Rumble In The Streets - Daniel Jack Investigates: The Sword of Damocles!

Description: The gangsters of the insidious and alluring Yamaguchi-Gummy Gang has broken into the First Bank of Southtown, seeking the riches within. And yet, where trillions of dollars of value are held within, they have only come seeking one thing: A sword. A simple blade, forged for an Ainu chieftain named Shakushain, who long ago was killed by the Matsumae clan. But our vile ruffians have found that not only they could not find the vorpal blade, they have found something far more lethal: Daniel Jack, Ace Detective of Interpol. Can our stalwart hero stop these vicious gangsters from escaping their fate... as the Sword of Damocles hangs over each of their heads? (The cover art shows Daniel Jack inside a marble bank, his shirt off, showing his muscled abs. Around him are the Yamaguchi-Gummy Gangsters; six other women are around. Each of the women are dressed in tight black shirts and cargo pants, armed with Thompson machineguns that were all trained on our detective... with the exception of two. One of the exceptions was standing by the mouth of the vault, peering out. The women is clearly wearing a strapless red gown, holding a lit molotov cocktail, ready to hurl it at our hapless hero. Another one of the women, passed out on the floor, is wearing only a shirt and a pair of black panties, as our hero looms over her, staring down at her furiously, the tattered remains of her pants tightly gripped in his hands.) (45 cents)

The final, ultimate match of the Rumble In The Streets is well underway. The nation of Japan has been thoroughly enthralled by top-notch fighters duking it out on live TV. The catch is that this tournament is also broadcast simultaneously on the tournament website, allowing viewers to not only watch the fight from the fighters' head-mounted cameras, but also make predictions on the moment-to-moment actions of the fighters themselves. It's an unprecedented level of interaction for a kind of event that traditionally has been passive -- and by and large, Japan has -loved- it.

So much that people all across the nation are neglecting their jobs. And why wouldn't they? The First Bank of Southtown is completely, 100% secure, and it's past operating hours anyway. The massive front doors are locked and monitored 24/7/366, there's no way anyone could get in without tripping eight jillion alarms. Why, someone would have to walk in through the employee doors to even think of escaping the watchful eye of the camera.

Which is why no one notices when six gentlemen wearing black suits identical to those of the security personnel enter through the employee entrance. One of them is actually a guard himself -- though he was scheduled to be off the clock during this happy tournament time.

Heck, and even -if- someone were to gain access to the building, there's no way they could get to the vault itself without going through a security checkpoints.

Which the guard himself has no trouble doing.
"Hey, I left my iPhone up in the security office, I need to go get it to watch this thing..."
Right as soon as security checkpoint one looks up from his -own- app, he finds a cloth placed firmly to his mouth. After a moment of strategic repositioning, the now-incapacitated guard slumps forward, looking -exactly- as he had mere moments earlier -- enraptured by the Rumble app.

No one takes notice of the familiar guard as he continues making his way to the security office. When the office door opens, two guards are both head-down in their app, watching a first-person view of explosions firing upon a festively-decorated oil tanker. Two darts are fired -- two men slump down at their desks.

The guard takes his seat, a drowsy expression across his face as he casually goes through the motions of disabling the security cameras. A moment later, he withdraws the LG phone from his pocket and taps out a quick message.

His six compatriots emerge from the blind corner from which they'd been hiding, and begin hustling their way towards the bank's massive vault. The heist is on.

COMBATSYS: Yamaguchi Gang has started a fight here on the right meter side.

                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0   Yamaguchi Gang

There was one team of people who wasn't neglecting their jobs


Well, not all of the team.

The cheers from the team on standby was huddled around a small TV, watching the finals of the RUMBLE tournament. Not the only TV, mind you: there were a number of other TVs, forming a kind of crude security network across the various 'watched' risk locations across the city. This was the Interpol Action Room; where the Interpol agents were on standby to respond to any threats across the town. Right now, all the attention was on the big finals match. Legally, too. The Southtown PD was almost fully dedicated to the match. Interpol had the opportunity to also be fully dedicated, but the man in charge of this action

Something that the rest of the team resented.

Agent Daniel 'Jack' Little was peering over each of the cameras, ignoring the sounds of the RUMBLE finals match in the background. He had brought the entire Interpol team in Southtown on standby, instead of directly engaging with the tournament for support. It was a hunch. The detective felt that putting Interpol on reserve would be more valuable than doubling up on the final match. And here he was, with the various second-hand linkups with various 'high risk' targets across the town, he was observing, and waiting. Ainu party leaders, government officials, various banks, former attack sites, and high-value targets around town; Daniel Jack was following the pattern of crime, and hoping to make predictions. He even had a few museums marked for observation. And now, Daniel was looking through the screens, looking through each of them as his team mutters and cheer.

And suddenly, one of the cameras go off.

Daniel Jack immediately focuses his attention on the TV. Instinctly, he checks the wiring on the television. This already happened once before, when one of the jackasses unplugged it to watch the finals. When the wiring checks out, he check the label on the TV. First Bank of Southtown. Whipping out the phone, he checks the roster of contacts for First Bank of Southtown, and gets the number of his contact for this this shift. He calls the number, listening to his phone as the boys in the back suddenly let out a groan of frustration.

