Southtown Hustle: Teatime or Fight time?! - Jira's enjoying a day off in the late spring, drinking some tea and half dazing. Then, a Doll challenges the woman to combat. Read on for intense girl on girl battle, and a peeping tom that stows one into his van! - created on 22:56:57 10/30/2014 by Jira and last modified on 03:22:20 10/31/2014. Cast: Sagat, Satsuki, and Jira.

Rainbow Mika's Chinatown Throwdown! - Rainbow Mika has her first public event outside of Genhanten with a volunteer opponent! Watch her flaunt her gluteus charms and smack the competition down in her first win! A sinister figure also gives her a mysterious card. - created on 20:59:21 11/01/2014 by Jira and last modified on 00:19:33 11/02/2014. Cast: Vyle, Rainbow Mika, and Jira.

The eerie reading of Kasagi Jira - A mysterious fortune teller arrives in Southtown Village and attracts Jira's attention. And the interest of her partner. No battle here, folks! - created on 20:08:07 11/06/2014 by Jira and last modified on 00:05:07 11/07/2014. Cast: Rose and Jira.

Cross of Legions - The Legion, a Goddess, and a girl possessed by an ancient entity all find themselves interrupted on Metro Bridge! Watch the cross of powers, and an agreement forged. - created on 18:30:52 11/09/2014 by Jira and last modified on 01:01:47 11/10/2014. Cast: Gabriel, Ermac, and Jira.

Lights, Camera, Kasagi? - Jira was enjoying a walk when she spies a friend trying to, well, spy on someone in her 'hood! A deeper glance into this mysterious other girl's desires are revealed! - created on 15:56:07 11/19/2014 by Jira and last modified on 18:28:56 11/19/2014. Cast: Gabriel and Jira.

Cleanup on aisle Kasagi. - Jira and Hitomi both return from their respective matches and end up meeting eachother. But one of them is in need of a friend to scratch their back. Or, as the case might be, scrub mercilessly. - created on 01:52:19 12/15/2014 by Jira and last modified on 19:04:16 12/17/2014. Cast: Jira and Hitomi.

Home interview! Tiger's inspection of the Kasagi! - Miki questions the motives of Taiyo's Fight Safety club's sensei, and seeks her out after school at her home! No hidden dragons here, folks! - created on 22:37:19 02/03/2015 by Jira and last modified on 04:54:40 02/04/2015. Cast: Jira and Miki.

Kasagi in the Tiger's domain! - Jira's club is cancelled this afternoon, on a whim she decides to meet up with Miki at Seijyun and see what shenannigans can be had! - created on 01:09:12 02/10/2015 by Jira and last modified on 07:11:57 02/11/2015. Cast: Jira and Miki.

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