, or at least offered entrance, into the hallowed halls of wrestling history despite his inexperience. "Such a name would be an honor," he remarks. He idly adjusts his bikini bottom, presumably so called in reference to what it does not at all cover, as she mentions his prospective outfit. "Though I suspect I would most enjoy joining you on a Rainbow team. I myself am fond of rainbows."

This shocking revelation cannot halt Mika's advance. The aspiring wrestler closes in, and when she moves with unexpected swiftness to maneuver behind him, demonstrating her superior technique, Alma elects to sell it rather than resist. He even adopts a very convincing startled expression as she grasps his arm and pins him against her.

No, really, they're /startlingly/ soft.

He hits the mat hard to the cheers of the crowd before rolling away, rising, and adjusting his bikini top in what is becoming a subconscious gesture. Alma seems to stagger slightly, looking out to the crowd, and only when the shouts from Alma fans grow louder does he smile and raise a hand in salute before turning to rush at Mika again. This time he feints as though he will reach for her arm before ducking low again, this time attempting to grasp her legs and shove her onto her back with his shoulder. If he succeeds in knocking her bodily to the ground and possibly knocking the breath from her, he will be standing it in what he imagines is an advantageous position, holding on to both her legs and standing between them. If he succeeds, he'll pause for a moment, then look faintly quizzical.

There's probably some sort of follow-up to this.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks Alma's Strong Throw.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Alma             0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Once she's put Alma to the mat, Rainbow Mika straightens back up and gives a quick wink to the crowd in one direction, leaning forward, giving them a fairly clear look at the mass of cleavage on display. For the crowd behind her, the wrestler gives a quick spank her almost wholly exposed backside.

This would seem to give Alma a perfect opening on a distracted opponent... if it weren't for the fact that there's that strange connection flowing between the two of them. Mika's used to being connected with the energy of her opponent, but this is another thing entirely as she can briefly feel the surge of intent coming from him just as he attempts his feint

Mika doesn't quite have enough time to throw herself out of his path, but knowing what's coming next, she's still ready for it. She lets him come in and grab her, but as soon as he knocks her back, she throws herself with it, the force of the roll, and the light layer of sun screen covering her body is enough to let her slip right out of his hold.

Eventually the roll allows her an opportunity to pop back up to her feet... and just keep moving. The wrestler charges straight for the ropes at the edge of the ring, throwing herself into them completely until the elasticity thrusts her forward again, her feet keeping easy pace as she lines right back up to Alma and launches herself up into the air.

It's an impressive flight, up high, her legs spread as she aims to come down right on his shoulders, burying his face between her thighs as Mika's full weight works to put him right on his back with her sitting right on his face.

That isn't the end of it, as her powerful thighs squeeze down on his head as she plants her arms on the mat in front of her. Using every ounce of muscle in her, she whips her body up and around, flipping over to fling her grappling partner head first into the ring before letting him bounce free.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hit Alma with Paradise Hold.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Alma             1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

After the initial excitement of the bell ringing, Rocket finally does plant herself back on her seat in the bleachers, reaching into her bag and rummaging through it for a couple of seconds before pulling out a pack of bubblegum. Sliding a few sticks out, she unwraps them in a leisurely manner before popping them in her mouth and starting chewing. At the question from the woman sitting in front of her, she raises an eyebrow incredulously.

"It's a wrestling match! Duh. Haven'y you heard of Rainbow Mika?" Her voice is a little muffled by the wad of bubblegum she's chewing. Squinting her eyes a little toward the ring, she adds, "I'm not sure who the girl in the red swimsuit is, though. Maybe she's local."

Alma gazes with interest at Mika's provocative gestures as he approaches, an attentiveness that appears to defy his virtuous public image. That preoccupation may in this case be his undoing. She reacts more quickly than he expected, the psychic's intuitions betraying him. By the time it occurs to him that he may not be the only one benefiting from their spiritual resonance, his lively opponent has wriggled from his grasp, leaving a sheen of oil on his arms and his bikini top askew.

