Rumble In The Streets - [Rumble W2] Skullomania vs Saya

Description: Not far outside of Southtown is an area where trains are put into and out of service at the end of each day. During the nighttime hours, this area -should- be a nice and quiet place for mellow conversations to take place by those avoiding the limelight -- but that's when the Rumble Committee crashes the party! Lights and cameras will be provided by an array of quadrotors, while the action will be brought by Saya and Skullomania! Just... don't look too closely into what's going on in this creepy transfer yard, folks...

The train yard, in the rough part of Southtown. A place where Box Car Joes eat beans out of cans, and railway cops bust the heads of the occasional train hopper. A tough place. A hard place. Skullomania's kind of place. There are lights around the arena in the cool night air, displaying the dusty ground and the metal rails that curve and cross over the ground, along with dormant trains. Hulking, metal beasts, made to pull freight across Japan. Beasts of burden for the invisible network of logistics that makes daily life in an industrial society possible. Skullomania does not pretend to know what goes on in a train's mind. But he knows the train has one. And he can't help but feel intrigued at that tooting steam whistle or screaming warning horn. He listens and looks and watches and thinks, 'what's in his head?'

Skullomania walks along through the night with the Rumble in the Streets tournament's HitBits on his ankles, wrist, and around his forehead. Cameras and quadrotors with smaller lights buzz around the fight area, giving the secondary lighting that will be so important once the main stage lights turn off. Skullomania does not posture or prep or pose. There are no crowds. Merely a quiet duel in the night, an old man sniffing the lonely rose his lover once gave him as if it was fresh once more. A mere shadow of the cheers and fanfare of the raucous fight of the day, with the somber old age of dusk. A perfect time for Skullomania to brood, think, and reflect.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Skullomania      0/-------/-------|

Saya Tanizaki is used to walking along these railroad tracks; the experience holds nothing new for her. Sometimes this is the way she takes to get to her part-time job at the Sleeping Dragon. Sometimes she just walks here while bored. And sometimes she holds a conversation with the people here.
But not tonight. For, every so often, she pulls out a low-end, starting-level phone given to her by her classmate. (It doesn't look high-end at first glance, but that's only because she's stylized the hell out of it with glossy nail polish. She -could- be quite the artist...)

Like Skullomania, she's wearing the goofy HitBit gear around her forehead, wrists, and ankles -- a poor match for her dark grey Gedo seifuku, but a slightly better match for her black leggings. She doesn't even mind it much any more -- the cool metal backing and the slight additional weight are small comforts on the breezy night.
But now, unlike most nights, she chooses to look up. She spots an out-of-service railway car with its lights on -- and one blink of an eye later, the railway car lights shut off. One moment after that, the overhead lights go off as well.

A referee is visible off to one side, the stripes lit dimly by the lights of one quadrotor overhead. Saya's eyes finally land upon the black and white of her opponent in the darkness.
Her hands rise into a defensive stance. Fingers clench into fists. And a feral grin splits her face in two. The Gedo student lives for the fight, and she's positive she's going to have a good one on her hands here. "Ooooi! You ready to rumble?!"

COMBATSYS: Saya has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Skullomania      0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Saya

COMBATSYS: Saya activates her HitBit(tm) livestreaming suite!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Skullomania      0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         [E] Saya

COMBATSYS: Skullomania activates his HitBit(tm) livestreaming suite!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Skullomania [E]  0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         [E] Saya

"I am not only ready to rumble, but I am steady to tumble!" Skullomania announces, raising one knee and putting his arms out at his sides, balancing on one foot. He tilts and tips his shoulders around, as if an airplane maneuvering in the air with his arms as wings, before he jumps forward onto the other foot. He spins about on his toes, once, before he flips onto his hands and springs off them to Saya's flank, landing in a crouch. "I, Skullomania, the champion of justice, shall win this fight for Southtown!"

