Daigo - An unexpected visit

Description: A strange man comes to Gedo High and beats up a few students looking for Daigo to get more information about the ruckus he caused with Taiyo's principal. It seems some mysterious and strange forces are at work in Southtown...

Not long after school finally got out for Gedo, word of an incident would reach Daigo's ears; apparently some suited blonde man with an expensive car pulled up and came upon the main grounds, wanting to know where Daigo was. Unsurprisingly, people were more interested in who HE was, and it took very little for the incident to turn physical. Urien is a violent person even without provocation, finding nothing so cathartic as a bit of unwarranted fighting. It seems he's completely outclassing those who initially flooded him, likely the reason Daigo was contacted post-haste; his finely tailored tan suit is cut and rumpled here and there, but he's squeezing one of the Gedo students unconscious with a hand still in his pocket, a few more unconscious about him. The ground is broken here and there, hinting at the savageness of his blows. Standing at almost seven feet, but leanly built like an Olympic wrestler, the blonde Greek is an imposing sight despite his youth -- appearing to be in his early twenties at best. There's a mild air of impatience, though. These people weren't enough to satisfy him... hopefully, he'll draw out the real thing soon enough... His huge, armored limousine is some distance behind in the street, engine continuing to idle with the rearmost door remaining open.

It doesn't take long for one of the student to report this to Daigo. The tall man was still roaming around the school after the school hours with some of his friends and other members of the gang. Probably the first students this mysterious man came to see thought they could deal with him and tell him to get lost, which resulted in a rather violent aftermath. The urgency in the voice of the student who came to get Daigo managed to snuff any emotions he might have had on his face. It returned to its usual severe and stern expression : looks like trouble was brewing, and when someone comes about and attack members of your gang, it's serious stuff.

"Alright, that's enough," Calls out a deep and powerful voice to get the man's attention. Daigo stands tall a few dozens of feet away, the rest of his gang more or less behind him. His eye slowly scan the area, the damage that was caused and the 'slaughter' he had done. They've been beaten up fairly easily by this man, it would seem.

A tilt of the head causes Urien to turn, looking at Daigo. His eyes cast down and up... before a wild grin appears on his face. He tosses aside the held gang member, placing his other hand back into his pocket. A slow, steady march takes him over to the barely younger man, the obvious strut of someone of heavy arrogance. Indeed, he might bring back memories of what this school used to be, when every other student thought they were top dog. "Heh. I like the look of you." he offers, tongue drawing across his lips. Blinking, he realizes why he came here. "That news article." A finger points accusingly at the scarred figure. "You struck him in the face, right? Was he really normal? Just some nobody...?" From the sound of it, Urien has some information he's trying to confirm...

Despite his display of power, Daigo's face conceals whatever emotions he might be feeling. The other gang members seem to take a step back when Urien approaches, but not Daigo. He remains unwavering, unphased by Urien's intimidating presence and his arrogant stroll closer to him. Daigo arches a brow at Urien's compliment and he stares silently at him, assessing and gauging him, obviously. He nods his head slowly and replies, "What does it matter to you? Some delinquent from Gedo High punches a defenseless school principal." Daigo frowns a bit at Urien's words, "What do you mean, 'was he normal'?"

There's a sneer, before Urien stops almost close enough to touch toes. His chest is thrust out, towering over Daigo in both size, muscle and mass. Chin hefted like an aristocrat who's seen something well beneath him, his voice becomes little more than a growl. "One warning. Don't fuck with me. You know damn well what I'm asking. Was he an everyday human? A fighter? What?" Slipping out his right hand, he moves to try and grasp Daigo by the front of his jacket. "I'm not above wiping out you and every worthless speck in this school. Learn your place, insect!!"

The tall gang leader isn't fast enough to react, or he doesn't actually do anything to prevent Urin from grasping the collar of his jacket. The gesture causes a wave of indignation from the students behind Daigo, most wondering whether or not to interfer and try to jump on Daigo. Though Daigo lifts one hand up, palm open toward the other students to calm them down and prevent them from doing anything reckless. For now. He turns his attention to Urien and frowns somewhat, "You sure you want to talk about this here?" He asks him. He spares a glance over to the rest of the students and then back to Urien, "I'll tell you all you want to know," He adds, his voice calm and serene. He lifts his free hand up slowly, to place it over Urien's hand, perhaps in hope to make him let go of his collar. "Just calm down, we can talk like adults, can't we?" He says. Daigo's brows are slightly narrowed into a glare though. He obviously didn't like the way Urien seems to consider them inferior beings.

