Rumble In The Streets - Blood Below the Dance Floor

Description: Lita's investigations of the hackers had led her to an apartment in Shinsaibashi. Can she keep her cool and obtain the info while that awful Europop is playing in a club upstairs?

If there's one thing you learn about Mamoru, it's that you don't want to interrupt him in the middle of a heated discussion about engineering topics. He and George Ginzu talked for literally -hours- upon his arrival in England. The takeaway from their conversation were essentially distilled down to two points.
One - The Rumble Committee's server hosted a document containing the list of locations that would be used for the first two rounds of fighting, containing photos and a list of unique features that would make each site memorable to an internet-savvy audience.
The second is that the file was downloaded externally by exactly two sources. One of which was an obvious IP forgery, unless one honestly believes the downloader to be using the facilities of a Circle K store just outside of Hiroshima. The other downloader was a bit less... thorough in covering their tracks.

The IP address of the downloader is registered to a location in Osaka's fashionable Shinsaibashi district. Like the streets of Namba just a few blocks to the south, Shinsaibashi streets are covered by a semitransparent roof, about three stories high. Despite being open to the air, the gaudy neon signs and ambient fluorescent lighting makes the city blocks feel like the inside of a shopping mall.

The businesses that either don't want or can't afford the premium for first- and second-story frontage are relegated to small, nondescript passageways that could easily be missed among the jewelry stores, fashion boutiques, and niche cafes. The doors won't be noticeable unless you know what to look for -- in many cases, these simple doors lead to multi-story apartment complexes or clandestine discotheques; any attempt at advertising is routinely torn down by property owners who paid extra for their glitzy storefronts and don't want to put up with the riff-raff.

The objective lies behind one of those unassuming side doors. The door in question leads to a narrow stairway with red walls plastered with posters advertising the nightclub on the seventh floor. Bass resonates all throughout the stairway, getting louder the higher you go. There's an elevator as well, but a sign clearly states that it's out of order; the buttons are not lit at all, and one is missing.
The address points to an apartment on the sixth floor, and the noise from the nightclub above is borderline intolerable -- the floor reverberates with every dance beat, as dozens of dancers slam about to the tune of imported europop. It's clear that there were once posters on the wall, but not even the tape can hold against the never-ending aural onslaught.
The door of the apartment is closed, as one can expect; laughing, shouting, and gunfire from a first-person shooter game can be heard from inside the room.

As she made her way to the building at street level, she felt a sinking feeling when she could hear the faint sounds of music. Dread filled her soul as she pondered the possibility that god awful music would be the soundtrack to this particular leg of this kinda sorta off the books mission.

The sounds of Europop made the Delta Red weapon mistress' stomach turn. At a reasonable volume, the soldier couldn't stomach the music. At this particular volume she wasn't able to decide what she wanted to do more. Puke or smash something.

The elite soldier dropped into a kneel and put her ear to the door to listen. She wasn't about to go charging in without at least having some idea of the numbers. Plus listening for anyone else took her mind off wanting to violate the Geneva Convention on the ones responsible for this music.

The sticky sound of a skull exploding from a high-caliber round resonates from twelve different speakers, though it would be hard to hear that over the peals of the laughter that erupt afterwards. "TERRORISTS WIN" is the announcement that comes up on the speakers shortly afterwards, followed by a quieter, slow-motion replay of the winning shot.
One can gather that the play was pretty remarkable, to say the least. But it will also give the Delta Red operative a clearer indication of how many people are inside: at least six. But there will be a slight problem which might give her reason to back away from the door.

"Gahaha! A'ight, a'ight, I'll be back, losers!!" The scratchy voice is higher-pitched, suggesting someone in his early twenties.

The question of puking or smashing something may be forced upon Lita as the door opens, and the high-pitched twentysomething opens the door, all set to march right out into the night. The purple-haired miscreant has a number of piercings scattered all across his face, tattoos visible on the base of his neck, and a crimson-colored pleather jacket with way too many zippers. And he has -no- idea what's waiting on the other side.