Skullo leaps into the air from his crouch, springing upwards a body above Saya as he spins around in a full rotation with one arm out and one arm in. His leg swings around, mostly parallel with the ground, the horizontal kick aimed to send his boot slamming into Saya's face. "Ha!"

COMBATSYS: Saya interrupts Dangerous Heel from Skullomania with Dear Loser.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Skullomania [E]  0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0         [E] Saya

Ready to tumble, steady to... what?! Saya blurts out with clearly noticeable disgust: "What the hell kinda nonsense is -that-, psychonuts?!" She, luckily, has a bit of time to belt out her exclamation while the man proceeds to swing through his motions -- but the dance creates way more questions than are actually answered. "... Seriously, is this a damn joke!?" The spit is practically flying out of this tomboy's mouth.

But all the parading about has a purpose, and it's to plant him right next to her side. The schoolyard scrapper is more than prepared for a pugilistic response to that, though -- for when the boot screams towards her face, she...
And more importantly, she whips her arm up and interposes it between her face and the kick. Ferociously she swats the kick aside, leaving what's sure to be a nasty bruise on her bared forearm as she lunges forward. "QUIT YAPPIN' AND START FIGHTIN'!" she shouts, in the midst of rushing forward to take advantage of her opponent's displaced momentum. Closing, she's able to latch her arms around Skullomania's middle -- and then she hinges backwards at the knees. A German suplex is required training for all Gedo students, and it should do the job of bringing Skullomania's head and shoulders careening into the gravel of the train yard. "ORRRRRYAAA!"

Skullomania's red scarf whips through the air as his spinning kick is batted into the opposite direction, the torsion of the maneuver sending him spinning to the ground. Before he can recover from his aerial momentum being reversed, he feels the arms wrap around his waist behind him. "Oh dear!" he manages to exclaim, before he's swung backwards and up, kicking his legs in the air, before the suplex takes him down into the ground onto his head and shoulders. His legs straighten at the shock of the blow and he grunts in pain, before he bounces out of the throw and to the ground.

Skullomania slaps his palm to the dirt and pushes himself to his feet, hunching his shoulders up as he bounces into the air from his feet, before he lands and spreads his body into a grappling stance. He telegraphs to his right with a feint, before he dashes forward and drops to the ground with the intent of sliding right through Saya. "Zoop!" he declares with eccentric zip in his voice, kicking up dust around and behind him.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania successfully hits Saya with Skullo Slider.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Skullomania [E]  0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0         [E] Saya

Saya laughs, like the complete non-professional that she is, as she springs back to her full height following the German suplex. She grins mercilessly back at the tokusatsu warrior as she gives the man room to maneuver back to his feet. "Hahaha! I get it! -You- were the damn joke! AHHH-HA-HA ha-ha!"

Zoop? What does 'zoop' mean? Saya's too busy laughing to really hear the words, but she's too busy moving in the direction of the faint. Her forearm is raised again, but it doesn't do any good as she's whiffing nothing but air -- flying forward with the intent to ground Skullomania once again.

That's when she realizes her error -- when she feels her opponent slam into her with his full and improbably powerful force. Her legs get knocked out from under her, and her entire body does a full three-sixty in midair from the sheer momentum.

She lands on her front side, face turned sideways. Until this point, Saya had never really felt how -sharp- the railway gravel can be. "OWWW! OWW, DAMMIT! NNGH!" she howls as she springs back to her feet, angrily brushing the large pointy stones out of her uniform shirt and skirt and whirling around to face Skullomania. "You son of a-- GET BACK HERE!" she roars, rushing forwards. She telegraphs a fierce, underhanded punch straight for his gut -- but unlike Skullomania, there's no feint. Just raw, naked power in her knuckles. "DORYAAAA!"

COMBATSYS: Skullomania blocks Saya's Fierce Punch.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Skullomania [E]  0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0         [E] Saya

Skullomania undulates back to his feet with a push off the ground, landing on his heels and then sliding forward to his toes. He spins about to face Saya as she gets up, hopping and then pivoting his hips to face her fully. As the uppercut to the breadbox comes arcing in, Skullomania shoves both hands down at the fist.

