SNF 2018.05 - SNF: Slippery When Wet

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Description: In the wake of the Golden Angel tournament, there still remains a Golden Angel waterpark. While not quite carrying as much saline water as before, and not quite as demanding on the sensual bodypaint, it is still a great place for mothers to take their kids. Well, it was, until Cassie Cage and Angel got into the mix. Now, the two bikini'd beauties are destined to fight alongside the families coming to enjoy the best waterslides in Southtown. Will Angel finally get a headshot she can't handle? Or will Cassie find herself in the bullpen?

In the wake of the rather strange ending to the Golden Angel tournament only a short couple of months ago, the newly built water park has managed to rise out the crisis relatively unscathed. The choice of Japan as the locale has proven to be quite fortuitous as the locals have proven to be voracious consumers of the glitzy Western-style attractions, keeping the attendance at a steady and profitable level despite the supposed connections that it has with the NESTS criminal cartel.

The massive central dome of the complex is rarely anything less than bustling during business hours. Teaming throngs of swimsuit-clad customers flow back and forth throughout the wide foyer, lulled towards the tantalizing smells of fresh food from the many vendor stalls or on their way towards one of the smaller side rooms where most of the attractions can be found. The hippodome itself is largely host to one thing, that being the massive stage erected over a collosal aquarium tank. Various cute sea creatures go about their business in partitioned slices of the tank, dolphins, seals, manatees - the sorts of things that always get smiles out of customers with their antics.

At the moment the stage is devoid of decoration save for some clear plexi-glass safety barriers that encircle its outer edges, offering protection to both the contestants of the up-coming Saturday Night Fight match as well as the onlookers. A dozen or so cameras are already perched at various angles around the stage, some carried by stout interns while others are mounted on fancy robotic arms giving them the ability to reach higher vantage points for the best shots.

As the time of the match draws near, the room has grown thick with bodies all gathered up in the wide crescent surrounding the arena. A steady buzz of chaotic noise fills the air, hundreds of voices intermingling in conversation that makes it all but impossible to hear anything further than a few feet away save for the overly cheerful voice that blares from the loudspeakers at regular intervals to deliver pre-recorded announcements about upcoming events. The sheer number of people all pressed together has turned the atmosphere into a sweltering sauna despite the cool air being pumped in by massive industrial fans, leaving everyone covered in glistening sheens of sweat. Only a small section near the edge of the stage seems free from the press of the crowd, at the center of which stands the eponymous owner of the park herself.

"To my special fan... Loooove Angel~!"

The teenager speaks the words outloud as she scribbles them down into a small notebook, her handwriting flowing prettily but almost illegibly into a mass of loops and waves. With a smile, she puts a final flourish on the signature before handing it back to the owner, an older man who looks the part of the stereotypical Japanese worker drone. He accepts the book with a grin and bows to her, hugging it to his chest as he turns to wander back off into the crowd, though not before taking a final good look at the girl's attractive form.

True to form, Angel has come to the event wearing the sort of swimsuit that pretty much anyone who knows about her would expect. A trio of black strips of cloth connected by a few slender strings that could charitibly be called a slingshot bikini hug her ample curves. Very little has been left to the imagination, save perhaps the precise method by which she keeps those thin scraps from slipping off whenever she so much as sneezes. Yet despite the apparent danger of accidentally turning this into a burlesque show, the teen manages to remain decent - well, as decent as she's going to get in that outfit.

"Okay," she crows, bringing a microphone she'd tucked under her arm up to her face, blazing her nasally voice over the din of the crowd. "We've only got a few more minutes before the show starts, folks! Hmm, maybe Angel has time for one more autograph. Who's next~?"

A lot of people let themselves get dragged into the debate about style over substance, and whether or not its more important to look good while you're getting into the ring, or whether you should be wearing something functional. Angel's choice of swimsuit design clearly shows that she sits solidly on the style side of the equation, and it would be easy to see how Cassie Cage, being military by trade, would fit on the other side.

What they completely fail to understand is that the debate is a huge waste of everyone's time, because the real answer is to take function and add the style, because there's no point in going for anything less (except if you need camo, that's pretty much got to be all about function).

It's hard to tell whether Cassie's top started as a back holster rig or an athletic top, but that just speaks to the designer who'd put the whole thing together. Aside from the holsters themselves, the black straps that make up the top all look as if they came from a boutique athletic swimsuit. The front is marked with a bright, cobalt blue piece in the middle, with the the black line under her bust drawing around the sides, each one featuring a triangular cutout under her shoulder. The back is almost entirely straps, with a distinct 'X' crossing between the two holsters up into the shoulder straps. The bottoms are a bit more stylish by default, not needing to hold onto a pair of guns. The mixture of blue and black combined with hip cutouts makes it almost look like she's wearing two different bottoms, with the blue coming up higher than a low-cut black. Rather than opt for a thong approach, the Brazilian cut back leaves enough room for "CASSIE" to be written across her own ass.