The smile broadens when Daigo does nothing; even under the mild duress of those watching him probably wanting the exact opposite. It's hard to get a sense of this man's strength, but it's anything but small. That much is absolutely clear. This isn't the blind, reckless antics of someone with a big head, but someone who genuinely believes they are a cut above the rest of the world. "Damn right you will." He lets go, but not until giving a light, jostling push. Although the comment about talking like adults makes it clear Urien is frozen, fist clenched. Whether to try and take Daigo's head off or not takes long moments, but his desire to speak wins out. "Take us wherever, maggot." is growled. "And that's your second strike. Don't go for a third..." He's content to follow at Daigo's leisure with no reservations, and at least outside glares and grins does nothing antagonistic for the following escort.

It didn't take long for Daigo to get a clear idea about this man : dangerous psychopath who delusions of grandeur. Considering what he had done with some of his gang members, Daigo's not all that interested in settling things the violent way. He was a rather peaceful man when he had the chance to, and wanted to avoid further casualties and injuries on his boys. His decisions would result in their well-being after all. The sudden shove from Urien makes Daigo staggers back with a grunt. He straightens himself and recovers quickly, but still not without a quick glare in his direction. He glances back at his boys and he gestures with his hand for them to get moving.

He glances back at Urien and gestures with one hand, "Let us walk then," He says. Unlike Urien's constant comments on the vermin he and his brethren represented, Daigo refused to let him threat him like an inferior being. He would, for himself, remain equal to him, no matter what he'd think and say. This was his firm belief and conviction.

Daigo folds his arms behind his back and walks away from the little comotion, if only to keep the rest of this conversation out of the ears of others, even though he knows some of the more curious members of his gang might try to get a glimpse of their conversation and just to watch over him in sheer worries over him.

"All of that was a setup," Daigo says, "The man who poses as Taiyo High's principal is probably a man of remarkable skill. He showed incredible agility and speed to try and force me to strike him even if I refused to at first... He eventually gave me an obvious opening for it,"

As the duo slink away from the others, it would take a great amount of trust for the gang members to fully believe that Daigo is fine on his own. However, the doors of the limousine slip open, and six well-built men in black suits with sleek raybands and coiled-wire earpieces slide out. They surround the vehicle, assuming relaxed positions. This only increases the tensions; it appears that Urien didn't come alone, and a glance shows those are professional bodyguards of the highest caliber.
"A setup...!" Urien sounds pleasured, grinning. "So they were good enough to force you to act serious? The question is... just how good you are!!" Suddenly the huge man stamps a foot down, twisting before launching his right fist at Daigo's face from point-blank range. It's telegraphed enough to intercept, but the force behind it might be shocking even to as solid a figure as Daigo. But without his transformation, he's physically beneath the other man... if not by a lot. Catching and stopping it should be reliable, if not entirely painless...!! Hopefully the gang doesn't react too poorly to it. Of course, from his stance, Urien doesn't seem interested in going beyond the one punch. A test? Or maybe he just simply can't NOT try to punch someone?

The students come to get a hold of those who were unconscious and were about to follow Daigo's orders but when the bodyguards come out all of a sudden, they're a bit recluant to let their boss walk away. Daigo's gaze wanders off to them and he grits his teeth for a moment. This only seems to worsen the situation.

Daigo barely has the time to realize what is going on that Urien lunges at him and hurls his fist right for his face. Urien hits cleanly, the surprise and the strength behind his blow causing Daigo to stagger back a few steps, making him fall to one knee to regain his bearing, one hand going to the ground while the other to his jaw. Despite the obvious threat, Daigo was not prepared for that.

It causes a strong reactions from the students who are still around and shows curses and other blasphemies at Urien and the bodyguards, yet they dare not to do anything to help their boss right now it seems.

Daigo growls, his body trembling a bit from rage as he glares up at Urien. His hand tightens into a fist but Daigo seems to control himself. "Force me to act serious? Ah! It was the perfect setup! You said it yourself! We're the scum of the scums, aren't we?! Even if I said something else, /nobody/ would have believed me! A bunch of delinquents trashing the place, assaulting the principal! I don't know what he wants out of this, but it would have been my word against his..."