"What is this clownshow crap?"

The unconscious security guard was of course out cold, and would not even be able to recognize the buzzing in his pocket, his cellphone vibrating. A landline would normally be the course, but some back and forth with the bank staff made it clear to just use the personal phones. After it goes to voice mail. Daniel Jack narrows his eyes. He keeps them narrowed, his mind carefully calculating. This could be a technical difficulty. This could be something worse. "First Bank of Southtown camera's down. I'm gonna check it out. I'll give you guys a call if I need backup. It's just up the street though, it won't be any issue. But you stay vigilant." Daniel Jack thrusts a finger at the crew, who only half-heartedly looks up from watching the fight. "I want you all on standby."

"Yeah, sure thing Lady Killer."

Daniel Jack facepalms, as the Interpol agents snicker.


It doesn't take long before Daniel Jack's sedan pulls up on at the First Bank of Southtown. Parking it right before the bank, the detective emerges, hands on his hips. Protocol was straight forward. If you couldn't get in contact via phone, go to the employee entrance, and check in manually. The detective goes through the employee entrance, looking up at the cameras in place. Waving at them a second, he keeps his voice down. There was something wrong. He moves slowly, every step coming with the cautious footwork. He finally reaches the first security checkpoint.

And realizes what was going on.

Daniel gets his cellphone out, and calls back to the team. His phone was a hoarse, direct whisper into the phone as he keeps moving forward. "Guys! Code 93 at First Bank of Southtown! Move your asses down here, and-" The detective zig-zags through the bank hallways, trying to head towards the security office, trying to head towards somewhere. His growl comes again as his eyes go wide. "What do you mean something's happening at the Councillor's committee?! You've already scrambled? What the hell are you- split the forces and get someone to the bank scuzzies! Get me some back up to the main-" Daniel Jack rounds the corner, and stops dead as he realizes that he was working his way to the main vault. He stares into them main vault, cellphone in hand.

"Oh god damn it."

COMBATSYS: Daniel has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daniel           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0   Yamaguchi Gang

By the time Daniel arrives, the vault is wide open. The benefit of a long timetable is that there is plenty of opportunity for reconnaissance and planning. The plan was put into motion as soon as the word came down that the Ainu sword was stolen. A guard was completely bought off, and a top-level executive was compromised using the peculiar talents of the reclusive patron. The yakuza cell responsible for this attack had already taken steps to isolate themselves from the larger Yamaguchi-gumi collective, so no one else would even -know- about this intrepid endeavor.

"What the hell do you -mean- it's not here?!" The door to a large safe deposit chamber hangs wide open. A nearly circular space on the door hisses, having been formerly occupied by a the lock cylinder that now sits smoldering on the floor below. The explosive expert, stowing his toolkit back into his jacket, throws up his hands as the leader of the group sifts through the papers and other valuables with a dismayed frown. The contents of this locker could be worth -billions-, and yet, the leader shows no particular interest in anything present -- velvet bags full of gemstones, sheafs full of deeds and other important documents. Things that are not the sufficient size or shape are tossed onto the floor in reckless abandon, all in hopes of the man finding a secret hidden compartment in the locker.

The explosives expert is about to voice a protest, when he looks taken aback by the message blaring in his earpiece. Similarly, the leader and three other men -- armed with concealed sidearms and switchblades -- look towards the sound of the man barking out orders as he traipses aimlessly through the marble-floored halls of the bank.

When Daniel rounds the corner, he'll have three men aiming to tackle him, just as sure as if he was carrying the ball about to win the Super Bowl. Their plan is not particularly well-thought-out, but there's a reason not everyone was entrusted to carry the bottle of chloroform. Once -- or rather, -if- they manage to down the Interpol investigator, they would commence to pummel him with an eclectic mix of elbows, knees, and punches some have termed a "beatdown".

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Yamaguchi Gang's Multiple Tackles.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Daniel           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0   Yamaguchi Gang

Well, this was about to suck.

Daniel's words come out just as the men come rushing him. What comes next can be best reflected upon Daniel's growth as a martial artist. 10 years ago, Daniel would have been floored, and would have desperately struggling in the pile on. 5 years ago, Daniel Jack would have deflected half of them, and gotten himself and another on the ground for the clinch with the last. Maybe 5 years from now?

Daniel Jack would still have his cellphone in his hand.

The detective's reactions are swift, as he lets the phone fly from his hand. Landing with a clatter on the marble floors, he catches the first man with an extended left palm, guiding him past him as he steps around. With the other hand now free, the detective continues to advance into the onrushing men. It was like swimming through them; the detective deftly redirecting the onrushing force with careful footwork and precise, guiding limbs. The last man, however, has to be caught with both hands, and he is stopped, not deflected. Unable to guide him around, the detective grunts, turning his body around. Slamming himself against the wall, his hand slips down in a frisk. Grunting on the pivot, he finally builds enough momentum going to swing the man away from him, to break himself free of the onslaught of tackles. Turning to face the robbers, the detective was breathing hard. At first, Daniel Jack was around the corner, and the men were between him and the vault. Now? Daniel was between them and the vault. Still standing.

And a bottle of -something- in his hands.

