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Cammy (8 logs)

High Above the Southtown Streets
Hong Kong's inferno
What Matters Is Vidya
The Dollhouse: Psychic Integrity
Competing - Cramped quarters
Moonlight Interlude
SNF: Service Rivalry
SNF: Night Train to Terror

Caoimhe (9 logs)

The Program: The Beginning
TIP - Week 1 - Grand Opening
TIP W1 - Showup Hoedown Posse vs Going Commando
TIP - Week 2 - Hunting for Mermaids
TIP - Week 2 - Team With Himself vs Going Commando
TIP - Week 3 - Extreme Beach Volleyball
TIP - Week 3 - PTSD vs Going Commando
Uninvited Guest
The ABCs of ABVs

Carissa (2 logs)

The Halting Ascent

Carl (2 logs)

A Boy & His Doll: Family Reunion
Golden Angel R2 - Clio vs Carl

Carmine (1 log)

Who's This Kid?! I'm Doin' Business Here!!

Cassie (12 logs)

SNF: Let Me Take A Selfie
A Taste of Things to Come
MK Round 1: Cassie vs Sorcha
(Special) Forces At Work
MK Round 2: Cassie Cage vs Ayame Ichijo
MK round 3: Cassie vs. Erron Black
SNF: Slippery When Wet
SNF: Cross Tag Match: Navy vs Army
Pro Red Belt Match - B. B. Hood vs Cassie
TBT Act 1 - Let Me Take A Selfie

Celica (1 log)

Family Ties

Chanel (5 logs)

Two models together.
Dominate your Elders!
Queen of Pain
Two women who are more than eyecandy
SNF: Blair vs Chanel - "Mean Girls"

Chang (2 logs)


Charlie (25 logs)

Blood For Blood
The Program: The Beginning
A Little Followup
So Begins the Hunt
The Program: Seeing Red
[UG:Round 3] MY HERO
Making Plans
KOF Stage 1: Sonic Assault vs. Broken Hearts
KOF Stage 2: Sonic Assault vs Team Interpol
KOF: Third Place: Team USA vs Sonic Assault
Daniel Jack Investigates: The Shape Of Terror!
Daniel Jack Investigates: The Bunker Of Secrets!
A Taste of Things to Come
MK Round 1: Charlie vs. Testament
(Special) Forces At Work
MK Round 2: Sheeva vs Charlie
The March of the Sea Turtles
MK Round 3: Charlie vs. Rose
TBT Act 1 - Signal Boost
TBT Act 1 - I'm Afraid He's Back
TBT Act 2 - Lamentations For Uriah
Operation Lebanese Red
Nervous Man In A Forty Dollar Room

Cherri (2 logs)

SNF: Dead Of Night
SNF: Black Christmas

Chet (10 logs)

Behind the Mask
A Delicate Proposition
NL#0128: Chet vs Franco
NL#0131: Cody vs Chet
NL#0132: Koto vs Chet
NL#0133: Abigail vs Chet
NL#0137: Chet vs Quon
NL#0138: Chet vs Mei Lin
NL00120 Quarter-Finals: Cody vs. Chet
NL00120 Semi-Finals: Chet vs Fumiko

Chin (3 logs)

SNF: "Fine Taste"
Forge of the Dream Deferred
By the Blade of the Sword

Chipp (1 log)

KOF Act 3: Mission 18) Iron Clad

Chisaki (8 logs)

You Should Buy A Pot: Chatting at the Library!
Let's Go Out For Chinese
A Rainchecked Bout of Fisticuffs
Blood For Blood
By the Blade of the Sword
NL#0047: Chisaki vs Lee Chaolan
Not Quite Human
SNF: Fu Season

Chizuru (8 logs)

World Warrior Qualifier - Chizuru vs Blood
Meeting the Kusagani heir
The search for the tainted flame
Sacred Mirror and Profaned Fire
Stones Creates Ripples
Meeting Mai Shiranui in a ramen shop
A Challenging Training Lesson
Rosalia #13) Signs and Portents

Chloe (12 logs)

SNF: Rumble Roses
NL#0011: Mimiru vs Lee Chaolan
NL#0012: Maki vs Chloe
NL#0017: Chloe vs Lucrezia
A Brutal Proposition
NL#0039: Rainbow Mika vs Chloe
BFW gets Snakebitten
[UG:Round 2] Synesthesia (incomplete)
PFW: Eastern Pro - Mimiru vs Chloe

Choi (1 log)


Chris (7 logs)

Things Are Heating Up!
CYS Is Ready To Rock Your Butt Off
Ristar 2022 R2 - Chris vs Angelina
Ristar 2022 R3 - Daichi vs Chris
Faster Food
Ristar 2022 R4 - Meifeng vs Chris

Christie (2 logs)

World Warrior Qualifier - Christie vs Eiji
Hunting small game

Chun-Li (25 logs)

Hong Kong's inferno
Noodles With A Side Of Cop
Set to Defrost: A Routine (?) Evaluation
Meeting Ken Masters
Police Brutality: Dragon Edition
In Memorium
The Twin Dragons
The Artifact That The Scholar Refused
When a Dame Walked Into the Office
Legendary Red Belt Match - Chun-Li vs Duke
TBT Act 1 - Exit Wounds
TBT Act 1 - I'm Afraid He's Back
TBT Act 2 - Seek and Destroy
TBT Act 3 - Seeking Golgotha
P-BBB 2018 - Train Slayer 2000
After Wine, Veritas
Where It Goes
Vital Intelligence
Mean Girls - Juri vs Chun Li
Prelims 2 - Team Family Values vs Ikari Team
DOA R1 - Ken Masters vs Chun-Li
DOA R2 - Kasumi vs Chun-Li
To Serve Man
The Village at the End of the World