Obviously pulling the whole look together are a pair of designer sunglasses with iridescent lenses to cover up her eyes, and there is no doubt she knows exactly how much they're worth.

Off to the side of the whole big Angel show, Cassie is checking her gear, loading her guns with bright green magazines filled with non-lethal rounds as she blows a bubble, letting it pop just as she pulls back the slide to chamber the first around.

Someone from the show crew motions her the signal to start getting into position, and Cassie holders her guns, getting up from the bench she's seated at and approaching the stage area as she pulls out her phone, clad in a strangely crystaline yellow case that doesn't match the rest of her look as she sends out a message.


Cassie Cage @ccc 0s

dnt 4get 2 tune n live 4 CASSIE CAGE vs ANGEL, rite NOW #SNF #Live #WetNWild


After a bit of a scuffle over who gets the honors, Angel leaves another lucky fan with her autograph before turning to climb the stairs leading up to the arena. The backside of her swimsuit might as well not even exist, giving the audience and the cameras an eyefull of her dusky tanned skin. Perhaps surprisingly, the Mexican girl well known for showing herself off is almost entirely devoid of ink. She bears no embarrassing words or suggestive tramp stamps, instead sporting only a mysterious symbol on her left shoulder blade. Dark blue with a heavy black outline, the icon looks somewhat like a stylized wing or perhaps some sort of flame, with long wavy lines forking upwards. Ofcourse, most people aren't really paying a lot of attention to her shoulders when there's far more interesting things to look at.

The teen waves left and right to the cheers of the crowd as she moves towards the center of the stage, enjoying her minor celebrity status to the fullest. Up above, a trio of massive stadium screens give the people who aren't lucky enough to have gotten good places to stand a close-up view via the camera feeds, all of which are also broadcasting the event on the usual PPV channels.

"Hey, hey, everyone! You all ready to have a good time?!"

A defeaning roar fills the stadium in response to the rhetorical question, the sound so loud that it is actually painful for anyone who isn't a veteran of such events or failed to come prepared. Even without her genetically enhanced physiology to buffer her against it, Angel's been a party girl for a long time now and a little bit of noise just means that it's time for the fun to get started. She thrusts her fist up into the air, sticking the index and pinky fingers out like she's some kind of heavy metal rock star, her cute lop-sided grin plastered wide on her face.

"I can't heaaar youu~!"

Another, somehow even louder explosion of chaotic sound belts out in response. The teen makes a show of staggering away from the noise for a few moments, earning a few laughs as Cassie makes her way onto the stage.

"Alright, everyone! It's time for tonight's main event! The loveable fan favorite Angel will take on this hot little number from the good old US of A, Cassie Cage!"

If Johnny were the Cage on the scene, he'd probably be playing to the crowd. He'd absolutely have been signing autographs (although Cassie guesses he'd have focused on the women in swimsuits to give them less permanent signatures that just his headshots). He'd also probably have a scandal pop up on TMZ by the end of all of this. If not for something with one of the fans, then for whatever he'd end up doing in this fight.

Cassie isn't actually in show business. Her fanbase is online, which takes on the more low-key action of getting approached for spontaneous selfies and that sort of thing. The type of stuff that helps everyone involved expand their existing online fanbase through cross-promotion or appearing down to earth.

In other words, she's been content to let Angel have the crowds while she gets ready. And thankfully screaming crowds are easier on the ears than most LA Nightclubs, and way easier than active warzones.

"Are you sure you don't want to change before this fight, Angel?" she asks, lowering her shades as she makes a show of looking her over. "I don't know if they've got it in their budget to keep you covered up when you pop out of that dental floss."

COMBATSYS: Cassie has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Cassie           0/-------/------=|

If she has any concerns about possibly popping out of what passes for clothing in her book, Angel shows no signs of it. She grins at the American and lowers the microphone, her words carrying only far enough for Cassie to hear in the onslaught of background audial chaos.

"This isn't America, chika! The Japanese are a lot less uptight about that sort of thing. Hell, they have /game shows/ where people strip down and get bugs poured on them and stuff. Weird shit. So don't you worry about having a Janet Jackson moment, it'll just make you more popular around here!"

A comforting thought, to be sure.

Angel winks at her and tosses the mic over to one a man in the traditional black and white outfit of a referee. Even though there really aren't any rules to an SNF, most matches still have some qualified personnel waiting in the wings to make sure everything flows smoothly and the fights don't get out of hand. No one wants to deal with the legal reprecussions of broadcasting a snuff film on international television, age gates or not.

