Full Name:Hashim Ansari
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"Rehabilitation is well and good, but broken bones teach lessons that will not soon be forgotten."

A hometown hero hailing from Salalah in the Sultanate of Oman, Hashim stands out in a crowd by being seven feet tall, built like a fridge, and having magenta skin. His strength is true to his size, though at times he seems to glide across the ground as if he were weightless. He conjures fire with his chi as well, something he attributes to being allegedly half-Jinn. Hashim is known to be a cordial fellow, enjoying the company of others and strangely happy to help with even the most menial tasks. However, when fighting someone he has judged "evil", that cordiality becomes juxtaposed with a violent mixed fighting style that aims to break his opponent. He claims to have become restless after cleaning up his hometown, and thus began traveling the world to expand his horizons and seek out new challenges. Including, of course, new evildoers whose bells need to be rung.

Style:Omani Mixed Martial Arts
Signature Move:Jinn Flame -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:PARRY -- MANEUVER

Recent Logs

Settling the Hash - Hashim is confronted by some street toughs in Southtown, but meets with the timely invervention of Velvet Blue. - Log created on 20:21:10 02/22/2024 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 19:17:46 02/24/2024. Cast: Velvet Blue and Hashim.

Purple vs Parasite - Aeria and Hashim meet in the park, fight in the park, lose clothes in the park and then go for a drink. - Log created on 16:59:34 12/09/2023 by Aeria Corday, and last modified on 20:54:50 12/09/2023. Cast: Aeria Corday and Hashim.

[NFG Season One] It's A Bonus Stage Party! - With his home and place of business serving as the venue for the NFG tourney, Team Frost Sponsor, Abigail, decides to host a block party at the infamous Abigail's Scrap Metal in celebration of the end of Round One! There's beer to be drank, grilled Turkey Legs to be eaten and, most importantly, automobiles to be smashed! VROOOOOM! ... Poor Bred. - Log created on 19:08:28 09/17/2023 by Abigail, and last modified on 09:48:23 09/21/2023. Cast: Angel, Maxima, Faolan, Abigail, Djamila, Zarine, and Hashim.

Interrupting The Broadcast - Using the internet as a source of information for your 'Detect Evil' can sometimes lead to..misunderstandings as the half-djinn heroic and bombastic Hashim discovers when he takes on The Superhuman Hot-Rodder for the good of all mankind! - Log created on 23:16:01 08/11/2023 by Abigail, and last modified on 13:29:04 08/12/2023. Cast: Abigail and Hashim.

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