Skullomania's hands slap into the fist as it flies into his stomach and he uses Saya's forward momentum to leverage himself into the air upside down, pushing off her stability while she's shifted forward for the attack. The mysterious superhero curls into a somersault as he flies over her, before landing on his hands and swinging his feet down at her buttocks. He attempts to push off with his legs, completing the misdirection, then rolling forward with the force and popping up to his feet like a trained dolphin performing for an audience.

COMBATSYS: Saya barely endures Skullomania's Skullo Space.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Skullomania [E]  0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0         [E] Saya

The midnight-haired girl frowns as her fist is deftly evaded -- and even moreso as she seems to be moving through molasses compared to the way her opponent is zipping through it like greased lightning. She steps forward, guessing the intention of her opponent from the way he moves -- and yet, still not -quite- able to do anythign about it due to her overcommital to the strike. "Get... BACK HERE!" she snarls, whirling about...

By the time his feet slam into her rear, she's pivoted slightly, so it isn't exactly as effective as he may have hoped. Her feet carve small canyons through the trackbed rocks, but she doesn't seem to have been knocked over, at least.

A small audience is beginning to watch from behind the fence blocking off street access, while other people have begun to migrate from the direction of the nearby stadium. Cellphone screens light up everywhere -- it could be getting a bit creepy, actually!

"Hey! This ain't dancin'!" It's not yapping, and it's not dancing! [pg. 2, The Collected Wisdom of Saya Tanizaki, Volume II]
And since Saya is still on her feet, she takes one step closer to Skullomania -- and that's all it takes for her to pivot around into a full-on kick, aimed at blasting him clear into the side of a stopped traincar. "This one's for GEDO HIGH!!" Didn't... didn't he just say he was fighting for Southtown?!

COMBATSYS: Skullomania blocks Saya's Strong Kick.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Skullomania [E]  1/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0         [E] Saya

Skullomania shifts where he stands to look over his shoulder at the incoming highschool brawler. The kick comes sailing in, and he slides about to bend forward and stop it with his palms. He is, nonetheless, sent flying backwards into the traincar, smashing into the metal sliding door with a prominent echo that moans through the night air and into the noisy city around it.

Skullomania bounces off the train and back onto his feet, striking a martial arts pose with his left arm above his head and his right forearm across his abdomen and held outwards. He then runs forward at Saya, with quick steps, before a massive stride that explodes upwards into an upwards arc with his leg out, that falls into a guillotine kick onto Saya's shoulder.

COMBATSYS: Saya interrupts Strong Kick from Skullomania with Give Me The Pleasure.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Skullomania [E]  1/---====/=======|=------\-------\0         [E] Saya

Saya... gets in a lot of fights at school. Most of them over the -stupidest- stuff, too -- like whether Man With A Mission is better than X Japan (well, obviously NOT). But aside from the experience of fighting against tested and proven techniques, it also gives her plenty of... well, toughness. She's sturdier than one might expect one of her years to have.

When Skullomania collides with the traincar, she flashes him a feral grin, the harsh glare of a quadcopter overhead glinting just so upon her teeth. "I see you got bones on your costume." She doesn't approach him, or try to close the distance -- she just waits for the nimble fighter to come to her.

And when he does, she shifts her weight a bit. And lifts her palm. The guillotine kick is fierce -- it forces her down to one knee. And yet -- she'd caught it in her hands, planking the man's shin upon her shoulder.

"WE'RE GONNA SEE YOUR REAL BONES NOW!!" she screams, tightening her grip on the costumed man's leg.
The audience will detect a rather sizable shift of power -- the schoolgirl harnessing her inner power. By biding her time and letting her opponent be the fast one, the Gedo student who plans on charging into fights has actually played a bit conservative, and chose this very moment to surge forward.
She grabs tight. And she suddenly -blasts- herself forward, twisting into a turn in the process.
Skullomania is used like a baseball bat, whirled sideways about into the traincar. The metal of the car dents from the impact -- and yet Saya is -not- done yet.

