Jae Hoon

Lesson One: How to Mom Your Way Out of a Fight - Ever been a 5'10" dude trying to convince an enormous 8'8" muscle man, who totaled the front of a civilian bus, to do the right thing? Yeah. Jae Hoon didn't think he'd be doing that today, but... well. Here we are. - created on 20:34:37 04/13/2021 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 18:11:37 04/14/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Abigail.

The Concerns of a Friend - How the heck does one get around Southtown when they're new? Jae Hoon certainly doesn't know! Upon receiving recommendations to talk to Terry, the youngest scion of Kaphwan is eager to seek the Wild Wolf out, although there certainly is other reasons for that. Rock doesn't seem to be fighting anymore, which is something of great concern to the boy most closest to him. Curious and anxious about these new developments, the meet-up with Bogard may get more emotional than it needs to, but Jae is worried. Hopefully, the advice given by the wandering spirit will be enough to bate those feelings. - created on 00:54:00 05/28/2021 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 16:15:46 08/24/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Terry.

Between Friends - A friendly reunion occurs between Rock and Jae Hoon before their shifts at The Spilt Bean, spurring conversation about Neo-League, music, and some other more personal matters. - created on 16:23:45 07/13/2021 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 01:54:34 10/05/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Rock.

Lesson Two: Finals are a bit more important! - Victoire has decided to take up the good fight against Kim's youngest son, which is all well and everything, except that Jae Hoon learns the hard way that perhaps maybe he can't focus on more than two things at once. Exams are no joke, my friends! - created on 17:34:58 07/02/2022 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 14:41:02 07/13/2022. Cast: Jae Hoon and Victoire.

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