Weight:190 lb.
Blood Type:O
Hometown:Venice Beach, California
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Brown
Date of Birth:August 3rd
Hobbies:Women, Making Movies, Spending Money, Traveling, Dancing, More Women, Being Johnny Cage
Personal Treasures:His Sunglasses Collection (1,000+ Pairs and Counting)
Favorite Food:Thai Chicken Pizza
Likes:Himself, Martial Arts, Movies, Money, Women, Women, Women, Attention, Himself Again, Fame, More Women, The Rest Of Himself
Dislikes:Bullies, Bad Film Reviews, Poor Film Technique, Being Ignored, Bad Hair Days, Outworld Losers
Best Sport:Martial Arts, Surfing, Shopping Sprees
Love Interests:Babes, Chicks, Women, Hotties, Groupies, Fangirls, Ladies, Foxy Mamacitas, Thots, Sonya Blade
OOC Data
Game:Mortal Kombat
Status:Available for Apps
Voice Actor:Linden Ashby
Theme Song:Prepare Yourself

Johnny Cage

"I AM the special effects."

Johnny Cage is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and he will not let you forget it. An accomplished actor and martial artist, he has starred in numerous films throughout his career and continues to rake in considerable box office profits. Yet, many believe his fighting ability is all special effects and no substance, something that irritates him to no end. He is determined to prove to the world that his martial arts are legitimate and that he deserves to be taken seriously in the competitive fighting circuits. His quest isn't helped by the fact that he is incredibly egotistical and self-centered, and tends to flaunt his wealth without a care in the world. But underneath his obnoxious attitude is a man with a strong moral center who may yet become something greater. Until then, you can find him partying hard, accosting attractive women and wooing the crowds, indulging in his own hype.

Style:Jeet Kune Do and Karate
Signature Move:Nut Punch -- PHYSICAL ENERGY


Born Jonathan Carlton but raised to become Johnny Cage, this slick haired, sarcastic bastard is as skilled in the martial arts as he is famous for his Hollywood blockbusters and beyond impressive acting career. Known the world over for his incredible action filmography, Johnny Cage's career took a hit when people started to discredit and disbelieve that he was the real deal. They had started to believe that he was nothing more than a pretty boy actor with stuntmen, special effects and computers to make him look that damn good. Having spent the better part of his life training in martial arts all over the world, Johnny took some serious offense to this. So he searched high and low for an opportunity to prove himself to the world. He was going to prove that he was not just fluke of an actor. He was going to prove that he was, in fact, one seriously kick ass martial artist.

Welcome to Mortal Kombat.

Nobody really knows how Johnny Cage found out about the Mortal Kombat Tournament. Even Johnny doesn't remember, specifically, which of his connections gave him the head's up. Still, though, Johnny Cage didn't hesitate to enter the tournament. He knew that he would be able to best some of the world's greatest fighters and that would prove to the world that he was, indeed, the real deal instead of the reel deal. He would use the Mortal Kombat Tournament to breathe life back into the career that started to wane under the pressure from the public's belief that he was not a capable fighter. To his credit, though, that's exactly what the tournament did. Of course, it almost killed him too but that wasn't as important as becoming a household name once again.

With his career back on top and his martial arts expertise proven, Johnny Cage had forever embroiled himself in the constant battle between good and evil. Broadening his horizons, Johnny Cage has taken a more totalitarian view on his martial arts master and his success by branching out into the world of professional fighting. On top of even that, Johnny provides a wisecracking series of punches and kicks as one of Earthrealm's Defenders whenever those Outworld Bozos decide to show their ugly faces. mostly because he lives on Earth and it'd be a real shame if the Outworlders took over and destroyed the Earthrealm. It'd be one seriously bad career move.

All in all, Johnny Cage has lived an incredible life that's bound to get even more crazy since he's gone from playing hero to being one.