Daigo rises to his feet, glaring back at Urien. Despite what he just said, Daigo stands with pride, "And I have no idea what you wish to accomplish or prove by doing this either... You want to force me to punch you, is that it? Why? You want to further soil our reputation? You want all the world to think we're worms and maggots!? Why would you care!?"

Daigo frowns and his voice grows a bit calmer as he adds, "I've told you all I know about Taiyo's principal,"

"...! Oh?" Urien brings up his closed fist. The skin on his knuckles is red and torn, a line of blood running down. He licks at it, letting out a laugh. "Yeah. You're strong." he confirms. There seems to be some respect earned now. That blow was intended to shatter Daigo's jaw and send him flying; indeed, it would have to the vast majority of people in this world. At least it proves he was holding back on those that he knocked unconscious, given none of them have any broken bones. He is a cruel master, but he knows the difference between asserting dominance and breaking people.
"So. You got goaded into punching the principal, despite him attacking first. Did you really steal the pet, too? I'm sure there's just enough truth to condemn you... after all, I don't think the student outside was planted, was he?" A bit of a toothy grin. When he's asked that, Urien holds up his hands. "I told you. I was testing how strong you are. That's it. Hmm! It seems that my informants might be on to something... ...so he was strong enough to even pressure someone like you. Interesting, interesting." Digging into his vest, Urien pulls out a stack of money, hurling it into the dirt at Daigo's feet. A thousand in circulated twenties. "For your trouble. And your info. I always pay a good dog. I think that's all I need from you..."
He starts to turn to walk away, before pausing. "But I'll give you five times that more... if you want to play with me~ Or -- I'll tell you what /I/ know. Take your pick."

"I did what he expected : I defended myself when he would not stop despite my warnings," Daigo replies. Daigo doesn't add anything further on the subject -- what was done was done and he figures Urien cares little to know the exact details of the school's strifes.
The thrown stack of money causes an obvious expression of revulsion on Daigo's face. He snorts and bends down to take the stack of money and then approaches Urin to hand it back to him, "Take back your money," He says sternly, "We are no one's play thing or dog," Daigo answers, glaring at Urien.
When Urien makes his offer though, Daigo tilts his head to one side and asks, "What's your interest with all of this? Why would a man like you care about some highschools in Southtown?"

The money is taken by Urien, who looks it over with disinterest. "You are all my dog. Whether you know it or not. The Emperor has his peasants, no matter how loud they are." Lightning erupts between the huge man's fingers, burning the currency to cinders before flicking a puff of charcoal ash towards Daigo's face and upper body. "You have no idea who I am. Not my name, or my power... be it physical, or something far, far worse. Do you think I act like I own the world because I don't?! Hahahaha!! Don't encourage me to SHOW you!!" He spits at the ground, aiming at Daigo's foot. "It's only natural to see this pitstain of a school and despise it. I swallowed my pride to get my answer. But if you want yours... you'll have to earn it the only way an alleycat can. With his claws...!!" Urien turns to show his back to Daigo afterwards. "But I doubt you will. How such a castrated bull tamed this school I'll never know... See ya!!"

Despite his insults and provocations, Daigo manages to maintain his composure and not give in to the urge of smashing him to the ground. The brief encounter her had with him was enough to give him a good overview of his persona. He remains silent and just stares at him, a few gasps of surprise coming from the students as Urien burns the money. It was a considerable amounth, and considering how most students were more or less poor it was quite shocking.
His lips curl into a smirk when Urien offers him to get what he wants through violence. Why did everyone want to provoke him so badly? "Sorry to disappoint you," Daigo merely answers. Considering Urien's mercurial nature, Daigo prefers not to add too much. He would defend himself and his school if needed, but since Urien seemed on his way out, no need to endanger himself and his friends with excess of pride over this.

"You should be sorry." Urien states as he strides back in the direction of his car. "You've gotten nothing from this encounter, after all. And the info I had... well. Let's just say I don't actually CARE what sort of people are in your school. I'm just keeping an eye on them. I'd watch out, though. You're in way over your head." Reaching his car, the back door is opened before he slips inside, adjusting his suit. "Enjoy being king of the rats." Urien offers, his bodyguards swiftly entering once more before with a laugh the vehicle revs up, twisting into the streets where the chrome and armored metal stand out like a sore thumb...

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