Cammy - High Above the Southtown Streets

Description: Ibuki has acquired an item of import, preventing Shadaloo from getting it. Cammy is sent to follow up after another Doll could not finish the mission. Cammy does not as well.

Up here, this late at night, Southtown looked like a glittering panoply. It made for a beautiful backdrop for her training exercises, feeling the rush of air through her top knot, seeing the myriad of colored lights. And frankly, it made her feel like she was some incredible action hero.

She even had a song. Her earbuds thudded with the rhythm that pounded into her ear drums as she continued in her freefall, hands crossed over her chest, legs pressed together. Against the backdrop of the high building she looked like some diver in silhouette, her body performing controlled twists and turns in the air.

The rooftop of her target approached quickly, far too quickly, and far from being as silent as a kunoichi ought to be, she exhilirated in the feeling, letting out a whoop of excitement. Why not? Who was going to even hear her up here? Channeling her chi into her feet she stuck the landing masterfully, with all the grace of a ballet dancer as she landed upon her toes, then performing a series of forward flips and cartwheels in order to keep the momentum going.

"Ibuki, on the scene!" She called out, laughing merrily, as she leapt onto an HVAC unit, and kept going, flipping through the air with legs pressed against her chest towards the next, lower building in the skyline. If she was going to be forced into late night training exercises, then she was going to have fun with it.

Cammy was always interested in going outside of the compound. Always interested in seeing the world outside of the compound. Even if most of that feeling was locked behind the glassy eyes of her programming, whilst on a mission. So some part of her thrilled as she leaped from rooftop to rooftop, cresting the wide gap between two buildings with an incredible leap from powerful legs - one that carries her forth with a flipping somersault, Cammy landing lightly in a squat on the other side of the gap.

The faint sounds of traffic drift up to her.

At least, until those sounds are drowned out by a sound in her ear - a harsh whisper from some Shadaloo controller. "KB-400 - move north by northwest two more blocks. Target is currently moving your direction." There was no waiting for acknowledgement from Cammy. It was unnecessary. Shadaloo had ordered, and the young Doll obeyed.

Exploding up from that squat she had landed in, Cammy throws her arms out to the sides and holds them behind herself, gauntleted hands held flat like knives. Dashing forward - boots clashing against the roof as she launches herself into another leap - sparing a moment to glance down at the traffic this time, before landing once more, ignoring the way her braided ponytails lash forward over her shoulders, her light blue uniform providing no camoflauge against the night. Nor comfort against the chill.

Cammy ignored the cold.

But not wearing camoflauge may have a downside. Cammy was on one side of the building that Ibuki was about to land upon - Ibuki no doubt going to land on the entirely opposite side. It would give her a few moments to prepare, as Cammy starts to dash her direction like a locked-on missile.

COMBATSYS: Cammy has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Cammy            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Ibuki has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Cammy            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Ibuki

With the beats of the song covering up the sounds of the city beneath her, and even the sounds of the wind and her footsteps up high, Cammy gets far closer than Ibuki would like to admit, before she even notices she's there. It's what her masters would call a fatal lapse. It's what she would call a goofup. The glint of Cammy's metallic red armguards is what Ibuki sees first, while she's mid acrobatic manuever. Her head turns, and she catches sight in her, though her view of her is skewed somewhat by being in motion.

Her wrapped feet touch down, and as she skids Ibuki tears a single earbud out from her ears. Just one. While initially surprised, she seems extraordinarily calm. Inwardly though she wasn't looking forward to this fight, given how tough a time she'd given her last time. "If it isn't the not-a-robot psycho power Samurai!"

Reaching up a sleeve, she freezes as she takes a second glance. Similar build, same uniform. No sword. Different hair, different face. "Wait, you're not..." Seeming somewhat confused, and now not having any idea what her foe's capabilities are, she backpeddles suddenly, springing into a backflip. At the apex of her leap, an arm lances from side to side, releasing a sliver of metal. It glints within the lights of the skyline, as the kunai races through the air towards her foe. "Who are you!? What do you want?" She asks in mid-air, right after attacking. After getting thrashed so badly by the other, she's taking no chances here by asking questions first.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Cammy with Kunai.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Cammy            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0            Ibuki

Briefly - very briefly, one might see a hint of surprise cross Cammy's features. Did Ibuki recognize...? No. "Target acquired," says Cammy as the young woman comes into full view - at least, as much of a view as possible, her nigh-monotone voice lifting with a hint - a hint of exhiliration.

