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"All who possess strength in this world are my prey! They are the only food that will satisfy me!"

Azrael is a relentless beast of combat who wishes only for thrilling fights where he can use his full strength. Although this is not unusual, there is no record of Azrael's life; it is as if one day, the man wandered in with the strength to strike down the mightiest in the world using only a supernatural physical power. Sector Seven has utilized him repeatedly as a nuclear option, one of which lead to the annihilation of Tager's mercenary unit. At great cost, Kokonoe sealed him in a prison at near absolute zero, although the Board of Sector Seven could free him if foolish enough. Azrael uses no techniques beyond his strength, with his style incredibly simplistic and crude; however, being able to overcome his attack speed and destructive force is still an incredible challenge. Literally unkillable by traditional means, defeating him martially is only ever a temporary measure. Azrael's body is etched with a power limiter seal known as Enchant Dragunov, able to sequentially be unlocked to throttle his physical strength and allow him to better enjoy fights. Azrael is sustained by the energy from fighting powerful souls, 'consuming' them greedily, earning him the nickname the Cannibal of many in the fighting underworld. With an S-class bounty on his head that would make someone never want for money in five lifetimes, almost none risk the danger in trying to bring him in. People who encounter him cannot even confirm he is human, and he seems to have no ambition beyond his aggressive hunt for enjoyable fights to satiate his hunger and listless destruction...

Style:Sheer Destructive Power + Vulnerability Exposing
Signature Move:Valiant Crush -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

NOL Bounty Data

Azrael AKA: The Mad Dog
Class: SSBounty: $25,000,000.00
WANTED: ALIVE Suspected ties to Sector Seven. Massive casualties and open conflict with NOL, but actions and motives inconsistent and unknown. Capable of battling the most powerful beings alive. As all indications are he may be both immortal and indestructible, bounty represents successfully subduing and bringing him to a facility capable of containing him.

Recent Logs

Lunch-Time at Gedo High - An attempt at a peaceful lunch break with gyoza and a Yukio Mishima novel is ruined for Daigo Kazama, as the Don of Gedo High finds himself defending his territory from a bizarre individual in search of an entirely different sort of meal. - Log created on 18:24:04 08/27/2021 by Daigo, and last modified on 16:53:44 08/31/2021. Cast: Daigo and Azrael.

The Fear - The Mad Dog has been let loose upon the world, and Heidern has been dispatched to hunt him. But will the old mercenary be up to Azrael's standards? After all, not everyone who puts themselves before him is worth eating. They need to have that certain, flavor, that Spice... - Log created on 01:00:12 03/29/2021 by Heidern, and last modified on 11:48:53 03/30/2021. Cast: Heidern and Azrael.

[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Finals - Azrael vs Geese - Having climbed his way through the Loser's Bracket, Geese now faces the undefeated Mad Dog: Azrael! Will Geese's determination to face Krauser allow him to defeat the monstrous powerhouse known as the Cannibal, or will Geese fail as all others have? - Log created on 20:39:00 05/01/2018 by Geese, and last modified on 13:07:06 05/05/2018. Cast: Geese and Azrael.

[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Round 3 - Jubei vs Azrael - If a legend has not been shared, can it truly be a legend at all? Only a scarce few know of the mythical tales of either the One-Eyed Twin Lotus, or the Mad Dog Azrael -- but now, everyone with access to a television is able to see just what makes these living legends so damn epic. - Log created on 15:50:48 03/18/2018 by Jubei, and last modified on 17:28:37 03/19/2018. Cast: Azrael and Jubei.

[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Round 1 - Azrael vs Duke - Two monstrous fighters who thrive on violence. Only one will remain standing. The most basic and visceral conflict of the entire World Warrior tournament begins; which is the apex predator of violence, and which must redeem themselves in the Loser's Bracket? - Log created on 21:28:04 03/02/2018 by Azrael, and last modified on 00:54:54 03/03/2018. Cast: Duke and Azrael.

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