There is a crack as Daniel Jack hurls it straight down at the third goon in the tackle chain's knees, right into the midst of them. He wasn't aiming at the goon. He was aiming at the floor. Daniel Jack wasn't explicitly sure what was in those bottles. But the detective was guessing it was either chloroform, solvent, or ether. If it was the first, then they would be slowing down a lot faster than Daniel was about to be slowed down. If it was the second? Then they would be dispersing fast at least. And the last? Non-zero chance it just explodes. It was a calculated action to spread a little chaos and confusion. As the bottle is hurled down, Daniel Jack immediately returns to his defensive stance of Todoh, one hand forward, one hand back.

Somewhere in the building, the tinny sound of an explosion comes out.

COMBATSYS: Yamaguchi Gang blocks Daniel's Thrown Object.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Daniel           0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0   Yamaguchi Gang

The squad leader was -pissed-. He normally would have let his lackeys do the clean-up, but he was so mad he needed to punch someone right then and there. Delegating an important task to the explosives expert, he joined two of his men in racing towards Daniel Jack.
Only to find his first man redirected aside with the greatest of ease.
And then his second, with a nonzero but somewhat diminished amount of ease. His fist rearing back, the leader cracks out, "You sad sacks can't hit the broad side of a --"
He finds out just how much Daniel Jack has learned, as he suddenly finds his face planted into the marble wall. And his chloroform bottle liberated from him. "... barn?!

No, it's not a barn. It's chloroform -- a colorless, odorless liquid that, in large quantities, has the property of knocking out anyone who breathes it.
It is a bit less effective when bashed into someone's knees though. There's enough knock-out solution to put down at least ten uncooperative individuals, but when the thug raises his leg to ward off the attack, the bottle shatters, anointing his entire leg.
Which is somewhat of a threat, considering the solution is odorless.
"COVER YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH!" cries out the leader as he gets away from the man in question. He, and the two others, pinch hold of their noses -- but it's pretty hard to fight that way. The men stagger back, with the splashed man looking alarmed at the liquid on his pant leg.

"Nngh, no sense in wastin' the good stuff..." comes one muffled, barely-audible rumination. In the long history of combat, only a few brave souls have seen fit to disrobe in the middle of a fight. This is one such soul. For once it's realized exactly what is soaking into his pant leg.... it's treated like poison. And, like poison, chloroform can also be a weapon. A belt is popped loose. And one shimmy later, the pants are off.
Don't get too excited, Daniel Jack, he's still wearing boxers.

"GRAB HIM!" shouts the leader, muffled though his voice may be. And as the squad leader rushes forward to punch Daniel in the stomach, his associate is there to catch him and eagerly introduce him to the wall. And if their gambit is successful, the pantsless yakuza will be there with his improvised pantleg -- aiming to wrap the glass-shard-laden and chloroform-soaked pantleg around the agent's face. It's questionable whether they'll be able to -hold- the Todoh-ryuu practitioner for very long, but the chemical may be enough to make him verrry sleeeeepy...

COMBATSYS: Daniel interrupts Armed Combo from Yamaguchi Gang with Jumping Jack Flash EX.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Daniel           0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0   Yamaguchi Gang

Finesse and skill.

Daniel Jack had to fight a gang of thugs by himself. There was no evidence that his backup would even arrive. And yet, as the bottle of chloroform is sent to the leg, the purpose was made. They now were reacting to the chemicals, and Daniel. Two on one. Daniel Jack felt himself having the advantage; there was no chance that the thug could escape from his own clothing-
And then the thug takes off his pants.

"Oh god dammit." The detective repeats again as everyone comes roaring straight to him. Daniel Jack manages to deflect one of the goons, but the leader? The leader catches him again, and then time, Daniel is slammed against the wall. Grunting, he struggles for just a moment before the pantless thug suddenly wraps the chloroform'd pants across his face. The glass cuts deep, and as he is held down, he begins to take a deep breath in. The detective's eyes roll to the back of his head...

And somewhere, in the distant television of the finals match, the theme to Popeye begins to play.

Daniel Jack's eyes go wide, as he just -smiles- into the man's pants. Orange chi energy erupts over Daniel as he surges forward, easily bursting out of the grips of the leader as he just fires forward. Seizing the pantless thug with both hands, he erupts straight upwards, lifting the man overhead. Swinging the man around over his head, the detective promptly -smashes- him head first straight into the marble with an eruption of chi on impact. And the pants was STILL on his face, as he takes another whiff.


That was the sound from Daniel as he pulls off the chroloform from his face. Tossing the pants down on the victim, the detective was... really, really happy. Standing astride, legs akimbo, the detective actually seemed even -MORE- energized than before, the chi energy cascading over him still. "WOO! Yeah! Hahaha." He starts laughing, punching the air a bit. "Scuzzies I gotta confess something to you." The detective says brightly, standing over the victim of the pants attack.

"That's some real tight shit you got there."