There was always a bit of a rush that came out of fighting, wasn't there?

The kunai races through the air, and Cammy ducks down, kicking off of the rooftop to try to dash /under/... ... that wasn't quite going to work. The kunai thuds into her shoulder, and the intense speed that she was approaching the ninja with falters. But only a moment. She musn't focus on the pain, even as red starts to stain the light blue of her uniform.

"You have acquired an item. Relinquish it to me, and your life will be spared," replies Cammy, the pain causing a little bit of strain around the syllables. But she does not move to remove the embedded kunai - not yet.

Not until she can duck down, the leather of her boots squeaking against the rooftop as she pulls one of her feet forward, launching off of the rooftop with the other. Nearly as fast as she approached on foot - she ascends in the air with a jump, twisting in a moment to lead her ascent with that forward foot, tucking the other beneath herself. "CANNON SPIKE!" she calls.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki dodges Cammy's Cannon Spike.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Cammy            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Ibuki

"You even speak like her." The ninja in tan wonders aloud. The track changes in her earbud, to a jpop OP theme for her favorite current anime. "Why is that? /Precision/?" She inquires, offering the reason that the other one gave to her.

Some part of her exults as the kunai strikes her, but she knows that won't be enough to even slow her down, much less stop her, if she's even half as talented as the other. If she's... moreso, then this could be her last battle. "News flash. I handed that off about an hour I acquired it." To her clan elders, but she doesn't need to tell her that. "I'm not going to hang onto it with a ninja from another clan after me, and one of you... psycho... what are all of you anyhow? That uniform is so /military/!"

And then Cammy is upon her, quicker than she expected, and she's forced to take an evasive hop backwards to try to get away. She was hoping to keep her distance in this fight, in a running battle since her last opponent fought her up close. Such efforts she realizes are in vain, as Cammy drills towards her. Ibuki's eyes widen, just a moment before the muscle memory of ninja training kicks in. Bending over backwards in the air like she was doing some sort of aerial limbo maneuver, as Cammy goes /just/ over her. She feels Cammy's twisting motion part the bangs on her forehead, and even she can't help but wince as she comes to a certain realization.

Had she been even a moment slower, she'd have quite possibly had her skull caved in. It's humbling, when facing a fighter like this. Knowing just how close it had been. She lands on her palms, in a hand stand, before turning herself over, to balance on her left leg. Her rightleg she curls into her body, as blue chi gathers in the foot. It lashes out towards Cammy repeatedly in a series of standing whirlwind kicks, azure streamers of power lighting up the building rooftop as she attempts to strike her again and again.

COMBATSYS: Cammy blocks Ibuki's Tsumuji.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Cammy            0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0            Ibuki

Cammy's foot does not find the solace in her opponent's form. Once she realized that she was over her opponent, she abandons the form of the cannon spike, instead letting both her legs point upwards then. Cammy barely had time to land before Ibuki was on her - lightning fast. Up comes Cammy's arm guard. The first kick was met with a solid block of that, the energy washing over her arm. The second had to be blocked with her other arm - the pain twisting in her shoulder due to the kunai still lodged in it.

After the flurry of blows - only then does Cammy take a half-second to contemplate the questions. It was the way she was programmed. She assumed it was the way Vega preferred it. It was more frightening for an enemy to fight a soulless automaton. It was military. Cammy flicks her eyes towards Ibuki, her blue eyes empty and wide - as if staring at something far in the distance. "Precision," she states in a matter of fact matter.

"Where did you sell it? You will not be terminated if you tell," says Cammy at that. As for her identity? Satsuki's identity? Cammy remains mum upon that. Taking a couple fluttering steps away, Cammy's eyes draw in on Ibuki - focus in on her, pupils narrowing like lasers.

And after a second or two of that, Cammy brings up her hand to the kunai in her shoulder, wrenching it free and tossing it to one side, her features briefly abandoning the placid one. Brow furrows, lips turn down into a frown, and she cries, "Come /on/!", in a challenge, snapping her hands in front of herself as she adopts a defensive posture.