It may be obvious to see the other gentlemen inside, dressed similarly and seated at their computers. Though once they get the sense that something's awry...

COMBATSYS: Yakuza Team has started a fight here on the right meter side.

                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0      Yakuza Team

COMBATSYS: Lita has joined the fight here on the left meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Lita             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0      Yakuza Team

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As she hears the foot steps she moves to the side making sure that anyone inside would have trouble seeing her and then, when the door closes, she darts in close grabbing his arm and then whispers into the jacketed twenty-something's ear.

"Nice jacket, love. I want to have a nice, civilized conversation with you for a second and you don't wanna be startin' somethin'. If you try to do something bad or try to beat it, I'm going to make sure you're only going to be able to wear one glove. Got it?"

She then slips to the side giving her the possibility of reacting he tries to go for the door, run, or attack. She's confident in her ability to move fast, no matter the scenario.

COMBATSYS: Lita focuses on her next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Lita             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0      Yakuza Team

The young man with the red jacket has pretty much -no- idea that anything is awry as he walks right into a trap from the walking British arsenal. So he's caught unawares as he finds his arm suddenly restrained, as he's jerked lightly to the side. He frowns, taking note that the grip isn't all that tight... but he listens carefully.

The subtleties of Lita's references are lost on the young man -- as much as he seems to enjoy 80s fashion, the peculiarities of his connection to a certain pop star aren't that deep. All he knows is that she's got his good arm pinned, and that she has an... interesting accent he can't quite place.
He shoves his other hand into the cavernous jacket pocket. "A'ight, a'ight. But there's somethin' you gotta know..." He starts to lean forward, as if he's aiming to get a better look at Lita.

His arm's already been threatened, it's true. But the jacket's a size too large for him, and there's plenty of wiggle room. Enough for him to twist about and slam a mule-kicked foot into Lita.

If that were all, the scuffle might not have been loud enough to be heard in the room beside him. But it's not -- for he also hollers at the top of his lungs.

"GUYS! DIS BITCH TRYNNA JACK ME UP!!" And his left hand whips out of his pocket, the light reflecting off the blade of a pocket knife, as he plans for a follow-up...

And not only that, the door is pulled open again, with two of the gangsters inside starting to muscle their way out...

COMBATSYS: Lita interrupts Light Kick from Yakuza Team with Quick Throw.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Lita             0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0      Yakuza Team

Lita moves into the kick keeping him from fully extending his leg kick. Even then, it was still a pretty good shot to the stomach. She still folds but then she grabs his leg and sweeps out the remaining foot on ground while still holding on to the jacket arm. The end result is her flipping the thug into the door way at his allies and snatching his jacket off of him in the process.

"A smooth criminal, you're not."

She then holds the jacket in front of her as if she intends on using it as an improvised shield. After that she sighs. "You could've at least listened to what I had to say say say before you started to scream."

She looks perfectly content to stand in the doorway. It forces them to come at her one at a time.

The first criminal's knife clatters to the floor as he is flung into his buddies. The frontmost two men are quick to catch him -- like him, they are wearing jackets, but one jacket is black, and another one green. They look -quite- displeased, and ease the first man into the room -- apparently, this soldier hits kind of hard.

A distinctly female voice can be heard over the thumping bass of the dance floor upstairs, now: "Either you're wrong or you're right. But if you thinkin' bout my babies..." The young woman's t-shirt has been ripped to reveal the colorful irezumi patterns lining her midriff. Her nose is pierced, and she has two clips on her right ear. She's not really -dressing- the part, but...
The young men seem confused by Lita's offer. Didn't their guy just say she was trying to attack him? And yet, she talks about ... talking?
The little lady resolves their cognitive lapse with a hard clap to the nearest man's shoulder. "Enemy gate is down. Go!"

