Full Name:Iris Osterlund
Height:172cm (5'8")
Weight:58kg (128 lbs.)
Blood Type:0
Hometown:Cambridge, United Kingdom
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Light brown with rainbow highlights
Date of Birth:March 7th
Hobbies:Chiptune composition, writing fanfic
Favorite Food:Chicken tikka masala
Likes:Staying active, posting on social media, fashion design
Dislikes:Familial responsibility, online trolls
Best Sport:Track and field (javelin throw specifically)
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Cate Blanchett
Theme Song:Butaotome -- "Trauma Recorder"


"You know when they say 'a wizard did it'? That's me! I'm the wizard!"

Runes. In some magical circles, they're said to be echoes of how creation was written, the pure essence of how words can have primal power. The caretakers of such sorcery must be studious, careful, and serene. In the case of the Osterlund lineage, who've been custodians of such knowledge for centuries, that tradition just came to a screeching halt. Having inherited "head of the family" status after the death of her older sister, young Iris Osterlund is just about everything you'd expect the head of a family of magi to NOT be: a hedonistic internet-savvy jokester who sells her mystical (and other) skills to whoever will hire her as the "Osterlund Anything Agency." Trailed by her family's aging butler and redoubtable nanny/maid -- both of whom desperately wish for Iris to get her life together -- she instead spends her time trying to drum up business and see just how far her abilities can take her.

Style:Runic Summoning + Weapon Improvisation
Signature Move:Raido - Solstice Journey -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE


[IC Info]
Hailing from Cambridge in the UK, Iris is an honest to goodness real-life wizard, the current 'heir' (for lack of better phrasing) of the Osterlund lineage, who use rune magic passed down for centuries from their Norse ancestors. A relative unknown, she has taken her family's mystical heritage on a sharp left turn by opening up shop as a sort of mystical odd-job person under the name of the "Osterlund Anything Agency."

[OOC Info]
People who travel in magic circles will likely have heard of the Osterlunds, but not of Iris. The reason why is that it was her older sister, Celica Osterlund, who was expected to inherit the family's secrets... but a few months before the NFG began, Celica appeared to have died.

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Recent Logs

[NFG Season One] The Mystical Art of Kaffeeklatsch - In her haste to present a proposal to her sponsors, Iris had let a scheduled meeting with detective Brandon Malone slip her mind. His arrival gives her an opportunity to have a less weighty, though no less useful, conversation with a relative rarity: another spellcasting fighter. - Log created on 14:31:24 09/28/2023 by Iris, and last modified on 14:59:30 09/29/2023. Cast: Brandon and Iris.

[NFG Season One] A Symphony in Silver - Iris has a proposal for Gregory Ilvich and Mint. Little does she suspect the revelations that her simple request unveil, as Ultratech's CEO takes a personal interest in the negotiations. - Log created on 09:09:02 09/26/2023 by Juliet, and last modified on 16:06:45 09/28/2023. Cast: Mint, ARIA, and Iris.

[NFG Season One] Talk Between Team... Friends - Iris and Djamila have a talk about things. Which ends up beneficial for both of them. - Log created on 18:04:56 09/23/2023 by Djamila, and last modified on 13:14:10 09/24/2023. Cast: Djamila and Iris.

[NFG Season One] Metro City R2 - Hawksley vs Iris - Look, there's only one thing you need to know about this fight: that stupid DJ's mixer had it coming. - Log created on 15:07:42 09/21/2023 by Iris, and last modified on 05:47:54 09/22/2023. Cast: Mint, Kongou, Hawksley, Djamila, and Iris.

[NFG Season One] Sufficiently Advanced Technology - The trouble with being really busy is that, to outsiders, it can look exactly the same as being incredibly apathetic. With Greg Ilvich handling the administrative tasks, Mint has been freed up to chase down some leads for her students -- and now it comes time to start getting her hands dirty. ... Figuratively. By letting Iris and Kenzo fight while she trolls people for fake internet points. - Log created on 08:54:42 09/19/2023 by Mint, and last modified on 09:43:11 09/21/2023. Cast: Mint, Kenzo, and Iris.

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