A Deal with the Devil - Kazuya Mishima sets out to meet "Tom Abel" and make arrangements for the coming storm. What exactly does Kazuya have in mind? To what ends will his lust for vengeance push him? And who exactly is Tom Abel, and why does he seem so unconcerned with the fate of the UN...? - created on 19:21:44 11/22/2017 by Kazuya and last modified on 10:14:02 11/23/2017. Cast: Urien and Kazuya.

open challenge - Kazuya lays out an open challenge. The most unlikely challenger answers the call. - created on 18:52:24 12/31/2018 by Kazuya and last modified on 20:13:57 01/01/2019. Cast: Masami and Kazuya.

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