The first man is still recovering from getting tossed aside like an afterthought. The leader... well, he was planning on Daniel Jack to crumple like a sail on a windless day. But instead, the leader finds himself, well, sailing backwards from the sduden explosion of energy. "What the fu--"
Most people buckle after just a few seconds of chloroform. Any -normal- Interpol agent would have, that's for sure. But as the leader collapses to the floor, struggling to keep his head craned towards Daniel...
Well, that's when his pantsless buddy crashes to the floor beside him.
The resultant shockwave of is powerful enough to bowl all -three- of the men over, ass over teakettle.

By this point, the explosives expert is curious enough to come back over. "Hey boss, I couldn't find nuttin'! You want some fire support?!" The burly explosives man is already unbuttoning the front of his jacket, fishing around in the inner breast pockets.
"Righto!" And the explosives expert pulls out a bottle, rearing back his throwing arm as if he's about to lob a football.

The leader's eyes go wide. He slaps his pantsless buddy right on the shoulder, and Pantsless taps the other guy. They start scrambling back towards the vault, leaving the chloroform-soaked pants behind...
"GO LONG!" And a bottle sails over their heads. At the apex of the parabolic transit, the bottle flares suddenly with a gout of orange-red flame.

It's aimed right at Daniel, and if it shatters, he'll be doused with the pungent aroma of gasoline and diesel fuel. But it's not enough for the Interpol agent to merely appreciate the smell -- the fire that spills out of the bottle is a -much- more pressing concern!

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Yamaguchi Gang's Molotov Cocktail EX.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Daniel           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0   Yamaguchi Gang

There was a few marked differences between Daniel and the average Interpol detective.

For starters, while Daniel was relatively new on the force, he was an old salt when it came to fighting. His constitution had built up a resistance against mere chemicals, where he could metabolize toxins slow and steadily. His kidneys and livers were national treasures, if there was a nation that could claim them. It is very telling where, in a global detective force, that Daniel Jack was the second most talented fighter in the force.

And the first was World Warrior Chun-Li herself.

Exploding off the thugs, Daniel Jack was easing into the poison. It was numbing, the detective having the pain numbed to a tee. His psychology was affected, the detective was well aware of that. As the roar of cheers comes from the distant television, The explosive expert chucks the molotov cocktail straight in an arc. Petrol-Diesel mix with a nitrate base probably. Burning alight, it is hurled in a wide arc.

And Daniel catches it.

The bottle is burning, and hot. But with deft reflexes and precise control, the detective just catches it. Turning with the effort, he move with the momentum. Looking at it briefly, he watches the lit flame dance around his hand. Nodding firmly, he finishes his pivot, rolling it across the ground towards the wall. It continue to burn politely; eventually, the glass wouldn't shatter. Keeping with the same movement, he returns back to his stance, looking across to the opponents fleeing. This was gonna slow him down.

It was time to speed it up, then.

"Jesus christ, I didn't even feel that fire at all!" Was the response as Daniel advances after the others towards the vault. "Holy crap, you know scuzzies, this is the first time I've ever fought crime on chloroform! Might have to practice this more often!" Daniel Jack just gets into the Vault, gives a look around, and pretty much just opens up with punches.

ALL the punches.

The palm strike from the left launches out at the first thug nearby. The hand chop with the right comes out, chaining to the next gangster in the line. Breaking away from THAT one, he would unleash an elbow jab at the nearest thug from there. The assault would finish with a rising palm strike, hurling right into the fourth thug in the line of attack. Daniel Jack was feeling incredible. Eyes rolling around his head, he suddenly exclaims out.

"Hey, did he get any of it on his boxers?"

COMBATSYS: Yamaguchi Gang fails to interrupt Zoot Suit Riot EX from Daniel with Random Strike.
- Power fail! -

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Daniel           1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0   Yamaguchi Gang

Two men standing in the vault gawk back at Daniel's feat -- the chloroform seems to have had -some- effect on him, if he couldn't even feel that! "That's... gonna hurt in the mornin'..." stammers the explosives expert -- he knows exactly how hot it -should- have been.
The pantsless thug is winded -- he hadn't expected to be running anywhere -near- this much. He collapses in a heap about midway into the vault, and not far behind is another.

The squad leader brings up the tail of the pack -- though, as he realizes that he'd be hemmed in with the rest of his guys, he runs down a side hallway. He shouts back into the headset: "GET UP, you losers, there's five of us!"
"SIX!" barks the voice on the headset -- which of course, Daniel can't hear, but the shouting does make the others wince. "He called for backup, and--"
The squad leader barks back! (The pantsless man pulling his headset out entirely!) "I KNOW he called for backup! Shut up already!"
"There's nothing more I can do here, anyway, I'm heading down!"

As Daniel approaches, the guard who remained in the vault for the whole time rushes out to meet him. Fresh to the fight, he tries to lash out with a wide hook punch; though, underestimating the chemically-induced fervor, he vastly underestimates the agent's speed. Daniel's palm strike catches him squarely in his solar plexus, skipping him across the handles of the individual safe deposit boxes with a thwub-thwub-thwub sound. Ouch!

Next up is one of the men who just hasn't been lucky enough to hit Daniel at all, really -- and despite a wild rushing knee, Daniel's hand chop to the head is enough to crumple him to the ground, knocking him out cold.

