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Oboro (8 logs)

SNF: You're a Loose Cannon
Under the Knife
The Twilight Star Continuing Education Program
Flashmob in Matsushima
Twilight Star Circus: Gathering Mists
B6 Qualifiers: Team Canada vs Twilight Star
KOF Stage 1: USA vs. Twilight Star

Okuno (7 logs)

Old Line and Same Old Song and Dance
SNF: Year of the Pig
KOF: A Syndicate Broken
Late Night Visitors
The Quality of Strength
Ristar 2021 R1 - Okuno vs Yun

Olivia (9 logs)

NL#0153: Aranha vs Olivia
NL#154: Tsinghua vs Olivia
NL#0156: Olivia vs Yun
NL#0159: Jezebel vs Olivia
NL: QF Aranha vs Olivia
NL Season 6 Semifinals: Olivia vs Tairyu
Allergic Reaction
SNF: "Duel of the Fates"
Lucky Chloe vs. Jesus & the Red Chicken

Oro (2 logs)

SNF: Hidden Potential

Oswald (10 logs)

Mission 7) Snips And Snares
Act 2: Mission 24 - Collection Agency
Act 3: Mission 21) Sacred Assassins
World Warrior Qualifier - Urien vs Blood
Illyria Act 1 - Class Versus Ass
Illyria Finale - Final Boss Round 2
A Matter of Trust
TBT Act 1 - Contract Negotiation
TBT Act 2 - Pretty Fly For A White Guy
TBT Act 3: Split the Difference

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