COMBATSYS: Cammy calculates her next move.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Cammy            0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0            Ibuki

Ibuki gapes behind her half mask as Cammy blocks her series of kicks, though she doesn't dwell upon it for that long, skipping backwards and looking upon her opponent with renewed respect for her skill. Enough that when she skips backwards in a blur of motion she removes the second ear bud with a single tug. "What makes you think I sold it? I'm not some amateur second story jerk. You think I'd go to all the trouble of stealing from the latest 'BigCorp' for a quick payoff?" The truth was, she didn't even know why she'd stolen it. She just knew that her clan elders wanted it. They got it, she somehow survived the experience.

The Shadaloo doll's challenge is met by her brows creasing, before she assumes a casual stance, falling into the rhythm of this battle. One hand juts out in front of her, palm up with a leg leading. "You're not like the other one. You want a challenge." She offers her observations aloud, unsolicited or not. "You're enjoying this. She..."

Mid-statement Ibuki reacts, rushing forward, expert footwork taking her back and forth, looking something like a tan blur. Suddenly she drops down low, leg skidding against the ground in a sliding kick towards Cammy's shins. At the last moment, she presses her palms against the ground and pushes upwards, her foot suddenly rising in a powerful rising ki infused kick aimed towards her opponent's jaw, as Ibuki rises off the ground, a cerulean crescent flashing as she does so. "...wasn't as hot-blooded!" She finishes, mid-attack.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Cammy with Kazekiri.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Cammy            0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0            Ibuki

Breathing out a long, ragged-sounding breath through her nostrils, Cammy brings up her hands, curling her fingers into a pair of fists. The leather in her gloves creaks as she clenches her fists so tight the knuckles go white, her gaze not once leaving the ninja. Cammy, for her part, did not even know what this object was. Simply that she was to retrieve it, or punish the perpetrator thoroughly.

"Then you will state clearly where it is," says the Doll, her eyes flicking to one side briefly, before they focus back in on Ibuki. The observant might notice that her glance briefly took her to one of those rooftop structures - a cooling system, perhaps.

Regardless of such things - Cammy pauses as Ibuki says what she does. And in the moment where she rushes forward to react... well... Cammy herself has to marvel at the skill of the ninja. Cammy leaps forward at the sliding kick, intending to clear the ninja entirely and avoid the entire mess - but that rising portion of that kick infused kick catches Cammy square in the face instead. Reeling with the hit, Cammy spins end over end, arms briefly going limp before she crashes to the rooftop nearby.

And for a moment, she has to clear her mind as brand new pains add on to that of her shoulder. A beat. Launching herself to a stand... and stepping to one side as the wooziness of the motion hits her, Cammy's little cap had left her head somewhere in the midst of this combat. It now lay forlorn atop the rooftop, someplace between herself and Ibuki.

Recall the unit that Cammy noticed before? It was nearer now. As opposed to dashing directly towards Ibuki, Cammy kicks off of the rooftop towards that - to kick off of that structure as well in a high jump, tucking her arms closer to herself as she pirouettes in the air like a ballerina.

Only to land nearby the ninja, swinging out her gauntleted arm in a brutal strike intended to be snapped across the face. "/End/ your resistance!"

COMBATSYS: Cammy successfully hits Ibuki with Axle Spin Knuckle.
- Power hit! -

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Cammy            0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1            Ibuki

Feeling the ball of her foot connect, she intends to immediately follow up on it, fist raised backwards. However she miscalculates as Cammy is sent spinning, and is unable to follow up. Instead she uses the momentum to flip backwards, before descending to balance on the toes of a single foot. "Nope, don't think I can do that. Sorry. Code of the ninja and all that."

Cammy rises without her hat, and Ibuki suddenly winces beside herself. It was a nice hat, and if she knew military types at all. She knew that they really liked their hats.

Spoilers: She did not, especially not Shadaloo.

She relaxes seeing how unsteady Cammy is on her feet. "Now, we've traded a few blows, let's talk se... whoa!" Cammy's recovery time is frightening. As she kicks off the rooftop Ibuki tries to anticipate her trajectory, as she leaps to one side. She exults, thinking she's correctly read her opponent, only to realize, that she's just kicked off another structure. Ibuki, mid-flight crosses her arms in front of her as she spins right at her, and smashes through her guard with an ease that defies description.