He quickly moves to cup it to his chest before it can fall any further away, to resounding cries of delight and disappointment.

No, there's nothing to see, though.

This chain of events leads to Alma being a moment too slow to check Mika's advance. Making no move to avoid her -- given the nature of her attack, merely evading would hardly be sufficiently dramatic -- he instead attempts to raise his arms, but previously preoccupied as they were, he is too slow to prevent her from landing atop him. He stumbles from the impact, expression obviously impossible to see, but maintains his stance, obligingly refraining from attempting any sort of counterattack, not so much because he could counter but so as to give her a little time for more posturing should she desire.

The squeeze is a bit more than he expected.

This time, when Alma hits the mat he is genuinely dazed, his eyes fluttering before he slowly rises. He doesn't appear to notice that the strap of his bikini top is slipping, but with a shake of his head he does recover himself and, despite the performance, can't help but offer Mika an admiring smile. "A spectacular technique," he says, quite literally. "I have much to learn from your performance."

And there's no time but the presence.

"Impressive!" he then exclaims, louder than before, his voice rising over the crowd. "But I sense with my powers greater heights within you, Rainbow Mika!" His arms sweeps out in what would seem a far too melodramatic pose if his eyes were not so intensely serious. He does, after all, mean everything he says. "If professional wrestling is truly the greatest style in the world, prove its greatness now!"

He rushes forward again, but this time, his plan is more elaborate. What seems a simple tackle will reveal itself to be more as soon as, whether he fells her or passes by, he continues on, reaching the turnbuckle and leaping atop it, striking a dramatic pose and raising his arms to the cries of the assembled, before hurling himself down upon Rainbow Mika in a full-body splash.

He's doing alright for someone mostly guessing.

COMBATSYS: Alma issues a challenge!!

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Alma             1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks Alma's Power Throw EX.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Alma             1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1     Rainbow Mika

This must be conversation with the locals. Despite the start to their rocky relationship, this Rainbow Mika thing is curious and so Gabriel turns away from the fight ant not at all because she believes she might be watching something more suitable for x-rated television. She read something about the homo-eroticism of ultimate fighting, but not wrestling.

"I have not heard of either woman," Gabriel admits, turning to Rocket now, but occasionally turning to peek at the ring. It's pretty clear that -ehem- body splash, is making her uncomfortable. She starts fanning herself furiously.

"I did not know wrestling was a sport where two engaged in romantic relations in public," Gabriel finishes and inceases the rate of her fanning. She also closes her parasol which she hasn't noticed has a green smiley face on yet. In fact will she ever?

It is also at this time that Mister Powell a fidgety man in a suit shows up looking rather frustrated to be delivering to Gabriel a silver tray with champagne and caviar.

"Miss Kai, I have to remind you I'm a lawyer, please stop calling me lik-"

"Thank you Mister Powell that will be enough." She turns back to Rocket.

One thing that wrestling training teaches you (or at least professional wrestling training) is not spend so much time on the mat. It leaves you open to being pinned and creates opportunities to do more damage to you. It's impressive just how quickly Mika leaps back up to her feet after each move, the hurried motion setting certain... interest spots bouncing is merely a side-effect, not the intended cause.

What the hell is that top made out of?

The wrestler is really giving Alma too much time, perhaps, but she's impressed by the effort he's putting into using her style. She really does want to see more of it. So she follows the age old tradition of continuing to appeal to the crowd as her opponent gets back to his feet. Turning to blow a kiss as one boistrous member of the crowd shouts out, "I LOVE YOU MIKAAAAAAA!"

It is by virtue of the fact that she has years of advantage in the practice of the style that she hasn't ended up in a rather painful spot so far. She has plenty of time to turn toward Alma as he issues his challenge, and once it's been placed, that bubbly, crow-pleasing attitude begins to shift. She's not on this world tour simply to make her presence known, she intends full way to prove to the world that her style is, without doubt, superior.

