A Time For Renewal(s) - It is estimated that, on average, a person spends 6 months of their life waiting in line. There are some processes in life even computers haven't eliminated yet, and getting ID renewals is one of them. - created on 19:43:41 06/15/2015 by Mint and last modified on 10:36:08 06/20/2015. Cast: Zach Glenn and Mint.

Supporting the Armed Forces - The corporal was going to need a new set of prosthetic arms and hands -- something that could actually resist EMPs. And only one person would be able to help her. The man, the myth, the legend: Dr. Tran! - created on 20:00:02 12/21/2016 by Mint and last modified on 15:27:08 12/27/2016. Cast: Robo-Tran and Mint.

It's ABI-GAIL!! - Patrols are boring. Briefings are boring. Watching local gang members rock-and-sock the stuffing out of each other is exciting though, and Mint wants a piece of it! "Corporal Punishment" steps into the seedy underworld fighting circles of Metro City and hits the jackpot with an even bigger gearhead than she is -- Abigail! - created on 20:59:46 12/12/2017 by Mint and last modified on 16:24:02 12/14/2017. Cast: Mint and Abigail.

Obedient Little Puppy - Mint was kidnapped in Mexico by the brutal cartels linked to Shadaloo. She escaped -- or so she thought. Now, in Southtown, she's here to deliver a perfectly ordinary debriefing to a perfectly ordinary member of the Special Forces. - created on 11:01:46 01/27/2018 by Mint and last modified on 21:56:47 01/27/2018. Cast: Marz and Mint.

Sugar and Atomic-grade Spice - Clio and Mint catch up in Southtown, not long after the ill-fated finale of the Golden Angel tournament. - created on 09:51:02 03/27/2018 by Mint and last modified on 13:51:47 04/08/2018. Cast: Mint and Clio.

Shop Talk - Major Briggs gets to meet the person who'll be working on his arms for the forseeable future: a pipsqueak half his size who insists on calling herself "Mint." - created on 11:23:40 06/03/2020 by Mint and last modified on 09:56:46 06/23/2020. Cast: Mint and Jax.

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