There's a sound somewhat like 'hurk' as Ibuki is slammed back into the rooftop by the tremendous strength of her spinning fist, and bounces right into a metal vent that protrudes out of the rooftop. The grate on the front of it is crushed backwards, right into a spinning fan, which strikes it multiple times, a shower of sparks going up everywhere, before the mechanism breaks down. She lays there, crumpled for a while, waves of agony moving throughout her body.

When she rises, her head is swimming, and her whole body feels like it's a sea of agony. "Don't... think I put up..." She puts a hand against her face, staggering forward a pace, "...much resistance against that." While she feels like she was going to swoon from that single hit alone, she plants one foot, sliding the other around to steady herself.

When the going gets tough, don't get mad. Get calm, that's what her instructors always taught her. Placing one hand out in front of her, the trio of Cammys swirling in her field of vision merged into a single one. And that is when she acts. She moves forward, a series of wide kicks are made as feints to try to throw her off, before one hand lashes out, attempting to grab Cammy under her arm pit.

For a moment, everything seems still to her, save for the motion of her other hand. It lashes out in a palm strike she aims at Cammy's chest, beginning to glow azure at the pinnacle of the strike, and she makes a sudden fist. A burst of energy erupts from it, forming an explosive sphere of energy around it. She tries to send her opponent flying. "Good thing I make it a policy to keep trying to resist people who try to tell me what to do!"

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Cammy with Raida.
- Power hit! -

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Cammy            0/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1            Ibuki

There were few - very few - that Cammy had experience with that she would consider truely dangerous. Someone who should be watched, particularly - some that challenged her. But few challenged her to this degree on the same level that Cammy excelled at. Ibuki was /fast/.

And it was barely a few moments more that that palm strike comes forward. Cammy's feet shift beneath herself, rearranging themselves upon the roof. Leap left, leap right - duck under each of those feinting kicks, Cammy's brow furrowing sharply. For anyone any slower, that strike would have hit nothing but air, and left Cammy in a wonderful position to make a quick snap back towards her opponent.

Ibuki was not one of those people. That strike hits Cammy's chest, driving her breath out along with her nascent plans for a counterattack. Too late, did she realize the reason that her manuever likely did not work was the grasp that she had on her armpit.

And the somewhat serene feeling of flight that follows soon after.

Followed soon by a landing - the pain of which paled in comparison to the burning she felt tingling along her skin at the aftershocks of the ki. Cammy was not so quick to rise to her feet again this time.

Pulling herself up to a squat at first, Cammy's eyes level upon Ibuki as she slowly rises to her feet. Slowly - to avoid the unsteadiness that she showed before. But the damage was showing in several other places. The slight hunch to her shoulders - the heavier breathing - the furrow to her brow taking on a slightly pained cant.

And the smile, however small, that dances up unto Cammy's lips. Briefly, so briefly, before it fades back to placidity.

Snapping her arms up again, Cammy starts to advance with a slow - calculated step. Spoiler alert: Cammy did privately think that the hat was really cute, but she didn't love it fondly. Perhaps if it were wider, and floppier. Hmmn.

Ducking low again, Cammy's hands clutch tighter, and she starts to charge forward towards the other young woman - finding the strength in her legs again. Pushing off of the ground, she launches into the air again, landing short of Ibuki, and skipping forward in a little dash - only to feint to one side and leap up again, near her.

What Cammy hoped to do then is reach out her hand and grasp the ninja's throat, kinda... leaning forward and using her momentum to swing around her and kinda knock her off her balance and to the ground with as little fuss as possible.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki dodges Cammy's Flying Neck Hunt.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Cammy            0/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1            Ibuki

Ibuki stands there in that position, chest heaving like bellows. Fist extended as wisps of smoke rise off her fingers and arm guard. She stands in that position for a full ten seconds before a wave of nausea hits her, from the previous strike and she's certain she'll have a concussion from this experience at the very least. It takes every ounce of her concentration not to lose her dinner on the rooftop, as she staggers backwards, a hand at her gut. "No no no..." She dry heaves, "...not now." If she vomitted, it would give Cammy one heck of an opening.

Her vision blurs again as Cammy rises to her feet, and she looks at her, losing some of her calm as her body won't cooperate with her mind. Seeing that smile for even a moment, she's... scared. The other one had had that smile, right before she had nearly killed that other, far more skilled master kunoichi, that eerie hate-filled energy running up and down her blade.