And that's all the signal the man needs to start charging at Lita. If it was just him charging with his elbow down, that wouldn't be so much... but no, the other five standing members are right at his back, pushing and shoving. It's one solid -train- of yakuza thugs, each of the trailing men pushing on the shoulders of the man in front of him. And the locomotive, as it were, is aiming to plow their friendly investigator right into the back wall of the red-tinted hallway. Lita might be able to stop one, but all five at the same time...? "GUWOOOOH!"

COMBATSYS: Lita dodges Yakuza Team's Intercepting Strike.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Lita             0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0      Yakuza Team

## Lita has been eaten by a grue. ##

[OOC] Lita says, "Away from yakuza conga line of death and into the grue's mouth.. :\"

[OOC] Yakuza Team loses the strike but wins at grueing

It's easy to see what the group is about ready to do. Lita decides she wants no part of this conga line of death. It looks like something out of Looney Tunes the way side steps the Michael Jackson jacket clad Yakuza train. After the last one passes by, she slips into the doorway.

As she does so, she swings the first thug's jacket over the head of the man acting as the kaboose of the Yakuza train and then attempts to use it as a makeshift garrote as she brings her leg up to drive her knee into the man's back.

"Wow. That was dangerous."

She doesn't keep it around his neck for very long.

COMBATSYS: Yakuza Team blocks Lita's Random Combo.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Lita             0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0      Yakuza Team

The choo-choo train of doom chugs right on out into the hallway, though the men aren't quite so uncoordinated that they can't break ranks before slamming into the wall. The train loses cohesion once Lita steps aside, allowing the 'caboose' to throw his arm up to fend off the jacket. He still folds from the knee driven into his back, staggering off to the side as his four companions circle around him to close in on their lost ground.

With the five in the hallway, two are left inside. One is the first man, now dry-heaving as he stands near the couch -- not much good in a fight. The second...
The woman looks slightly put out with her friend's behavior. And yet... she hums quietly to herself. "You hear the door slam and realize there's nowhere left to run..." Like her friend, she unfolds a knife. The door's still wide open, but with the four men closing in to prevent Lita's escape, her odds have improved considerably.
"You feel the cold hand, and wonder if you'll ever see the sun..."
She leaps forward, aiming an arcing slash across Lita's front. She's not aiming to kill -- she's aiming to -hurt-, to show exactly what Lita's gotten herself into. For these folks may not have known Lita was coming, but they know who they're up against. And if they have to slam their shoulders into her from behind, that's exactly what they're going to do...

COMBATSYS: Lita blocks Yakuza Team's Armed Combo.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Lita             0/-------/-======|=------\-------\0      Yakuza Team

Lita raises the red jacket to catch knife arm and prevent it from digging into her arm and redirecting it to the side to force a stumble that if Lita had stopped to think about it, looked almost like the zombie lurch from Thriller. Unfortunately it left her vulnerable to the shoving from behind. She can only manage a partial side step which in turn spins her around as she takes the impact on her shoulders.

She grunts and looks at the lan party gaming set up and yanks a gaming mouse out of the USB port of the nearest computer and whips the cord outward wrapping it around the neck of one of the yakuza goons and pulls him face down to the ground and drags him to her feet so she can give a stomp to the back of the head.

"This can't be a thriller night. I'm only counting fourteen eyes. You're twenty six eyes short of forty."

COMBATSYS: Yakuza Team endures Lita's Improvised Flail Attack.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Lita             1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0      Yakuza Team

As Lita weaves the jacket into leather armor, the lyric-slinging woman finds her arm ensnared for a moment. It's a small bother, though, as her boys slam into Lita with a vengeance, forcing her further inside their den. It's a bit more spacious than the hallway, though as the Delta Red operative proves, it comes with its own perils.
"Aw man, not my Naga!" howls one of the men as his friend is effectively garroted with the green, multi-buttoned mouse. "Grab onto her, Kei!"
The man named 'Kei' -- apparently, the one who's being choked out -- does his best to maintain the hold. His face turns red as Lita pulls the cord tight, and even moreso as he's slung about -- but by pulling back on the cord as he's drawn close, he hopes to introduce an element of entropy to her calculations.