She isn't given an immediate opportunity to respond as Alma lunges for her, putting her on the ground on his pass to the turnbuckle. Unfortunately, in the exchange she manages to loosen up her muscles, relaxing enough that the trip to the mat does very little real damage. It also means she's not stunned enough for the follow up, waiting until the moment the handsome challenger launches into the air to roll just off to the side and leave him to hit the mat instead.

While he's recovering from the drop, she pops up to her feet and raises a hand up into the air. "Professional wrestling is the absolute greatest fighting art in the world! It demands strength, technique, and above all else and understanding of the crowd! No crowd goes bored, no fight ends disappointing, not in the true world of professional wrestling!"

She draws the hand down, pointing straight at Alma as he rises back to his feet. "I'll show you what I'm capable of, but in exchange you have to prove to me that you're more than just imitation. Show me what excitement flows through your veins. Show the crowd what you know how to do!"

Her own challenge issued, Rainbow Mika goes lunging straight for Alma, planting her hands on his shoulders and...

This isn't about being sexy. This isn't about a cutesy maneuver. This is about the POWER of wrestling.


Her shout fills the air as she swings her head forward, slamming her forehead into Alma's over and over again.

1... 2... 3... 4...

Then there's a pause as she reels back and sends her head crashing forward again one last time, a blow designed to leave its target seeing stars while she follows through. She moves to spin around behind Alma, arms clenching around his midsection, squeezing him tight against her before suddenly arching backwards with all the force her body can manage, endeavouring to slam the handsome psion's head right into the mat once more.


COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika issues a challenge!!

"Romantic wha?" Rocket's expression becomes puzzled as she chews her gum, lifting her head to look around the seating, then down toward the ground. "Is somebody screwin' under the bleachers again?" Her tone carries a hint of annoyance, and she has a perturbed expression as she blows a large pink bubble with her gum before popping it and chewing some more.

When the man in the suit arrives, Rocket's face lights up. "Oh man, I didn't realize this was the first class section. I'll have a hard lemonade, emphasis on the hard," she tells Mister Powell. How would the girl not know what kind of seating she was in? Well, it's hard to know when you don't have a ticket...

COMBATSYS: Alma blocks Rainbow Mika's Heavenly Dynamite.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Alma             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Alma takes a moment after he hits the mat, narrowly missing his opponent, to gaze philosophically up at the seaside sky. He thought for sure he executed that move correctly. Truly, the art of professional wrestling is profound and replete with hidden depths.

He adjusts his bikini, and rises.

By this point, Mika is fully in speech-making mode, and the psychic's lips flicker up into a smile before he assumes a more dramatic expression and pose, spreading his stance as though bearing up under the weight of her words. But the performance does not obscure the reality. This attack is different than the others. Mika charges forward, her straining effort equaled only by that of her defiantly resilient top, with a violent intent greater than before. Alma's senses sing a warning, and his arms move with a liquid grace unlike before.

He slips through her grasp, rolling his shoulders, and though his hands are boxed in he is able to lightly guide her forceful headbutts away, deflecting them with a soft touch that is the antithesis of her powerful blows. But her final blow cannot be so redirected, and he can only catch it, stumbling back and losing his footing. This is all the opening Mika needs: she slips behind him, to the exultations of the crowd, and again she grips him close from behind, again eliciting a startling expression from the artist.

No, really, they're totally incredible--


Alma at least manages to break his fall this time as Mika slams him to the ground, protecting his head from most of the blunt trauma it otherwise would have suffered during this combination. This speeds his reactions, allowing him to flip gracefully to his feet, though the acrobatic movement causes one strap of his bikini bottom to slip tantalizingly down his thigh. It's not his fault; remember the fine print.

"Your style indeed possesses an exceptional power," he says, without dwelling on the fact that really, multiple headbutts would be pretty devastating in any style. "But can your movements flow as mine do? Can you fully surpass my defenses? Show me more, Rainbow Mika!"

