Rumble In The Streets

[Rumble W1] Rainbow Mika vs Alice Nakata - The boardwalk is the perfect place for a battle between two blonde brawlers in skimpy outfits. Rainbow Mika and Alice Nakata face off in front of the Southtown Tower Records in what proves to be an epic bout. - created on 15:59:49 01/23/2016 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 22:42:15 01/23/2016. Cast: Honoka, Rainbow Mika, and Alice Nakata.

[Rumble W1] Skullomania vs Natsu - Little did anyone at the Twilight Star Circus realize it, but as the host for one of the Rumble in the Streets tournament bouts, they were about to play host to three intruders. The first invader: a Gorin High volleyball star. The second: a hero poised to prevent an alien invasion. And third, well... - created on 16:31:47 01/23/2016 by Natsu and last modified on 22:42:04 01/23/2016. Cast: Skullomania and Natsu.

[Rumble W1] Rust vs Alisa - Crazy Zhin thinks he can win if he can get an organized fighting match going in his shop to help draw in customers and the like. HitBit, Inc. seems keen to let him invest heavily in all the future crazy low price sales he's got lined up. Alisa Boskonovitch and one Howard Rust, Jr., the competitors in question, get wrapped up in merchandise matters of a completely different kind. Bad ideas and uncorrected misconceptions run rampant, and in the end, someone has to deposit a damages claim anyawy. - created on 16:49:35 01/23/2016 by Rust and last modified on 23:57:43 01/29/2016. Cast: Rust and Alisa.

[Rumble W1] Pepper vs Saya - When you've got a public tournament, it's not surprising to have two unknowns show up to the party. Newcomers Saya and Pepper face off outside of Dan Hibiki's Dojo. While Saya gets some encouragement from her classmate, Miko, there's something off about Pepper Green, and something familiar. - created on 17:25:59 01/23/2016 by Pepper and last modified on 22:43:23 01/23/2016. Cast: Honoka and Pepper.

[Rumble W1] Zach Glenn vs Maki - Zach Glenn and Maki duke it out atop a parking garage, sponsored by LG. (Winner: Maki) - created on 19:40:41 01/23/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 00:47:17 01/24/2016. Cast: Honoka, Zach Glenn, and Maki.

[Rumble W1] Duke vs Ryu - The French-themed L'Amour restaurant in Southtown's Downtown, in the mind of Southtown Syndicate higher-up Duke, is due for renovation. A fight with one of the world's premiere up-and-coming martial artists, Ryu, should provide plenty of opportunities to bill HitBit Inc. for damages, exploiting their intent to advertise their product through this tournament. Oh, they knew from the start that this would be a thrilling, exciting battle between truly talented and pointedly powerful fighters. No amount of statistical analysis and careful prediction could say for sure just HOW thrilling, or exciting it would turn out... or even dangerous, for all involved. - created on 15:43:56 01/24/2016 by Ryu and last modified on 15:02:56 01/25/2016. Cast: Duke and Ryu.

[Rumble W1] Blue Mary vs Hit Bitty - HitBit Inc, Southtown Japan. Plays host to the crowds of onlookers here to see the reveal and debut performance of their Mascot. Being the debut nobody was quite sure what to expect of the tech, app or the show itself. The specially selected opponent an exotic blonde American that should really add to the appeal. - created on 16:49:38 01/24/2016 by Blue Mary and last modified on 06:30:20 01/28/2016. Cast: Blue Mary and Lee Chaolan.

[Rumble W1] Daniel vs Lita - Initially Lieutenant Lita Luwanda and Agent Daniel Little in a Delta Red vs Interpol showdown. A brutal, bloody, knock down, drag out fight revealed new info and in the end revealed new things to investigate.[Winner: Daniel] - created on 19:49:15 01/24/2016 by Lita and last modified on 06:28:30 01/28/2016. Cast: Daniel and Lita.

[Rumble W2] Daniel Jack vs "Blue" Mary Ryan - Daniel Jack and "Blue" Mary Ryan are summoned to fight! There's plenty to see and do in Yokohama -- port. What with it's lots of nondescript warehouse buildings. What's really exciting here will be the cargo cranes, offloading numerous tonnes of goods right above their heads! The moving containers offloading cargo ships which pulled into port just a half-hour before. - created on 17:26:29 01/30/2016 by Blue Mary and last modified on 19:02:08 02/05/2016. Cast: Blue Mary and Daniel.