That is to say, as 'Kei' struggles, 'Em' is quick to wheel his foot around to clock Lita in the head, 'Oh' fills the gap with a punch to the gut, while 'Pi' slams the door behind them, noting that the thumping beat upstairs should be enough to diffuse the sounds of violence.

Meanwhile, the lyrical woman pulls her hand back -- she'd cut herself in that entanglement, and she isn't above a little petty vengeance, in the form of sweeping her leg at Lita's with an attempt to bring her down to Kei's level on the floor. The lyrical divergence is noted but largely ignored, as she keeps her -own- beat. "But all the while, you hear the creature creepin' up behind / you're out of time!"

And, from the computers, another tinny and distant voice can be heard from the computer speakers: "Hey, are you guys startin' the next round or what?!"

COMBATSYS: Yakuza Team successfully hits Lita with Gang-Up Beating.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Lita             1/---====/=======|=====--\-------\0      Yakuza Team

Lita runs into a slight problem which in turn leads to a significantly bigger problem. The initial problem is the fact that she holds onto the mouse for a little too long. This in turn leads to the problem of being held in place long enough for the whole crew to get their shots in culminating in the woman taking Lita's legs from under her just as she's reaching for the quick release latch holding her sword in place.

She rolls back up onto her feet with sword held in front of her. In her case she doesn't feel like making anymore Michael Jackson wisecracks. She wants to go after them all. She takes broad slashes at the yakuza, not caring if she catches monitors. The computers on the other hand she might care a little about. But beyond those computers which might contain vital information, her fucks to give tank, when it comes to property destruction, is running on fumes.

COMBATSYS: Yakuza Team fails to interrupt Medium Strike from Lita with Hold and Punch.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Lita             1/---====/=======|=======\-------\1      Yakuza Team

As Lita rises back to her feet, 'Kyuu', the young woman, shakes her head. She's disappointed in Lita, but only because the song references stopped flowing. Dropping her beat, she skips ahead in the song as she twirls the knife around, letting her compadres squeeze themselves ahead to get a lick at the Delta Red agent: "There's no escapin' the jaws of the alien this time..."
But then the sword is brought to bear, and all of the Yakuza back away. "Hey, take it easy with that," cautions Oh, drawing his knife from a jacket pocket. The others similarly draw theirs as well, not wanting to be left out of the dance of blades.

When the first monitor is cleaved in two, Em cries out in terror: "My BenQ!" Rage overtakes him as he surges forward, swinging the blade in a quick slash that should, by his own estimation, parry the blade up and out of the way. It's something he saw in a video game. "You stupid b--"
It doesn't work -- he's not quick enough, and the blade bites into his shoulder, severing blood vessels and muscles alike. "--yeeeargh!" He howls, twisting to the floor as he goes down...

... and inadvertently blinding his buddy Oh with the arterial spray. "WH-what the..." stammers Oh as his hands go for his eyes, trying to get the crimson goop out of the way -- just in time for his arms to be raised in the path of the sword itself. Slashed heavily, he now has his own reason to howl in agony as he staggers backwards, collapsing to the floor a moment later.

With 'Aru' cringing on the couch and unwilling - or unable - to offer assistance, Kyuu just spits on the floor. "Idiots! There's -seven- of us! What the hell is wrong with you?!" she cries.
Kei pushes back to his feet.

Pi withdraws a small paper shopping bag from the door, pulling out a lighter and a bottle filled with some sort of liquid. "Guys. Don't you see? She wants our rigs."
He pops the lid of the bottle, and curls the paper bag into a tube, tucking it inside the bottle.
"She ain't gonna walk out of here with 'em."

