Slamfest 2020 - SLAMFEST 2020 - MURDERHOUSE vs Rainbow Mika

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Description: MURDERHOUSE brutally removes a would-be entrant into the SLAMFEST tournament, only to be confronted by said entrant's best friend and teammate for a wild backstage brawl.

The cameras were capturing the chaos, even as the audience were watching horrified. The plucky perpetual underdog Nadeshiko smashing through the door of her own locker room, apparently speared out of her wrestling boots before her match even began. The culprit came smashing thorugh the door and some of the wall along with her, the Seven Foot Irish Monster(tm) slowly raising to his feet, and breathing heavily. His bone-white hockey mask smeared with blood red finger prints, one look at the Japanese beauty's face let everyone understand why. Mick was looking directly into the cameras as he raised up to one knee and adjusted his punching gloves and elbow pads, brushin a bit of drywall and dust off of his dark blue jumpsuit(Almost like a mechanic's, but sleeveless).

"That's what I think of some of the scum that have flown, rowed and swam here, as if they have any right to be here. This glorified loser thought she was going to stand in the ring with Victor Ortega? I don't fuckin' think so, boys an' girls."

That harsh whispering voice, that slight brogue, yeah it seemed "MURDERHOUSE" Mick was back on the scene, and in one of his older 'looks', it seemed he was looking to recapture some of his viciousness that propelled him into the greater martial arts scene. With that the big man clamored up to his booted feet, and after one final stomp to the gut and ribs of the laid out Nadeshiko, started stalking his way slowly to the ring. It seemed he actually felt good about what he just did!

There are cameras everywhere, especially where they shouldn't be; so it goes in the sport of kings.


"... we end up across the ring from each other?" Mika Nanakawa wonders between bites of chicken. Her eyes have hardly left her bowl since the question took root and began to flower and an otherwise smooth brow's cut with worry lines. "Only one of us will ever get the chance to say she shared the ring with--"

"Where the hell is THIS coming from?!" Yamato Nadeshiko barks, wide eyes and arched brows brimming with incredulity. "WHO the hell's--" Visoring her eyes, she does a brisk scan around Mika's living room, ducks to search beneath the table they're sharing, then leans across it, all the while wondering, "-- there's no way that I'm hearing RAINBOW MIKA whimper over once in a lifetime opportunities, so who's this sad girl eating her food, and wearing her clothes?!"

Gripping Mika's shoulders, Nadeshiko sends blonde hair flying madly as she gives her partner a vigorous shake.

"Sad Girl!" she bellows through broad grin and burning determination, "Go find my partner and tell her: WHEN we end up in the ring together, we're gonna steal the WHOLE DAMN SHOW! And when we're DONE, whoever wins is gonna wrestle Victor Ortega, and when THAT'S done...? She's gonna tell the other one all about it, so that when it's HER turn to jump in the ring with him, she'll know EXACTLY what to expect! Tell her we're not fighting for our ONLY chance, Sad Girl, just the FIRST!"


A cameraman squats and zooms so as not to miss even an inch of the agony carved across Nadeshiko's bone white and blood-painted face. When he backs off, it's only because the hand reaching for him is dripping, and the production team tend to get mad when the equipment gets too bloody; once he's settled, he lingers on trembling digits until they hit the ground. He tracks the thin rivulets streaming from her forehead as they pool near fingers clawing fruitlessly for purchase.

He doesn't join the rest of the team in trailing the Irish monster until she goes slack, because that moment when her body gives its very last might earn him a bonus if it makes it into a video package later.

His diligence is rewarded with a glimpse of blue, blonde, and solid muscle charging out of the locker room area, snatching a microphone in passing from an interviewer and a CWA regular giving his thoughts on all the newcomers invading 'his' ring.


(Through the power vested in her by Rainbowmania, she finds a way to ROAR a name in all caps.)

"You have NO right to judge who is, or isn't worthy to face the Emperor of Wrestling!" she declares, marching towards the stalking giant as cameras snap her way with bloody smears anointing her hands, forearms, and boots. "Victor Ortega's one of the greatest fighters alive-- a man with the power to overcome all challengers and the wisdom to step away and wait for a new crop of worthy opponents to blossom! Victor Ortega is a champion without peer, and you're nothing but a bully-- a THUG who's so afraid of a challenge that he'd rather AMBUSH his opponents than face them in the ring!"

