Pretties find purpose, when they dance~ - Dear Diary, today I had the pleasure of entertaining one of Earthrealm's elite. Benimaru Nikaido, a 'model' second only to a few - like the legendary Barbie. He proved distracting if ultimately inadequate, but displayed a strange tendency to work with an ally. He shared a bond with a man, a spirit warrior, who reeked of Outworld. This is an alarming development, and I fear I may now be equally hunter and hunted. Nonetheless, I am only excited by the prospects ahead; truly, my father chose wisely, and this is a realm we must fight to rule! ...I must stop writing now. My wrist aches and I have a perilous hunger. This dead manling is going cold. The flesh is never so delectable as when it's fresh and warm. - created on 16:21:54 12/27/2014 by Mileena and last modified on 23:00:08 12/27/2014. Cast: Benimaru, Nightwolf, and Mileena.

Yummy fishies leave no time for dessert :( - Dear Diary, it appears that on this world my kind are known as 'mermaids' and are related to a breed of ocean-dwelling predator that is, sadly, vastly inferior in combat. Quite tasty, however. The plot thickens the further I delve, and this new information comes - in part - courtesy of a delightful young woman possessing strength and bravery beyond her Earthyears. She smelled delicious, but sadly forced a parting of ways before I could indulge my appetites. She can run for now - as I heard from the lips of a manling who smelled of many females, there are plenty more fish in the sea. - created on 19:17:58 01/20/2015 by Mileena and last modified on 00:14:34 01/21/2015. Cast: May and Mileena.

Blood beckons, blood burns, blood knows its place~ - Dear Diary, there was a wonderful development today. One of my father's most talented and loyal retainers arrived to assist me against the villainous Earthrealm warriors known as the Metro City Punishment Division. Their underhanded techniques, destructive weapons and dishonourable weight of numbers were as nothing to our combined might - but I wonder, are we allowing ourselves to be drawn too deeply into this realm? Truly, those who dwell here are scarce as civilized as we. They provide not even the condiments with which to dine most properly upon their facemeats. At least I made a new friend. - created on 13:07:29 02/20/2015 by Mileena and last modified on 22:23:48 02/20/2015. Cast: Skarlet and Mileena.

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