[Rumble W2] Zach vs Nagase - Zach and Nagase duke it out in Saitama! (DKO) - created on 18:44:48 01/31/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 16:09:54 02/04/2016. Cast: Nagase and Zach Glenn.

[Rumble W2] Ryu vs Lee Chaolan - Mount Haruna - a hot-spot for illegal car races. Charged with fighting at the top of the mountain's roads, Lee Chaolan and Ryu are set to cross fists... at least, thankfully, without having to dodge any traffic. Their primary audience, a number of shady people whom all have converged with their black sedans. Is there something more to this arrangement for these two than there appears...? - created on 19:53:41 01/31/2016 by Ryu and last modified on 11:46:37 02/04/2016. Cast: Ryu and Lee Chaolan.

[Rumble W2] Pepper vs Alice Nakata - A lonely train station on the way between Southtown and neighboring Chichibu will provide the ambiance for this battle! Train traffic will be heading throughout the station at regular three-minute intervals -- some engines will stop, others will keep blazing through regardless. The point is, hearing may be difficult, but -seeing- won't be -- and Alice might find a familiar face! - created on 17:53:00 02/01/2016 by Alice Nakata and last modified on 00:09:04 02/04/2016. Cast: Alice Nakata and Pepper.

[Rumble W2] Rust vs Lita - Lita and the HitBot were supposed to square off near the location a building demolition in Narita. However, another building gets damaged in the process and makes things a little more chaotic than probably would be ideal. [No Contest] - created on 11:11:08 02/02/2016 by Lita and last modified on 10:07:44 02/05/2016. Cast: Rust and Lita.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Carnival of Terror! - Agent Little's investigations on Darkstalkers have taken him to the strange Twilight Star Circus, where a recent arson has torn down the big top. Without any criminal charges pressed, the detective goes down the rabbit hole of clown politics and soon uncovers the seedy underworld of the circus. With the help of his friend Honoka The Acrobat, can Daniel Jack elude the brutish Sudo and his Ainu Tribesmen and uncover the mysteries of.... The Carnival of Terror!?! (The cover art depicts the interior of the big top tent, with a full audience watching the center ring. In the ring, a significantly endowed Honoka in a red strapless gown is strapped to a giant target board, with several hatchet embedded in it, while Sudo prepares another hatchet. Nearby, several of his Ainu tribesmen are dressed in native american headdresses, and some seem to be actually lizardmen. Daniel Jack himself is swinging in on the trapeeze, one hand reaching towards Honoka... and of course, the reader. The tent is also on fire.) (45 cents) - created on 12:32:02 02/02/2016 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 17:59:50 02/03/2016. Cast: Honoka and Daniel.

[Rumble W2] Skullomania vs Saya - Not far outside of Southtown is an area where trains are put into and out of service at the end of each day. During the nighttime hours, this area -should- be a nice and quiet place for mellow conversations to take place by those avoiding the limelight -- but that's when the Rumble Committee crashes the party! Lights and cameras will be provided by an array of quadrotors, while the action will be brought by Saya and Skullomania! Just... don't look too closely into what's going on in this creepy transfer yard, folks... - created on 21:52:52 02/02/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 00:14:39 02/04/2016. Cast: Honoka and Skullomania.

[Rumble W2] Maki vs Honoka - A couple of this week's Rumbles will be in Yokohama, and the Rumble Committee will be providing a specially discounted trip there for Southtown residents! As an unannounced bonus, there will ALSO be a fight en route to the coastal city! On this special trip, Honoka and Maki will be dueling for their tournament fight atop a flatbed car, much to the delight of the two passenger cars on either side. - created on 19:45:48 02/03/2016 by Maki and last modified on 22:06:09 02/08/2016. Cast: Honoka and Maki.

[Rumble W2] Elise vs Ayame - After an easy round one victory, Ayame returns to face someone more on her level of combatative skill and perhaps beyond her when it comes to tricky techniques. Meanwhile, Elise's own motives for appearing in the event beg questioning, to be certain. Is this really her idea of fun? - created on 22:51:35 02/05/2016 by Ayame and last modified on 17:06:43 02/14/2016. Cast: Ayame and Elise.