A few droplets fly from the tip of her index finger when she thrusts it powerfully towards the Irish juggernaut.

"A coward like you is unfit to wrestle a champion! And since you robbed Yasha Nadeshiko of a chance to put you in your place, it's up to ME to show you!" A burst of static ends her declaration when she spikes the mic, but the punctuation's still to come. Sprinting past tangled cables and increasingly nervous, non-camera bearing crew members, Mika fearlessly closes in on the giant with every intention of going low at the last moment so she can leap into a soaring, non-European uppercut.

If she manages a safe landing afterwards, she'll make sure to grip her bicep and pivot towards one of the cameras for just a beat before refocusing on MURDERHOUSE.

COMBATSYS: [The Tubes - She's a Beauty] When in doubt, never count out the 80s! The music rings all throughout the arena! "She's everything you dream about! / Don't fall in love, she's a beauty~~ / One in a million girls, a beauty! / Why would I lie? Why would I lie? / You can say anything you like... / But you can't touch the merchandise!" They really did plan only the classiest music to face off against the great Zangief, but...! RAINBOW MIKA is ready to SLAM!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: [Type O Negative - "Be My Druidess"] Hard hitting gothrock hits the PA systems like a sledehammer hitting a baby, and out comes the deathmatch wrestler, ready to SLAM!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

COMBATSYS: MURDERHOUSE endures Rainbow Mika's Lady Mika.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Mick stops walking, when he hears the raspy boyish squawking on the microphone, but he doesn't fully turn around. No, instead he lets the back of his jumpsuit face her, with its stylized 'band poster' style picture of his own masked face steamed and pressed on to the thick heavy duty fabric. As multiple cameras were zooming in on the action and the drama, they might also see the deathmatch wrestler's freakish eyes almost rolling as he finally turns to regard the small, plucky Mika, and probably intends to say something clever. But a vicious uppercut instead catches him flush on the chin, and causing his head to snap backward.

Unfortunately for Mika, turning even to flash that quick taunt for the camera was a mistake, because behind her, that hockeymask snapped back downward and was now staring icily at the back of the bouncy blonde bomber's skull.

Instantly, Mick's arms are seeking to squeeze Mika's midsection painfully, as he hoists her overhead as heasily as he was lifting a carrying case. And if all went well, the both of them would fall backward. MURDERHOUSE hitting his back across the concrete...and Rainbow Mika hopefully seeing multicolored stars as he intends to drop her right on her skull!

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks MURDERHOUSE's Audacious Slam.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Tucking her chin saves Rainbow Mika from a ringing skull, but her shoulders scream as she jerks free of his grip, rolls backwards, and pauses in a three-point stance.

A middle-aged man in ref stripes runs out of the locker room corridor then collapses against a tower of gear boxes a few feet away to catch his breath for a beat. Between gasps, he waves urgently towards the pair until--


rings through the arena outside.

"There's more to being strong than preying on those weaker than yourself, MURDERHOUSE!" Mika bellows as she pulls herself upright, gripping her left shoulder. She slowly wheels her left arm around with a grimace once she's on her feet; after a couple of revolutions, she lets go and shakes the limb out.

"Strength isn't just about who you can beat, or what you can endure-- strength is about courage, and dedication! It's about seeking perfection and letting the best version of You beautify and better the world around you!" She finishes the thought by hurling herself forward, lunging-- just /past/ MURDERHOUSE, so she can plant her boots against a stack of crates. Springing off of it with a quick pivot, she throws herself directly towards the behemoth's chest, intent on slamming against him back first while she hooks an arm around the back of his head so she can jerk him to the ground with her until his chin is driven into her shoulder.

COMBATSYS: MURDERHOUSE blocks Rainbow Mika's Peach Gator EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Mika rises to her feet, but the sultan of slaughter has already sat up and worked his way to a vertical base by the time she finishes her little speech and her little diatribe. He doesn't seem to react when she charges toward him, and turns around a little late as she's springing off the environment to catch him with a perfectly timed jawbreaker, one that would give him one hell of a case of whiplash if it were to connect.

There's only one problem. "MURDERHOUSE" Mick is a seven foot monster, tougher than a tombstone and stronger than an oak tree. Though she's strong enough to hang off of his neck and strain the muscles, he doesn't fall the way she was likely expecting him to. Instead, his right hand snakes up past her back, to grab at her pigtails and pull like he was expecting her scalp to pop off.

