Full Name:Jeanne Gado, Shina
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Likes:Tea, Victory, Thrills
Dislikes:Coffee, makeup, and frilly things
OOC Data
Game:Bloody Roar
Status:Available for Apps
Voice Actor:Morgan Berry
Theme Song:Nap Time - Takayuki Negishi


"Is that the best you can do?"

Found after a raid on a secretive facility by a band of mercenaries, young Shina was adopted by the war veteran Alan Gado when he recognized the fire in her eyes; and that she was a survivor of whatever experimentation was going on, despite no memory of what they did. Although he had no intention of raising her to be a warrior, she displayed incredible martial prowess as a living weapon and by age 13 became known in many underground circles as the 'Fighting Marvel' -- and also revealing she had the capability to shift between human and were-leopard form. She tenaciously followed in her adoptive father's footsteps, establishing a reputation as an international mercenary of renown despite her young age. Yet without explanation, Gado left her for unknown purpose. With recent rumors hinting her father might be working with a terrorist group, she is intent on hunting him down for answers, no matter where he might be hiding.

Style:Single and Continuous Assault
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

[World Warrior 2023] R2: Shina vs Billy - Round two of World Warrior sees Billy Kane face down Shina the Leopard. Fast paced fighters contend against one another to see who can come out on top! See the two square off under an Overpass in Southtown, because true street fighting begins on the streets themselves. - Log created on 18:44:01 09/29/2023 by Shina, and last modified on 20:13:47 09/30/2023. Cast: Billy and Shina.

[World Warrior 2023] R1: Shina vs Baiken - At the Southtown Fish Market, prepare for the blink-and-you'll-miss-it clash of a were-leopard and a wandering samurai! - Log created on 15:57:34 09/07/2023 by Baiken, and last modified on 10:08:28 09/10/2023. Cast: Baiken and Shina.

Tea by the Sea - Before the dawning of the World Warrior 2023, Shina the leopard speaks with her friend and confidant, Tarmo while in the Welsh seaside. - Log created on 12:12:41 09/02/2023 by Shina, and last modified on 05:43:31 09/16/2023. Cast: Tarmo and Shina.

Debriefing Among Cats - In the wake of DOA, two felines meet and discuss the shifts in the world. To look at how the other has grown, and to remind each other of the lengths they both have to go. - Log created on 11:30:23 09/29/2022 by Shina, and last modified on 14:00:52 11/02/2022. Cast: Meifeng and Shina.

[Dead or Alive] DOA R3 - Renka/Shina vs Heidern: "Ikari Rising" - With the lockdowns occurring at JANUS sites all over the world, information is becoming harder to find surrounding the enigmatic and controversial process clearly at the heart of Darkstalker disappearances all over the globe. In this case, the only way to find out is directly from servers from the JANUS facilities. Infiltrating a facility in the middle of a massive protest is no easy task, but an NOL agent should have no problem with it. However, Renka will discover that the security's already been breached, and that Shina has been sent by Ultratech to address what was assumed to be a rioter breakin. Shina, working with Ultratech to pursue an agenda of her own in secret, will find out that the entire facility has been secretly taken over by a powerful covert military force. The Ikari Warriors have mobilized in response to the drama, and they will not abide by any interference. How far are Renka and Shina really willing to go to find out the truth? - Log created on 11:52:39 04/04/2022 by Shina, and last modified on 19:46:40 06/10/2022. Cast: Heidern, Renka, and Shina.

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