The teen takes a moment to stretch, clearly doing so for the sake of the crowd. They eat it up with a fork, filling the air with cat calls and whistles, all of which Angel simply pretends to ignore. When she's had her fill of that, she turns to Cassie and adopts a stance that only vaguely resembles something related to martial arts, her hands hovering in the air away from her body while her leading leg bends slightly.

She gives the other woman a few moments to take up her own posture before kicking things off with a sudden and explosive burst of speed, lunging towards the gun-toting officer in an attempt to keep things close and personal where those things shouldn't be quite as useful. She twists and brings the rear hand around, balling it up into a fist as she delivers a simple but powerful cross, testing her opponent's defenses before commiting to anything substantial.

COMBATSYS: Angel has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Angel            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Cassie

COMBATSYS: Cassie endures Angel's Medium Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Angel            0/-------/------<|====---\-------\0           Cassie

With all of that crowd popping going on, Cassie just takes a moment to work out her joints, hooking her fingers together and flexing as she rolls her shoulders up and down before rocking her neck side to side. There's enough video of Angel in fights to know that she's going to not want to be too stiff to work her way out of a hold.

"The only wardrobe malfunction I'm expecting is if I wasted $400 on a custom swimsuit that's already out of style," Cage retorts casually, "The positive is that you don't have to worry about that when your aesthetic is easy beach bunny, because all you need for that is to show off all of your tits, and you're doing a great job with that."

As Angel starts to settle into a proper stance, Cassie's fingers unlock, each shoulder gets a clean roll and her hands come up into a proper fighting stance, rocking back and forth as she starts to blow another bubble, letting it pop just before Angel comes flying in at her.

Cassie doesn't move out of the way, just repositioning her back foot off to the side as Angel's fist comes in and decks Cage in the face, sending her spinning back around on her new pivot point, one hand coming up to grab Angel by the wrist as the other is suddenly brought up with a palmstrike directly against the elbow. The motion continues as Cassie aims to get the elbow over her shoulder to wrench Angel up off her feet and slamming her down to the ground on the other side.


COMBATSYS: Angel blocks Cassie's By All Means.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Angel            0/-------/----<<<|=====--\-------\0           Cassie

Though her style might be unorthodox and sloppy at first glance, Angel's mastery of adjusting to the flow of combat is on par with some of the best in the world. She just has an inherent understanding of the interplay between strike and counter, motion and counter-motion, allowing her strange happy-go-lucky personality to operate at peak efficiency when she's just fooling around and doing whatever comes naturally.

That and she's been genetically modified to be faster, stronger, and practically indefatigueable, all of which gives her a leg up on the average Joe Karate. Angel's chest bounces enticingly as the impact of her fist and the motion of her twist meet up. The sudden upwards jerk on her arm elicits another jiggle and a wince from the spunky teen but rather than allow herself to be slammed to the ground, she leaps at the same moment that Cassie pulls her into the air, turning the throw into a relatively soft acrobatic landing.

Flopping onto her back to shunt the momentum of her fall into the ground, Angel quickly reverses the attack, thrusting her legs out to encircle Cassie's shins in a wide V, like a pair of scissors preparing to be snapped shut. With a sharp twist of her hips, she closes the trap, attempting to snare her prey and take her legs out from under her in a single motion.

"For someone with their name tattoo'd on their ass, you sure have some snarky opinions, chika!"

COMBATSYS: Angel successfully hits Cassie with Red Sky of Japonesia.
?!? Weird Hit! ?!?

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Angel            0/-------/--<<<<<|=======\-------\1           Cassie

It would be nice if Cassie could mentally retort that she's not Joe Karate, but 1) she doesn't know half of this shit about Angel and 2) she's not actually managing to do a great job at fighting the teen assassin once her legs are caught up like this. In fact, all of this ends up with Cassie falling back toward the ground with her legs taken out from under her, which she attempts to remedy before the back of her skull hits the ground by rotating mid-fall so she can put her arms in position to brace the fall.

What actually happens is that she rotates just enough that the side of her head hits the ground on an angle instead of the back. And rather than her arms absorbing the impact, it's in fact the sunglasses on her face that do, warping awkwardly as the frames twist off, one lens pops free, and the other just shatters in place.

Grunting as she pushes herself up off the ground, Cage holds the busted shades in one hand as her eyebrows knit fiercly. "These were $350 sunglasses!" She shouts, tossing the now useless accessory aside as she lunges forward toward Angel, aiming to grab her by the shoulder with one hand and drawing back the other to her side to unload enough of a slap into the latina's cheek that she's spun 180 degrees.