"You wanna make your speeches, you little quim?! You should be doin' that in front of your adorin' public!"

He went off running, then, running and dragging her along behind him, unless she kept herself from being skidded along the concrete by running with was her choice. Past the various production crews, past the interview segments, past the catering, and only when he was at one of the side entrances did he let go of her he could grab her wrist, and with all of his strength and might, tried to Irish whip her right through that door. On the other side was a packed audience who had no idea that the fight was going to take place right in their laps!

(Well. Potentially.)

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika Toughs Out MURDERHOUSE's Irish Whip!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

MURDERHOUSE is tougher than a two-dollar steak and twice and thick. If he doesn't go down the /first/ time, it just means she needs to try harder next time.

-- and survive, until next time. Her teeth grit when he seizes her hair and lightning courses down her scalp. Her boots - /barely/ - hit the ground, and she's given a moment to share a defiant scowl with inches to spare between them before he takes off running, forcing her to stagger along behind him. She strikes along his arm with the palms and heels of her hands with every step, but he doesn't let go until it's time to interrupt one of those strikes by seizing her wrist--

Until it's time to hurl her into the arena-- to send her stumbling along a wing of the entrance ramp until her foot hits the edge and she pitches into the darkness below with a thundrous *krak!* of splintering wood. The camera follows it all; the audience /sees/ it all beaming from the screens hanging above the ring and looming over the entrance, until someone decides that following the monster's more interesting than the broken remnants of his prey.

A man in a bright suit with fresh coffee stains dripping down his chest is yelling at Mick--

("-- kind of fuckin' mud show you think this IS, you no-neck piece of shit, but in the CAPCOM WRESTLING ASSOCIATION, we do our fighting in the GODDAMNED RING, like PROFESSIONALS--!")

-- while a man and a woman scramble to pick up the pieces of their emergency make-up station. A whole buffet station's worth of meatballs adds another bright red pop to the trail of carnage carved through the backstage area, and the cameras make absolutely certain to drink it in while they can, before the fight shifts towards more conventional terrain. Past a broken out door frame, through black curtains, the camera crew follows him onto the dimly lit wing, where--

-- nothing. No crawling from the wreckage, bloody and battered; no brave stands, no speeches. The audience is no less rabid in her absence, even though she's still a crumpled heap shattered amongst table splint--

-- nothing /there/, either--


Cameras snap-pan towards the cavernous main entrance-- towards the complex webwork of metal struts and light rigging that frames it.

Towards the woman standing at its peak with blood dripping down her side, allowing a microphone to tumble from her grip. As it falls, she launches towards his upper body knees first with a deliberate forward tilt. If she can evade being snared by him once again, she seeks to lock her legs around his head, then shift deliberate tilting towards violent wrenching on a dime, flipping /both/ of them 180 degrees to drive his skull directly into the ground.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hits MURDERHOUSE with Paradise Hold.
+=+=!= Power Slam! =!=+=+
~~ Alluring Hit! ~~

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

"MURDERHOUSE" Mick emerges from the back, stalking like a Romero zombie as those massive stompy boots thud loudly against the metal and concrete. And aside from a sheen of sweat across his exposed skin, it seems like he wasn't really the worse for wear. Instead he's looking around on the ground, looking around for his current victim, but there's a man in a very loud, garish suit screaming in the masked wrestler's ear. The cameras are able to see for the first time, that under his long black hair, the right side of his head is shaved and buzzed short, and we especially see it when he bends forward and shoots upright in order to flick his hair back out of his face in the most dramatic way possible.


The clever retort of Jim Hawkins comes from a massive right hand closed around his throat, his face quickly turning red even as Mick glares up at all of the suddenly screaming, wild people. It's clear the big man has some evil intentions for the man in the suit, but they never are acted upon because too late Mick sees out the corner of one unblinking eye Mika flying toward him like an attractive blonde missile. For the first time in this match he has left his feet involuntarily as he flips and lands skull first on the hard ground. The impact is hard enough that everyone in the first few rows are cringing at the sound of dull impact. He rolls through on his knees, but his eyes are unfocused and staring everywhere.

Except suddenly they weren't. Just like he did earlier against her tag team partner, Mick rises to his feet and rushes forward with a sudden speed and ferocity. Something between a football player's tackle, a Roman's spear and a Rhino's gore, this was not going to be pretty if it hit. But it would launch the two of them much closer to that ring.


