Full Name:Kim Jae Hoon
Weight:159 lbs
Blood Type:A
Nationality:South Korea
Hometown:Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Blue-black
Date of Birth:December 29
Hobbies:Study Tae Kwon Do's history, drawing, collecting stuffed animals
Favorite Food:Really hot Chi ge
Likes:His family, Small animals (rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, etc.)
Dislikes:Evil people
Best Sport:Mat exercises
OOC Data
Status:Currently Played
Voice Actor:Asakawa Hiroki
Theme Song:Counting Stars - One Republic, Finished Symphony - Hybrid

Jae Hoon

"To know one in battle... is a fighter's privilege!"

As the youngest child of the famous Kim Kaphwan, Jae Hoon most closely follows in his father's footsteps through his passion for justice and sheer dedication to the art of Taekwondo. A studious teen in every way, his personally honed skills and abilities reflect this fierce determination, which sets him apart from the natural talent and genius that his older brother boasts. The brothers are quite the opposites: where Dong Hwan is cocky and self-asserting, Jae Hoon is shy and considerate, with a surprising aptitude for charisma and compassion. Above all, he is a sincere and friendly individual that holds himself to a strict moral code. Triumphing over evil is always at the forefront of Jae Hoon's thoughts, and as a rule, he would never outright neglect someone in need of help. This same attitude applies to pretty well all animals, which has earned him quite the dedicated fanclub back in his hometown in Korea.

Style:Tae Kwon Do
Signature Move:Shakka Shuu -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

Recent Logs

Neo-League Finals with Upsilon - Fresh-faced and ready, Jae Hoon goes into his first Neo-League final match against a rather fierce competitor. Watched closely by NESTS, their operative kickboxing champ, Upsilon, puts up a fierce battle against Kim's youngest son. Keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, it is a wonder who will come out victorious in this passionate one-on-one! - Log created on 12:18:29 08/09/2021 by Jae Hoon, and last modified on 22:12:52 08/25/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Upsilon.

NL#0200: Jae Hoon vs Kula - Become witness to another thrilling Neo League match, wherein the current leader of standings, Kim Jae Hoon, gets to fight against his newly budding crush, Kula Diamond. Featuring a short cameo from Rock Howard, and the grand, glorious return of Hulk-sensei! (Winner: Kula) - Log created on 14:53:41 07/16/2021 by Kula, and last modified on 14:32:46 07/22/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Kula.

Between Friends - A friendly reunion occurs between Rock and Jae Hoon before their shifts at The Spilt Bean, spurring conversation about Neo-League, music, and some other more personal matters. - Log created on 16:23:45 07/13/2021 by Jae Hoon, and last modified on 01:54:34 10/05/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Rock.

Disguise Self - A mysterious Gyaru-Girl stalks Daisuke all the way to a café.. What could she possibly want?! - Log created on 13:16:32 07/12/2021 by Tsugumi Sendo, and last modified on 15:07:47 07/16/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon, Mitsuru, Tsugumi Sendo, and Daisuke.

NL#0193: Jae vs Banyu - Flames and waves collide when Banyu and Jae meet in front of a quaint Southtown cafe. A close fight ensues, with both participants finding respect for their opponent. - Log created on 12:47:37 06/19/2021 by Banyu, and last modified on 15:49:44 06/22/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Banyu.

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