With new positioning, Cassie reaches back to pull something off her back, whipping it out into a fully extendable baton that it instantly swung up between Angel's legs in a classic Cage low-blow.

COMBATSYS: Cassie successfully hits Angel with Severance Package.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Angel            1/------</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0           Cassie


It had not been her intention to smash the Cage's fancy shades but when you wear stuff like that to a fight, you're kind of asking for it. Never one to apologize for the stupid shit she does, however, the teen just smirks and shrugs. Her eyes go wide when Cassie lunges at her and she tries to roll away so as to avoid the wrath of her fallen accessory. Unfortunately, still being on the ground makes it a little difficult to manuever, and she's snatched up by the angry blonde with a cry of alarm.

"Woah, no need to go so worked--ack!"

The slap cuts her off mid-sentence, hitting so hard that it actually spins her around. Well, actually it takes a whole lot more than a slap to unbalance her like that, but she's here for the enjoyment of the crowd and taking a good bump every now and then just makes it more fun for everyone. Angel whirls around and wobbles for a moment, as if trying to regain her balance, expecting a punch to the back of the head or another shoulder throw or something. She was not expecting /that/.

A groan bursts from the crowd in unison as the metal rod digs into the soft target. Angel jolts upright, rising up on her toes instinctively as if she might blast off into the air in an attempt to escape the sting of that strike. It isn't quite as devastating to her as it might be to a man but it still smarts, damnit. The Mexican crumples to the ground, only half acting as she winces and holds her crotch.

"Ow ow ow! That's a cheap shot, girl," she grumbles under her breath.

Rolling back to her feet, Angel shakes off the stun and grins, falling right back into her usual carefree attitude. Fine, that's how she wants to play it, Angel can play ball too. She's used to being a heel aways.

The bikini-clad warrior leans forward, which is the only warning Cassie gets before the next strike comes. Angel's body blurs, becoming a streak of brown color as she puts on an insane burst of speed. For just an instant her movements exceed the capability of the human eye to follow and she appears to translocate, moving from point A to B faster than anyone can blink. Point B happens to be right up in Cassie's face.


Letting out a challenging cry, Angel steps forward, slamming her foot down on top of the military woman's own tootsie in an effort to pin her down, if only for a moment. The real strike comes near the waist-line as the teen's fist swings around in a low powerful gut punch. Atleast, it normally aims for the gut. This time she swings a little lower.

COMBATSYS: Angel successfully hits Cassie with Reppun Kamui EX.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Angel            1/----<<</<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0           Cassie

Anyone who gets into a fight with a Cage and expects to get back out the other side with their bits all in one piece and not given the treatment needs to watch more of Johnny's movies... or, like, any fight either one of the two Cages gets into on TV. Going for the vitals is just another aspect of learning how to seize the advantage in a fight.

Main downside: it tends to make people pretty pissed off when you do it, and sometimes they're willing to go eye-for-an-eye about the whole thing.

"Oh fu-"

That's as far as Cassie gets with her reaction to having Angel practically teleport on top of her. She tries to jolt backward, only to stumble with her toes being pinned down and there's that nasty hit that sends Cage stumbling backward and half-bent over, biting her lip to avoid adding too much swearing.

Thank god Angel's not a pro at this sort of thing. A front punch hurts a hell of a lot less than an uppercut, which means Cassie's got more time to recover, using some of the stumbling simply to add in a bit of extra room before she whips both hands behind her, pulling out her pistols and dropping to one knee as she lines up the shots.

"I don't know, I think it would be cheaper to try to punch you in the tit hard enough to figure out if those are implants or not."

With the verbal shot flung, she pulls the triggers, quickly unloading a flurry of bright green non-lethal shots at the latina assassin. Sure, they aren't likely to kill, but as anyone who's taken a hit from one of them can attest, they're still powerful enough to leave a hell of a bruise.

COMBATSYS: Angel dodges Cassie's Blood Splat.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Angel            1/----<<</<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0           Cassie

Angel, being the gracious sort in these friendly sort of matches, allows her opponent to stagger away and think about what she's done. If this were a real fight, she'd be in there tooth and nail. Hrm, that might actually be kind of fun too... but no, this is a family show! Some skin is one thing but the kind of graphic violence she brings to the table is another! Think of the children, Angel!!

The teen offers her goofy grin in response to Cassie's sass, leaning forward to bring her hands up to her temples. She extends her index fingers, making a pair of bull horns with them, and wiggles them playfully at the blonde as she jiggles her chest back and forth in an overtly lewd fashion.

"Hey, if you wanna cop a feel, you don't gotta make up excuses, chika! But I'll tell you right now, this cute little Angel is all natural!"