[OOC] Lita says, "How come I get the feeling he's serving cocktails?"

[OOC] Honoka Kawamoto says, "'Cause he isss"

[OOC] Lee Chaolan says, "Pro-Tip: If there were seven of them, and there is now only one of you, you probably should start running instead of complaining."

[OOC] Lita says, "Not complaining, just stating a hypothesis based on enviromental factors."

[OOC] Honoka Kawamoto says, "Well, enclosed space plus fire equals DISASTER"

[OOC] Lita says, "Well... Perpetual Bond over Ignorant Things + Perpetual Conflict over Ignorant Things = Complete F***ing Disaster"

[OOC] Lita says, "Remember this equation... You will need it later."

[OOC] Honoka Kawamoto haha

Lita does improvised weaponry mathematics. Bottle of liquid + tube of paper = OH SHIT!! She does not want this place to go down in flames especially with the club a floor above. No matter how bad the music was up there it wasn't bad enough that she would wish the innocent bystanders above and below.

At first, she wanted to fight in a way that she could keep alive as many of them as possible. Now with the introduction of the potential risk to the whole building rather than just herself, the way she's going to fight will have to change.

The sword goes back to her back locked in place by her quick release latch and she reaches for one of her kunai and hurls it for Pi's throat in an attempt to kill.

"Anybody else think that reckless endangerment of everyone here is still a good idea?"

COMBATSYS: Yakuza Team blocks Lita's Kunai Throw.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Lita             1/--=====/=======|=======\=------\1      Yakuza Team

Em twitches, but he's still -mostly- conscious -- he's able to press his jacket close to the wound and keep pressure on it, as he huddles closer to his shellshocked buddy Aru on the couch. Oh is faring a little better, in that he's calmer about things -- but he's still trying to shimmy his way down the hall to the bathroom. -Everyone- is going to need first aid...

As Pi speaks, Kyuu glares back at him: "What the hell is your problem, dude?! That's our -stuff!-"
Pi shakes his head -- "We're not s'posed to let her -get- it, remember?! God da--"
Pi doesn't get to finish his thought, as he's forced to raise his arms to ward off the knife suddenly flung at his neck. In doing so, the kunai shatters the top of the bottle, sending a fine mist of detergent and gasoline into the air. He drops to one knee, trying to stop the molotov from becoming a gigantic mess in a way that is less productive for him...

"-Dammit!-" cries out Kyuu. She doesn't wait any longer before rushing in, aiming to slam her knee into Lita multiple times in rapid succession.
She doesn't feel any particular hesitation because her buddy Kei is quite irritable from being throttled and dragged around on the floor, and he's eager to return the garroting to Lita -- with the very same mouse cable.
"Dammit Kei, why don't you use your own shit!?" spits Em from the couch. Clearly, he's the one suffering the most hardware losses here...

COMBATSYS: Lita blocks Yakuza Team's Gangbang EX.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Lita             1/=======/=======|-------\-------\0      Yakuza Team

This has truly become a total mess. Blood is everywhere. Broken electronics scattered all over the place. It looks like a crime scene here and no one has drop dead. Yet...

As Kyuu lays into Lita with knees, she leans into her as she goes into a Muay Thai styled clinch and shoving her forehead into her eyes. It won't hurt just allows Lita to block her vision which makes targetting those knees difficult and they glance off of her ribs rather than hitting solidly. One last shot slips through and Lita grunts from the pain.

Then Kei tries tries to choke the weapons mistress with the mouse. Lita ducks down and tucks her chin keeping the wire from finding purchase while still maintaining the clinch and then turning around which causes her to swing Kyuu around into Kei's extended, improvised garrote weiding arms moving them aside as she manuevers to one of the remaining in tact monitors. She's out to smack the female Yakuza in the face with the monitor before flinging it at Pi's partially wrecked molotov.