[Rumble W3] MAKI vs BLUE MARY - HitBit-sponsored RUMBLE IN THE STREETS Tournament Quarterfinals! The W Bracket will be hosting the as-yet-undefeated MAKI GENRYUUSAI pitted against a fan favorite "BLUE" MARY RYAN. Unfortunately, the Rumble Committee seems to have the worst timing -- the match started at 5:15, which stumbles right up against a prominent ZAITOKUKAI RALLY taking place. There, Japanese nationalists are angrily protesting the continued presence of foreigners "greedily soaking up benefits intended for pureblooded Japanese citizens." - created on 20:50:00 02/06/2016 by Blue Mary and last modified on 23:42:35 02/08/2016. Cast: Blue Mary and Maki.

[Rumble W3] Zach Glenn vs Daniel - Something screwy is going on here. First, Daniel has a fight against a Gedo student. But then he gets shot at. And /then/ his day gets even better when his Rumble alarm goes off for the second time that day... - created on 13:51:23 02/07/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 15:22:45 02/08/2016. Cast: Honoka, Zach Glenn, and Daniel.

[Rumble W3] V@%26A vs RYU - Despite racking up two losses in the Rumble In The Streets, the World Warrior, Ryu, suddenly receives a match notice that sends him all the way up an isolated peak to a ruined temple. What waits for him there is not a mere challenge, but the perfect embodiment of destruction and hatred. - created on 15:10:07 02/07/2016 by Vega and last modified on 20:54:08 02/08/2016. Cast: Ryu and Vega.

[Rumble W3] Gan vs Lita - Lita and Gan do battle - though while Lita was more interested in the mission, Gan was more interested in the BEATING! Who comes out on top in this matchup!? It's a nailbiting conclusion! - created on 19:26:57 02/07/2016 by Gan and last modified on 19:25:30 02/09/2016. Cast: Gan and Lita.

Daniel Jack Investigates: Fighting For Our Troops! - Barely escaping the Circus of Terror with his life, Agent Little faces his most dangerous foe yet: The alluring Lieutenant Lita Luwanda of Delta Red. The special forces agent had faced Daniel in the past before, but now, she needed him. Agent Little is in a race against time as he hurries to reach the Narita in Nippon Japan. But what will our stalwart detective do when he realizes that the entire region has gone up into a violent explosion? Will he run away, to live another day? Or will Daniel Jack be... Fighting For Our Troops? BUY WAR BONDS! (The cover art shows Daniel in a burning building, chest naked and sweaty, holding up a collapsed I-Beam on his shoulders. Beneath him, at his feet, is a passed out Lieutenant Lita Luwanda, dressed in a strapless red gown. Behind Daniel are several Southtown PD officers dressed in WWII German Uniforms, bearing swastikas on their helmets as they fire their Thompson machineguns at him, the bullets just barely missing him.) (45 cents) - created on 13:47:50 02/09/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 19:27:02 02/09/2016. Cast: Daniel and Lita.

[Rumble W3] Alice Nakata vs "HitBot" - The Four Mighty Gods stand tall over southern Osaka, though thankfully for the locals, they tend to keep to their temple. For the second W Bracket quarterfinal, the undefeated, indefatiguable ALICE NAKATA will be squaring off against... well, who is that guy they call "HIT BOT", anyway? They'll be facing off in the wide-open courtyard in the midst of the Shitenno-ji temple complex, surrounded by hundreds of adoring fans. One thing to note, though -- not long after the fight starts, a light rain will erupt out. And possibly lightning and thunder! Plus, there's some weirdo in a tan trenchcoat watching the fight. Maybe he was... queuing up for something and got distracted. Yeah. That's it. Who is that guy, anyway...? - created on 18:38:34 02/09/2016 by Alice Nakata and last modified on 10:48:15 02/10/2016. Cast: Rust and Alice Nakata.