[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1     Rainbow Mika

He's off his back before she can even /think/ of trying to pin him. Rainbow Mika's arm wraps around her midsection so she can clutch the wound cutting down her rib cage, and after a heavy exhale, she rolls forward to propel herself upright-- and /away/ from him. White boots splotched with red slide along the entrance stage until one does a hard stop right at the edge of the ramp itself. Still clutching the wound, straining through ragged breaths, she keeps her eyes locked on the Irishman rising like a bad dream at the stroke of midnight. He's /powerful/, but he's big-- he's /slow/, he's


Blue eyes widen for a tick. The cameras were right where they had no business being, right where they /always are/, so while she was prepping for her own match, Mika saw the savagery that made abstract art of Nadeshiko's face.

She saw him drive her tag team partner through a wooden door.

Before her muscles would listen to her, she saw his boot rise above her best friend's broken body-- and then she was off to grab a ref, and a mic, and--

And he'd /kill/ her if it earned him two points. After a quick bend at the knees, Mika leap-frogs past the charging behemoth, stutters a couple steps forward, then breaks off into a full-tilt sprint towards the pit she only just climbed from. As soon as she hops down, she begins rustling beneath the black fabric draping from the entrance stage. A lunch box--

-- a pair of work boots--

-- a wrench--

-- and more go flying as the blonde woman digs, and searches, until--


"HrrrRRRRRRAAAAGH!" accompanies a long sprint along the stage, down the ramp, after MURDERHOUSE with a ring crew member's brand new bike hoisted overhead. There's nothing remotely fancy about it: as they work their way towards the ring, she intends to club him across the head and body with the bike until it - or he - falls apart. With both hands wrapped around its metal frame, the handlebars whirl madly as the vehicle arcs towards MURDERHOUSE.

COMBATSYS: MURDERHOUSE counters Illegal Weapon from Rainbow Mika with Cemetary Gates.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1     Rainbow Mika

Mick went flying, Mick went crashing, and Mick went rolling down that ramp as nothing but steel concrete and gravity was around to break his fall. Mick was breathing heavily, and though it was tough to see, right at the crown of his head there was a faint trickling of blood mingling with his black hair as he lay on his back for a few moments, looking out amongst the crowd.

Eventually, one hand reached up, grabbing a fistful of ring apron to pull himself up to a standing position. He was sucking oxygen through the tiny holes of that hockey mask, shaking his head even as he was staggering slowly back toward the entrance ramp. No longer standing straight up, but leaning to the side as a way to 'cheat', to maybe not carry his own bodyweight as much. That was not a great sign. But he saw her charging, and his eyes gleamed dangerously.

He ducked under that wild swing and clasped his hand around her slender throat, the way he grabbed that annoying screeching man earlier. Staring her right in the face, he rasped out those three words.


Mick was unaware that he possessed something called 'Psycho Power', and that ignorance was understandable because he'd never bent a spoon, he'd never swirled with purple energy, he never levitated or teleported while holding a yoga stance. No, his power manifested more subtly, in that death stare. That stare that was unlocking the doors to Mika's subconscious, and letting her fears and phobias rush through to the surface. All her doubts, her insecurities were swirling around her mind as if she'd never learned to wrestle them down and face them one by one.

The mental tornado of doubt fear and depression was interrupted by Mick himself, breaking eye contact to lift the girl in the air, in a massive ugly sloppy looking 'chokeslam', though it might be more fair to call it a 'choke throw'. He threw her through the bottom and middle ropes, letting her slide into the actual 'arena' portion for the first time since this conflict. He was slowly rolling under the bottom rope toward her as well, and using the turnbuckles to work his way to a standing position even as the referee finally caught up to them both...again.

She looks,

and she sees a 4K explosion of wood, drywall, and blood fill a monitor screen in slow motion. Precious seconds of inaction stretch out before her eyes, endlessly elongating without breaking. Breaking's an honor reserved for her best friend's spine, probably. Maybe. Possibly, she'll be visiting Nadeshiko in the hospital after this, and crying at her bed side, and swearing vengeance, and wondering whether which one of them might've won their inevitable match after all.

Wondering whether she was brave enough to fight, even if it meant hurting someone she cared about.