"I!" she shouts, slamming her shoulder into Skullomania's side.
Her knee rises up, jamming into his other side. "Won't!"
Fiercely, she reaches forward and grabs Skullomania by the front of his costume, lifting him up into the sky. She practically grunts through her clenched teeth: "... LOSE!"
And then the Gedo student rams the man into the car again, glaring at him.

The audience is... pretty confused by these readings, for after the onslaught is over... Saya actually seems -tired-. She backs away, her eyes glazing over for a moment, her hands hanging before her limply. "Nnngh..." she mumbles, stumbling backwards.

And then... it passes. She howls out, "Get up, get up, GET UP! C'mon, make this -interesting- for me...!"

Skullomania is stopped mid-kick by Saya's firm defense, his hands wobbling at his sides as he's held in place. He falls backwards, his left knee the only thing keeping him propped up with his right leg held straight by Tanazaki.

"Ahhhh!" he shouts at the flare of energy and the turn forward, spinning his body onto the ground face first. He's then lifted off the ground and whipped into the train car head first, his torso collapsing into his lungs at the force of the blow as he emits a ragged wheeze.

The shoulder slams into his side as he dangles against the boxcar, contorting his body as his right arm dangles down and its fingers shudder and shake. He's lifted up into the air, head back and to the side, and then slammed into the car one final time, before being released and sliding downwards.

Skullomania slumps against the train car, head lolling forward as he sucks in a ragged breath. Then, his head snaps upwards, as orange chi rolls over his body. He plants his right hand behind up on the lip of the box car and pushes to his feet, raising his arms into a boxing position with his hands partly open as he watches the exhausted and angry Saya.

The masked man steps forward, with a hard cardiac notch (a side upper aimed just below the left pectoral) to her rib cage, before his left fist flies out at her shoulder. He then finishes with a raised front kick, his leg bending up in a classic crane, before booting forward powerfully and nimbly at her stomach.

Livin' the dream.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania successfully hits Saya with Skullo Dream EX.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Skullomania [E]  0/-------/-------|=====--\-------\0         [E] Saya

Saya seems to get exactly what she asks for, as the tokusatsu warrior flares orange. "Yeah, yeah, YEAH" she cries, eyes lighting up with glee. She'd felt she'd had too much of a run on this guy, felt that he was more about acrobatics than actual just up and -brawling-.
And then she finds out that too much of a good thing can actually be... kinda bad! She aims to leap out of the way, but her sudden sluggishness combined with the wrestler's innate speed is a bad mix for her. She raises her guard, but her elbow isn't fast enough to get in the way of the cardiac notch. She's blasted upward, and then slammed back down from the left punch. But what really gets her is the kick to the stomach that comes afterwards, sending her flying backwards at an exceptionally high rate of speed.

Saya doubles over forward from the strike, one hand snapping to her mouth. It's hardly a comfort, though, as she tumbles ass over teakettle -- landing and tumbling through the trainbed rocks she's already professed an intense dislike for.

When she stands... it's shaky. She coughs once or twice. Her once-pearlescent skin is cut and bruised. Her uniform is torn and tattered from the rocks, her left uniform sleeve torn in such a ragged, haphazard fashion to reveal a hint of the black lace bra underneath. She cocks her head to the left, then the right.
And smiles, revealing a bloodied set of teeth.
She rushes forward again, with a firm and solid strike. And then she aims to follow that up with a whirling roundhouse to the hip.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania dodges Saya's Aggressive Strike.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Skullomania [E]  0/-------/-------|=====--\-------\0         [E] Saya

Skullomania feels his limbs slam into Saya with no satisfaction, since she's just an exhibition match and not the kind of scumbag that Skullomania vents his middle aged narcissistic aggression on with his fists. The Skull Man stretches his hands open, waiting for Saya to charge in again.

