D. Dash

Friendship is... Clean Bandages. - In the first steps on her quest for world peace, D. Dash somehow winds up in Hong Kong, where she discovers a filthy hobo in a backalley -- wait no, that's KEITH! The renegade fighter has been badly brutalized and looks like he needs a helping hoof. Who better to offer support than Dashing Dash?! - created on 07:51:32 03/01/2015 by D. Dash and last modified on 09:21:27 03/01/2015. Cast: Keith and D. Dash.

Friendship Is... Infinite Noodles? - In the crowded streets of Hong Kong, D.Dash meets a new friend in the form of Naerose Delphine, and a plan is hatched to help her reach her ultimate goal of world peace. Step One? Make All The Friends! - created on 09:17:49 03/03/2015 by D. Dash and last modified on 15:08:51 03/03/2015. Cast: Naerose and D. Dash.

Friendship is... A Captive Audience. - With Keith engaged in the long, slow process of recovery, Dash has worked hard to help him get back on his feet. Now, the pair engage in a discussion about what drives the brightly-colored Friendship Warrior on her path! There can be only one horribly inevitable conclusion... - created on 07:28:28 03/06/2015 by D. Dash and last modified on 09:30:04 03/06/2015. Cast: Keith and D. Dash.

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