Rising Star 2022 - Ristar 2022 R1 - Clarity vs Sven

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Description: The FightTube up and comer Clarity faces the disgraced wrestler Sven in a CAGE MATCH in Barcelona! Will the power of positivity and a ton of FightTube followers triumph? Or will it be the power of pain and a cracked heart? This one could be spicy!

Sven wasn't crazy about Hell In A Cell fights.

It was in Barcelona, in a rather inconspicious looking warehouse. Inside the building, in the center, was a square caged arena. The fencing was rather shoddily held together with what looks like zipties and wire, with just a bit of duct tape where it matters. Surrounding the cage is numerous tables, some of them for the audience, some of them for the announcers. But the crowd was wild, security was loose, and faces weren't... clear in the poor lighting. It was a trashy venue. And it smelled of blood and sweat. It wasn't really a Hell in a Cell. Ristar wasn't a properly certified wrestling federation, and judging by the shoddy craftsmenship, this hardly wouldn't pass the stereous muster of a proper Hell in a Cell.

There was too much duct tape.

The towering Swede strides down the walkway between the audience, the rowdy crowd roaring and jeering at the man. Sven Maester was garbbed in his Warwolf persona; the wolfman mask across his face, pair of camo canvas shorts and brown boots, and a wolf pelt over his shoulders. He was doing his best to menace the audience behind the mask, shaking his fists, pointing a finger at an especially rowdy man, and taking big steps down to the cage. Clarity. One of the FightTube types, who was all about optimism and sparkles. He didn't fully understand the details of who or what she was, but even Sven figured she was a face. It wasn't a wrestling match, but in the professional fighting circuit, it never was a bad idea to apply the theories in it. It was a good time to do heel work. He wasn't going to throw it against Clarity, whether or not she really was a babyface with fans as he was worried about. No, he was going to work. His own star has been stalled out for a long time. Maybe it was his chance to rise and shine. But if it wasn't?

Well, he needed to make sure he did a good job no matter what.

The Earth was crying. There were sobs. Wracks of pain as terrible people with terrible plans cavort and play Gaia with the power they control. Power that they cannot understand. Power that they cannot control. Something must be done. People were poison. They did not understand the notions they provoke. They do not understand the coils of the serpent that will strangle them, and swallow them whole for their wretched crimes against the natural world. Clarity Reece knows this. She feels it deeply, intently, joyously.

She smiles a bright grin with too many teeth. She flashes a Victory-sign and tilts her head in the camera of her phone. Scrolling names roll by with rapid fire responses. Questions, compliments, endlessly repeated emojis, all dashed along the bottom of her feed. "Catch you all later, Clare-bears! See you after the fight! And remember, be the change because you too can save our world!"

The feed cuts. The young woman takes a deep breath and adjusts the hole in her snapback to fit her hair through. She hears a nearby crowd. Spaniards. Many painfully ignorant people simply looking for excitement. She pitied them and hoped for them in equal measure. Time would come for them. Reckoning was never too far away.

She starts toward the edge, to where waits the cage. She stops. A sparkling pain lances through her arm like shattered shards of glass. She smiles with its brightness.

Soon she enters the cage. She sees her vast opponent. She knows how stories will go about this. She puts her hands on her hips, standing full across from him. The jeers and calls from the crowd deafen to the purpose before her.

"You're wearing nature's creatures!" she calls out with a single finger pointed. "What right do you have to kill that animal!"

She affixes a pout and narrow eye to the giant across from her. Her chest rises and falls as she breathes in and out, feeding, feeling on the pulse of the moment and the roiling chi of this violent, brutish pit.

COMBATSYS: Clarity has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Clarity          0/-------/-------|

As Clarity approaches, Sven watches, pondering and calculating his sell.

He missed the whole stream, that was his great loss. Clare-bears, the encouragement. All good stuff to use for heat. And it would be heat; based on her expression alone, Sven confirmed his initial impression of heeling it up. As the jeers and calls come out, she actually surprises Sven a bit on the accusation. When the pout comes, Sven nods a bit, very slightly.

The wrestler lets out a cruel chuckle.

