The Care and Beating of Boyfriends - Nena Memory Archive 101: Today, my boyfriend made a larger and more aggressive boyfriend very angry. As his owner, I decided to intervene. - created on 04:14:43 03/09/2021 by Nena and last modified on 10:54:10 03/09/2021. Cast: Nena and Rafferty.

It's School For Cats - Nena Memory Archive 102: Today, I met a cat and his girl. I deduced immediately that it was not an ordinary cat. It was a special cat. It told me so. - created on 08:33:16 03/10/2021 by Nena and last modified on 14:04:09 03/10/2021. Cast: Edenlith, Nena, and Rafferty.

On Edge At Half-Time - Nena Memory Archive 103: Today, I was engaging in cheerleading maneuvers, but had to abort mission when a public security risk classification B-15 incident occurred. - created on 12:33:06 03/13/2021 by Nena and last modified on 23:41:16 03/13/2021. Cast: Edge, Edenlith, Tsugumi Sendo, Nena, and Rafferty.

Captain Ryuko and the Space Cats from Neptune - Nena Memory Archive 104: Today, while Rafferty, Eden and I were on a picnic, I met a cybernetically enhanced female teenager. As an ordinary teenage girl, I found the experience enlightening. Note to self: remember to headbutt a subterranean locomotive when the opportunity presents itself. - created on 12:53:04 03/15/2021 by Nena and last modified on 18:51:46 03/19/2021. Cast: Ryuko, Edenlith, Nena, and Rafferty.

'My Girlfriend Is A Terminator' - Nena Memory Archive 105: Today, I assisted in the preservation of an inferior life form, because I am a good neighbour. - created on 16:53:24 03/26/2021 by Nena and last modified on 02:50:48 03/27/2021. Cast: Edenlith, Tsugumi Sendo, Nena, Rafferty, and Daisuke.

Superior to Humans (and Also Cats) - Nena Memory Archive 106: Today, I went back to school, where I confronted Rafferty for libel. Meanwhile, Eden and Storm the cat participated in our discussion, and Rafferty's chemistry textbook had an adventure. - created on 09:58:57 04/14/2021 by Nena and last modified on 15:01:21 04/14/2021. Cast: Edenlith, Nena, and Rafferty.

Dinner at the Washingtons' - Nena Memory Archive 107: Today, my friends, Eden, Storm, and Rafferty attended an evening meal at the residence of myself and my uncle, Simon Washington, who is not really my uncle. Rafferty did not punch any babies, but he did make Eden cry. - created on 15:24:01 04/26/2021 by Nena and last modified on 16:33:17 04/27/2021. Cast: Edenlith, Nena, and Rafferty.

Terminator Two - Nena Memory Archive 108: Today, I met a malfunctioning cybernetic human. She threatened Rafferty. We will meet again. - created on 09:58:54 07/24/2021 by Nena and last modified on 12:46:47 07/26/2021. Cast: Nena, Blossom, and Rafferty.

You Me After School In The Parking Lot - Nena Memory Archive 109: Today, I engaged in bionic-on-bionic violence. May the Omnissiah have mercy on my central processing unit. - created on 22:21:34 08/22/2021 by Nena and last modified on 12:44:58 08/25/2021. Cast: Nena, Blossom, and Rafferty.

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