Wondering why all she did was /watch/, when--

Rainbow Mika bounces and rolls a couple of times until she winds up on her back with shallow breaths. As he enters the ring, she tosses herself to her belly, starts to push herself up on quavering arms--

-- narrows glassy, unfocused eyes upon the monster dragging himself upright--

-- and decides that he doesn't deserve the chance, even if it costs /her/. Scrambling across the canvas without actually standing, she lunges wildly while he's still roughly at her eye level. She'd waited in horror for Nadeshiko to find her strength and turn it on him, and her guilt fans the flames burning in her eyes as she tries to lock his shoulders in a vice grip.

She looks at him once again, but it only lasts for a beat before she pitches forward, seeking to drive her forehead into the mask with enough force to rattle his skull /through/ it, again, and again-- until she's on the verge of collapsing in a dizzy heap.

Until it's time to switch gears by hooking an arm around his head, then running towards the center of the ring to drill him into the mat with a bulldog.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hits MURDERHOUSE with Heavenly Dynamite EX.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
MURDERHOUSE      1/-----==/=======|=------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Each impact of bare skull against thick hockey mask is one that has numerous audience members wincing and turning away, each one causing the Sultan Of Slaughter(tm) to stagger from each vicious headbutt. He was practically splayed out against the turnbuckles, and it was clear he was barely conscious by the time Mika switched tactics and drove him mask-first into the middle of the mat with that absolutely massive bulldog. For a few moments he is limp and unmoving, facedown and still.

Then his fingers twitch.

And he is pushing himself up to his feet, sucking in oxygen as he marches and leaps up the same turnbuckle his opponent has just climbed. His left arm tries to grab her in a sloppy headlock, and his right hand is grabbing the waistband of her...uniform? Bikini? What the hell was this thing?

That didn't matter, because if he had his way he was leaping in the air, and taking her with him, suplexing her to the mat hard enough for the ring to wobble and the ropes to almost vibrate from the deafening impact!

Would there be a...S L A M ?

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks MURDERHOUSE's Grand Superplex.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/-------|=======\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

The momentum from the bulldog sends Mika right into the opposite corner, where she climbs up the turnbuckles so she can fling her arms triumphantly overhead. Before she can dismount, however, she finds herself trapped against implacable muscle and soaring towards the mat. Rolling through the impact leaves her slumped against the bottom rope, gasping for air and grimacing in agony while back spasms wrench her towards awkward angles.

Gripping the middle rope, she drags herself to a knee-- to her feet-- into yet another corner to rest against while the world weaves in and out of itself. There's no time to wait for stability to reassert itself, so as soon as the next round of spasms passes, she does a sharp about-face and leaps from the canvas to the second rope. One more quick, wobbly step--

-- and a precarious beat of balancing after that--

-- she pivots into a flying body-splash aimed at his chest, hoping to drop them both to the mat and seize her first pin attempt all at once.

COMBATSYS: MURDERHOUSE blocks Rainbow Mika's Divebomb.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1     Rainbow Mika

It was hard to explain, but Mick? He fed off of this. Though that big dangerous stunt wasn't the fight ender that he hoped it to be, it felt like it was changing the momentum in his favor. Under his mask, the big man was grinning even as he shook the cobwebs out of his head and turned around.

Right into a falling Rainbow Comet. Unfortunately for Mika, the "MURDERHOUSE" caught her right out of the air and only staggered back a few steps from the solid impact of her momentum crashing into his sternum. He'd likely feel that in the morning. But right now, there was no time for pain.

Instantly he flung her upward into the air, so that both of his hands could reach up and grab her around her hips. No that wasn't some sort of euphemism, his palms were on her hipbones and hopefully, her legs were on his shoulders so that he could easily bring her down with a sudden and violent powerbomb, right in the middle of the ring. He came down with her, falling with gravity so that he could add to the momentum and cause as much pain as he humanly could.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks MURDERHOUSE's Brutal Powerbomb.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/------=|=======\==-----\1     Rainbow Mika

Her legs lock around his head once again as she falls, and while she can't get enough momentum for a full flip--

-- while she's still in for a hard landing against the mat--

-- the hold means she's able to seize some degree of control as they fall, blunting the impact of his throw by wrenching him off-base at the last second. A lack of momentum means that it's essentially harmless to him, and his sheer size means that there's no /good/ way to be driven into the mat by him; however, rolling away from her headscissors, she's able to pop back to her feet with a minimum of delay and slump into the corner rather than writhing in pain on the mat.