As she does a mental inventory of who is still a combatant. Two on the couch sitting down(Aru/Em). One off to the bathroom(Oh). Molotov chucker who she had threw a monitor(Pi). The singing knife chick(Kyuu). The choke artist(Kei). There's that one dude who ran out after she went slash happy with the monitors. That was the one she was worried about since he'd be the one calling for reinforcements or try to attempt something stupid like sneak attack after she's dealt with the rest. And he was unwounded which also made him dangerous.

COMBATSYS: Yakuza Team dodges Lita's Random Weapon.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Lita             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0      Yakuza Team

Kyuu is irritated. She's been trying to learn Muay Thai all on her own, and here Lita is showing her the skills she -hasn't- been able to master. Kneeing people, she gets. Learning when to clinch, and how to do it -correctly- are what she's been unable to practice to her satisfaction. She knees harder and harder, only gaining some measure of satisfaction with the last final push. She draws back as Kei attempts (and fails) a garrote, but not far enough back to keep her arm from being snared. "H-hey..." she protests, only to realize she's being slung into her companion. "Duck!"

Kei drops the mouse, ducking just in time for Kyuu to practically -throw- herself over him, knocking keyboards and mice off the other desk.

And by this point, Lita is grabbing a monitor off the desk -- with such ease that Em cries out, "And -that's- why you assholes need to screw the monitor cables in!"

All of the gamers still in the room not nicknamed Em shout out in unison, "SHUT. UP. EM."

By this point, Kyuu is back on her feet, and scrambles out of the way as the monitor whizzes mere centimeters away from her. "Geez, some respect!"

Pi, though... As Lita hucks the monitor at him, she might realize that there's something familiar about the way he moves. He's wearing a jacket, but it's a little tight on him -- and he moves with a bit too much alacrity for a common thug.
He was the one who moved around the explosives in Narita.
Pi leaps backwards off the door, twisting about in midair just as the monitor slams against the portal with a dull thud. Pi's feet land at the same moment the monitor hits the floor, but he's already on the move -- throwing his shoulder at Lita's waist. If he manages to connect, he'd hold onto her tightly -- and then twist his entire upper body around in a 180, wielding the weaponsmistress like a weapon herself -- and slamming her down onto the floor, back-first.
It'll knock a few more monitors and peripherals off the desks, but everyone but Em is way past the point of worrying about that now.

COMBATSYS: Lita dodges Yakuza Team's Medium Throw.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Lita             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0      Yakuza Team

As Pi approaches, Lita moves her hand towards the quick release latch holding the sword in place. The moment he leans forward to grab her Lita leaps up on to a chair and surfs on it away from Pi's grasp.

She then decides on targets. Kyuu was dangerous, probably the leader which probably throw the group into chaos if she was taken out of the fight but Pi, he was way more unstable, and way more willing to cause collateral bystander damage. He would be the one she went after. She charges in blade first towards Pi's leg. If any other unfortunate Yakuza are in the way, they can get hamstrung too.

COMBATSYS: Yakuza Team blocks Lita's Medium Strike.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Lita             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|==-----\-------\0      Yakuza Team

Pi catches himself on another of the rolling chairs as Lita practically surfs to the far side of the room. As she reaches for her sword, he rights himself, peeling off his jacket and tossing it aside. With a wifebeater t-shirt, his washboard abs and tattoos are more visible: he's got a well-developed musculature despite not being -huge-.
He cracks his knuckles, leaning heavily on the chair. And when the sword comes at his leg, he hurls the chair into the way, imposing it in the path of the strike. The point of the blade jams -through- the flimsy chair, biting through the jean fabric and digging into the flesh below -- but despite the small spray of blood, it could have been worse.
Irritatingly, Pi shoves the chair back at Lita, hard, aiming to throw off her aim if she hopes to maintain grip on the sword.