This time, when he closes in, it is he who attempts to force Mika's head down, mimicing her previous techniques without regard to the, let's call it, perilous differences between them. If he can succeed, with a grunt of effort he will heft her body off the ground, bracing her back against his chest, and fall, seeking to slam her head on the ground between his legs, leaving her own legs akimbo in the air.

Yeah, this is probably a wrestling move too.

COMBATSYS: Alma successfully hits Rainbow Mika with Strong Throw.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Alma             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|======-\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

"Ah, look miss I'm not really a -" Poor Mister Powell begins but,
"You heard the lady Mister Powell," Gabriel interrupts and then her attention is shifted, because things just got interesting for at least a moment. She leans forward and watches the head on head or arm violence with unconcealed interest.

"That one is Rainbow Mika?" Gabriel asks Rocket while gesturing to Mika, just as Alma starts his sexy throw. So much for the non-sexy brutality.
"She's quite formidable."
Meanwhile Mister Powell, looking dejected and more than a little annoyed with Gabriel and perhaps his lot in life shuffles off, returning a moment later with a hard lemonade from the bar.

Certainly that didn't go as planned. The simple fact of the matter is, after a few good blows from her forehead, the expectation is that its difficult to see straight, let alone roll out of a throw with any talent. The fact that this is what happens is a surprise to Rainbow Mika, but not really a disappointment. The tension builds. Excitement flows around the ring. This is what people are here to see, and it makes the match all the more thrilling.

Having laid out her attempt to prove the strength of her style (even if it managed to come up a bit short this time), Mika settles back up, moving toward the center of the ring as she watches Alma's movements closely. This is where he should be bringing out his best. This is where she expects to see things get exciting.

Instead she's somewhat surprised as he just continues to use her movements against her. She tries to brace herself, hold standing as he leaps to her face, to keep from slamming right back into the mat... but she doesn't quite manage it. The moment she goes past the tipping point it's too late to avoid being put on the ground, and from that position she's too stunned to hold back from the follow up.

Despite all that, as soon as she's let go she rises back up to her feet. It would likely take quite a lot to keep Mika down on the mat in this charged environment. She can feel her opponent overflowing with energy just waiting to be released. It fills the air between them.

"You pick the style up well, Adonis, but it's not quite there. You need to put yourself in your moves!" She shouts, making certain that it's not just a conversation between the two, but for the whole crowd to hear. Mika stomps over to the turnbuckle, hauling herself up, balancing on the second rope.

"COME ON! You want to see /more/ of us don't you?" The emphasis put on the word 'more' is absolutely flowing with intention. It's a lure to pull in the entire crowd. "Shout! Let us know what you want! Tell us what you want, and we'll give it to you!"

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika gathers her will.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Alma             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\==-----\1     Rainbow Mika

Flashing a smile at the beleaguered Mister Powell that looks a bit squirrel-like with the glob of chewing gum stuck in the side of her cheek, Rocket turns her attention back to the match as her drink order is fetched.

"Mmmhmm. She's pretty aweshome," she remarks as she blows another bubble. When the lawyer returns with her beverage, she rises to take it with a quick "Thanks!" and immediately removed the lid, taking a swig. She sits back down, idly observing the match for a moment, before seeming to think of something.

"Oh, right, here."

She fishes in her bag and pulls out a five dollar bill, holding it out to the lawyer with one hand while holding her drink in the other. Before he can take it, though, Rocket jumps off her seat in response to Mika's appeal to the crowd - sloshing a goodly amount of alcoholic lemonade in the unfortunate lawyer's direction - and shouts.

"Come on Mika! Hit him with your finisher!"

Of course, her voice may well be drowned out by some very -different- requests from the rest of the crowd...

Alma blinks at Mika's astute words, again surprised at the reciprocity of their connection. She can sense the spirit he has internalized to enhance the speed of his reactions, which was no doubt in service when he managed to guard against her relentless combination. "Yes, that's true," he acknowledges softly, his expression turning serious and contemplative. He closes his eyes, crossing his arms in a sagacious stance, his words resonant. "I lack the training to channel my full power within your style. In the end, my wrestling is a pale imitation of yours."