"This thing?" Sven pinches the pelt between his fingers, pulling it to show. "It's just a stupid beast, ya? It has no feelings!" The swede brushes it dimissively. "Are you some kind of nature hugger? Feh! Patooie! I spit on your love for animals! The only thing this wolf was good for, was to be made into my cape!" Sven points his finger at Clarity, and tosses his head back. "It doesn't matter what you do anyways! You cannot bring this wolf back to life, yeah! IF you want to give it a proper burial... then you will have to tear it from my back!" Sven eases into his wrestling stance, hands out, fingers clenched in the air. He takes heavy steps, not taking the first attack just yet. He wanted to let her take the initiative on what flavor of face she wanted to do. He wasn't sure -where- she was going on the whole 'animal welfare' thing, and he wanted her to go as comfortable as she liked. Was she going to do a good sell on ecological wellbeing on a public stage?

Or was she going to take him up on his offer, and start taking that pelt from him?

COMBATSYS: Sven has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sven             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Clarity

"What cannot be brought back can still be avenged!"

Clarity's call out comes with a bounce on the balls of her feet and a sharp finger pointing at the massive opponent in front of her. She is not that tied to the life of some wolf. Predator and prey, life and destruction are all intertwined with the pulse of the planet and the natural order. But there were things, actions, that deserved reckoning. Actions that draw attention from things beyond and teach humility.

And the pulse of the planet, the pain in her arms that cuts like glass; it speaks to her that Sven is in need of humbling before the planet's wrath.

"Yes. It has no feelings. But do you?"


Sven tosses back his masked head, letting out a bellowing laugh. That was good, very talented young lady. Sven's persona was radiating a hammy mustache-twirling villain, but behind the mask, there was a real joy from Sven, a real connection that he was building, between hero and villain. "I am the Warwolf!" Howls Sven, as he backflips towards the cage wall. "The only feeling I have..."

"Is the berserker rage of my hot viking blood!"

The wrestler plants his feet on the cage, the whole arena rattling as he launches off, pelt fluttering in the air. Flinging through the air, he hurls out a staggering superman punch with his right, attempting to blow right through the principled young lady. Whether he connected or not, he would land sturdily on his two feet with hefty thump, crouching hard to absorb the impact.

And to begin building into his follow up reaction, whether offense or defense.

COMBATSYS: Clarity blocks Sven's Garouken ES.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Sven             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0          Clarity

Clarity is familiar with FightTube, being one of those on the world renowned platform. However, she is woefully unaware as to the general performative nature of professional wrestling. She is, to the core as earnest a person as has walked the planet. She believes what she does in the heart, fully and truly. Confronted with someone who performs with gusto in the way that Sven does, she swallows his heel act entirely. If he presents himself as some grand viking, then so be it that is what he is.

The walls rattle with his leap, Clarity lifts her arms, locking them in a ready position as her knees bend down to center herself. She grins up at him with a clear excitement and ready thrill of a competitor!

He crashes down into her. She meets him with a turtling deflection. Smacking, thudding, hammering hard into the young woman who is making up for in size with sheet grit and determination.

She will show him her tenacity and fighting spirit. As the powerhouse is in close, she unleashes with a torrent of her own. Left, right, left, right. She lays heavy jab and cross combinations as she presses forward. The blows flash with a brilliant intensity. The kind that the crowd may see as bursts of brilliant scintillation, but Sven can feel as heavy bursts of forceful energy.

COMBATSYS: Clarity successfully hits Sven with Blinded by the Light.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Sven             0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0          Clarity

There was a tenacious spirit here.

As Sven descends upon her, her crashes into her guard with the brutal acrobatics. As he crouches hard, it's not clear if he is going to flip away from Clarity in the moment, or flip -into- her. In the split second, Sven stumbles, going for the flip away, aiming for the cage walls. He never makes it; the first burst of a punch catches the massive Swede before he makes it clear, interrupting his flight as he comes straight down. And there, he is exposed to the flurry of blows, the flashing frenzy hammering down as the audience roars and cheers. "Argh!" He cries out from behind his mask. Punches he could handle decently. But the energy?

That light was cutting deeper than the bone.

He rises up into the face of the barrage, the beating forcing him to stumble just once as it pounds on his chest. Bruises and burns linger on each hit, as he comes to the full height. And in the face of it? He would HOWL. "AWOOOOO!" Comes the roar as he takes a blow to the face, and he lurches in. Attempting to seize up the girl, he would briefly catch her in a headlock, before jumping into a Bulldog, to slam her facedown into the mat. It wasn't fancy, and it wasn't all that powerful. But he needed to -stop- the assault for the sake of his body. In the opening exchange between the two?

Sven's body already felt like tapioca.