Seeing the advance, she tries to retreat, and her legs feel like jelly. The step backwards comes all too slowly. "Come on, get it together, get it together." She murmurs to herself, trying to calm down her roiling guts. And then the Shadaloo operative is dashing right at her. A hand grasps at her throat, and Ibuki fights the urge to shriek, instead her body moves at her own accord leaning backwards forming a confusing after image as quickly as Cammy moves forward. Cammy grasps her...

...half mask, and pulls it right off in one violent motion during the grab.

She pulls it right off, just as the sheer force of even the grab carries her to the ground. She rolls just out of the way just a moment before Cammy lands upon the ground in her last position. "You just..." Now with her identity fully exposed to any jerk with a cell phone camera(Fortunately they're on a rooftop right), Ibuki has no time to contemplate that her neck was almost broken if she'd been even a hair slower. It left no doubt on her ideas regarding the doll's sense of mercy. "...tried to..." She instead springs at Cammy's waist, tries to grip her and swings to her back where she tries to climb to her shoulders like some sort of giant tanuki. "....break my neck!" Both hands try to clamp down on the sides of her head. In one vicious motion, Ibuki leaps in a twisting motion, trying to spin Cammy and take her with her. "LET ME SHOW YOU HOW IT'S REALLY DONE!"

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Cammy with Kubiori.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Cammy            1/------=/=======|=======\====---\1            Ibuki

There was a voice - in the distance. A man's voice. A ragged whisper that sounded more and more panicked.

For a moment, it seemed as though it were the voice of an ethereal being from another dimension, the voice intruding on her new, more pleasant reality of darkness for a handful of moments, like an insect buzzing into her ear.

Idly, Cammy picks up her hand towards her earpiece, and pulls it out of her ear almost casually.

Sensation returns to her in a rush. No - it was night, she was here atop this rooftop, and she had just had her neck twisted rather brutally by an angry kunoichi. Cammy takes a long breath in, pulling herself up to her feet at that moment, fingers splayed and resting against her chest as the previous few moments come into a blur.

An elbow - shot back over her shoulder towards the woman climbing up her back before that twist, and the sickening pop - not quite a break, but almost - the spinning through the air and landing upon the ground. And the darkness.

Programming was her default. In this moment of confusion and chaos, programming - both Shadaloo and muscle memory, come into play. Cammy brings up an arm - her mind starts whirling in the approved structure of policies and mission parameters. And accidentally - Cammy stumbles, crushing the earpiece beneath a boot. The man had been screaming commands to a Doll who was too out to understand. Cammy never heard the abort command.

The controller did not think potentially losing the Killer Bee would be worth whatever item that she was to retrieve. Perhaps he was even right.

Cammy flicks her eyes towards Ibuki - whereever she was at now, Cammy giving herself over to the programming, envisioning - thinking - calculating.

Cammy leaps up towards that A/C unit that had an Ibuki-shaped dent in it, crouching upon it like a gargoyle. Calculating - anticipating - letting her gut and the psycho power that flowed through her guide her 'read' of Ibuki, and...!


Leaping from the top of the vent, Cammy twists around in the air, falling towards Ibuki like a missile. Should she hit - that would just be the first strike. Pouring the last of her reserves into the strikes - Cammy would bring up a high kick across the chest, and kinda leap up with her second foot if it should connect, letting it kinda fold into something like a spiral arrow. Then - to dart behind Ibuki in a half moment and rise up with a cannon spike to the back of the head, ending the combination with a whirling roundhouse to knock her away from herself.

COMBATSYS: Cammy successfully hits Ibuki with Killer Bee Assault.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Cammy            0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Ibuki

Ibuki didn't try to keep attached to Cammy, her hands slipping away from her neck in mid-air just as an elbow shoots back towards her solar plexus. She somersaults through the air and lands. This landing she doesn't stick, instead her foot misses, and she rolls backwards, both palms slapping the rooftop in order to absorb the force of the motion.

She rises quicker this time, in the midst of a giddy combat high. Only to see Cammy stumbling around, the buzzing of a second voice, so distant she can't make it out, hitting Ibuki's ears. It ceases when Cammy crushes the ear piece which she's certain wasn't playing music. She assumes a guarded stance, having no idea what to make of this right now. "What are you, girl?" She whispers aloud, as she sees her leap aloud, feels that energy gather within her, so different from her own chi. Why was she so afraid to the answer to that question?