Alma, the effect of your soliloquies isn't quite the same while wearing a scanty women's swimsuit.

"Thus, I shall reach your heights the only way I know how--"

And at once, his form blazes with light.

The crowd goes doubly wild as a pearlescent aura intensifies about Alma's form, his and his opponent's presences transfixing each in their own rights. As Mika remains standing upon the turnbuckle, his power, long held in reserve, finds expression. He is halfway across the ring fromm her--

"With the fullness of my being on display!"

Until he is not.

Alma vanishes and reappears in midair right next to Mika, trailing shimmers and sparkles of pink and indigo, poised upon the top rope, his step impossibly light. The psychic wastes hardly a breath after his teleportation. With absolute conviction he thrusts out a hand, the Soul Power imbuing it manifesting as a lance of ethereal flame, straight for the wrestler's chest, aiming to pierce her heart.


COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks Alma's Leap of Faith.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Alma             0/-------/------<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2     Rainbow Mika

Poor Mister Powell, he looks truly depressed about his lot. His suit getting splashed with hard lemonade and having to act like a waiter to a terrible employer like Gabriel whom rather than at least thank him for all of his help, simply waves him off. He's only too happy to leave, ignoring the fiver that Rocket is holding.

Gabriel for her part neither rises nor shouts, she just watches the remaining fight while sipping of champagne and looking horrible out of place.

"I think that Miss Mika maybe out classed by the other woman, if I had to wager I would wager the woman in red will be the winner of this strange little fisticuffs." She sets her glass on the bench next to her and steeples her fingers to lean on. She can hardly see but at this point that's okay, until that is the 'woman in red' starts using flashy light.

"Oh, now that should be against the rules, you said this was wrestling did you not?" Though if Rocket can even hear Gabriel amongst all the shouting is anyones guess.

When she notices that the fiver she's holding out hasn't been taken, Rocket looks around for the oddly-well-dressed waiter, only to see him in retreat. Shrugging, she stuffs the money into her pocket, swigging from her lemonade bottle and continuing to chew her gum, remaining standing to watch the match. She makes a 'pfffft' sound when she hears Gabriel's bet.

"No way, five bucks says Mika's gonna kick the other girl's ass.

And then the display of Soul Power comes. Rocket doesn't even respond to Gabriel's question, simply taking on an awestruck expression.


The cheers from the crowd are the whole point of this battle.

Certainly there is something to be said for sexiness in the way that two scantily clad opponents grab each other. The way that bare skin rubs against bare skin. Bouncing, jiggling, flexing; these are all things that could be declared sexy.

That's not all, though. There is sexiness in confidence, in strength, and ability. The way that two opponents read each other's movements and respond. There is the absolute beauty of a body in peak physical condition being used to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be impossible.

With hope, some of the audience manages to see past their drunkeness and enjoy what the match is evolving into. The moment that Alma finally agrees to step beyond more immitation, and into the higher beauty of inhabiting his own style. His movements become more natural. The flow of power is the release of the last barriers between exposing his inner nature, like a lover discarding that last layer of clothing to bare their most intimiate form.

Whoever in the audience is unable to bask in the beauty of the moment has failed to acknowledge the highest levels of what sexiness truly means.

Rainbow Mika sees it, though. The look on her face of pure joy as she can sense the barriers dropping is what spurs her on. This /excitement/ flowing between her and Alma sends shivers through her body. She can feel her body tensing, growing protective as it dares to see whether or not she can withstand the might that is unleashed from the psion's mind.

It steels her heart.

The energy pours over her, and as she raises her arms, she /wills/ it to flow around her, barely singing her flesh with its power, leaving her standing there with an incredible smile on her face.

"That's more like it! Now that you have bared yourself to me... let me show you the perfection of my style!"