By this point, the pantsless yakuza is rushing back to his feet, aiming to lean forward and leap right into Daniel's midsection, but Daniel's elbow intercepts him right in the temple, forcing him violently off into the side, and leaving indentations of -those- handles imprinted into his backside, even through the shirt. More embarassment, as the man pitches forward, landing on his elbows and knees and rueing that he'd even gotten out of bed today.

It's the explosives expert who receives the brunt of the final blast, as what would be a shove into Daniel ends up resulting in a burning double palm strike into his upper torso, blasting him up -- and rocketing him backwards into the swinging door of the safe deposit chamber. The heavy door slams, but without the lock cylinder, it doesn't latch -- swinging back and hitting the man in the back once more for good measure. Woozy, he staggers about...

The squad leader, unfazed from this series of attacks, calls out again from the safety of the side hall: "GET UP, ALREADY! What a bunch of layabouts!"

And it was gonna be the explosive expert that was gonna get the -full- Daniel treatment.

After the blazing speed and momentum of the detective, the agent of Interpol just kept going. After knocking each of the thugs aside, he blew the molotov cocktail artist right into the safety deposit chamber. Daniel Jack, recovering from his rising palm strike, just as easily keeps his footwork going as he continues after the poor gangster.

And follows him right into the safety deposit chamber.

Striding in, the detective's pupils were pinpricks, the effect of the poison running through him slowly. "Ha ha! Incredible!" Was Daniel Jack's cry as he dips down low, his motions mirroring the staggering thug. Sweeping up a pulled out safety deposit box,Daniel Jack just swings it upwards, straight for the poor expert's face. Whether it hits or not doesn't matter, cause you know what?

Daniel's gonna go with the momentum, and slam it -ruthlessly- overhead on the followup.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Yamaguchi Gang with Random Weapon.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Daniel           0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0   Yamaguchi Gang

The squad leader just stares. This guy is -crazy-. Like, he should be -dead-, and despite that, no, he's -beating the crap- out of his men. "Bennie... BENNIE get your ass down here NOW! We're leaving!"
"Geez, knock it off, I'm right here!" huffs back the guard, careening around the corner from the guard chamber. He whizzes right past the squad leader, and notices three guys knocked out.
He runs through the numbers, and asks, "Where's Dr Boom?"

*CLANG!* The man nicknamed Dr Boom had tried to swerve out of the way, but without maneuvering room in the narrow confines of the safety deposit box, he's left to get clobbered in the face.
Staggering backwards, his face now flush red, he holds his arms over his head in a feeble attempt to ward off the next incoming blow.
*CLANG!* Well, kinda. He -tries- to hold his arms over his head, and gets clobbered anyway, collapsing to his keister on the floor of the chamber.

Bennie the guard looks back at the squad leader.
The squad leader looks back. "I don't care. We found the guy on Craigslist."

The squad leader races back into the vault, nudging the pantsless one in the ribs. ( "I'm getting up already, shut up..." ) But his top priority is starting to get the unconscious one tossed over his shoulder in a fireman's carry.

Bennie's top priority, though, is to grab the nearest satchel of gemstones, and heft them up into his arms. Swinging the door open, the guard smirks back at Daniel -- now noting the nearly vacant pupils. Is it finally hitting him?
He doesn't mind hitting him with something else, at any rate: he shoves the fifty-pound gem bag at Daniel and Dr. Boom, hoping to weigh them down long enough to hamper escape.
Unless he's pummeled, he'd try to slam to door shut on the pair and 'lock' it by shoving another fifty-pound sack in the way of the door. Leverage!

The squad leader calls out, "LET'S MOVE, LADIES!"

COMBATSYS: Daniel fails to slow Huge Thrown Object from Yamaguchi Gang with Chou Kasane Ate.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Daniel           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1   Yamaguchi Gang

Knock out.

Daniel Jack releases the safety deposit box, letting it fall to the ground with a clatter. He was starting to reach the fatigue portion of the assault; the poison was hitting him hard. But Daniel was missing most of his soul at one point; he could handle a little goofy gas. As he turns towards the opening, energy fills his body, the orange chi cascading to a plume around him. Raising his arms back, loose papers whirl around him as he charges. Building to a volcanic climax, he sweeps his arms down as the sack of gems is hurled out.


"Alright then."

Daniel Jack's cascade of energy is stopped dead as he catches the bag of gems right in the gut. Grunting less in pain and by the sheer force of the weight, he falls backwards, sitting on the explosive expert on impact. And with that, the door is slammed right into his face. Another sack of gems is rolled over on it, and for a moment, there was silence within. You could bet your bottom dollar, that with the weight and the heer weight of the door, he was stuck in there. With the drugs in place, he was likely unconscious already-

The door suddenly shudders.


How much were you betting on him staying in?

Yamaguchi Gang falls asleep.

Yamaguchi Gang wakes up.

This team has thus far been rather uninspired when it comes to code names. The head honcho, for instance, simply goes by the Japanese word for 'squad leader'.
"Hancho... I need to get my pants..." stammers the pantsless one.
The squad leader shakes his head, already starting to hustle for the employee exit. "One whiff of that will put you out, Zubon. Forget 'em, let's move!"
"... did you just call me--"
"Yes, 'Zubon!' Deal with it!" The squad leader smirks faintly -- calling his man "slacks" is about the only fun as he's about to have for the next few minutes, as he races down the marble-floored hallway with a henchman on his back.

