Full Name:Brandon Malone
Weight:154 lbs.
Blood Type:A-
Hometown:Metro City
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Brown
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Burn In My Light - Mercy Drive


"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

Brandon Malone was always a curious individual. That curiosity led him towards the path of mysticism and learning more about world and the way energy moves throughout it. It also led to the job that pays his bills and puts food on the table. He is the owner of a private detective agency called the Knights of Swords and Wands. Brandon's goal is to give voice to the voiceless both in the mundane and supernatural worlds and use his mind and his power to shed light on things hidden in the world. He needs to be careful. His power is quite capable of tearing him apart just as easily as the enemies he might make in his search for knowledge.

Style:Thaumaturgic Brawling
Signature Move:IV - The Emperor -- ENERGY REFLECT
Signature Ability:IMBUED-CHI -- NOVA

Recent Logs

Black Dragon R4 - Considered Trespassing - When a leggy piece of a trouble with painted lips and a pity story comes striding into Brandon Malone's office, the paranormal detective gets himself a case that's bigger than two beans on a pile of many other beans. - Log created on 14:01:25 05/26/2020 by Marduk, and last modified on 10:11:01 05/27/2020. Cast: Brandon and Bela.

Being the Gun or the Bullet - Brandon once again finds himself seeking out the counsel of his mentor in dealing with Metro City Park's current condition. In addition, he gives the mentor a heads up as to impending situation heading in Southtown's direction. - Log created on 19:07:13 03/22/2020 by Brandon, and last modified on 11:07:10 03/26/2020. Cast: Trish and Brandon.

Salting the Earth - While there's a lot of work to be done to repair the still closed off Metro City Park, he finds interference in the form of a rocker salting the already barren earth. Afterwards, there's an invitation to something big going down in Southtown. - Log created on 11:37:45 03/16/2020 by Brandon, and last modified on 10:26:31 03/17/2020. Cast: Brandon and Crock.

Wintertime in Metro - In the blighted landscape that is Metro City Park, the scars of the Majigen Incident remain. Two children of Metro, Brandon Malone and Clio St. Jeanne, meet in that blasted place. Where magic has burned, two schooled in the arcane seek answers for causes and for cures. - Log created on 10:59:54 12/26/2019 by Clio, and last modified on 00:23:53 12/29/2019. Cast: Brandon and Clio.

Lost and Found - Brandon seeks out some Darkstalker help at the Gold Lounge in Southtown in his search of a magical ring. - Log created on 20:25:55 08/18/2019 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 13:24:04 08/22/2019. Cast: Brandon and Velvet Blue.

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