New Blood - While training in the forests for his match, Raiden meets a newcomer to the world of Darkstalkers-- Azumi! - created on 18:04:35 12/12/2014 by Raiden and last modified on 23:38:37 12/12/2014. Cast: Raiden and Azumi.

Suddenly, NINJA! - Momiji comes to the Shrine where Raiden and Nightwolf have made the base of the Full Moon Society to investigate rumors of people who would defend the world against evil. She finds exactly what she's looking for! - created on 16:30:59 01/07/2015 by Raiden and last modified on 22:05:24 01/07/2015. Cast: Nightwolf, Raiden, and Momiji.

She's Leaving Home... - ...Or going back home, hard to tell. Kiyomi approaches Raiden to let him know she's going to go search for the others like her that she's met in the past, to bring them to the shrine. She also has some misgivings... - created on 19:15:40 01/29/2015 by Raiden and last modified on 21:54:32 01/29/2015. Cast: Raiden and Kiyomi.

The Immortal Thunder Fist - Hayely Bretherton, on a mission to fight her way around the world in search of greater martial understanding, pays a visit to the Thunder Fist dojo in Sydney Australia. What she finds is by no means what she expected. - created on 17:21:05 08/18/2017 by Raiden and last modified on 18:04:19 08/19/2017. Cast: Raiden and Hayley.

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