Angel shifts gears almost without transition, her body blurring once again as she dives to the side to avoid the hail of rubber bullets. She's been at enough late night raves that got raided by the local police to know what it feels like to get hit with a riot round and it's not something she's eager to repeat, enhanced durability or no. The neon tracer rounds whip past her, missing by a mere inch or two in each case as she darts around, juking back and forth to throw off Cassie's aim. Each zigzag brings her slightly closer to the crouching officer and when she finally sees her chance, the teen darts in, reappearing behind her opponent with a whoosh of air.

"Boom, headshot!"

She yells out the famous meme even as one leg snaps out at Cassie from behind, a sharp side-kick swinging towards the back of her head. But Angel's brand of crazy won't allow for such a simple attack. Once the first blow connects, she reverses the course of her leg, hooking it backwards to ensnare the blonde around the neck, attempting to pull her into the weirdest (and sexiest?) headlock ever.

COMBATSYS: Cassie blocks Angel's Senseless Fists EX.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Angel            1/---<<<</<<<<<<<|=====--\-------\0           Cassie

Once your opponent starts to teleport around, you need to be worried about just where the hell they're going to coming flying at you from next, and some of the shit Cassie has seen on the job has been seriously weird, so a teleporting swimsuit model is going to need some extra work if it wants to earn a spot at the table.

With bullets fired, Cage is quick to reholster one of her guns, but the other stays out simply to keep a hand unoccupied, which turns out to be a smart move once Angel suddenly jumps in fromt behind. Cass only has a few moments to raise her arm up to intercept the kick with her current gun arm, which gives her enough room to prevent herself from getting trapped in another weird hold.

"Maybe it would help you out if you didn't call out what you were trying to do before you did it," Cassie suggests quickly as she takes the opportunity while Angel recovers to reholster the other gun. "It would be like if I suddenly shouted 'LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!'"

She really isn't expecting any of that to do anything, but if the bikini babe decides to let herself suddenly become a confused cartoon character, Cage really won't mind as she suddenly starts to glow green moments before she flips up and back into a cartwheel kick swinging up.

COMBATSYS: Angel fails to counter Rollin' from Cassie with Blue Monday Parade.
- Power fail! -

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Angel            0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0           Cassie

Things haven't been going very well for Cassie so far. Despite that one cheap shot, Angel's been running circles around her pretty much the whole fight. While that might be fun for the plucky teenager, it generally isn't the best way to please the audience. They want to see a struggle! Epic clashes! Last minute come backs! Drama!

Fortunately, there's way for her to give them that and Angel might well be one of the only people who can pull it off without it looking forced. As the 'quirky' girl on the street fighting block, she's pretty famous for doing completely random and baffling things from time to time. Usually they work, in a kind of Rat Trap round-about way. Sometimes they fail, often pretty spectacularly. So when Cassie shouts to look out, that's pretty much the only part that the audience heard, giving Angel the perfect chance to keep the fight going just a little bit longer.


Spinning around, her leg coming up close to her chest like she's the Karate Kid getting ready to go crane style on some punk ass, Angel exposes her back to the crouching Cage just long enough for her to unleash the not-so-hidden dragon kick squarely into her naked rear-end. The teen lets out a squeak of 'surprise' as she's sent tumbling onto her face, flopping onto her knees with her ass sticking up in the air, an image that is captured for posterity by the dozen cameras that hungrily zoom in to capture it on film, plastering it all over the big screens.

"Oorrgh... you owe me for this, woman," she mutters under her breath, gingering rubbing her butt as she climbs back to her feet.

With things starting to turn around and Cassie getting a bit of room to breathe, rather than getting more flying, teleporting kicks from some Nightcrawler beach bunny, Cassie gets back to her feet and takes a moment to check that her guns are still secured (thankfully neither of them fell out during the flip) and tries to reassess the situation tactically.

Okay, so apparently Looney Tunes logic works against Angel, next time she'll remember to bring a bucket of paint to create a fake tunnel or something. Maybe she needs to get her hands on some "CASSIE SEASON" and "ANGEL SEASON" signs to really get one over.

Although Bugs Bunny didn't really use nearly enough dick punching as far as Cass is concerned.

"...That was just supposed to be an example, if you haven't figured it out, there wasn't actually anything there," Cassie offers as she moves back in toward Angel. "Did you think I'd brought, like, a weaponized drone or something? They don't just let me rent those out to take to the water park."

Might as well keep things going. Cass lashes out with an upward kick, hoping to catch Angel before she can get all the way back to her feet, and twisting around near the peak so that the leg comes sweeping back down as Cage pulls back.

COMBATSYS: Angel blocks Cassie's Back Kick.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Angel            1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Cassie

"A shame. I bet if you mounted a water gun on one of those things you could have a real blast!"

