Podiebrad Of Passion - The Tantalizing Temptor - After her wicked stepmother forced her into chains and made her the house Scullary Maid, it seemed that Amandine von Karnstein would never have the life her birthright destined her to. When she is accidentally invited to the Podiebrad Estely, however, her world is turned upside down. Lord Bela Podiebrad, master of the House of Podiebrad, quickly becomes enchanted by the brilliant mind and elegant hidden beauty of Amandine. Will the strapping Lord ultimately fall in with his fiance by arrangment, Belladonna Shimotsuki? Or will he serve to empower Amandine as her... Tantalizing Temptor? (The cover shows the silver-haired Lord Podiebrad bareback his magnificent black stallion in his leather breeches, his sweat-glistened pectorals exposed. He is on the middle of a ballroom, by the poofy dressed Amandine. The girl is wearing thick glasses and has unbrushed messy hair, which only serves to hide her true beauty as she looks dumbstruck at Bela. Around her ankle are the chains, which connect to a small crockpot barely off the page. Behind the raised tail of the powerful stallion, the lavender-haired Belladonna glares jealously at Amandine from behind her silk fan) ($2.99) - created on 21:46:13 02/23/2020 by Bela and last modified on 14:04:11 03/14/2020. Cast: Amandine and Bela.

J-Dragon United - When the Raven Guards show up at Pacific High to secure it, they end up using their position to bully and harass the students. This injustice won't stand, and The J-Dragon moves to stop it! - created on 11:44:35 03/19/2020 by Bela and last modified on 22:39:31 03/19/2020. Cast: Koto and Bela.

Raeneck Rampage Part 1 - The war for Southtown was over, and The House of Podiebrad has dubiously claimed victory. While the city was under siege, however, the Raven Guard had sought to pick through the evacuated houses, pillaging and looting under the justifiable defense of protecting the city. As they try to smuggle their plunder out from the city down at the river piers, they are visited by a very curious, and very furious Rae. But the demon has his own greed that needs to be satisfied... - created on 16:31:32 11/30/2020 by Crock and last modified on 22:02:38 12/14/2020. Cast: Rae and Bela.

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