Which means she's staggering /out/ of the corner, thrusting a finger towards him and bellowing,

"You're strong, MURDERHOUSE-- maybe strong enough to have won a FAIR fight with Yasha Nadeshiko! Maybe even strong enough to survive the purifying glare of RAINBOWMANIA shining down on you... but as long as you keep resorting to underhanded tactics and dirty tricks, you'll NEVER have the strength of WILL and DETERMINATION necessary to conquer a titan like Victor Ortega!"

in no time at all, and wheeling towards him without pause afterwards to hammer him with a spinning backfist. Several more follow without hesitation if the first lands, each coming out quicker than the last as she whirls, reels, and somehow keeps her balance through all of it. A final revolution leaves her back facing Mick for as long as it takes to squat low while powerful thighs and a rock-solid core grow taut, all to throw her whole body - plus the weight of a friend who just might have to miss /all/ of this event they'd both looked forward to - hip-first into his gut.

'Hip' being one hundred percent a euphemism, here, for a rump honed into a deadly, shapely weapon over years of squats, lunges, and backbreaking weight.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika issues a challenge!!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/------=|=======\==-----\1     Rainbow Mika

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hits MURDERHOUSE with Rainbow Hip Rush.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

He was on one knee in the middle of the ring as he watched her on the mic, occasionally glaring out at the plucky little grappler. Nadeshiko, bless her heart, was a hell of a competitor, but in the face of Mika's ferocity and courage, well maybe she was the Jannetty of the team.

Mick rushed to his feet to offer a retort of his own, but he was interrupted by backfist after backfist. Anyone watching the footage closely might start to notice tiny little spiderweb cracks starting to form here and there, clearly that mask was getting its own workout, just like the rest of "MURDERHOUSE". The final attack to his gut left him grunting and gasping, staggering backward and tumbling out to the ground out past the middle rope to the outside. That would likely be on a number of highlight reels, something Mika should no doubt feel proud of.

But then of course, lots of people were screaming and gasping, and Mika might hear the sound of metal rumbling. That's because somehow, "MURDERHOUSE" recovered in record time and was standing on the very top turnbuckle. And wielded in both hands were a pair of very heavy, solid steel ringsteps. Leaping off the top rope, he was swinging them overhead in an apparent effort to take the girl's head off, or smash her through the ring into the center of the earth below. Anything to slow her down!

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika endures MURDERHOUSE's Large Random Weapon.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
MURDERHOUSE      0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1     Rainbow Mika

Mika sinks into a seat on the ground while MURDERHOUSE tumbles outside. A determined glower twists into grimacing as she shifts forward and begins pushing upright. The grimace lingers -- deepens -- as she plummets to her knees, then collapses to the mat, panting desperately. It begins to recede after a couple beats as the latest round of spasms fades, leaving sheer exhaustion and a clenched jaw in its wake. The crowd roars, her nerves scream, and dimly, she feels relief for having a second to lie there and breathe. A second to lose herself in the roar of the crowd, to float formlessly in a sea of cheers and leave the pain of physical existence behind. Slowly, she plants her palms against the canvas and turns her head so she can get a little more oxygen. It'll be time to get up, soon, and she needs every breath she can steal. Soon, he'll be crawling back into the ring; soon, it'll be time to /end/ this. Soon--

-- doesn't come, because there's no crawling.

There's seven feet of unhinged sadism towering above one of the ring posts.

There are steel steps raised high over his head.

There's murder gleaming - /surely/ - in eyes she'd rather not find, just now.

But since there's no /crawling/, Mika doesn't get much further than her knees before she decides to give up on standing for the moment in favor of flashing a taunting grin that bares blood trapped between her teeth, thrusting her arms towards him, and beckoning the inevitable with both hands. When it comes, it drives her straight into the mat with a sick, ringing thud, closely followed by a wet *thmp!* that leaves a red splotch on the canvas.

In short order, the splotch becomes a streak when she rolls backwards rather than lie limp like every nerve, every tortured muscle of her back and shoulders beg her to. Drunk on lost blood, vengeance, and cheers, she weaves and wheels in place for a beat before planting both feet firmly, throwing her arms out wide, and howling in sheer defiance of him, her battered body-- /everything/ that isn't wrenching victory from his powerful grasp.