Angel gets upright pretty quickly, though she has to do some limbo manuevers to avoid catching a kick in the teeth. Bending like a reed, she dodges Cassie's cheap shot, snapping her arms up to catch the falling leg on its return trip before it can clobber her in the head. This leaves both of them in a somewhat awkward position, the spry Mexican bent backwards while Cassie is stuck with her leg up in the air.

Angel is the one to make the first move, once more displaying agility that goes far beyond what most people can manage. She folds backwards some more, twisting the blonde's long leg to the side so as to shunt it away where it can't be dangerous any more. With that done, her body snaps upright once again, using the sudden upward motion to add force and speed to an open-palmed uppercut aimed at Cassie's chin.

"Watch your tongue!"

COMBATSYS: Angel successfully hits Cassie with Go Go Futen Girl EX.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Angel            1/------=/=======|=======\=------\1           Cassie

Getting your leg caught when you're facing the other way for effect is never good. Usually you want to put the opponent face down in the ground after that sort of maneuver so that you've got time to walk it off looking really cool. Odds are even pretty decent that the Internet will make a sweet gif of it and turn it into a meme for a week before they get tired of it and go back to that weird one with the guy perving on some girl next to his pissed-off girlfriend.

Or the Drake one. That's had some staying power.

Instantly Cassie prepares for the worst, locking down her jaw and loosening up her muscles so that she can at least roll off some of this. Which is good, considering that she can't actually manage to get her arms up in time to intercept the hit and instead gets her head rocked back.

Cage actually rolls with it, using the momentum of the hit to help start a backward motion that she follows through with, hitting the ground and tucking in so that she can pop back up on the other side of it with her tongue still in one piece. Which she shows off by immediately talking shit again. "If any Cage knew how to watch their tongue, I doubt my cousin would be one of the top box office draws right now. You might want to be careful, though, because you're just the type to end up in an out-context compilation made by a horny basement dweller."

Even as she's talking, Cage is already reaching behind her back again, drawing one of her guns and taking a quick snap-shot the moment she's done talking. This time it's only one of the bright green non-lethals, but it's good a good line on Angel's stomach, and she's not exactly wearing anything protective.

COMBATSYS: Cassie successfully hits Angel with Blood Stain.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Angel            1/---====/=======|=======\===----\1           Cassie

"Who says it's out of context~?"

Angel takes a moment to do another sexy pose, earning some more cheers from the crowd. So far, neither one of them have managed to have a wardrobe malfunction, which in the teenager's case is some sort of miracle. She's definately been working the crowd better than Cassie but the downside to showing off is that it gets her shot this time.

The green tracer thuds into her exposed abdomen with a dull whump, causing Angel to stagger and clutch at her stomach. Her face crumples into a sharp wince, one eye screwed up tight while her jaw clenches visibly. But after only a couple of seconds she seems to shake it off, regaining her composure for the most part as she lets out a long exhale.

"Shit, I was hoping not to have to feel that crap again."

Angel holds up a hand, the rubber bullet pinched between two fingers. She squeezes it a couple of times in annoyance then flicks it at a nearby camera, pegging the lens with the spent projectile, sending it bouncing somewhere out into the arena. Where most people would already be bruising after an impact like that, the teen's bronze skin seems to be doing rather well. Though there is an obvious red welt where the bullet struck her, the discoloration is quite light and not particularly painful looking. More like she got popped with a wet towel than a round designed to drop rioters.

"Right, so, we've had some good back and forth now, chika. You got some good shots in, I got some good shots in. I think it's about time to bring this to a close."

Angel's cute silly grin comes back in full force as she drops into her odd combat stance one more time, her fingers wiggling excitedly like a gunslinger preparing to face-off in a duel. She holds a finger up in the air dramatically, pointing to the sky, which seems to be enough for the audience to recognize a call for a final showdown, sending them into a wild frenzy of cheers. The girl slowly lowers her arm and shifts her posture, leaning forward like a sprinter getting ready to tear up the track as soon as the signal is given.

"And a one... and a two... and ya better not blink...!"

Just like before, Angel simply disappears as her inhuman speed kicks it into full gear. She doesn't pull any tricks this time, however, merely blitzing directly towards her target like a bat out of Hell or a runaway freight train. When she comes back into focus her feet are already in motion, a quick snap kick aimed at Cassie's ankle almost already at the point of impact. The assassin flows from this opening shot, which is little more than a distraction, into a high overhead axe kick and from there everything just seems to blend together into a whirlwind of wild flailing limbs.

COMBATSYS: Cassie just-defends Angel's Loyalty Test for Liberalists!

