Dr. Tessitore

Paranormal Research - There's someone in Metro University who professes to be an expert on the occult in general, and the creatures known as darkstalkers in specific. The half-spider, self-proclaimed Doctor Tessitore decides to find out just what sort of assumptions this Dr. Brandt is operating under. - created on 19:50:45 12/05/2015 by Dr. Tessitore and last modified on 11:02:10 12/06/2015. Cast: Stray and Dr. Tessitore.

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News - Bats tend to avoid urban areas, but for some reason they're converging on a small clinic in a suburb of Hackensack NJ. Zach Glenn investigates... - created on 19:25:25 01/02/2016 by Dr. Tessitore and last modified on 18:32:11 01/07/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Dr. Tessitore.

Work In Progress - Aranha runs into an unexpected guest during a visit to one of the local fight clubs. There's some... history between the two, and it's not going to be resolved with a simple scrap. Especially not with a big bruiser on the line with a thirst for blood... - created on 08:48:00 04/20/2016 by Dr. Tessitore and last modified on 15:22:04 04/20/2016. Cast: Aranha and Dr. Tessitore.

Human Resources - The most wonderful time of the year: an employee's annual performance evaluation. Dr. Tessitore can't remember a time in which she's ever enjoyed such a thing. Though to be fair, there's a whole hell of a lot she doesn't remember. Guest star: a faceless employee with absolutely nothing to hide. - created on 10:30:34 06/16/2021 by Dr. Tessitore and last modified on 15:28:17 06/23/2021. Cast: Dr. Tessitore and ARIA.

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