The cry fills the air as what begins appears to be a far more base, brutish response to the brilliance of all that energy... but those who truly see can spy the beauty in the perfection of motion.

Mika surges forward with all the strength in her body, leaping up, throwing both feet forward as she aims to slam both of her soles against his chest, hoping to knock the wind right out of him. Her body continues to flow with such speed that its as if other versions of her are following along. She moves to snare Alma around his neck, her legs coiling with power as she launches both of them into the air, landing right on the very top rope of the turnbuckle, somehow hefting him up vertical on her shoulder in the process before simply leaping backwards.

The force is so great that it carries her halfway across the ring as she manages to hold her opponent vertical, slamming the top of his head down into the mat with all the stored up energy between them.

COMBATSYS: Alma blocks Rainbow Mika's Sardine's Beach Special.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Alma             0/-------/<<<<<<<|>>>>---\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

After Mika isn't just flat murdered by 'the woman in red' displaying really flashy power, Gabriel sits back a bit and shrugs.
"You maybe right, if Miss Mika can handle such an assault then perhaps I was wrong." She watches for a moment longer before admitting rather casually, "I do not typically carry any money." Once again the fight captures her attention. The strength the force, as Mika tries to launch the woman in red and having the strength to even attempt such a thing. It can be easy to lapse into silence when things get interesting, but then Gabriel seems to be one of the only ones not cheering, or really on their feet. It's debatable how much she can even see right now.

He feels what she feels.

Alma too, though he might not name it thus, experiences this transcendence of sexiness, the veritable evolution of desire that emerges from their synchronicity. Straining bodies, passionate minds, exultant spirits, reaching toward a primal oneness. He is fully exposed before her now, and she before him, and in this there is no shame, but a glory beyond words, expressible only through the contact of skins. Thus does he reach out with ultimate yearning, at last to enter her.

Figuratively speaking.

Her resolve fills him with an indescribable satisfaction. Mika is able to endure his sudden strike, her unyielding spirit an everpresent tower of defense against a psychic assault that no ambush can elude. At her joyful exclamation, Alma, chest swelling such that his bikini might burst, can exclaim one word only.


Her kick blows him right off the rope.

He flips with the momentum, his preternatural control over his midair velocity affording him an impossible recovery. He cannot avoid being ensnared, but having been able to move with the power of her strike, he is not as stunned as he ought to be. He does not interrupt her spectacular leap across the ring, but a keen eye would detect how braced he is against the fall, how is body is prepared, and how swiftly he rolls to a crouch afterward. There is nevertheless plenty of time for the crowd to rave.

He no longer bothers with words. Swept up in the overpowering intensity of the moment, Alma explodes forth, invisibly exuding spiritual power like a dynamo. He too trails confounding afterimages, vestiges of this internalized energy, as he thrusts out with a palm strike toward Mika's belly. Letting his instincts guide him completely, he then strikes up under her chin, another attempt at a stunning blow, before aiming a flurry of rapid blows at her body, an aggressive assault that aims to send her to her knees despite her resolve.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika interrupts Stream of Consciousness from Alma with German Suplex.
- Power hit! -

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Alma             0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1     Rainbow Mika

All of this strength flowing about in the ring, and there is no decisive blow.

The sheer ability of those currently fighting is impressive enough, as is their ability to withstand each other's strength... but this isn't what the crowd desires. Crowds want to see forces of power move in decisive ways. To feel the ring shake beneath two mighty behemoths.

Or nearly naked bodies, in this particular instance.

In this moment, there is no more opportunity for taunts, or to work up the crowd. This is a moment here where strength of will is all that can carry on the fight.

Mika can feel Alma's will surge as the energy flows between them. It swells within her. It's not just intensity, but all the minor weariness in her body begins to fade away as she embraces the flow between her and her opponent. It is this moment that she steels herself for what she feels coming.

As Alma rushes in, she holds her position. She remains steady as her fist flies up and clips her across the jaw. No clean hit manages to form as she's already twisting around behind him. Her arms lash out around his midsection, squeezing his back against the strange opposites of her front; the hardness of her abs and the softness of her chest.