Well for starters, it's because Cammy had screamed that she'd locked onto her. And there she is, a human missile. Ibuki balances on one foot, both of her arms scrunched up near her, and one leg raised to try to fend off the assault. She might as well have tried to fend off hurricane. The first kick hits, and Ibuki feels all the air leave her lungs. That's just the start of her lesson in pain, the high kick lifting her fully off the ground, her leg unable to remain planted as the arrow like kick carries her with it. And then Cammy isn't there. Where did she go? She can't follow her, she can't keep track...

A kick slams into the back of her head, and the girl hits the roof top hard, skipping like a stone on the surface of a pond. She feels everything going black, and perhaps for just one instant, she is unconscious, and still. And then the kunoichi, too stubborn to realize her own body doesn't want to go on, slams a fist down upon the concrete rooftop hard. Azure energy within her hand crunches the concrete, leaving a crater not much larger than a fist, as she then pushes herself up with her other arm, facing the one killer bee that looked like a whole swarm to her vision.

"Sorry. I've got too much life to live, to die here tonight." She states proudly, picking out her target amongst the swarm. One foot moves, then the other, her entire body feeling numb, the tingling sensation blessedly blocking out the agony. Her third step almost ends her charge, as she feels her foot slip out from under her, and she recovers by putting a hand down into a hand stand, as she then moves like a bolt of blue lightning inside Cammy's guard, her whole body limmed in a blue aura. "So..." She turns her back to he for just a fraction of a second, and suddenly spins both of her arms as she gathers all of that power into her limbs with her ninpo technique. It may seem like there's an opening for just a moment, before she spins into a vicious backfist towards the Killer Bee's shoulder. "...take this!" She then turns into a roundhouse kick towards her abdomen. Moving like a fan blade herself, the foot turns around, before attempting to knock Cammy upwards in a rising kick like before, trying to take her with her.

She spins backwards, landing upon the ground in a three point landing before instantly rising, like she'd leapt off a spring board. One foot tries to stomp into her face, then the other, as she pushes off of her into a backwards flip taking her higher into the air. "My ultimate heart-breaking..." When the flip carries her around, and she's facing her opponent again, it looks like she's holding two kunai in her hands. They suddenly spread out in a fan-like motion, and it's apparent that roughly five more were hiding behind each. "...attack..." Her arms both cross each other, raining Kunai down upon her. She lets them all descend against her opponent's guard, respecting the fact that a fighter this talented could defend against this, even now. Just behind the shower, she descends, tucked into herself like a human cannonball at the Shadaloo operative. At the last minute, she uncurls, a fist drawing back, before aiming a haymaker at her head.

Not finished yet, she blurs past her, even descending past her and stopping behind her, trying to make a grab for the collar on the back of her uniform. She tries to control her opponent's descent, by making a try at flipping her around and slamming her into the ground by driving her knee into her back. "...HASHINSHO!"

COMBATSYS: Cammy dodges Ibuki's #Hashinsho#.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Cammy            0/-------/----===|-------\-------\0            Ibuki

Cammy was aware that Ibuki was talking to her. At least - in that hazy moment of focus, she saw her lips move. And Cammy wasn't precisely a lip reader - and in that haze of darkness infringing on her vision - Cammy just briefly flickers her brilliantly blue eyes up towards Kasumi's, gaze lingering there a moment.

Then her Killer Bee assault.

"Relinquish... the item. Unto my possession," says Cammy, her words and structure jumbling - perhaps a bit slurred. Yes - there was an unsteadiness about her hips and stance - but her hands were clutched tight. So tight - white knuckles could be seen. This time, when the kunoichi comes in - this time - when Cammy felt as though she had nothing left, did she feel as though she could dance with the other young woman.

It might resemble a dance of sorts. Cammy ducking her head under the backfist and popping back up again, leaping away to barely... /barely/ avoid that vicious kick at her center. Normally, she would try to dodge in such a way as to set up a counterattack, but for the moment at least, she did not wish to take that sort of chance. Just move with her. Lean back with the stomp upon the face, her braids snapping over her shoulder with the speed of her movement, arms lifting to block the second and giving the nin something to forward flip off of. Then the kunai.

Lunging backwards, a twitch here and there - one sailing kunai taking a bit of her hair along with it. But with the last strike against her, the human cannonball that was Ibuki meets air - Cammy had lept straight up - not straight up precisely. But up with the same momentum as Ibuki was traveling.