The back of the other guard's suit is torn to shreds. He -had- blacked out for a moment, but the sudden jar with the floor and the shouting of his boss shocked him back to wakefulness. He starts limping out the vault, looking back towards Bennie: "C'mon, the cops will be here any moment..."
Bennie had started walking but he had paused for a moment to stare back at the safe deposit chamber. "Yeah, I just... can he even breathe in there? I don't..."
Then a series of concussive blasts erupts outward from the chamber, blasting the door off its hinges and bursting open the bags of precious gemstones, scattering them all about the floor of the vault.

The other guard, "Rin", suddenly doesn't have to shout at Bennie any more -- in fact Bennie's about to bowl him over as he thunders past. "RUNNNNN!"

The five criminals are running with the same sort of crazy, overblown leaping strides that would be perfect for a credits montage. As they walk past the security check-in desk and its knocked-out guard, they think they're home free.
Until they suddenly hear the sound of EXPLOSIONS! And all five men duck down with their hands over their heads -- until they realize that (a) it was just the app, relaying more of the exciting fight action, and (b) the crazy, doped-up Interpol agent is gaining on them.

Bennie is the first to rise back to his feet. He starts running again, though he begins to notice the lights shining on the wall on that last stretch to the glass-doored employee exit.
Bennie holds out his hands, blocking the other guys from running past him. "Guys, we got another problem!" The original plan was that there would be a van pulled up next to the door -- which means that headlights shouldn't be staring right at them. He taps his earpiece, barking out, "Door's blocked! What's the plan!?" Hancho and Bennie stand by for the response, glaring back to look at Daniel, who's gaining on the momentarily stalled group.

Hancho taps his earpiece, and calls out, "Tanuki-1, ram 'em out of the way. Bennie, get your darts out. Rin, Zubon... nail him!" Hancho would do more, but with his unconscious friend on one shoulder, he takes the opportunity for a breather for now.
Dutifully, the two guards with distinctive red welts scored into their backs double up, preventing Daniel from gaining access to the guard as he withdraws the tranquilizer-equipped dart gun from his jacket. Rin -- the one with pants -- angles his shoulder down so that he can rush into Daniel, with the intent that sheer momentum will overcome his fancy-pants martial arts. Meanwhile, Zubon swings around wide to slam one bare and very hairy leg at Agent Little's midsection, hoping to catch him -after- Rin's attack. Should they -both- land their attacks, Daniel might find himself slammed against the wall -- and Rin and Zubon would press their advantage, pistoning punch after punch into the Interpol agent. There's more than one way to lull a man into unconsciousness!

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Yamaguchi Gang's Synchronized Beating.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Daniel           0/-------/=======|=------\-------\0   Yamaguchi Gang


Deep, orange sears of energy burn on the other side of the heavy door, as it shudders again. Daniel Jack was a practiced chi user. His technique was, ultimately, focused on his own burning aura, and using it into Kasane Ate. The Kasane Ate technique was no Hadoken; Daniel Jack had to depend on shockwaves of chi in order to get proper range on it, and thus left him quite groundbound in using it. The difference between Kasane Ate and Hadoken?


Daniel Jack literally could do this all day. 100 repetitions of Kasane Ate was a core of Todoh-Ryuu, a minimum expected of the first rank of an official practitioner. Daniel Jack, the third strongest Todoh-Ryuu practitioner in the world, was capable of a thousand without breaking a sweat in a -literal- sense. The third Kasane Ate comes, and the door was beginning to bend, the deep lacerations of chi energy tearing into it. In a straight fight, Kasane Ate had clear issues. But the fact was that Daniel Jack had in his arsenal a true hammer of chi energy. And the world was full of nails to Kasane Ate.


The door finally blows off, the blast of energy sending it into -pieces-. Bursting from the interior, the drugged Daniel Jack emerges, pupils tiny, and already into a run. His ears was what kept him tracking. As HE hears the explosion, unlike the others, he doesn't slow down. At all. The detective was not unnaturally fast like some fighters; his martial art was a closed center of energy, not an open one. As he descends upon the thugs, they stop running, and turn to fight the detective.

This was probably not a good idea.

As the first rush down comes, Daniel Jack stops his run short to fall into his defensive stance. Catching the man, he redirects him past him, letting his momentum do most of the work. The follow up kick comes, and Daniel Jack is forced to catch it, stepping backwards towards the wall with the momentum. Back against the wall, the onslaught from the kicker comes, while the Rin moves to join in. Punch after punch comes, and Daniel Jack forces a stalemate, catching and redirecting each blow around. Forced into a corner, and having to block against the onslaught, his body slowly growing alight with the orange chi. And what does Daniel do, in these close quarters?


Daniel Jack lets the aura around him burst as he sweeps his hands up, and slashes both hand together forward into a cutting motion. A wave of energy is torn forward, slashing out into a small shockwave around him. It was an instictive action, a shockwave of pure chi energy to blast the pair from off him. The men were finding fewer and fewer openings to escape, and while Daniel was still pretty drugged, he was still moving forward, still forcing himself ahead. And he literally could Kasane Ate in his sleep.