She leaves him very little time to consider this as she wrenches her entire body backward with a certainty of training that borders on reckless, plowing his head cleanly into the mat as her's balances mere inches above the surface. As the force floods into Alma's body, she releases him, allowing him to bounce away as her arms whip down to push her back up to her feet.

Rocket's expression is a little incredulous as she eyes the woman in front of her briefly after the assertion that she doesn't carry money. The concept is kind of foreign to the girl, who doesn't even own a credit card. Surely someone who orders caviar and champagne to watch a wrestling match would have a stack of hundreds in her wallet?

Not that these thoughts distract her for long - there's a fight to watch! She takes another swig of her lemonade before bellowing out loudly, this time in Japanese.

"Go Mika! Hit them with the Shooting Peach!"

It is Alma's will that falters first.

There is no hesitation in his attack. His strikes thrust forth with an implacable spirit. That Mika is able to twist such that one glances off her is proof of her own spirit. That she then is able to execute such an extraordinary, reckless reversal is evidence of something much more, a potential still to be fully realized, a shining future glimpsed for a moment in the present.

He hits the mat hard, if with Mika's cushioning as consolation.

So attuned to him, even she, without psychic sense, may feel their connection momentarily disrupted as Alma's consciousness flickers, both his visions blurring. The rhythm he has managed to maintain even in difficult situations throughout the fight is disrupted as his body begins to hit its limits from the wrestler's punishing attacks. It is he who finds himself on his knees, pushing him from the ground with an unthinking fixation on continued combat but without a clear focus. Though his awareness of his surroundings has been affected, he knows at least that he is now at a disadvantage.

It does not matter.

Alma takes a moment to brace before lunging directly from his kneeling position. He may not be able to bring everything to bear against her now as he did in the previous moments. But his efforts are now neither a quest for victory nor a show for the onlookers; they are a tribute to Mika's own powers and performance. She deserves nothing less.

Perhaps it is because of that unconscious sentiment, and not out of any consistency with the proceedings, that Alma's attack takes the form of a wresstling move. He reaches out to grasp her shoulders, warring for position with her before attempting to slip his hand down and twist her arm behind her back, aiming this time to pin himself behind her before hefting her up and dropping her backward.

He may not be completely cognizant, but he does seem to be getting fairly natural with these borrowed moves.

COMBATSYS: Alma successfully hits Rainbow Mika with Medium Throw.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Alma             1/-------/=======|=======\====---\1     Rainbow Mika

In this moment, Rainbow Mika has managed to reassert her strength in the ring. So much effort has been burned between the two. Certainly some of the crowd has lost interest once it became clear that the match was not merely to titillate. Some are still completely content to watch as two attractive bodies collide, even if the actual maneuvers are more serious.

One last group is thrilled to be watching two fighters with such a connection duel at this level.

As Rainbow Mika stretches out her arms, following the fall of Alma, she turns to the crowd in an effort to give some of the fans a bit more of what they were expecting. She turns to blow a kiss toward one of the more ignored groups of fans, then flexes her arm.

It is this distraction that leaves her open to what comes next. With the connection between the two faltering, Mika allows herself to believe that Alma may have actually been knocked out. Perhaps he'll managed to get back up, perhaps not.

...Instead she's absolutely blind-sided as her psycic opponent manages to leap on her with no warning, pulling her off her feet with far more ease than he could have ever expected... and then slamming her head into the mat with such force that her conscious brain also goes blank.

It is in this moment that years of training begin to act without thought. Mika manages to stumble up to her feet, her movements clumsy and awkward as she waves to the crowd with eyes that aren't there. She waits, just long enough for Alma to right himself and then suddenly hops up and whips her backleg around in a simple sobat to knock him off balance... that also happens to catch hold of Alma's top on her toes as they sweep past, yanking it free of his chest as she continues to move on pure instinct.

