Michael encounters a random Angel - Michael is having a nice day with his dog at a cafe, and then Angel has to interrupt. - created on 11:09:51 05/24/2018 by Michael and last modified on 14:38:37 05/28/2018. Cast: Angel and Michael.

Michael does the Time Warp - Hidden deep in the mountains of Japan, lies a shrine from a forgotten era. Unfortunately for this shrine, it now has a hobo ninja and his dog inhabiting it. To make matters worse, an ancient relic from an time long past shows up, only to be freaked out by a ninja and his dog. - created on 23:38:01 06/24/2018 by Michael and last modified on 23:46:46 07/10/2018. Cast: Nakoruru and Michael.

Michael meets a Cat - On a journey to find a new sword in Italy, Michael runs into none other then Felicia, who's putting on a new show nearby. - created on 02:52:30 11/26/2018 by Michael and last modified on 01:00:23 11/27/2018. Cast: Felicia and Michael.

Slippery Encounters of the Ninja Kind - Michael makes the mistake of being alone while Ayane is in a bad mood (when isn't she?!) - created on 09:27:07 01/09/2019 by Michael and last modified on 12:54:21 01/09/2019. Cast: Ayane and Michael.

Interrogations are really the worst - Michael survives an interrogation of by an angry angry kunoichi. - created on 07:55:42 01/11/2019 by Michael and last modified on 10:53:29 01/11/2019. Cast: Ayane and Michael.

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