COMBATSYS: Sven successfully hits Clarity with Medium Throw.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Sven             1/----===/=======|======-\-------\0          Clarity

The big guy could take a beating!

Clarity Reece is stalwart in her beliefs as she is devoted to her style. Once more she looks to simply wait out and bait the brute to come in close and take a risk going for her. She wants to test the whole of his strength. She wants to gauge what he has. She is ready to unleash the light!

But the Warwolf is simply too much of a weight to bear. She gags at his grip about her head. Folded and ran along. The ground leaves her below. And then the ground meets her with a grinding slam.

Somewhere, on a stream, there will be lamenting fans at the state of her face in healing.

But Clarity Reece, the fighter, has no qualms with a dizzying blunt blow. She spits on the ground in rising, rubbing the dirt of the cage floor with the back of her hand. The nerves in her wrist and forearm crackled with the sensation of a thousand cutting shards of glass.

The flow had shifted.

Right hand slams palm down over her wrist. Her posture bunches, lurching forward, and she lashes out with her left arm in a furious guidance. Light shines and crackles, and a spray of glittering shards of colored glass harden in flight as the light becomes solid slivers that shower Sven with flechettes.

COMBATSYS: Sven blocks Clarity's Spectral Shot.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Sven             1/---====/=======|=======\-------\0          Clarity

There is barely any time for respite.

As he unleashes the bulldog, the Warwolf has to recover as well. And while he was agile on his feet, getting -on- his feet was another story. As he rises up, Clarity was already recovered, already rising up, already bringing her hand over in a spray of... what was it? The light transforms into stained glass, the dazzling display becoming physical and bone-cuttingly real. Sven crosses his arms. It cuts deep, rending across his forearms and edge of his shoulders. Bleeding severly, he was stumbling back, groaning in agony. First his body was getting the worst of it, and now his arms? At least his body didn't get the cuisinart experience. He finally slips back, his feet leaving the ground.

The momentum was carrying him to the walls of the cage once more.

Bounding backwards, he drives his boots into the cage once more, spring boarding off them. That was the best he can muster of his technique, as he was still trying to process getting torn up by a broken glass blast, between the light and everything. This time, he was doing a full force body splash right at Clarity, to knock her down on the ground again. Should he manage it with the body slam, he would scramble over, and try and hold her down to chop her in the throat. He wouldn't go for the face again. He was tempted for a moment, bringing the bloodied forearm down on her face again. But you don't mess up a face's face too much.

Not even for heel work.

COMBATSYS: Clarity counters Combo Throw ES from Sven with Trip the Light Fantastic EX.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sven             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|==-----\-------\0          Clarity

The warp in the flow settles. Clarity leans languid in the aftermath. She hasn't a clue if the glass has hit its mark or not. She just knows in the moment that she was conduit for the Earth's rage. For Gaia's fury at the man opposing her. And as the pain subsided to numbness, she feels content.

A spark wells once more within.

She lifts her head. She sees the man bounce once more. A body press. An inviting target. She has a moment to brace herself. To catch her breath and to gather her wits about her because the moment to strike is soon at hand.

And she shines.

The light is painfully bright. Whitening the cage and obscuring the cameras, bleeding until all is simple and white. Within the heart of the brightness, Clarity leaps upward. Where Sven falls, Clarity meets him with a thundering palm strike to his chin. A second ripple of light energy pulses the much larger man upward. Rolling him over, and soon gripped by Clarity who goes along for the ride.

The two twirl in the air. And as the light comes down and the people once more can see. What they see is Clarity stomping down, crashing to the floor of the cage with Sven under her sneakers. Weight planting square on his much broader chest before she bounces back up and off of him, to land with arms out like a gymnast clearing her routine.




The Warwolf stares up in the air, sunbursts dancing in front of his eyes. He was dazed, dazzled. Sven felt sunburned, and his jaw felt... horrible. Broken? There was a great weight on his chest. That was the best way to describe it. He was on his back, and he felt broken. He felt like he fell asleep at the beach again, and the sunscreen wore off not 10 seconds into the nap. The mask slips, and he mumbles, as he fumbles for the wolfskin pelt at his neck. "The night... the night... THe moon." He groans, rolling over as he takes the pelt off. It was bloodied, and you could very clearly see the tan-lines between the red burns and pale skin. He was already red, before the berserker rage. And he wasn't feeling the rage. Not until he hears the sounds from the audience. The boos. The jeers. It wasn't at Clarity. No. It was at the Warwolf jobber. That was just what he needed, that's the fuel he wanted. He slams his hand down, forcing himself up.