Already, he was sweeping his arms around, for the next Kasane Ate.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Yamaguchi Gang with Kasane Ate.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Daniel           1/------=/=======|====---\-------\0   Yamaguchi Gang

The band of bank robbers isn't sure what's more fearsome, the cries of the determined Todoh-ryuu martial artist, or the effects of his shockwaves. By their estimations, the man is clearly insane, even -before- the unintended chemical reactions entered the picture. But when the man is moving -their- way, the fear in their eyes is 100% real.

However, fear is something that can be built off of. For folks who make their entire living off of bringing terrible situations to light, fear is a powerful motivator. Even as charging attacks, kicks and punches are blocked, the men don't falter, they don't shrink back from a fight -- rather, each miss only serves to make them more determined to extinguish that burning orange chi from the man. The heat never bothered them, anyway!

But... there comes a point where the heat cannot exactly be ignored, as well. The shockwave of chi erupts forth, knocking both Rin and Zubon off their feet. The veritable wall of energy slams into the two men with enough force to dent steel, and yet these are humans, with bones and flesh. They would have to study the art of fighting for -years- to become as resistant to the Kasane Ate as someone like Daniel.
The men fly back. And Zubon's poor heel catches on the security desk, forcing him to tumble in an odd aerial cartwheel until his skull makes an odd 'thunk' sound as it contacts the marble floor. He's still conscious, but from how he's barely able to scrabble forward for purchase...

Rin doesn't fare much better -- he doesn't have any control over himself when he's tossed into Bennie. The shockwave continues to push the pair backwards, slamming Bennie's hip into the wall and forcing him to backpedal several meters. Rin is dropped unceremoniously on his side, and then

And then, right on cue... *CRASH* The headlights visible in the hallway are suddenly snuffed out of view, the marble tiled walls reflecting the taillights of a rather large black van. Not to mention the sounds of rubber squealing, metal crunching, and surprised voices crying out in anger.
Moments later, a van door slides open, the mechanisms apparently not damaged in the crash. The van had -backed into- the car, allowing for an optimal takeoff vector. From inside the van, a figure motions for those in the bank to hop aboard -- though a curious object is also in the figure's hand.

Hancho is already running towards the van, what with his squadmates absorbing the brunt of the Kasane Ate. His face is split by a smile and a nod, before he turns back to call over his shoulder, "COME ON, JUST KEEP RUNNING!" Leaping into the van with his unconscious squadmate, he scoots over into the back seat.

Bennie could have stood and caused another delay, but he opts against it -- Daniel is a force of nature, and anything they could do would -probably- not stop the man from continuing to drive against them. "C'mon, let's move!" Bennie, Rin, and Zubon race to the van, but as soon as they see what Hancho saw, they flatten against the walls, making way.

And that's when the plan comes into effect. It's...
Well, really? It's a bowling ball. But the person in the van regularly averages 250 or above, and he uses a twenty-pound ball. This one.. is stolen, rather than his custom ball.
It will hurt. And it will roll -perfectly- upon the bank's polished marble floor.
Right towards Daniel. The ball is practically -glistening- from the furious speed imparted to it. The man in the van had only one chance to make his mark, and by gum, he's gonna!

COMBATSYS: Daniel overcomes Huge Thrown Object EX from Yamaguchi Gang with Mean Business EX.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Daniel           0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0   Yamaguchi Gang

Daniel is initially only half aware of the car being knocked away.

As he blows back the two thugs around him, the detective begins to recognize the crashing sound of a car being rammed into by the van. That was... -his- car. The car he pulled up in. The Agent of Interpol trembles as his teeth grits. As the thug's savior arrives, the bowling ball is sent rolling RIGHT HIS WAY. Daniel Jack was already charging after the van, eyes bloodshot now. And as the ball curves just right towards his feet, the detective dips down low...
And Daniel sweeps up the bowling ball.

The three fingers in the three holes, he begins to turn. Daniel's eyes were pinpricks, and were shooting daggers that could cut to the BONE. Glaring at the van, he turns his body around, carrying with the momentum of the bowling ball. As he turns, his aura -burns-, flowing straight into the bowling ball. The detective's aura begins to wane, as the stolen bowling ball only burns brighter. Coming into a full circle, he roars out, cradling the bowling ball.




And Daniel Jack =spikes= the chi-infused bowling ball straight at the van, with the force of a full-fledged cannon.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Yamaguchi Gang with Mean Business EX.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Daniel           0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1   Yamaguchi Gang

The rental car is pretty much trashed on one side. As to whether there's frame damage or not, that call is borderline -- but there is no doubt that the vehicle is going to need a repair facility's tender love and care for upwards of a week, thanks to the number done on it by the van's rear bumper.
That's what insurance is for, Daniel. You DID buy the optional insurance, right?

But, as far as Hancho can surmise, that won't compare to what happens to the van he had the misfortune of hopping into.
The two fellow yakuza members thought they had the trump card to defeating Daniel in the form of that bowling ball -- the sheer glee in their eyes as they hurled the recreational weapon at him was manic and intense. But when the bowling ball doesn't just miss its mark, but finds itself -caught- by the intended target... That's when the faces of the three conscious yakuza fall.
It's bright. It's on fire. Can bowling balls even be -set- on fire, in any means other than paint?
Guess so.