[Rumble W3] Skullomania vs Pepper - The vigilante known as Skullomania uses the Rumble in the Streets as an opportunity to dig up dirt on the nefarious antics behind the scenes, but a conveniently timed fight from HitBit suggests that he's being watched. Is Pepper Green an agent for these villains or is she just an innocent pawn placed in Skullomania's way? - created on 17:28:35 02/10/2016 by Pepper and last modified on 19:10:23 02/11/2016. Cast: Skullomania and Pepper.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Gallery of Evil! - Agent Little of Interpol has found himself not just in a pickle, but a 10 gallon drum of dills. After his match with the alluring femme fatalle Blue Mary, the detective uncovers a cache of counterfeit artwork in a warehouse. Contacting Lieutenant Lita Luwanda, the detective holds fast at the warehouse. Time is ticking down, before Daniel Jack finds himself trapped in the clutches of... The Gallery of Evil. (The cover artwork shows Daniel Jack sleuthing through a museum of fine art, well after hours. As the detective holds up a candle, Lita is holding on to his arm, dressed in a red strapless gown. The eyes of the paintings around them seem to be fixed on the pair. Behind him, a suit of armor has raised up an axe, preparing to deal the death blow on them both.) (45 cents) - created on 17:11:22 02/11/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 22:28:51 02/12/2016. Cast: Daniel and Lita.

[Rumble W3] Ayame vs Nagase - The mysterious miko is matched against the nimble ninjette, but maybe, just maybe... they don't want to play by the Rumble Committee's rules tonight. Could this be the end of the HitBit tournament?! (Spoiler: probably not) - created on 00:01:17 02/13/2016 by Nagase and last modified on 21:25:18 02/14/2016. Cast: Nagase and Ayame.

[Rumble W4] Skullomania vs Gan - GAN vs SKULLOMANIA face off infront of the KYOTO IMPERIAL PALACE. Come for the Skullomania, during this rumble, and leave for .. NOTHING. You can't EVER leave! You're SKULLOMANIA'S NOW! Join the Skull-revolution! JOIN AND OBEY! But out of those two, who takes it? WHO CARES! SKULLOMANIA IS THE REAL WINNER. - created on 13:33:31 02/14/2016 by Gan and last modified on 17:59:30 02/14/2016. Cast: Gan and Skullomania.

[Rumble EX] "HitBot" vs "Q" - In terms of "hits" on the Rumble In The Streets website, one competitor has a disproportionate lead over all other competitors: Howard Rust, Jr in his self-proclaimed role as "HitBot." (Second is Ryu, but... no one can seem to find that guy.) The Rumble Committee would be absolutely stupid to let this guy fade away into the limelight, and let all the practically free publicity he brings to go to waste. And, of course, the number one conspiracy seen on the unofficial HitBot fan forums is: WHO IS THAT MASKED GUY IN THE TRENCHCOAT?! So, of course they set the two up for an exhibition fight, while Rust happened to be walking along the Kyoto passageway known as the "Path of Philosophy". A match between a fan favorite and an internet legend... It's like a license to print money! - created on 15:04:02 02/14/2016 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 12:15:39 02/16/2016. Cast: Rust and Lee Chaolan.

[Rumble W4] Daniel vs Ayame - A battle on the stage of the historic Kiyomizu-dera pits Agent Little against the miko, Ayame Ichijo in the 4th round of Rumble. This second crossing of paths plays out with far less harmony than their first. - created on 22:20:33 02/14/2016 by Ayame and last modified on 22:36:20 02/20/2016. Cast: Ayame and Daniel.

[Rumble W4] Maki vs Alice - Marketing of the HitBit devices has been such a smashing success that the parent company of HitBit Inc, Violet Systems, ramps up its own advertising efforts. The course of the day is its new TRULY VIOLET(tm) powered armor, just now leaving the prototype phase. The elegant armor is effectively a thin carbon fiber exoskeleton, providing enhanced protection to the hands, elbows, hips, knees, and feet, while still allowing full mobility to the rest of the body. The concept is to avoid damage by simply moving out of the way, while looking fabulous in the process -- a perfect match for ALICE NAKATA, who HitBit Inc may be courting as a new spokesperson. Its prime competition is the stalwart ARTEMIS(tm) model by rival Atlas Concepts, demonstrated by MAKI GENRYUUSAI. The heavier Artemis armor is the go-to solution for riot control situations; it lacks the powered assistance of the Truly Violet newcomer, but makes up for it with additional full-body kevlar plating to protect the wearer against knife stabs and gunshots. - created on 18:14:45 02/18/2016 by Alice Nakata and last modified on 20:58:48 02/20/2016. Cast: Maki and Alice Nakata.

