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Velvet Blue

"I will walk in. I will dance. They will party."

Velvet was once an aspiring theater student, as a mortal he was plucked from college life and abducted by agents of a Makai Noble. The White Queen, a matriarch of a sprawling estate deemed him suitable material for a production of a different sort. It was there he was transformed into a Darkstalker, part human and part demon. With great strain, he was able to recall a promise he'd made to a terminally-ill friend and break his bonds to escape. Back in the world of humans and reality, he was struck by the news his good friend had unfortunately already passed. His old life in ruins, he left his hometown and took on the stage name of Velvet Blue. Armed with magical weapons, superhuman speed and healing abilities, he vows to use his skills for the good of others, to inspire hope and realize their dreams untainted by the hands of evil.

Style:Acrobatic Wrestling & Magic
Signature Move:Dreamgazer -- PHYSICAL ENERGY COUNTER
Signature Ability:COUNTER -- REVERSAL

Recent Logs

Blue Pro Belt Lita Luwanda vs Velvet Blue - Lita Luwanda is challenged for her championship by the Velvet Blue. The fight was brutal but in the end only one can wear the belt in the end. (Winner: Velvet Blue) - Log created on 15:59:36 08/14/2020 by Lita, and last modified on 08:15:36 08/19/2020. Cast: Lita and Velvet Blue.

Pulped Fiction - Tairyu runs into Velvet Blue while doing some debt collecting. - Log created on 19:37:21 07/12/2020 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 17:48:38 07/13/2020. Cast: Velvet Blue and Tairyu.

Do you wanna build a Dojo - Ken Masters calls up Velvet Blue to ask him for some advice on a new pet project of his... - Log created on 17:39:39 06/24/2020 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 17:03:11 06/26/2020. Cast: Ken Masters and Velvet Blue.

The Black Dragon R4 - The Taste of Tokusatsu - Fresh (or not so fresh) from the battlezone, Velvet and Lyraelle make a stop in a quiet street to catch a breath, only to be tracked down by the darkstalker-seeking Koto. Lyraelle offers to try and help him with a problem she describes as 'power puberty,' and ends up discovering more than she expected. - Log created on 16:12:23 06/10/2020 by Lyraelle, and last modified on 19:53:37 06/12/2020. Cast: Velvet Blue, Koto, and Lyraelle.

Black Dragon R4 - Unruly Neighbors - Having thrown in her lot with the self-proclaimed guardian of Southtown, the Demon Queen returns the favor shown to her by the Dragon after being allowed to walk freely from the heart of her domain by joining in the assault on the power plant. Though it seems that the NOL will be very unlikely to accept the aid of a pair of Dark Stalkers, that doesn't keep the duo from running interference against the remaining horde that has taken up position on the rooftops, ready to descend on anyone foolish enough to approach. - Log created on 18:19:02 06/02/2020 by Kira Volkov, and last modified on 00:21:57 06/06/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov, Velvet Blue, and Lyraelle.

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