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Upsilon (10 logs)

Road Test
Sometime in the Sunshine
Reconnaissance and Repair
SNF: To Catch A Predator
A Trip to the Mall
NL#0177: Upsilon vs Juliet
NL#0187: Upsilon vs Banyu
NL#0192: Upsilon vs Tarmo
Neo-League Finals with Upsilon
NL Season 7 Finals: Terry vs Upsilon

Urien (28 logs)

The Glorious Illuminati
Struggling - An offer pursued
An unexpected visit
NL#0018: Gertrude vs Urien
NL#0021: Urien vs Makoto
SNF: Out in the Cold
Attending Extra Classes
SNF: Bait and Switch
The Price of Freedom
PFW: Western Master - Ken Masters vs Urien
Brutal Negotiation
Anger Management
SNF: Who Sits On The Iron Throne?
False Flags Ahoy!
Mission #23: Truth or Consequences
A Speedo Assassination
On Complexes
A Deal with the Devil
KOF Act 3: Mission 18) Iron Clad
World Warrior Qualifier - Urien vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifiers - Urien vs Valkenhayn
World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Robert vs Urien
World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Urien vs Adelheid
World Warrior Round 1 - Urien vs Rugal
World Warrior Round 2 L - Athena vs Urien
Muscles and Money
The Meaning of Power
NL#0121: Urien vs Antonov

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