HitBit vs RUMBLE - With the Rumble in the Streets Tournament coming to a close, a meeting between the Rumble Committee and the HitBit Board of Directors occurs, to voice some concerns of how the tournament was going.... and to determine the fate of the final rounds of the tournament. - created on 12:56:44 02/19/2016 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 19:55:21 02/23/2016. Cast: Honoka and Lee Chaolan.

Lita and Skullomania Investigate: Shinsekai Terror - The Vice Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry is currently under investigation for racketeering, thanks to the leads Skullomania has provided. But his one contact, lovable_ryukyuuan, has stopped answering requests -- and he bears resemblance to a man killed in a riot a couple weeks ago, to boot. So if Skullomania were to dig deeper, he might find a connection between those involved in the Zaitokukai rally and... a real-estate holdings firm with an office in the Shinsekai district of Osaka, a place with notoriously -low- property values. Lt. Lita Luwanda has a lead from the Trouble In Paradise shooting that points her towards this office. Both of them may find themselves in the right place at the right time, when a small fleet of unmarked black cars pulls away from the nondescript, run-down building. Or, they may find it to be the -wrong- place at the -wrong- time... - created on 19:52:25 02/21/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 22:15:38 02/23/2016. Cast: Honoka, Skullomania, and Lita.

Daniel Jack Investigates: Embrace Of The Ninja! - The investigations of Lieutenant Lita Luwanda has wrought excellent fruit for our stalwart detective of Interpol. Finding a mysterious object in the footage of the crimes in Nippon, Agent Little returns to the scene of the explosion that nearly consumed them all. In the moonlight, however, he finds himself stumbling into the trap of a young woman, the cunning Nagase Iga. The femme fatale is curious for the truth... and curious for our own hero, Daniel Jack. Will our valiant detective fight of the teasing wiles of the dastardly shinobi? Or will he fall into the... Embrace of the Ninja?! (The cover artwork shows Daniel Jack in front of the rolling cliffs of Maine in the summertime in a closeup. He is topless, with his rippling muscles in full flex. He is currently holding Nagase, who is wearing a red strapless gown. Daniel Jack is not wearing his detective hat, but instead has a grey streak in his hair. He stares into Nagase with yellow eyes. Some scarring is around his neck, for some reason. Nagase seems to be overwhelmed, her half-lidded eyes rolled back in her head fainting in the embrace of Daniel Jack. Both seem very sweaty, as if both are just restraining their passions.) (65 cents) - created on 13:12:44 02/24/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 19:47:01 02/25/2016. Cast: Nagase and Daniel.

[Rumble W5] Alice Nakata vs Elise - Den Den Town is the best place in central Japan for the latest and greatest electronics needs! Whether you're looking for a rough-around-the-edges washing machine or a top-of-the-line 8G Violet-Ray player, you're sure to find it on the streets of Den Den Town! There's also a great number of shops selling classics in the fringe culture -- anime, manga, and video games galore for the discerning otaku are available here. It's a far cry from the more suburban and mainstream locales that the Rumble In The Streets tournament has been featuring, but... perhaps you have a certain member of the HitBit board to thank for this little diversion. Alice and Elise will have more time to prepare for their fight if they agree to cosplay as someone whose name does not rhyme with Broguard. So who did they come as...? - created on 16:34:51 02/27/2016 by Alice Nakata and last modified on 11:48:23 03/01/2016. Cast: Alice Nakata and Elise.

[Rumble W5] Pepper vs Gan - GAN vs PEPPER on the Osaka ON RAMP! WATCH: As tarffic grinds to a standstill! THRILL: As road rage breaks out among those with hitbits! CHILL: As the very SOUL you hold dear seeps out from your suffering of traffic! - created on 18:11:03 03/02/2016 by Gan and last modified on 05:48:14 03/04/2016. Cast: Gan and Pepper.

Makerspace Retreat - The inventor of the HitBit devices has tried to go off the grid, but certain parties just don't want that to happen. A cry for help is answered, and a mysterious third party makes an appearance... - created on 10:12:46 03/03/2016 by Nagase and last modified on 15:45:33 03/06/2016. Cast: Nagase and Lita.