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Angel            0/-------/---====|=======\===----\1           Cassie

Oh shit, Cassie is really not looking forward to any more of these teleporting, wild bull, sex maniac shenanigans right now. She's spent all this time getting the crap kicked out of her, barely managed to land a few good hits (although watching Angel keep over from the baton strike was a good one), and is probably going to end up on the Twitter highlights for something stupid. Right now her best hope is that someone out there decides to make a meme out of Angel falling for the classic Looney Tunes bit and taking a kick for it with her ass in the air... and Cassie would barely appear in that one.

It would be really nice right about now if that weird glow thing happened.

That's the last things Cage thinks as she brings her arms up, sets her legs, and summons every ounce of thought and concentration she can to try to at least get something out of all of this.

And then she doesn't feel anything. Not from that first hit. Not from the next. Not from any of this wild barrage of attacks.

From the outside it looks every little bit like Cassie was concentrating everything she had to suddenly shield herself as a green aura surrounds her body all at once, acting like an impenetrable wall against everything that Angel throws at her. A perfect last moment turn-around that she must have been saving in the tank all this time so that she could give the crowd an amazing come-back.

From the inside Cassie is just thinking how glad she is that this weird glow has actually decided to show up when she wanted it to for once... and stick around.

"Oh shit, I think I blinked, because I missed whatever it was you were going to do," Cassie shoots, her voice sounding way more confident than she actually does in the moment, something she's thankfully got down pat is the trash talk aspect of fighting. "Maybe you should do it again so that we can get it right? Or maybe I should just show you what I've got and we can end this like you wanted."

Still covered in the entire sheath of green energy, Cage lashes out with a quick kick toward Angel's head, whipping it back down for an ankle kick and then drawing it back up to side-height, almost freezing in position for a hearbeat before sliding forward fast with a solid, gliding kick to pull the whole thing together.

COMBATSYS: Cassie successfully hits Angel with Fancy Footwork.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Angel            1/------=/=======|=------\-------\0           Cassie

Well. Shit.

No one ever said anything about godamn voodoo or whatever the crap that just was. Angel wails on the snarky woman with enough heat to tear down a brick wall but that green light simply wards every strike off like some kind of science fiction forcefield. The teenager gives one final go at trying to break through, winding up to deliver a haymaker that actually causes the arena beneath Cassie's feet to shudder, but to no avail.

"What the craaaap?!"

Backing away, just incase that weird glow is some sort of freaky radiation and Cassie's about to Hulk out, Angel pouts openly, putting her hands on her hips as she frowns at the blonde. While such things aren't exactly unheard of in the street fighting circuit, they certainly aren't common. Typically only the likes of world-class fighters like Athena or Urien can create forcefields and rarely ones that last that long. This is the sort of thing that her manager should have been keeping up with.

"Uh, maybe if you give me a minute I cou-ack!"

Panicking, as she's still not sure what exactly is up with all the glowing, Angel attempts to summon another burst of speed only to be caught mid-blink by the sudden surge of power. She staggers from the blow to her temple, momentarily dazed, leaving her open to the follow up strikes. The final kick sends her sprawling onto the mat, a surge of pain lancing through her body.

"Ugh, stupid cheating magic glow."

There isn't a whole lot left for her to do in this situation. While her body isn't particularly banged up, and what injuries she has suffered will heal quickly, there's no point in pushing herself past reasonable limits just for an exhibition match. Winding up in NESTS sick bay is the last thing she's interested in. It's been a pretty good fight, all things considered. The fans are still loving it and, hey, she got that dramatic comeback.

Pushing back to her feet, Angel makes a show of staggering about as if heavily injured. She clutches her head and glares at Cassie, apparently struggling to stay focused.

"Neat trick. Bet ya can't do it again!"

Gathering up her strength for one final flashy attack, the exotic beauty winds up as she did before, apparently preparing to grant the snarky American's request to give a repeat performance of her onslaught. She grins and lunges, once more making a mad dash directly at Cassie as if she plans to just run her over.

Which isn't too far from the truth. Instead of lashing out with a kick or punch, Angel thrusts her arm out to the side as she passes by, attempting to catch her partner in showmanship around the throat in a classic lariat, leaping at the last moment to add just a little bit extra weight to the take down in the hopes of getting one final shot in.

COMBATSYS: Angel can no longer fight.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Cassie           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Angel successfully hits Cassie with Survivor's Banquet.

[                           \\\  <
Cassie           0/-------/-======|

Feeling the thump of contact as her arm snags around Cassie's neck, Angel lets out a hoot of triump. Both of them tumble to the floor with the Mexican ending up on top, using her extensive wrestling knowledge (which she gained from late night television) to ensure that the fall brings the other woman down on her head hard enough to stun her for what comes next.