And then she /soars/ towards him, right arm bent at a slight angle to hook around his neck if she makes it close enough.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hits MURDERHOUSE with Sardine's Beach Special.

[                                < >  ///////                       ]
MURDERHOUSE      1/---====/=======|-------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

With her arm wrapped around his neck, Mika drives him to the mat hard enough to send another peal of thunder through the arena. Upon impact, she disengages with a forward roll; rather than stand afterwards, she turns the resultant crouch into a moonsault press, crashing into his rib cage with her full weight. As soon as she's on her feet again, she scurries around to his front, hooks her arm around his head, and reaches forward to seize his waistband. Her knees bend--

-- /buckle/, as her shoulders remind her of their meetings with concrete and canvas--

-- quiver as the world swims in syncopated time with her throbbing skull--

-- strain for some semblance of stability as, inch by inch -- foot after terrible foot -- Mick is heaved over the blonde woman's head, until she's standing more or less straight with his musclebound frame parallel to hers.

A second later, she kicks her feet forward and /crashes/ into a brainbuster that drives him head-first into the ground and leaves her sprawled on her back.

Mick lets go of the steps, letting them land off to the side against the ring ropes, but he's not really in any position to take advantage of the situation he's just created. As Mika is smashed into paste on the mat, "MURDERHOUSE" stumbles and staggers when he lands on his feet, feeling them buckle underneath him as he nearly falls and only manages to catch himself against the ropes(the opposite side from the ring steps). He's mainly looking at the ground, and slowly looking out among the crowd and noting the expressions on their faces. Their fake worry for a girl they didn't know, the look of discomfort on all of their faces, that set a fire within him, pushed him to push himself. Looking out at everyone, he raised his right arm, and slowly 'cut' his throat with his thumb, signifying that RAINBOWMANIA was about to meet a very violent, very gruesome end.

Well, he should have been watching his opponent, because when he finally found the strength to stand again, he turned and almost rushed right into Mika's waiting arm, and was taken down to the mat HARD. The impact was enough to daze him, and the moonsault was enough to force the air to leave his lungs, and his legs to fly from the force of impact. Then he's grabbed, and without his help, the girl manages to LIFT the seven foot giant into the air. Time stands still, and everyone knows what's about to happen...





Mick hits the mat like a bag of wet concrete, and both competitors are laid out, in the middle of the ring. The referee is looking at the two, starting to count just in case neither could make it to their feet...but as it turns out, he didn't need to bother.

Because when both competitors seem to have given it their all? When neither could give any more? That's when Mick SITS UP.

Gasps from the crowd, as the man comes back to life as if struck by lightning. Everyone could practically hear the scare chords playing. Mika was grabbed by the pigtails as the masked man pulls both of them standing...With Mika possibly doubled over, and Mick's left hand grabbing her hair, he starts raining down forearm after clubbing forearm to the back of her skull, redefining overkill before trying to hoist her on his shoulders. And if this worked...

COMBATSYS: MURDERHOUSE can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika dodges MURDERHOUSE's Hellfire Hammer.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/----===|

It didn't work. Instead, Mick collapses in a heap.

Doubled over with her hair captured in the masked monster's grip, Mika--

-- hits the mat. She drops straight down, then flops onto her back so she can jam her boots into the crook of his arm until he finally lets go.

Until he finally /collapses/, leaving her to lie there, catch her breath, and-- that's about it, really. The adrenaline's bleeding away, and without screaming through her system it's hard to ignore the protests of her body; she's quickly dwindling past the point of doing much more than crawling-- limping, at best, given a while and a stable base to pull herself up with. With both wrestlers on the ground, the referee checks between them for a beat before throwing his hands up to begin a ten count, winding towards a draw.

It's with two seconds to spare that Mika manages to crawl a few feet from her landing point and drape herself across Mick's body with one arm stretching bonelessly over his shoulders. The ref's hand pauses on the way to nine, then he hits the mat, and--

And later, when she watches the replay, she'll see the referee help her to her feet and raise her hand, but it won't bring her any closer to /remembering/ that moment, nor any of the rest of what followed from beckoning her near-demise.

All that lingers is the cold, howling /certainty/ that he was only ever a moment away from sitting up, looming over, rising, impossibly, once /again/.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika has ended the fight here.

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