So that after Ibuki has recovered, and glances up - she might just have a moment's chance before she sees Cammy twisting, extending her foot and changing the direction of her fall to draw down towards the nin like an arrow.

COMBATSYS: Cammy successfully hits Ibuki with Cannon Strike.

[                         \\\\\  < >                                ]
Cammy            0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1            Ibuki

In motion, there was barely time to even register that Cammy was putting on a glorious display of skill in dodging and deflecting her series of attacks. The ground battle turns into an aerial ballet of sorts. Cammy proves that she's the prima ballerina here, and Ibuki... had a lot to learn. It's disheartening, coming to the realization that her Elders might be right just as she makes the final grab while shouting her battle cry. And comes up with nothing for the titanic effort she just put forth.

Exhausted from it, she doesn't even notice Cammy coming at her back like a giant arrow. Ibuki feels a crunch, and fire up and down her back as she is slammed right into the surface of the roof with an echoing shriek. Now she does feel herself blacking out. There was no chance at escape here. The only thing she could do is /try/. Try to mess up her opponent enough that she wouldn't finish her off. A twitching fist suddenly unclenches, revealing a smoke bomb. It bursts, suddenly releasing an obfuscating haze everywhere. Ibuki's other hand is gripping a kunai, which she raises, then tries to stab straight down into the side of Cammy's boot.

Rolling out of the way suddenly, with her last surge of adrenaline, she moves in the smoke as a blur. Her strikes aren't as certain, or as powerful as they might be otherwise, but in the smoke, it feels like she's everywhere at once. One after another. A desperate elbow strike is aimed at her right kidney. A shaky kick is aimed at her left knee cap. And then she tries to bury a kunai into her back, the strike off-center from being unable to see, or even move as normal.

The smoke dissipates almost all at once, and the ninja in the tan dogi just, slumps down, like a marionette with her strings cut, pushed to her limits and beyond. Her fate seems to be one that will likely be decided by the tender mercies of her foe.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Cammy            0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Cammy blocks Ibuki's Yami Shigure.

[                            \\  <
Cammy            0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Cammy takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Cammy can no longer fight.

The smoke dulled the senses. It blocked the eyes - blinded her - got in her throat - choked her. But Cammy closes her eyes and gives her head a shake. She could still hear. And she could still... sense, to some degree. At the last moment before knife finds boot - Cammy twists her heel into the knife and gives it a little slap of her foot. It still cuts into her, still stings - still draws blood. But does not cut as it was intended. It hurt, it did not disable.

And the dance continues then. But just as Ibuki was starting to flag, as was Cammy. Cammy was growing sloppy in her defense. Leg lifted so that the kick just hits the shin - torso twisted so that elbow hits the side of Cammy's hip. And that last kunai... Cammy moves to grasp Ibuki's wrist and just shove it away before she could... before she could.

The smoke vanishes, and Cammy could see again. Could breathe again, without coughing. And the young woman slumps to the ground as well, a certain shivering passing through her. Protocol dictated that Ibuki be... eliminated, correct?

Even if Cammy had the ability to, she wasn't certain that she could follow through.

She had to escape. Her controller... Cammy lifts a weak arm to her ear, tapping an earpiece that wasn't there. She would have to... escape. By crawling away, at least for now - until she could catch enough breath to run.

~Some time after~

Cammy was long gone, but if Shadaloo operatives were converging on the fallen kunoichi's position, they were going to have to wait. A man adjusts his glasses as he surveys the roof top upon his appearance on Ibuki's position, and bends over, feeling for a pulse. The girl stirs, her eyes opening just a crack, remaining in a lidded position, as he puts an arm under her and hoists her up, cradling her like a child. And indeed, a pain-filled sob leaves her lips from the mere act of moving her. It takes her a few moments to gather up the will to speak "Sanjou-sensei?"

Both of their images start to flicker, as the elder ninja's ninpo techniques carry them away, roof top to roof top rapidly. "Rest. We'll talk once you recover. Then your training will start again... in earnest."

Ibuki might have screamed, but not out of the considerable pain, but pure frustration. Still her thoughts were upon the girl she fought tonight. And the one with the sword. What were they? Why did they want that object so much? What lengths might they go to get it, or to remove her in the future? All questions which she finds no answers to, even in speculation, as everything goes dark again.

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