Full Name:Tao Tsinghua
Height:4'10" (148cm)
Weight:92 lbs (41 kg)
Blood Type:AB-
Hometown:Góng Estate
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Forest Green with Brown tips
Date of Birth:5th of August.
Hobbies:Calligraphy, Guzheng, Gardening
Personal Treasures:Badge of the Góng Estate, Sybil's Engraved necklace.
Favorite Food:Ciba Cake
Likes:Elegance, Tea, Sybil.
Dislikes:Chaos, Dishonesty, Lizards.
Best Sport:Chinese Checkers
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Game:Original Character
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I come with courtesy of the Gong family. It is a pleasure to meet."

Tao Tsinghua is a young Apprentice Envoy-Messenger born and raised for the Góng Family. An Ancient family of Chinese Nobility that is steeped in Han-Dynasty Tradition. Tsinghua is a Well-spoken and Calm individual, yet below this resides the uncertainty and doubts from a boy that is still in development. That uncertainty can come into swing when he is forced to engage with the shadier parts of his duties and the Family. Laying contact with less-than savory individuals and factions is often a necessity to stay on top in these modern times. Tsinghua's clothing and mannerisms creates a persona that doesn't quite mesh with the current Era. He is practicing a unique branch of traditional Tai-Chi, employing a Walking stick in addition to the usual unarmed techniques. This style possesses a special ability that allows Tsinghua to lock, and manipulate the kinetic energy of objects he touches with his wood-like Chi.

Style:Gong-Style Tai Chi and Kinetic Energy Manipulation
Signature Move:Guding Gen (Xiru) -- ENERGY REFLECT
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

Recent Logs

Between a magazine rack and a hard place - Tsinghua minds his own business in a convenience store, only to be ambushed by an eccentric investigator from NOL with many questions of varying uncomfortability! - Log created on 13:20:39 06/19/2021 by Katsuro, and last modified on 18:53:00 06/19/2021. Cast: Tsinghua and Katsuro.

Lessons through Lychee - Tsinghua gets a visit from a mysterious- yet friendly stranger in his room. Lunch is shared, stories are told, and the stranger interferes with the wills of a certain businesswoman. - Log created on 10:21:39 06/15/2021 by Tsinghua, and last modified on 19:35:56 06/17/2021. Cast: Raiden and Tsinghua.

Tea & Tanuki - A Tanuki has come from the spirit world to investigate humanity's corruption, only for his first encounter with a human to be more pleasant then he had anticipated. - Log created on 13:32:12 06/10/2021 by Tsinghua, and last modified on 20:39:41 06/10/2021. Cast: Tsinghua and Daichi.

Hook, Line, and Sybil - A wounded Tsinghua gets warmly recieved by Sybil- And he finally bites the bait that was slowly set out for him. - Log created on 11:19:21 06/08/2021 by Tsinghua, and last modified on 08:02:22 06/09/2021. Cast: Tsinghua and Sybil.

Rosalia #11) Hell is Alone - In the blazing depths of an abandoned hellscape, three combatants face off for the rite to continue on. For as the message says: "It was written 'We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.' Here, you will put that to the test. Each of you carries within you a heavy guilt. Only one of you will be set free of this hellish prison. And only by force will you earn your parole. Your trial begins now." - Log created on 11:30:41 06/03/2021 by Bishamon, and last modified on 10:16:57 06/05/2021. Cast: Bishamon, Tsinghua, and Venus.

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