[Rumble W5] Maki vs Ayame - Neither Maki nor Ayame have sustained a loss yet, so they're on to the finals of the W Bracket over in Osaka. They'll be fighting on the top deck of the Umeda Sky Building, their performance broadcast to those on the ground level via large-screen displays. Each competitor will have a five-minute warning to get to the fight location and a key to the express elevator to the observation deck they'll be fighting on. It's high stakes on a high building -- good luck, fighters! - created on 18:23:17 03/06/2016 by Ayame and last modified on 10:19:28 03/07/2016. Cast: Ayame and Maki.

Blood Below the Dance Floor - Lita's investigations of the hackers had led her to an apartment in Shinsaibashi. Can she keep her cool and obtain the info while that awful Europop is playing in a club upstairs? - created on 08:18:36 03/10/2016 by Lita and last modified on 19:49:07 03/11/2016. Cast: Honoka and Lita.

Contrary Adversary - The Yamaguchi-gumi has lost a great many members over this division -- two friends find themselves on different sides of a dispute. It just so happens that this dispute occurs during a date between two star-crossed lovers... - created on 15:06:11 03/13/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 00:06:06 03/14/2016. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Sword of Damocles! - The gangsters of the insidious and alluring Yamaguchi-Gummy Gang has broken into the First Bank of Southtown, seeking the riches within. And yet, where trillions of dollars of value are held within, they have only come seeking one thing: A sword. A simple blade, forged for an Ainu chieftain named Shakushain, who long ago was killed by the Matsumae clan. But our vile ruffians have found that not only they could not find the vorpal blade, they have found something far more lethal: Daniel Jack, Ace Detective of Interpol. Can our stalwart hero stop these vicious gangsters from escaping their fate... as the Sword of Damocles hangs over each of their heads? (The cover art shows Daniel Jack inside a marble bank, his shirt off, showing his muscled abs. Around him are the Yamaguchi-Gummy Gangsters; six other women are around. Each of the women are dressed in tight black shirts and cargo pants, armed with Thompson machineguns that were all trained on our detective... with the exception of two. One of the exceptions was standing by the mouth of the vault, peering out. The women is clearly wearing a strapless red gown, holding a lit molotov cocktail, ready to hurl it at our hapless hero. Another one of the women, passed out on the floor, is wearing only a shirt and a pair of black panties, as our hero looms over her, staring down at her furiously, the tattered remains of her pants tightly gripped in his hands.) (45 cents) - created on 12:53:19 03/14/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 13:32:31 03/16/2016. Cast: Honoka and Daniel.

Sniper, No Sniping! - While the Grand Final Championship of the Rumble In The Streets tournament is going on, the House of Councillors' Committee of Economy and Industry is meeting late. The unusual meeting time unfortunately places the chairman and directors within the crosshairs of a lone assassin. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Committee, where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods? Where's the streetwise Skullomania to fight the rising odds? - created on 12:55:59 03/15/2016 by Mint and last modified on 21:48:46 03/15/2016. Cast: Honoka and Skullomania.

[Rumble W6] L Bracket Championship - It's the L bracket championship, between the bigger-than-life Gan and the blonde haired ninja Maki! Will brawn be enough to topple the ninja who has only lost once? Or will speed and skill triumph? (WINNER: Maki) - created on 17:45:17 03/17/2016 by Maki and last modified on 21:12:44 03/17/2016. Cast: Gan and Maki.

[Rumble Final] Lee vs Ayame - Having fought her way to the finals of the Rumble Tournament, Ayame Ichijo finds herself facing not the Losers Bracket Winner as anticipated, but rather an inscrutable veteran of the fighting world, Lee Chaolan. It seems the self-proclaimed tournament organizer has taken an interest in how some of the up and coming fighters are honing their art. Meanwhile, Crazy Zhin will take any measures to avoid having to pay taxes! - created on 12:19:51 03/20/2016 by Ayame and last modified on 12:16:51 03/27/2016. Cast: Ayame and Lee Chaolan.

[Rumble Final] Maki vs AY4M3 - Maki's opponent looks exactly like she had in their their previous fight. Except, somehow, against all odds, she's found a way to walk even more stiffly and robotic. Or maybe it's that all of her fight data has been downloaded into a ComBot battleframe from Violet Systems, with the intent of raising the stakes to a new and higher level...! <Winner: AY4M3> - created on 15:45:39 04/08/2016 by AY4M3 and last modified on 23:50:44 04/09/2016. Cast: Maki and AY4M3.

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