Full Name:Unknown
Faction:Ikari Warriors
Age:Early Fifties
Weight:198 lbs.
Blood Type:B
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:September 1st
Hobbies:Collecting Metal Figurines, Fishing
Personal Treasures:Photograph of Wife & Daughter
Favorite Food:Stout Lager, Bratwurst
Best Sport:Hunting
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"If you want to walk away alive, you'll have to win."

A seemingly cold and uncompromising one-eyed figure, Heidern maintains a tight command over the famed military mercenary unit Ikari Warriors, and is known as its "General of the Soldiers of Fortune." Appointed as the ultimate authority after the Ikari Warriors suffered a crippling loss against "R" in 1994, Heidern has since rebuilt the unit into the strong force it is known as today. But despite his strict authority and rigid, unyielding demeanor, he has, in fact, invested considerable compassion into his subordinates, and tries to ensure that many of the Ikari return home alive from a mission. A man with years of military experience and knowledge at his disposal, Heidern is known for his unique and lethal self-made fighting style, which incorporates crippling lunging attacks and slashing strikes with his bare--but very dangerous--hands. While the Ikari Warriors fight diligently against a variety of threats, including the likes of NESTS Cartel and Shadaloo, Heidern holds a special hatred for "R"--particularly the infamous Rugal Bernstein, for the slaughter of Heidern's wife and daughter, as well as the loss of his eye, several years ago. Still, Heidern has not shut himself off completely from others; he finds a "second family" with his Ikari Warriors--particularly Leona, whom Heidern adopted as a young girl.

Style:Heidern Assassination Techniques
Signature Move:Storm Bringer -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

NOL Bounty Data

Class: ABounty: $450,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Rogue terrorist with several confirmed accounts of violence against humanity. Confirmed commander of a dangerous terrorist cell.

Recent Logs

[Dead or Alive] DOA R3 - Renka/Shina vs Heidern: "Ikari Rising" - With the lockdowns occurring at JANUS sites all over the world, information is becoming harder to find surrounding the enigmatic and controversial process clearly at the heart of Darkstalker disappearances all over the globe. In this case, the only way to find out is directly from servers from the JANUS facilities. Infiltrating a facility in the middle of a massive protest is no easy task, but an NOL agent should have no problem with it. However, Renka will discover that the security's already been breached, and that Shina has been sent by Ultratech to address what was assumed to be a rioter breakin. Shina, working with Ultratech to pursue an agenda of her own in secret, will find out that the entire facility has been secretly taken over by a powerful covert military force. The Ikari Warriors have mobilized in response to the drama, and they will not abide by any interference. How far are Renka and Shina really willing to go to find out the truth? - Log created on 11:52:39 04/04/2022 by Shina, and last modified on 19:46:40 06/10/2022. Cast: Heidern, Renka, and Shina.

The Fear - The Mad Dog has been let loose upon the world, and Heidern has been dispatched to hunt him. But will the old mercenary be up to Azrael's standards? After all, not everyone who puts themselves before him is worth eating. They need to have that certain, flavor, that Spice... - Log created on 01:00:12 03/29/2021 by Heidern, and last modified on 11:48:53 03/30/2021. Cast: Heidern and Azrael.

[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Qualifiers - Geese vs Heidern - Commander Heidern of the Ikari Warriors seeks to hone his skills against one of the most capable (and ruthless) fighters within the World Warrior tournament; the Terror of Southtown, Geese Howard. - Log created on 13:21:44 02/10/2018 by Heidern, and last modified on 01:02:04 02/17/2018. Cast: Heidern, Geese, and Baiken.

[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Qualifiers - Heidern vs Ryu - The list of final candidates in Wolfgang Krauser's tournament has been released at last. Rather than seeking out his rival Rugal Bernstein immediately, the Ikari Commander known only as 'Heidern' realizes that he is not yet ready to face such a ruthless foe in his current state. Better first to test himself against a man with both skill AND honour - and among the top-ranking competitors, one name stands out above all others: the former World Warrior and Ansatsuken master, Ryu. - Log created on 17:50:48 02/04/2018 by Heidern, and last modified on 15:36:13 02/05/2018. Cast: Heidern and Ryu.

[KOF 2017] Act 3: Mission 1) Justice for All - Justice waits at Mt. Fuji, ready for the people of Southtown to decide between salvation and nuclear fire. But a familiar face has returned instead. Armed with the Ikari Warriors Leona and Heidern, Sol faces off against Justice once more. But the Gear Commander is a wily opponent, and has learned much from her experiences with Igniz and Sol. Rather than fighting them together, the Gear will divide and conquer, separating and picking off the defenders of humanity one by one, spreading them over the sacred Mountain of Japan... before delivering the coup de grace against the last stand of humanity. - Log created on 19:44:05 12/02/2017 by Justice, and last modified on 15:02:47 12/16/2017. Cast: Heidern, Sol Badguy, Justice, and Leona.

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