Full Name:Hayley Bretherton
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Blue-Black
Hobbies:Acting, Choregraphy, Creating Techniques
Likes:Lightning Spangles, Her Fight Quest DVDs, Eating
Dislikes:Losing, Abandonment, Weakness
Best Sport:Keijo!!!!!!!!
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"You got other moves like that, mate? I wanna see 'em!"

As the daughter of a former martial arts celebrity, Hayley Bretherton is trying to carve out her own legacy. Originally from Australia, Hayley spent her youth alongside her father during his production of the hit show "Fight Hunter," where he toured the world analyzing and practicing some of the world's greatest martial arts. After the collapse of the show, Hayley assisted her father in his own dojo and had a short run in the junior martial arts circuit until her father's unexpected disappearance. Now an adult, Hayley has set out on her own to complete her original style of "kung fu" based on the movements of indigenous Australian wildlife. Boisterous and excitable, Hayley tends to be good-spirited but has a bit of a wild streak. She tends to get frustrated when her past--or her fighting skills--are called into question.

Style:Juujizaryu (Southern Cross Style)
Signature Move:Wombat's Crushing Blow -- PHYSICAL THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

Recent Logs

Black Dragon R2 - Barking Up The Wrong Tree - Responding to the crisis, the monster hunting duo have already managed to do some good for the beleagured citizens of Southtown by rescuing several trapped residents on the outskirts of town from becoming snake food. But the danger is far from over and thus their work continues. Leaving the struggles against the main force of dark stalkers to the army, miko and oni take their talents on a tour of the city's outskirts to see if they can rescue anyone else who has been left behind in the fog of war. - Log created on 22:41:40 04/17/2020 by Ayame, and last modified on 21:15:54 04/20/2020. Cast: Ayame, Riki, and Hayley.

Black Dragon R1 - Theatrical Review - As the rest of the city descends into a tangled mess while trying to hold off the onslaught of monsters, a representative of the local ninja clans takes a more measured approach to the situation. After observing their patterns of movement for some time, Noboru discerns that a large number of the dark stalkers seem to be originating from an old abandoned theater in the slums. Slipping past the roving hunting packs, he manages to infiltrate the facility only to discover that he's wandered right into a mousetrap - and he's the mouse. - Log created on 18:55:37 04/05/2020 by Noboru, and last modified on 07:53:01 04/07/2020. Cast: Noboru and Hayley.

Black Dragon R1 - Junkyard Wolves - As chaos breaks out across all of Southtown, one of the city's most famous protectors rushes to shield the innocent civilians from a horde of wild beasts. Following the sounds of panic, Terry rushes onto the site of an old construction yard where a half-dozen slavering werewolves have cornered a handful of school children, eager to pick off the weakest from the herd. Can the Lonely Wolf overcome a deadly wolf pack and save the day again? - Log created on 22:30:05 03/31/2020 by Hayley, and last modified on 23:48:15 04/04/2020. Cast: Terry and Hayley.

Black Dragon R1 - No Pets Allowed - A werewolf is on the prowl at Taiyo High. Looks like a job for the queen of Kyokugen Karate, Yuri Sakazaki! Can she take out this wolf without a silver bullet? - Log created on 20:04:03 03/23/2020 by Yuri, and last modified on 04:08:36 03/25/2020. Cast: Hayley and Yuri.

Reconnoiter - Hayley Bretherton is once more found by Leona Heidern. The two have a simple chat and some noodles and nothing potentially bad happens whatsoever as two friends get together in Chinatown. - Log created on 17:25:30 12/21/2019 by Leona, and last modified on 18:09:50 01/01/2020. Cast: Hayley and Leona.

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