Kyuu scowls back from her vantage point on the table. "Oh, come on now! You were just talking about -reckless endangerment!-" It seems she's had enough with playing around, though -- with one wink at Pi, she reaches back and grabs the nearest keyboard. Under a plaintive protest from Em, she swings it around like a flail, aiming to crack it alongside Lita's head.
And practically at the same time, Kei is grabbing that mouse and using -it- as a weapon as well, bound and determined to make it -count- against the Delta Red agent who's stormed her way into their most hallowed of halls. "Nnggghh!"

"GUYS? What the hell is going on over there?!" comes the voice over the computers' voice chat. Yes, the mic's still on.

COMBATSYS: Lita dodges Yakuza Team's Thrown Weapon.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Lita             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|==-----\-------\0      Yakuza Team

With the sword being caught up in the chair, Lita has no choice but to let go of the sword but she is okay with that. She's in a weapon rich environment. Of course, she doesn't have much time to meditate on that before the keyboard and mouse are swung at her. As she bobs and weaves them, she imagines that Em is losing his ever loving shit right now at his gear being used as weapons.

Then when Kyuu calls her out for reckless endangerment, which after that awful Europop music above, is the last straw and Lita just snaps. She flips a nearby coffee table, kicks two of the legs off and dual wields them as clubs to go into a furious series of strikes with them on Kei's legs, arms and skull.

She tosses the table legs to the side as she reaches for an empty can of either soda or an energy drink and then moves towards Kyuu.

"Unlike Captain Molotov, over there, I'm keeping my endangerment centered directly centered on you and this room. None of which might not have needed to happen, if he was willing to talk." She glances over at Aru and then attempts to crush the can on Kyuu's skull and then if she should do that, repeatedly smash it on her skull before discarding the flattened can. She then moves to the kitchen where she reaches for the plates and glasses and just throws them at Pi as she moves closer. Each throw designed to hem him in and make going anywhere near the exits unappealing. Then she reaches for a floor lamp, knocks off the lampshade and then shoves it light bulb first into his shoulder then swing the floor lamp base across his jaw and following it up with lamp base slammed right in his knee caps. She wants to make sure he's not going to make any runs in the near future.

COMBATSYS: Yakuza Team fails to interrupt She Who Dares Wins from Lita with Reckless Attacks.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lita             0/-------/<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Yakuza Team can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lita             0/-------/<<<<<<<|

The chair containing Lita's sword sails right past her, crashing into a pile with the other chairs at the corner of the living-room-turned-gaming-lounge. Pi glares back at the evasive Lita, and starts to move to attack her, but the problem is that there are a great number of chairs in the way now, keeping him from getting too much closer.

With a series of grunts and groans, Kei tries to fend off the attacks by raising his arms, to at least deflect the improvised clubs away from his braincase. That just means he takes -way- more damage elsewhere, leaving behind a litany of bruises and forcing him down to the floor. He goes down like a sack of potatoes, which causes a slight logistical problem...

Particularly, Kyuu hasn't been able to get her swings in. She'd hoped to -save- some of her men, particularly Kei, from the savage beatdown, but Kei himself was preventing another direct shot from a pair of coffee table legs. So she braves a session of "the floor is lava" as she hops from one chair to the other. "Willing to -talk?!-" she spits out, full of red-faced rage. "You're our freakin' -target!- You stepped right into our trap!"
Just as Kyuu is finally in rage and about to ram an elbow into Lita, the young woman finds her forward momentum forcibly stopped -- her elbow whiffs mere centimeter shy of its target.
Though, one can argue that having an empty Mountain Dew can slammed into her forehead is not the proper way to "Do The Dew". Staggering backwards, she finds herself dazed for the second strike -- and the third knocks her right out. The chairs roll out of the way to allow her unconscious self to fall to the floor in a most painful fashion.