Cinder (3 logs)

The Janus Project - Company Policy
The Road Less Travelled

Claire (6 logs)

SNF: Cabaret of Carnage
Three Women Walk Into A Bar
B4 Qualifier: Rising Dragons vs Beautiful Girls
Mission 2) Hack Dot Next - Noboru vs Claire
KOF Mission 9: To Catch a Killer
Act 2: Mission 5 - Act of God

Clarity (6 logs)

Black Dragon R2 - Lions And Tigers And Werewolves
SNF - White Sunday
NL#0147: Clarity vs Tairyu
Ristar 2021 R1 - Hayley vs Clarity
Ristar 2022 R1 - Clarity vs Sven
Ristar 2022 R2 - Meifeng vs Clarity

Clark (2 logs)

Act 2: Mission 21) Guerrilla War
The Crimson Circle

Claudio (1 log)

Illyria Act 2 - The Quality of Loyalty

Clio (61 logs)

No Trespassing! It's Lunch Time!
Chains Of Destiny
Have You Seen This Creep?
Jack Out of the Box
Crossing The Line
Black Knight Blues
Fact-Finding Mission
Discordant Memories
The Cat Came Down To Chinatown
Act 1: Phantom Pains
Insight and Suspicions
A Midnight Chat
On The Job: Zach v Boarshead
Paging Miss Clio
Melancholy Reunions
Golden Angel R1 Party - Keijo????????
Down on the Boardwalk
Cereberus & Dingo
Golden Angel R1 - Makoto Nanaya vs Clio
In a Mirror, Darkly.
Golden Angel R2 - Clio vs Carl
Potemkin Reporting In
Golden Angel R3 - Mint vs Clio
Everyone Needs Their Rituals
Illyria Act 1 - What Which Cannot Be Known
Golden Angel Finals - Nensei Sentai Gooranger
Lion and Hound
Sugar and Atomic-grade Spice
Illyria Finale - Broken Pedestals
In The Wake of War
Leyline of the Land
The Queen is Dead; Long Live the Queen
Promises and Purpose
A Wulf and Hound
Moving the Chains
Meet Me In Metro City
Moving the Chains Part 2
Ice Cream and Catching Up
Under a Starless Sky
The Things We Do For Ice Cream
Prelims 1 - Team Kaka vs The Mongrels
Midnight Train
Quarterfinal 4 - Team Aesop vs Team Kaka
Semifinal 2 - USA Sports Team vs Team Kaka
Wintertime in Metro
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Stray Cats
December in the Park
Plan of Action
Mother's Day
Meet Again for the First Time
Rosalia #10) The Eye that Cannot See
Rosalia: Bus Factor
Turning Back the Wheel of Fate
Metro City Park - Prelude to Investigation

Cody (14 logs)

TBT Act 3: Giants Of Southtown
SNF: Streets Of Rage - Cody vs Maxima
NL#0120: Cody vs Antonov
SNF: Night Train to Terror
Atu METRO: The Cody
SNF: Wolfman vs Dracula
NL#0131: Cody vs Chet
NL00120 Quarter-Finals: Cody vs. Chet
Battle of Bloodlust: Juri V Cody
KOF: A Night At The Opera
Prelims 1 - Team Kaka vs The Mongrels
Prelims 2 - The Mongrels vs Team WTF
Job Hunting

Cooper (4 logs)

A Taste of Things to Come
Mission 7) Snips And Snares
Act 2: Mission 4 - Follow The Trail
Act 3: Mission 3) White Dress, Red Wedding

Cracker Jack (30 logs)

BLITZ: Enforcer? I Barely Met Her!
SNF: Beauty and the Beats!
Jack and Juri
PFW: Western Pro - C. Jack vs L. Spangles
NL#0063: Rainbow Mika vs Cracker Jack
Casting Couch of Crime
SNF: Mazes & Monsters
SNF: Cracker Jack vs. Senna
Get your Motor Runnin'.
Stranger things have happened
SNF: West Alligator River! Cracker Jack vs. Rust
PFW: Western Pro: Cracker Jack vs Lita
NL#0064: Cracker Jack vs Honoka
NL#0065: Cracker Jack vs Rainbow Mika
NL#0068: Zach Glenn vs Cracker Jack
NL#0069: Cracker Jack vs Alisa
NL#0071: Cracker Jack vs Natsu
Dead End Kids
Cinderella For A Day
Karate Kids
A Lady Who's Sure
PCS: Worldwide Pro - C.Jack vs R.Mika
NL#0075: Makoto vs Cracker Jack
OOC: Lounge Hijinx
NL#0078 Kensou vs Cracker Jack
NL#0084: Marduk vs Cracker Jack
Q&A With CJ
Bury Me At Boot Hill

Crock (11 logs)

Salting the Earth
He Who Casts The First Stone
Black Dragon R1 - Anarchy Reigns
Black Dragon R2 - Crocodile Rock
Black Dragon R2 - Smashed Mouth
Black Dragon R4 - Mother's Day Massacre
Black Dragon R4 - Bad Omens
Unity Of The Faith
Words Which Carry Water
Happy Campers
The Village At the End of the World

Cyrax (5 logs)

A Taste of Things to Come
MK Round 1: Zabel vs Cyrax
MK Round 2: Cyrax vs. Sorcha
MK Round 3: Bolivar vs. Cyrax
MK round 4: KENSHI vs CYRAX

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