- Ninja Mime IV (2022)
- Mortal Kombat (2021)
- Ninja Mime III (2020)
- Timequake (2020)
- Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (2019)
- Mortal Kombat: The Death of Johnny Cage (2019 - Cancelled)
- It's A Wonderful Fist (2018)
- Mortal Kombat III (2018)
- Fatal Infinity (2017)
- Ninja Mime II (2017)
- Mortal Kombat II (2017)
- Ninja Priest (2017)
- Son of Dragon Fist (2017)
- Caged Rage (2016)
- Earthrealm Girls Are Easy (2016)
- Mortal Kombat: The Movie (2016)
- Fisticuffs (2016)
- Cage Match (2015)
- Fly High (2015)
- Dragon Fist II (2014)
- World's Most Wanted (2014)
- Citizen Cage (2013)
- Dragon Fist (2013)
- The Gist of My Fist (2013)
- Ninja Mime (2013)
- Fight Dirty! (2012)
- Aquatic Assault (2012)
- Time Smashers (2011)
- Breaknose Mountain (2011)
- Hwaaaaa! (2011)
- Tommy Scissorfists (2011)
- 24 Karate Gold (2010)
- 7 Posions (2010)
- Massive Strike (2010)
- Every Dog Has Its Day (2009)
- Sudden Violence (2009)
- Iron Claw (2008)
- Exiting the Dragon of Death (2008)
- Who's That? (2007)


- Streets of Cage (2021)
- Very Cagemas (2020)
- Very Cagemas (2019)
- Test Your Might (2019)
- "Smell Like A Star" Commercial (2017)
- You Got Caged (2017)
- Wu Shu: The Legend Continues (2016)
- Celebrity Smash TV (2016)

Bonus Materials

- Cage-Con (Convention)
- Perfection by Johnny Cage (Cologne)
- CageWear (Clothing Line)
- Karate Flick Pictures (Movie Studio)
- MCM Studios (Movie Studio)
- Spectacles (Sunglasses Line)
- Fight Like A (Human Rights Movement)
- MK Records (Recording Label)
- Cage Combat (Stage Combat School)
- Fightin' Words (Autobiography)

Verified Social Accounts

- FightBook: @JohnnyCageWins
- Fightr: JohnnyCageWins
- FightTube: JohnnyCageWins
- Hitter: @JohnnyCageWins
- Instaslam: @JohnnyCageWins
- Skrmish: JohnnyCageForever
- Twitter: @JohnnyCageWins
- Instagram: @JohnyCageWins
- Tinder: JohnnyCageIs

Recent Logs

Ristar - Fei Long invades Johnny Cage's shoot to issue a strange improvised challenge to the American Dragon. Adventure and Assbeating Ensues. - Log created on 19:43:19 03/25/2022 by Fei Long, and last modified on 23:23:02 03/26/2022. Cast: Fei Long and Johnny Cage.

DOA R2 - Juri vs Jae Hoon - There is always a little bit of a problem with managing Juri. The taekwondo princess is known for doing what she wants, when she wants, and easily sports the power to back it up. She's tied up in this event in a strange way, because when Jae Hoon is flown all the way out to the luxurious new venue Zack Island for a match with the taekwondoka, it is immediately evident that someone has doctored the brackets to result in something that looks an awful lot like a death sentence instead of a nice relaxing gme of volleyball. Luckily, he's not alone, as someone else noticed the seed tampering. But Cage has a choice in front of him: Join in the fight and potentially disqualify himself from the tournament, or let Jae Hoon handle himself to keep his cover intact. - Log created on 19:06:19 02/10/2022 by Juri, and last modified on 23:20:18 03/09/2022. Cast: Jae Hoon, Juri, and Johnny Cage.

DOA R1 - Mila Rose vs Johnny Cage - It's a DOA fight between the Hollywood superstar Johnny Cage and the MMA prodigy Mila! Who's going to be the number one in this battle? (WINNER: Johnny Cage) - Log created on 15:20:12 01/23/2022 by Mila, and last modified on 22:03:51 03/09/2022. Cast: Mila and Johnny Cage.

You Schmooze, You Lose - Sybil tracks down Johnny to propose. What? Technically, that's what happens! - Log created on 14:04:56 07/25/2021 by Johnny Cage, and last modified on 11:04:18 08/02/2021. Cast: Johnny Cage and Sybil.

Starstruck in Southtown - Rafferty has stars in his eyes, over the fact he may be about to meet movie idol, Johnny Cage. It's a good thing he's wearing mirrored sunglasses! Lyraelle meanwhile, has a star studded meetup of her own planned, but will the sly succubus get her way? - Log created on 13:40:03 07/06/2021 by Rafferty, and last modified on 20:45:41 07/06/2021. Cast: Johnny Cage, Lyraelle, and Rafferty.

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