SLAMFEST 2020 - PIT OF PAIN - The ongoing Unlimited SLAMFEST 2020 Rumble that is the Pit O Pain. Ten opponents, endless fighting, and finally a finish. You are playing with the big boys now here! - created on 21:12:21 01/14/2020 by Marduk and last modified on 10:47:42 03/11/2020. Cast: MURDERHOUSE, El Stingray, Alexander the Grater, Noboru, Felicia, King Rasta, Titanic Tim, Great Oni, and Koto.

SLAMFEST 2020 Round 1 - Sven vs Felicia - It's wolf vs cat in the first SLAMFEST match of 2020! Will the long-runner Sven Maesters bring the wrestling lore to Felicia? Or will the wily cat superstar bring her supernatural power to win the ring? <WINNER: Sven> - created on 12:56:01 01/15/2020 by Sven and last modified on 16:47:24 01/15/2020. Cast: Felicia and Sven.

SLAMFEST 2020 - MURDERHOUSE vs Rainbow Mika - MURDERHOUSE brutally removes a would-be entrant into the SLAMFEST tournament, only to be confronted by said entrant's best friend and teammate for a wild backstage brawl. - created on 13:56:20 01/15/2020 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 17:55:01 01/18/2020. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Rainbow Mika.

SLAMFEST 2020 R1 - Koto vs Julia - Slamfest! The spirit empowered Native Americaness Julia vs the psychically empowered tokusatsu Koto! Who will win? - created on 19:19:25 01/15/2020 by Koto and last modified on 20:47:44 01/22/2020. Cast: Julia and Koto.

SLAMFEST 2020 Round 1 - Mai vs Gunloc - A matchup for the ages as the Florida Wild Horse, Gunloc, takes on the Alluring Ninja, Mai! A modern day legend of the ring takes some of the best that Japan has to offer. Who will win in this, the first round of SLAMFEST! - created on 11:36:06 01/16/2020 by Gunloc and last modified on 00:17:54 01/21/2020. Cast: Gunloc and Mai.

SLAMFEST 2020 - Aranha vs Kasumi - Beneath the hot lights of the SLAMFEST Main Arena, the skillful capoeirist Aranha faces the swift ninja, Kasumi in round one of SLAMFEST 2020. Kicks, SLAMs, and elbow strikes a plenty punctuate the fast battle between two veteran fighters. - created on 14:35:33 01/17/2020 by Kasumi and last modified on 23:55:53 01/17/2020. Cast: Aranha and Kasumi.

SLAMFEST 2020 - Honoka Inoue vs Hotaru Futaba - Facing off in the Ring of Destruction, amature fighter Hotaru Futaba faces newcomer Honoka Inoue. Power SLAMS, high altitude SLAMS, and even some explosive crimson energy all make an appearance in the first round of SLAMFEST 2020! - created on 17:11:59 01/18/2020 by Hotaru and last modified on 23:40:12 01/19/2020. Cast: Hotaru and Honoka Inoue.

SLAMFEST 2020 R1: Morrigan vs Juri - The Mistress of the Night, MORRIGAN AENSLAND faces off against the former Taekwondo Champion, JURI HAN in a all out slug fest in the squared circle! Who will win? Who will fall! Find out this SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! - created on 20:22:10 01/18/2020 by Morrigan and last modified on 23:31:28 01/20/2020. Cast: Juri and Morrigan.

SLAMFEST 2020 - Haggar vs Potemkin - It's the never before scene Armored Giant vs the newly returning Mayor of SLAM in a colossal clash between two larger than life men. Face to face in the squared circle, this brutal bout showcases just how devastating a match can be when two muscular monoliths bend their mind toward the unsurpassable art of SLAM! - created on 12:26:24 01/19/2020 by Haggar and last modified on 19:01:56 01/19/2020. Cast: Haggar and Potemkin.

SLAMFEST 2020 R1 - Sakura vs Lita - Sakura Kasugano and Lita Luwanda were invited to Slamfes to SLAM! The Ansatsuken Flower pits her striking prowess and chi proficiency against the versatility and weapon proficiency of the Weapons Mistress. The fight is brutal and in the end, only one can be victorious. - created on 19:34:28 01/19/2020 by Lita and last modified on 15:43:50 01/23/2020. Cast: Sakura and Lita.

SLAMFEST 2020 R1 - Big Blue vs Sophia - SLAM match between Big Blue(aka El Diablo) and Sophia. Weird vs weird, and the audience reacts appropriately. - created on 23:23:13 01/22/2020 by Big Blue and last modified on 15:44:03 01/23/2020. Cast: Big Blue, Sophia, and Victor Ortega.

SLAMFEST 2020 R1 - Maki vs Alex - SLAMFEST 2020 brings you another exciting match! Tonight only in the ring, the skillful red shinobi, MAKI battles the New York bruiser, Alex! Who will take the win? Who will take the pin? FIND OUT TONIGHT! - created on 20:21:41 01/27/2020 by Alex and last modified on 22:42:08 01/29/2020. Cast: Alex and Maki.

SLAMFEST 2020 R2 - Hotaru vs Sven - Round 2 of Slamfest brings Hotaru Futaba and Sven Maesters into a Matchmaker In Hell, a Savage 1 vs 1 overseen by the Iron Mystic. The fight quickly collapses into a frenzied free for all - created on 10:39:13 02/01/2020 by Sven and last modified on 20:49:25 02/16/2020. Cast: Hotaru, Noboru, and Sven.

