The Caprese Fountain! Thrilling Rooftop Battle - One covert operative. Two ninja. One objective. One survivor. - created on 20:47:07 11/12/2014 by Ayane and last modified on 22:59:58 11/13/2014. Cast: Ayane, Ibuki, and Satsuki.

Nine Tenths of the Law - In the course of her duties to the Hajinmon sect, Ayane is duped into taking a contract kill that turns out to have hidden motivations. Though she won't abandon her duty, and stands fast against the consequences of her unwary actions, dishonesty - and dishonour - demand a toll be paid. But which way do the scales fall, and what say does the strange, dimunitive 'Vanna' have in what ensues? - created on 06:07:59 04/26/2015 by Ayane and last modified on 10:42:54 04/26/2015. Cast: Ayane and Vanna.

Even a hero needs a hero. - As Ayane skips her physical education class in Pacific High's athletic fields, she stumbles on the pathetic sight of a battered, beaten and bruised hero Koto. - created on 10:19:35 11/09/2018 by Ayane and last modified on 06:21:55 11/10/2018. Cast: Ayane and Koto.

Converging leads... - After weeks of investigation, Ayane believes she has finally found out Kasumi's hideout in this big city... When she finally arrives there, she stumbles on the last person on earth she thought she would find there... - created on 13:47:21 11/09/2018 by Ayane and last modified on 12:44:36 11/15/2018. Cast: Ayane and Hayate.

Home Sweet Home - After her reunion with Hayate, Ayane takes him to her base of operation in Southtown, an austere and filthy appartment in the slums. Showing him what she has found about Kasumi, Ayane offers to share a cup of tea, but a shattered mug out of anger leads to something different. - created on 13:08:31 11/15/2018 by Ayane and last modified on 07:02:14 11/19/2018. Cast: Ayane and Hayate.

Who wants to be a hero? - While seeking more clues around Taiyo High, Ayane stumbles again on the heroic lad she helped at the infirmary. - created on 14:38:41 11/22/2018 by Ayane and last modified on 08:18:26 11/25/2018. Cast: Ayane and Koto.

Trouble in Taiyo High - Ayane has been sighted sneaking around Taiyo High just a little too often by some students and they decide to teach the Gedo High student a lesson... Fortunately, someone's out there to stop those bullies before it's too late! - created on 13:41:36 12/03/2018 by Ayane and last modified on 17:51:36 12/03/2018. Cast: Ayane and Koto.

Bullying the bully - News of Koto's fight against a hulking behemoth spreads rapidly through the rival schools and the truth is often deformed. Enraged by the fact this professional fighter decided to pick on and bully a weaker fighter for his points in the league, Ayane decides to pay him a visit to teach him a lesson about bullying... - created on 12:01:16 12/13/2018 by Ayane and last modified on 20:48:28 12/13/2018. Cast: Ayane and Abigail.

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