His bowler helper dives to the deck. Hancho dives to the deck right beside him. "GUN IT!" he cries out to the panicked driver.
The driver follows directions exceptionally well. The vehicle starts lurching forward.
And that's when the flaming bowling ball of DOOM slams into the side of the van.

Physics lesson time! The van is moving north, and a strong spherical object is applied to the inner east wall of the van. The ball has nowhere to go, and it's not moving fast enough to -break- the reinforced metal side of the van, but that won't stop it from trying! Wheels squeal as the van is shoved sideways, as the ball continues its eastward momentum, as it rolls along the inside of the van. It keeps going when it hits the rear passenger corner of the van, continuing to pull the van further and further out.
The driver is too panicked to notice, or even react -- there's no force that should be able to oppose the van's V8 engine! And yet... even as the driver tries to cut the wheel, it's not quite enough to break free from the eastward-traveling ball.
Until the point that it -does- stop pulling eastward.
Which would generally be fine, if the van wasn't still trying to move forward. As it is, the van had been dragged 45 degrees left of its starting position. Oh, and about 20 degrees off of vertical, so that it's standing on the right side tires.
When the bowling ball finally -loses- its momentum, there's no longer any other force to oppose the motion of the engine.

And that is how the panicked driver crashes the van obliquely into the side of the bank. The sudden shift of momentum from 'stopped' to 'moving really fast' to 'oh holy mother of god STOPPED again' propels Hancho's head into the back of the driver's seat, and the bowler's into the back of the passenger's seat.
To say nothing of where the bowling ball lands. It's a pretty girly scream though, so use your imagination.
And then the van falls over onto its -side-, thoroughly shaking everyone inside up like a tossed salad. Bon appetit!

While all that with the van was going on, the three men that weren't -quite- in the van at the time the bowling ball sailed through were... trying to avoid getting hit by either call. As soon as the ball was supposed to be hitting Daniel, Bennie and the other two had run outside through the open door. And they waited outside -- only to see the van start experiencing problems of its own.
"Guys, I think we need to skip--"
"Right! We run this way, dawgs!" And so the men start to run down the street -away- from the van wreck in progress... right into the headlight-lit path of the second Interpol car to arrive.

That in itself wouldn't stop the men from running. But then a /third/ car zooms past the first -- effectively boxing the men in. That -still- doesn't stop Zubon from running -- in fact, he runs smack into the side of the third Interpol vehicle, flattening against it.
Bennie and Rin collapse to their knees -- trapped like a rat in a maze by the chaotic turn of events. "Well, shit."

And, meanwhile, back in the vault, Dr. Boom sits up sharply. He looks around with no small amount of confusion, replaying the last few moments in his mind, and generally finding himself at a loss for words, with heavy bags of gems practically burying him inside the chamber.
"... Well, shit."

COMBATSYS: Yamaguchi Gang lets out a large yawn, slouching.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Yamaguchi Gang can no longer fight.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/-------|

Who gets insurance for the rental?

Daniel Jack slams that bowling ball straight into the van, sending it reeling. Once the van finally crashes into the bank, the detective pumps his arm. "STEEEEEEEEEEERIKE!" He calls out, as he rushes out. As the thugs scatter, Daniel Jack was ready to go after ANY of them. But as he approaches.... they suddenly get cut off, as the backup finally arrive.

And from the thugs' phones apps, the sound of victory music begins to play.

"Thank god you guys made it. We got one more in the vault." Daniel Jack stated firmly, looking at the Interpol agents on the move. Already, they were training pistols on the men, and moving in to slaps the cuffs on. One of the agents comes with Daniel, as the detective of Interpol leads the way back to the vault, where Mr. Boom was chilling. It was a hell of an opportunity to stop the robbery. And Daniel... Daniel just shakes his head. "How the hell did you guys get so many people here so fast?"

And there was a snickering from that agent.

Daniel Jack narrows his eyes. Something was... wrong. "Okay, scuzzies, what the hell is so funny." The other agent clears his throat. "Well, uh, Little." He begins, not quite sure how to continue. "You... you didn't hang up your phone, and we heard stuff going on. We tried to get mobilization, so we figured.... we figured..." There was a pause, and finally, half of the Interpol team breaks down into laughter out in the alleyway. "We figured if we contacted the Chief into a conference call, he could get the resources we needed."

Daniel's eyes steadily grow wider, as he hears a tinny -shouting- sound.

The detective turns his head towards the ground, where he tossed his cellphone aside. From the speaker, there was someone -shouting-. As the other agent moves to the vault, Daniel Jack approaches the screaming cellphone. It... it never hung up. Everything... almost everything could be heard. Daniel Jack winces, flinching as he lowers himself down to pick up the phone. Gingerly, he brings it up to his ear, taking in a deep breath, and exhaling.

"Hello, Chief."




"No Chief, I'm not high right now."




"No Chief, I didn't snort a man's boxers."




Daniel Jack facepalms, as the laughter roars from the outside.

COMBATSYS: Daniel has ended the fight here.

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