While the crowd is likely distracted by the sight of a man's bare chest, she leaps up onto the turn buckle and once more launches herself into the air, legs spread wide as she aims to come down right on top of his face again, wrapping her legs around his head as she lets the full weight of her maneuver take him to the mat.

And then she passes out... still sitting on top of his face, unless he manages to avoid the fate.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Alma             1/---====/=======|

COMBATSYS: Alma fails to interrupt Sardine's Beach Special from Rainbow Mika with Power Throw EX.

COMBATSYS: Alma can no longer fight.

True passion cannot be denied.

Perhaps Alma's gratitude is, in its own way, a yet purer will than the will to fight which faltered. It carries him through a near flawless execution of a maneuver he is otherwise unfamiliar with, abetted by Mika's distraction with the crowd. Shouts and cries emerge at this turnabout, but Alma is in little position to respond to them right now, focused on his opponent, searching spiritually for traces of her remaining will.

Yet even on the brink, Mika has the show in mind, her arm raising reflexively in salute before she attacks again, a spinning kick that catches the still somewhat dazed artist off guard. There is the rustling of cloth, and a cool breeze, and a moment of silence--


--before Alma clasps his hands to his chest, turning modestly as the crowd goes wild all over again, hooting and hollering at the brief taste of exposure he could not prevent.

No, there's nothing to see, though.

His efforts to fend off those hungry gazes render it impossible to prepare for or defend against Mika's descent. Once again she lands upon his shoulders, this time in a simpler effort to bear him down to the mat. He stumbles once, then twice, one knee buckling. But he endures, striving against all odds, poised at a tense equilibrium as the roar of the crowd reaches an unimaginable pitch.

True passion cannot be denied. Alma lives by this faith, a claim made against all evidence, that there is no force greater than the willing of a pure heart. So he wills. He wills to stand, to reverse her power, so retain his balance and send her crashing to the mat instead.

There is no force greater than Alma's passion--


--except Rainbow Mika's butt.

He falls at last, the blonde wrestler's thighs hiding his final expression from view, and does not stir.

It seems to be over. Gabriel starts up without saying another word. She doesn't look back, she doesn't seem interested anymore. A few steps out of the bleachers, no doubt while there is a screaming crowd and luckily she's spared some of the view by those on their feet. Apparently not really that invested in the event after all, she does leave behind the glass she was drinking from (not entirely empty) and the caviar (she just took a single bite) like it was nothing. The parasol meanwhile she brings along. . Opening it and totally not noticing that it has a smiley face painted on the top.

When the fight was originally being scheduled, nobody thought much about it besides the fact that it would be a fight. Two people in a ring going at it. This became slightly more complicated with Alma suggested that he would fight Mika in her own style. The rules are different.

As the two stop moving, there's an awkward shuffling among the event coordinators as they try to determine what to do, but eventually a man in the black and white striped shirt of a referee climbs into the ring.

The pace at this point is a complete mess as nearly a minute has gone by since the two fighters collided, and neither has moved.

The referee moves in closer, getting down on his hands and knees as he examines the pair. Alma's shoulders are touching the mat. Rainbow Mika is on top of him.

"ONE! ...TWO! ...Three!" As the count finishes, he slaps the mat and gets up to his feet. Someone manages to hand him a wireless microphone after only a few awkward moments of fumbling.

"The winner, by pinfall... RAINBOW MIKA!"

The crowd remains uneasy for a few moments, but eventually cheers begin to errupt from the audience. Sure, the ending was a mess, but it was a hell of a show.

When Gabriel gets up to leave, the girl behind her glances both ways before hopping down, occupying the spot closer to the ring so she can get a better view of the ring. She knocks back the rest of her drink, setting her bottle down beside the half-empty glass of champagne before getting on her tip-toes to try and see what exactly is going on...

And she's almost as confused as the coordinators seem to be, until the referee gets into the ring and starts counting. When the result is announced, she lets out a cheer, jumping in the stands.

"WOOOOOO! Go Rainbow!"

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