SLAMFEST 2020 R2: Honoka Inoue vs Big Blue - Another exciting match from SLAMFEST 2020! - created on 20:50:07 02/02/2020 by Honoka Inoue and last modified on 11:47:58 02/08/2020. Cast: Big Blue and Honoka Inoue.

SLAMFEST 2020 Round 2 - Julia vs Felicia - Felicia and Julia square off in the ring for the second round of SLAMFEST! Who will prevail..? - created on 19:19:29 02/06/2020 by Felicia and last modified on 23:05:15 02/06/2020. Cast: Julia and Felicia.

SLAMFEST 2020 R2 - Haggar vs Alex and ???? - In round 2 of SLAMFEST, the conductor of Slam Station mayor Mike Haggar is put through a grueling endurance match against the tag team of Alex and Gunloc. However, when the Florida Wild Horse fails to show, a last minute replacement could be just the magic bullet needed to bring this pain train to a screeching halt. - created on 11:49:20 02/07/2020 by Haggar and last modified on 20:05:29 02/17/2020. Cast: Blue Mary, Haggar, and Alex.

SLAMFEST 2020 R2 - Juri vs Kasumi + Koto - Slamfest Round 2! Will Two on One be too much danger for the Taekwondo champion in this battle of Juri versus Kasumi and Koto, the J-Dragon? - created on 10:50:57 02/08/2020 by Juri and last modified on 13:30:41 02/10/2020. Cast: Kasumi, Juri, Scorpion, and Koto.

SLAMFEST 2020 R2: MURDERHOUSE vs Lita - While it was dumb luck that happened to bring these two former champions to fight once more, both PCS and Slamfest saw an opportunity for both promotion and to fill a long vacant Blue Pro championship. In addition to earning points for Slamfest, these two will fight for the right to call themselves champions once more. The fight is brutal as both participants bring a variety of otherwise illegal weapons into the ring. - created on 21:04:10 02/09/2020 by Lita and last modified on 13:32:45 02/10/2020. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Lita.

SLAMFEST 2020 R2 - Morrigan vs Sophia + Aranha - Aranha and Sophia find themselves facing Morrigan for the second round of Slamfest. The lamia finds that there's something familiar about the succubus. Meanwhile, Aranha is just trying to void needing a lawyer. - created on 21:23:52 02/10/2020 by Aranha and last modified on 22:38:34 02/17/2020. Cast: Aranha, Morrigan, and Sophia.

SLAMFEST 2020 R2 - Maki vs Potemkin - A regular match for SLAMFEST 2020 - Potemkin vs Maki! - created on 19:51:46 02/15/2020 by Potemkin and last modified on 08:49:27 02/17/2020. Cast: Maki and Potemkin.

SLAM: Sakura vs Rainbow Mika (CA: Victor Ortega) - It's a clash of students in the middle of the CWA's ring as Rainbow Mika looks to make a fresh start and wash away the negative energy of her brawl with MURDERHOUSE, and Sakura puts not only the power, but honor of Ansatsuken on full display. Rather than watch this curious meeting of divergent disciplines from afar, the greatest living wrestler of the modern era decides to claim the closest seat in the house and determine which - if either - woman may yet be worthy of his notice. - created on 19:35:25 02/16/2020 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 04:02:01 02/26/2020. Cast: Sakura, Rainbow Mika, and Victor Ortega.

Free For All - Aranha vs Hotaru vs Gunloc - In this round of SLAMFEST 2020, a triple threat match between three tough and quick competitors to see who has the next chance to stand against the one and only Victor Ortega. Watch The Dancing Spider take on both The Florida Wild Horse, Gunloc and the young up-and-coming Hotaru. - created on 11:27:06 02/21/2020 by Gunloc and last modified on 10:20:04 03/07/2020. Cast: Hotaru, Aranha, and Gunloc.

SLAMFEST 2020 R3 - Honoka Inoue/Kasumi vs ??? - Honoka finds herself facing a difficult uphill battle against the legendary Armor King. But the Mugen Tenshin exile, Kasumi, is there to provide some interference, so maybe it will work out all right? Actually, it goes from wrong to most wrong as the two find themselves fighting for survival against an unexpected foe! - created on 14:34:39 02/22/2020 by Kasumi and last modified on 14:41:41 03/14/2020. Cast: Kasumi, Armor King, Honoka Inoue, and The Wraith.

Slamfest: Julia vs Sophia - The worshipper of spirits fights the spiritual lamia in the ring! - created on 21:40:09 03/01/2020 by Sophia and last modified on 21:09:37 03/02/2020. Cast: Julia and Sophia.

SLAMFEST 2020 R3 - Alex vs Noboru - Its young vs old in this high impact clash of heavy hitters. The Iron Mystic goes up against Alex in a knock down, drag out, slobber-knocking brawl of a match. - created on 21:49:08 03/09/2020 by Noboru and last modified on 01:26:12 03/15/2020. Cast: Alex and Noboru.

SLAMFEST 2020 - Final Boss - The final SLAM has arrived. The one true champion faces down a sequential gauntlet against the top contenders. - created on 16:58:29 03/16/2020 by Victor Ortega and last modified on 15:11:11 03/29/2020. Cast: Alex, Lita, Honoka Inoue, Victor Ortega, and Koto.

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