While Pi is still struggling with chair-fu, Lita has no issues getting to the kitchen -- but that won't stop the front door from flying open! It hits the back wall so hard it rebounds back towards the lone figure standing on the other side...
The seventh member of the Yakuza group -- Yuu -- brandishes a firearm and a crazed look, taking aim at the crazy Brit in the kitchen. In heavily-Japanese-accented English he cries out, "AND THE WHOLE WORLD HAS TO ANSWER RIGHT NOW JUST TO TELL YOU ONCE AGAIN--"
He doesn't get to finish. The door is still coasting back from the dramatic action, and the plate and glass hurled into it just slam the door right back in his face. A moment later, the thump of his derriere hitting the floor can be heard, along with a plaintive whine.

Pi roars, finally just deciding to pick up the chairs and hurl them out of the way. Just as he hefts one over his head with an attempt at bludgeoning Lita -- that's when her floorlamp-augmented reach catches him by surprise. He howls with pain at the shattering glass impaling his bare shoulder, but with him unusually off-balance, the floorlamp cracking across his kneecap is enough to bring the midnight bomber down to floor level.

Oh, by this point, is already back in the room. Just for clarity, he sets down a roll of bandages and a bottle of antiseptic solution next to Em and Aru -- the latter of whom is currently rocking back and forth in the fetal position. Em keeps applying pressure to his wounds not to bleed out, but as the most vocal of the team, he would otherwise be holding up his hands in the universal position of surrender as Oh is. And just for -absolute- clarity, Em calls out: "Talk! Talk. Talking is good! Let's talk, Miss Nice Lady Person!"

Lita looks around at the living room and kitchen that had been turned into a chaotic mess. Tables up-ended, chairs askew, and other assorted furniture in varying states of disrepair, shattered glass and ceramics on the floor, blood splatters all over the place and that discarded, battered, brutalized empty can of mountain dew.

She takes a deep breath and lets the floor lamp drop to the floor and looks towards Em and Oh.

"I was going to ask you about your boss and if you knew what they were hoping to achieve but seeing as this was a trap, and the way it's making me feel is not all that talkative anymore. So you're going to point out his," she points at Aru, "his," she points at Pi, "and her," she then points at Kyuu, "rigs and then I walk out with them."

She then stares right into Em's eyes with a look that says she wouldn't think twice about ending his life.

"Or I could finish the job and walk out with /all/ of them."

The front door of the apartment hangs open, showing that Yuu has been completely knocked out, the gun (it's an airsoft gun, actually) landing a fair distance from his hand. Kei is out cold as well. Oh went back to the bathroom to fetch something he'd forgotten, while the worrying loudmouth Em surveys the room. Minding Pi's and Kyuu's head injuries, he keeps his volume low as he talks himself through a mental tally: "Aru... Yuu... Oh... Kei."

Oh pops back into the room with a pair of scissors. "Yeah, I'm fine, dummy..."

All things considered, it doesn't take Em and Oh much time to deliberate on the answer to Lita's question. Em singles out three of the computers for her. It'll take moving the unconscious bodies of Pi and Kyuu to get to their rigs, and moving a few of the overturned chairs, but they're easily accessible. "Uhh... sure. Just make sure they're turned off first..."
Oh sighs, noticeably loudly, as he gruffly pulls Em's arm out to the side, and starts to apply antibiotic to his cuts.
A moment later, once Lita has already turned the noted computers off, he leans a bit closer and starts mumbling something to Em. The only recognizable word is 'wipe.'
"C-crap, I didn't even think about it..."
Oh slugs Em hard in the good shoulder. "You dumbass, you were sitting there the whole time!"
"And -bleeding out-, I might add!"

Amidst the living room carnage -- which will take a good few hours to recover from, at the very least -- a tinny voice is heard from the corner of the room that's seen the least action: "You guys are -terrible-. Reported!" The source is the one rig that had remained relatively unharmed, with its peripherals shuffled around but still connected. The screen is only noticeable when it turns completely black, aside for a few words:
[ /!\ Disconnected from game server. [10006] ]

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