Full Name:Jakob van der Lans
Faction:NESTS Cartel
Blood Type:Unknown
Eye Color:Gray
Hair Color:Black
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:"Here Comes the Reign" - Les Friction


"I was made for this!"

Power by any means. At one time, Upsilon was a young up-and-coming fighter from the Netherlands by the name of Jakob van der Lans. He had all the chance in the world for greatness, but it always seemed just out of his reach. His ambition, and not inconsiderable skills, were ripe for exploitation by NESTS researchers and they found a willing participant in their procedures. Genetically modified, enhanced and trained through and through by the scientists as eager to discover as he was to prove his superiority, Jakob van der Lans left the NESTS labs a far different man than he entered. Now going by the self appointed moniker "Upsilon" the driven, ambitious and egocentric fighter has arrived on the scene with new identity scrubbed clean of his past. The man he was is dead, what he is now is better, and he is bound and determined to make the world realize just what he and NESTS are capable of.

Signature Move:Flare Wave -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:IMBUED-CHI -- NOVA

Recent Logs

A Trip to the Mall - NESTS Agent Upsilon is on assignment in Southtown. The mission is to scout of local areas with potential weaknesses for future sites of NESTS operations. Secondary objective is to study the defensive capabilities of the local gangs. His crew locates and identifies the reluctant Syndicate enforcer, Katashi Tairyu, as the singular local boss. A simple "Stress Test" ensues. - Log created on 14:38:52 06/15/2020 by Upsilon, and last modified on 21:59:33 06/15/2020. Cast: Upsilon and Tairyu.

SNF: To Catch A Predator - NESTS has a sizable blindspot when it comes to information on Darkstalkers, so the cartel has tossed Upsilon's hat into the ring for a match against Velvet Blue. There are certain conventions that are part and parcel with a pro fighting match. Fight officials. Crowds. Cameras. So would anyone really notice if there's a few extra camera drones around, or a team of NESTS operatives watching from the wings? - Log created on 17:53:36 12/14/2019 by Upsilon, and last modified on 13:34:58 12/20/2019. Cast: Velvet Blue and Upsilon.

Reconnaissance and Repair - While getting repairs, Moondyne Mouse runs into fellow NESTS Agent within Sunshine, Upsilon. Mission statements are affirmed and new purposes are given. Also, design and style is questioned. - Log created on 02:24:59 08/22/2019 by Upsilon, and last modified on 13:23:47 08/22/2019. Cast: Moondyne and Upsilon.

Sometime in the Sunshine - NESTS continues its information gathering ways as Agent Upsilon moves his way toward Sunshine City in order to document the physical fighting prowess of noted professional fighter, Robert Richards. Big Bob is tracked down and a fight ensues. But can Bob show NESTS whatfor and beat them back? Will the brazen actions of the egocentric Upsilon draw undue attention on the NESTS Cartel's activities? Only time will tell. - Log created on 11:14:31 08/07/2019 by Upsilon, and last modified on 14:11:00 08/09/2019. Cast: Bob and Upsilon.

Road Test - In the aftermath of the fight against the Miracle Rookies, K' finds himself the target of an organization from his past. The desert blazes as K' fights for his freedom. - Log created on 23:30:27 06/15/2019 by Upsilon, and last modified on 00:23:33 06/27/2019. Cast: K' and Upsilon.

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