One of Skullomania's hands snaps upwards with an upturned slap at the punch, sending it flying above his shoulder as he jerks to the side to save his face. As the low roundhouse comes in, he jumps backwards, tucking his legs and arms in and performing a backwards somersault that he lands with panache. And then, from the crouch of the somersault, he steps far forward and whips out with an uppercut, orange chi trailing behind his fist.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania successfully hits Saya with Stepping Upper.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Skullomania [E]  0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1         [E] Saya

Saya's adrenaline is pumping -- heck, if it weren't, she'd probably have passed out well before now. The Gedo brawler has been in a few tussles before, but being punched across a bed of sharp and pointy rocks is a new one for her. Her training at the Hibiki Dojo didn't excite her half as much as this raw and savage sensation of pain.
It's a little intoxicating.
Saya even -giggles- as her fist is brushed away, enthused at the prospect of hitting her opponent once again. Her follow-up whiffing nothing but air is, in her mind, but a temporary delay to the gratification of slamming her foot into the Skull Man one more time. All she has to do is hit him. She takes one more step to close the distance to her prey...

That's when Skullomania rockets back towards her.
An uppercut swings high for her jaw. Saya was already moving forward -- she's too firmly committed to that path. The giddy laugh dies in the back of her throat as her chin is blasted upwards, disappointment clear on her face. Her arms and body follow her chin in its flight upward -- she won't be able to land that last blow until she lands. But no worries...

"Hahaha... yes! You're just delaying the inev--" But Saya won't be able to remember the word, for while she -is- able to adjust her flight to land on her feet...
...She wasn't planning on the other traincar to be in the way. Her hips hit the flat surface of the car first; a split-second later, the back of her head makes a loud -thud-.
She's out in an instant, the harsh light from quadrotor drones overhead making her skin look a ghostly white. As she slides downward, the lights overhead wash over the windows of the train car.

This train car isn't abandoned. A dozen men are inside, many of whom glaring with anger at the thumping of the body hitting the side of their car. A dozen Japanese men in suits, who have just been identified on live TV having a meeting together. The majority of them would later be identified as high-ranking members of the leading yakuza clan, the Yamaguchi-gumi.
The eleventh man, however, is the Vice Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry.
And the twelfth man isn't looking back at Skullomania and the camera drone -- though that's because he has duct tape wrapped around his eyes and ears.

The reflection only lasts a moment -- the camera drone adjusts its trajectory so that the light no longer falls on the yakuza meeting space, and that a dark shadow falls onto the face of an unconscious Saya Tanizaki upon the ground. Even in the dim light, it's clear that her eyes are closed, and she has a blissfully ignorant smile upon her face. She won't be taking that last strike.
The referee stares nervously at the train car, and begins jogging over to Skullomania to congratulate him on the win.

COMBATSYS: Saya takes no action.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Skullomania [E]  0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Saya can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Skullomania [E]  0/-------/------=|

Skullomania keeps his arm up for a moment after Saya hits the ground, before dropping into a rest position, breathing heavily. Then, he blinks rapidly behind his mask, seeing the Yakuza in the train car so very close to the highschooler. This is trouble. They all look at him, and he freezes, staring back. Even without this fight, he would barely stand a chance against these thugs. But now he's an easy kill.

As the referee jogs over, Skullomania puts his hand up, looking at the referee. "Get out of here. Now!" He turns and dashes forward at the Yakuza, putting his very life at risk. He runs in and grabs Saya, hefting her over his shoulder and turning in the other direction, attempting to carry her away as fast as his sore muscles will allow, out of danger.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania has ended the fight here.

As much as the yakuza would like to put an end to their two witnesses, the cameras make it difficult to take any action at all. So, they remain in their train car as Skullomania hefts Saya over his shoulder and flees, opting to stay out of the limelight for now.
he referee is smart enough to follow along. And, of of a sense of propriety he gives the word to cut the broadcast for now... This fight is over!

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