Sven howls, tearing his rubber mask off and tossing it away. Body bloodied and burnt, he starts giving his own right and left barrage. Throwing chops and forearm slams, he breaths harsh and heavy, furiously. He starts throwing in big boot kicks, until finally finishing to try and seize Clarity by her knees, and give her a round the world giant toss off into the corner of the cage. His body was burning.

But he wasn't done yet.

COMBATSYS: Clarity counters Wolf Blitzer from Sven with Flashdance EX.

[                         \\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sven             1/----<<</<<<<<<<|======-\-------\0          Clarity

Feeling the adulation of the crowd. Knowing they're seeing her, congratulating her, calling her praises, fills Clarity with the feeling of rightness and hope she craves from the world. "Remember, people, that if I can beat a man like this giant, you can beat all of your problems too! Save your world, save our world!"

Arms raised, eyes closed, she waves to the people. Her people.

And then she hears a howl. Her head turns, eyes bright under the brim of her cap. She turns and faces the man's furious barrage.

As his first chop swings, Clarity bursts into a flash of harmless light. She leaves the Warwolf to shadow box the air. She reappears as the brightness of the light fades. Back to back with Sven, Clarity stands in a low horse posture. She pistons her elbow backward, a piercing point that spears the lower part of Sven's spine. It's point flashing with that searing shine.

Where was she?

Sven doesn't quite realize what's going on as he continues the barrage. She had to be there. SHe had to be. As he continues to lash out, it suddenly hits him. First the elbow, as the motes of light fade. And then, the realization. It was an illusion, a trick of the light. He felt the pain in his back, in his spine. Stumbling, his entire lower half burns, his legs feel like jello. He falls face first into the cage. He writhes in agony, snarling as he presses his face into the mesh. He feeble squirms crawling up the fencing of the cage. His legs were weak, his body was burning. And the audience was booing, jeering, cheering. The light, the fight, the audience. He needed to be the heel. He needed one last, to prove himself. He wasn't up very high. But he telegraphs it, as he digs his feet into the cage. With a heave with his arms, he flings himself into the air with a backflip. A final moonsault, hurling at Clarity with a double axel spin for a full body slam. Whether he lands on Clarity or not?

He was not going to be getting back up.

COMBATSYS: Sven can no longer fight.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Clarity          1/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Clarity blocks Sven's Three Wolf Moonsault ES.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Clarity          0/-------/-======|

Again the man climbs. His tenacity is impressive. Clarity pouts as she watches him rise up and up and he hurls himself toward her once more. She once again feels the slicing internal pain of glass forming where the bright light of chi flows through her body. An ecstasy of realization in the moment. She could cut him now. She could rend him asunder and skin him as he skinned that natural beast. It would only be fair.

But Clarity Reece is not so cruel. Not to a man that shows such capability. She braces instead. And Sven's weight comes crashing down. She rolls down with it. Her back hitting the ground, Sven pressing above. The shards threaten to release. But she holds them in. She holds back.

She squirms out. Popping from underneath the Warwolf and bouncing up to the balls of her feet with her hands aloft. She is fine! She is great! Merely battered and a little winded. But wholly standing where her opponent is not. And the crowd. The crowd is sweet music to her ears.

But even as she stands there, basking in adulation, considering her words to her followers no doubt champing at the bit to congratulate her and wish her well, she has something for her opponent. "If you gave half the energy to the earth you spent fighting me, it would be a much brighter place. Don't give up, you can be better than you think," she says, knowing much of it is drowned in the crowd sound, but she cannot walk away without something in parting to her sturdy opponent.

COMBATSYS: Clarity has ended the fight here.

Sven cannot rise.

He lays there, rolled off and over on the glass barrier. When Clarity wiggles out from him, he grunts. He was conscious, but he wasn't moving. He couldn't even make his legs work after that spinal tap. Well he kind of could, as he lifts his legs up slightly. THe roar of the crowd was a blur, a daze. But in it, a single point of light endures. Clarity, his opponent. ANd her words reach him, penetrate in him. He didn't understand why, it was almost mystical. But as he looks up, dazzled and hurt, he just swallows. And feebly, he raises a hand, barely off the ground. He gives a thumbs up, and gives a weak answer, with the best he could understand.

"Ja." He grunts, before his hand collapses down, the wrestler utterly exhausted.

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