Bouncing to her feet, Angel turns to the crowd, meet by a tidal wave of roaring cheers as she takes up a now familiar and famous pose in the fighting circuit. She points down at the fallen Cassie, crossing her arms over each other as she eggs the spectators on with shouts and jeers. The words she speaks don't matter because nothing can be heard over the sheer cacophany of excitement.

Grinning like an idiot, Angel thrusts her hands out to either side and then crosses them over again, pausing only for a moment before she turns and dashes to one side. Her body becomes the familiar blur of color that she's displayed several times now, briefly translocating first to the left and then to the right, mimicking the back and forth motion that a professional wrestler might display by bouncing off the ropes. Finally, she warps back to Cassie's side and dramatically lifts one arm, tilting slowly to the side until gravity takes over and she starts to fall. Her arm windmills around, making three full rotations before she comes crashing down on the officer's midsection, driving the sharp point of her bony elbow into the woman's gut.


It would be really nice if she could actually do that trick again, but with the green aura starting to fade already, Cassie is fully aware that she still doesn't exactly know what causes it to happen in the first place, let alone what she did to actually call it into being, or whether it would be possible to keep it going for longer.

She's just a little bit out of her element with weird traits that happen to be passed down through the family line... at least as far as she can guess, since Johnny seems to also get whatever weird glow this is... except he never seems to worry about what it is, why it happens, or why they've got it. Johnny tends not to worry about much of anything besides whether or not his movies are hits and if the Green Room has the right snacks.

"I've got plenty of tricks, why don't we just save the encore for another time?" Cassie retorts, really hoping none of her concern filters through into her voice. "For this one, how about we just see if you've got enough gas in you to do anything to me before you're out for the count... or fall out of that suit, whichever happens first."

Settling back ready for something big, Cage is settling into a ready position, her body feeling all the wear and tear of the fight so far, and her muscles struggling to respond with anything more than pain and fatigue. Just waiting for something to come through. With Angel charging in, she tries to throw her guard up...

But holy shit, why the hell is this bouyant bimbo so fast?!

Hitting the ground with a nasty thump as she takes a clothes line from hell, she can only groan in pain until she's met with a nasty elbow that knocks the wind out of her with a pained gasp as she feels like she was just bent clean in half and then snapped.

And then that last bit of fighting instinct hits and Cassie suddenly throws out an elbow to knock Angel off her as she scrambles back up to her feet, panting as wheezing. "That was pretty good, but I think I've got some more in me! I'm ready to..."

Wincing and gasping, Cage falls back to a knee, catching herself with one hand as she just barely avoids going all the way down to the floor, her head spinning. "...Actually, nevermind, I'm good... just point me toward the spa and club area." Slumping lower, barely able to keep to a knee, she adds, "...Maybe a nice poolboy to carry me off into the sunset."

COMBATSYS: Cassie checks her phone.

COMBATSYS: Cassie can no longer fight.

Angel flops onto the ground after delivering her epic finishing move, offering no resistance when the blonde bombshell tosses her aside. She's pretty much out of gas at this point and if there's a more satisfying way to end a match than that, she's yet to experience it. Content to bathe in the adulation of her fans and enjoy the cool feeling of the stage's floor on her back, the teen remains supine as Cassie struggles to stand, grinning up at her.

"Yeah I'm...gonna take a raincheck on that..."

The spa and a massage does sound enticing though. With a groan, Angel sits up and motions for the referee to come over, indicating that both of them are done here today. The man wanders off to announce the results to the masses leaving the pair of them to scrape themselves off the mat and head towards the back stage since neither appear to be injured enough for the medics to get involved. Glancing at Cassie, the girl snorts, rising to her feet with deliberate slowness.

"Don't be a wuss. C'mon, I got some good shit in the back. Once I'm liquored up, we'll see about those pool boys."

"Okay... yeah, some drinks would really help right now," Cassie replies, staying crouched for a good bit. "Just... just gonna think about that fight for a minute while it's fresh in my mind." Cage certainly isn't just buying some time to sort out just how bad getting elbowed in the gut really hurts and recollect herself. Thankfully, she's had worse (some of which she is glad to not be thinking about right now), so it's not too long for her to get up to her feet again. At least enough to stumble off.

"So what's this you said about good shit?"


Cassie Cage @ccc 0s

dnt let i'd feelinz gt n between u & new freendz @goldenangel #cassiecares #snf #goodshit


Attached to the tweet is a selfie of Cassie Cage, looking absolutely white-girl wasted doing her best duck face with her free arm around Angel's shoulders while Angel appears remarkably sober, but is still throwing up a friendly 'V' for the camera.

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